To people ‘calling out’ Tauradonna shippers

Here’s several things you can do:

1. Remember that just because you like a pairing doesn’t mean you should approve of both their actions to ship them. I sure as hell don’t like him anymore, but why do you think people still ship the villains with the heroes?

2. There’s always ‘alternate universes’, obviously

3. You’re accomplishing nothing considering people still ship them.

4. You’re probably making somebody feel bad for shipping them (considering there’s hardly any Adam Taurus rp accounts anymore thanks to you).

5. You’re being a giant dick. Leave them alone.

That is all and thank you for reading :D

Alex knew her sister. She could read the sorrow in every inch of her frame. 

Kara had tried to pass off a smile, but before she could leave her apartment that night, Alex had stopped her, hand on her shoulder. 

How could a person possibly convey with words the kind of sympathy that was appropriate for this kind of loss? 

So she didn’t.

She summoned up every ounce of I’m so sorry and It’s okay to be sad that her body could muster and poured it out through her gaze, through her touch. 

Kara blinked wetly back at her and nodded, before taking off into the night sky.

Things were never quite the same after that.

Kara threw herself into her work, both at CatCo and the DEO.

Alex began a regular acquaintanceship with the bottom of a bottle.

It’s only after Kara’s blown out her powers for the third time that month, and Hank suspends Alex for being intoxicated whilst on duty that she figures something’s got to give. She requests an additional two weeks leave on top of her suspension and Hank gives her a knowing look, telling her to come back when she’s sorted herself out.

Hank pretends not to notice that Astra’s body-bag disappears from the DEO morgue two days after Alex excused herself from his office.

He pretends not to notice Clark’s number on Alex’s phone records.

He pretends that he doesn’t know about the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix.

He pretends not to notice the smile that returns to Kara’s face.

Or the smile that appears on Alex’s.

With Lines Like:

- “If you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind”
- “He still likes her”, “Yeah but it’s different now”
- “If we don’t save her, Stiles will never be the same“
- “Someone that has a strong connection to you. A kind of emotional tether… Lydia you go with Stiles”
- "You’ve been right every time something like this has happened. Okay? So, don’t start doubting yourself now. You know it, you felt it.”
- “You’re the one who always figures it out”
- “When I kissed you, you held your breath”
- “"Stiles, look at me. Shh, look at me..“ "Lydia, look at me. Just focus on my voice, alright?”
- Maybe you can wake up and explain it to me?”

And so much more, how can Stydia not be endgame? You don’t create a dynamic like theirs and keep building on it, if the plan wasn’t to showcase a beautiful story of a school boy crush turning into an adult love.

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I have to stop doing this to myself I have to stop feeling sad or sorry for myself because you don’t and will never feel the same way. We haven’t talked in weeks and I’ve honestly started to feel much better. I have realized that I don’t need you in my life to be happy. I’m glad that you are happy and I hope you will continue a happy and joyous life. I will always be here if you need a friend to talk to, but I am done feeling sad and putting your feelings before mine.

theblackkitteh asked:

Honestly, the thought of Chloe's and Adrien's friendship used to make me cringe, but lately I'm more and more curious about it. And not just that, but also the other relationships we don't see much. Animan was a great example of seeing more of Nino's and Adrien's friendship. I hope to see the other character's relationships in the future and sides we've never seen before.


Hats off to my followers that regularly get in to fights/try to argue with white racists

Just got sucked into the dumbest fight with the dumbest man. Practically said that innocent black people who are murdered are just casualties of all the actually guilty black people out there. Said that “you people” are all the same, but swore he wasn’t racist. NEVER AGAIN. If some of you guys want to make racist white people your cross to bear, more power to you. But not my black ass. I can’t fuck with white demons. 

anonymous asked:

two things i really hate that stydia fandom romanticizes is that kiss in 3x11 which had to romantic connotations (and was never mentioned). and the red string from 3x15 which stydia shippers say Stiles wraps around Lydia’s finger but when you watch the scene he actually UNwraps it and throws it away. they need to stop lying to themselves. stydia is not going to become canon. they just need to accept it and move on.

same, that kiss was never mentioned again and holland has already debunked it I think, calling it weird or saying it was a medical emergency and I also think she said that it was misleading too….lol, which kind of just confirms it was bait. And lmao I didn’t know they tried to ignore the fact that Stiles unwraps the string and throws it away!! that’s hilarious.

here’s a visual if any stdia shippers need proof

he literally unties it and freaking tosses it away LMAO 

From the first day I met you, I was hooked.
I saw the world in you, even in such an unforgiving setting.
It’s so hard to say that you believe in love at first sight, it sounds so naive and impossible.
But with you, in that moment, there was something inside that pulled me in.
From that moment on it consumed me.
I wanted to find you and help guide the way.
I knew it was something bigger than the both of us, and it was scary.
Something that, even in my years I’ve never experienced.
Ultimately, everything was working against us.
But at the same time the universe had its ways of always pulling us back together.
Years go by but there was always something missing.
But now I know, it was you.
You are it.
You are the truest and purest love I have experienced.
So I will say it does exist.
There is someone out there, that in the second you meet them, you are warm and you are not afraid anymore.
You fall head first with no control, but boy is it a beautiful journey.

oh my heart hurts for both Kara and Alex

and Alex went straight for telling the truth, was about to blurt everything out to Kara as soon as she got there, but Hank spoke up and took the blame first

because Alex is Kara’s hero (always has been) and he doesn’t want Kara to see her as anything else and so when Alex tries to tell her later at the apartment, that’s all Alex can hear in her head:

that as soon as Kara knows, she’ll never look at Alex the same way again