I love Marlboro Reds and I smoke a lot all the time. The best thing about Reds is I never get tired of the taste and no matter how many I smoke they don’t affect my  throat. Every real WP Skinhead I’ve ever known was a Reds smoker..88!

“It’s much easier to destroy then to build, so fucking destroy everything…and keep jacking off to TotalDestruction.1488 @

It Works!

All of a sudden, it works! After 3 weeks of frustration Tumblr started working again. When I finally gave up the bug has been fixed and I can upload pictures on my blog again!

I would like to thank everyone for the trememdous support and my tumblr friends who spent time and efforts to find solutions to my problems –@andrewgraemegould @retreatintoserenity. @luckynightgardener

Thank  you very much for the encouragement @retreatintoserenity @sherrylephotography @meganina2  @sims3-4-creations-mycats @hungrygirlinsf  and everyone who sent me best wishes.

I think I am back and so happy to be on Tumblr once again  which is the community I belong to.

For those who asked for my WordPress blog, here it is:

Just like in real life, I always like to have a Plan B. And WP is my back up but Tumblr will always be first. .

Glad to be back!

Any followers use Wordpress?

I’m thinking of cross posting my stuff there. I miss the LJ type format! What’s the community like (are they welcoming and friendly, and likely to engage with you)? Who should I follow? How do you design your blog properly (something I’ve always struggled with on that site!)?

If you have a WP link me so I know where to start my following (and reading) spree!

IM’s, replies, reblogs are all good here! Just trying to scout it out ^.^
Eddie – Chapter 18 – Consequences
Exiting the elevator the girls combined gasps alerted the guys that something was wrong. “Stay here,” Liono commanded as he and Milo went to inspect the damaged door. He and Milo exchan…

Ok I finally manged an update to this story. Sorry it’s been three weeks since I updated. I’ve had this chapter written for quite a while but was never happy with it. I decided to just post it. 

I’ll try to queue the chapter tonight time permitting; otherwise you can read it now on my WP blog. 

Rory McAllister, Gayle McAllister and Ramsey Ferris were made by @legendofsim

Trent Milton, Milo Rake and Liono Marx were made by @wannabecatwriter


Real nice time, thank you. :) Sunny and hot, that’s a rare occurrence in that region!

It takes him an unusually long time to warm up to someone, but once he does… he will never let go. He is sensitive enough to empathize with Jay, he knew what Sam meant to him. He is ready to wait.

Here you might be surprised.

Seth, the eyes and ears of the boss. ;) I think he handled it quite well. As I pointed out on my WP blog, he actually gets physically closer to him to light his cigarette. That’s just an excuse to say what he has to say in a lower voice.

Just to be clear: he may be easily hurt, but will not show it to the outside world. Blood does not lie in his case. If he believes in something, he can endure quite a lot. So never fear for him. :)

@dandylion240 replied to your post “Any followers use Wordpress?”

I personally like WP for updating my stories. I usually update them first then post here. I’m still learning but it hasn’t been too difficult.

That was the order I was thinking of doing. I miss thinking of my story in ‘chapters’ rather than a continuous stream - makes cliffhangers hard haha. I think reading and keeping up with stories is easier on WP too, when I make the blog I’ll follow you! Are you under the same name there?
3.1 Bad Influence
Yawning Tain felt every one of his fifty years. The strain of the past few years and the hunt for the elusive serum was beginning to take a toll on him. Looking up he found his son’s young wi…

The first chapter of gen 3 is available on my WP blog. I’ll have the chapter queued for tomorrow. 

Leilani Spear was made by @legendofsim

Tain Shelby Sugihara was made by @blythelyre

Noah Loudermilk was made by @cawthorntales