You’re My First - Clay Jensen Smut

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader gives her first blowjob to Clay who is also receiving his first? And/or leading to loosing their virginity

WARNINGS: Smut, swearing

“What do you want to watch princess?”

“I don’t care, you can pick whatever.” I’m laid up with Clay in his room as he surfs the guide. It’s a Saturday night and I rather be with my boyfriend than home alone. Granted we are alone right now, being that his parents are out at some function, but at least we are alone together. I trace circle on his clothed chest as his eyes are focused on the TV, finding something to watch. I can tell that he is pretending to be into the TV so that he doesn’t need to focus on my hand against him. I snuggle more into him as he sucks his teeth.

“There are no good movies on babe” he says, throwing the remote down as the TV stopped on Full House. 

“Then we don’t watch TV, we can do something else anyway” I say, as I slide my hand under his shirt. He looks a little nervous as he looks down at my hand. 

“Like what?” He sounded a little nervous, but flirty at the same time. I move my leg across his torso and put my lips up to his ear. 

“Anything.” I pur. He looks down at me, his eyes on mine. His eyes flicker down to my lips and I know he wants nothing more than to feel my lips on his. As if he read my mind, he pulled my face up to his, pressing his lips onto mine. The kiss was nice and slow. It’s like our lips were made for each other. His tongue grazed my bottom lip as he asked for an entrance. I didn’t allow him in to tease him and he squeezed my thigh making me yelp. When I opened my mouth he stuck his tongue in, softly wrestling with mine. I rolled on top of him and sat on his lap, never breaking our kiss. The kiss suddenly went from slow and sweet to more rougher and needy. Clay’s hands were on my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. When I started to slowly move my hips against his, Clay suddenly withdrew from me.

“What’s wrong, why’d you stop” I pant as he avoided my eyes. When he didn’t say anything, I got worried.

“Did I do something?” I ask. His eyes found mine again and quickly shook his head.

“No no no, god no. It’s just I’m getting a little um..a little-”

“Horny” I smirk, looking down between us and seeing him semi-hard. He looked embarrassed and nodded his head. A giggle at his nervous state.

“So what babe.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m rushing you.” He said looking down.

“Last time I checked, we are both virgins. And what if I’m ready.” His eyes widen and he swallowed hard. 

“A-are you sure, cause I’m not rushing at all trust me, I can wa-” I stop him from rambling on by crushing my lips on his. 

“Clay, I love you and I’m ready. I mean if your not that’s fi-”

“No! I am, it’s just we don’t have to. It won’t make me love you any less if we don’t.” I smile at his cuteness and press my forehead against his. 

“I’m ready Clay.” I pull on his shirt so that our lips collide again. Feeling his body against mine made me loose the fear in the moment and only made me want him more. I pull away to take my shirt off as he took off his. He stared at my bra and looked away when he noticed I saw. I pulled his faced back towards me and smiled.

“I’m all yours Clay.” With that, his mood lightened up as his hands cup both of my breast squeezing. I threw my head back as I felt his lips on my neck, sucking lightly. 

“Your so beautiful y/n.” He unclasped my bra and I suddenly felt so exposed and nervous. He can tell I felt weird by my face.

“Don’t be shy about your body, you look amazing.” I smiled and loosened up as his lips went to my breast. His lips attacked one of my nipples, while softly massaging the other. I bit my lip to keep me from moaning as his sucking got more harsh, making my core wet. I started to hump back and forth on his now rock hard member, making him groan against my breast making me moan. The friction beneath us was killing me and I want nothing more than to take everything off. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down as far as I could without moving off his lap. 

“Clay can I try something?” I pant as his sucking went from my breast to my neck, surely leaving like 10 bruises. 

“What is it babe?” He said, not breaking his series of kisses. 

“I-I um want to please you..” I felt his kissing stop as he stayed there, probably waiting for me to finish, or just not knowing what to say. Probably both. 

“You know..please you down there.” I felt so shy asking him, but I really wanted to make him feel good like he does to me. I just want to do it in a more intimate way. 

“U-um I don’t know y/n, you don’t need t-”

“I want to.” He looks at a lost for words, debating on what to say. When we takes to long, I just take matters into my own hands. I slide off of him, sliding his pants all the way down, along with his underwear. When I did, his dick sprung all the way up, smacking again his stomach. I positioned myself so that I was in between his legs with my butt in the air, looking up at him. 

“Y/n stop you don’t hav-” I quiet him by slowly taking his entire member into my mouth, almost gagging. I come back up, licking his tip while pumping him with my hand. 

“Oh my-” Clay’s eyes were shut tight as he threw his body back. I flattened my tongue against the side of his shaft before taking him in my mouth again, pumping in and out faster. 

“Fuck babe, that feels good” He’s a moaning mess above me as he looks down at me sucking him. His eyes are glued to mine as I look up at him through my eyelashes, pumping my hand faster. He’s a groaning mess as he continues to do a string of curses. Unaware of what he’s doing, Clay starts thrusting into my mouth, making me even more wet. He grabs my ponytail and that was my motivation to go faster. I take all of him in my mouth, not caring that I was gagging, as I started picking up my speed. I start to moan with him still inside me and that threw him over the edge. 

“Fuck! y/n I’m about t-” He doesn’t know what to do with his hands as he releases inside of my mouth. I swallow what’s left as he pulls me up to him, kissing me passionately, still panting.

“Sorry that I did that, I should have told you I was…you know.” I smirk at what he was trying to say, “That’s okay, I liked it.”

Clay turns us over and starts peppering kisses down my neck. He kisses all the way to my stomach as he pulls my underwear off. He comes back to my lips, smashing his with mine, his hands roaming all over my naked body. He stops and looks at me.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked genuinely. 

“More sure than anything.” I smiled. He pulled off of me and got something from his desk draw. When he came back, he hovered back over me, pulling on a condom. When he started having trouble pushing it on, I held in my giggle, stopping his hands. 

“Let me help.” I unraveled it, slowly pushing it on his member, making sure to lightly squeeze him in the process, making him groan. I wanted this, his body on mine.

“I’ll be gentle” he breathed, his voice soft, “Just tell me if it hurts.” I pulled his face closer to me, making that as a sign for him to go. He starts to slowly push into me, giving me this stretching and ripping feeling throughout my body. I try to adjust to him as he continues pushing in slowly. I squeeze my eyes shut, gasping into his mouth as I grabbed his arms tightly. I whimpered as I just waited for the pain to go away. He pulled away from my lips as he looked at me.

“Is this okay?” he pants, looking at my face for any bad reaction. I nod my head, wanting him to keep going. 

“Yes baby, keep going.” I try to focus on the pleasure, even though I can still very much feel the pain. I was slightly tense and as if Clay sensed that, he started dropping kisses against my jawline, making me more relaxed. I started grinding my hips up against his and wrapped my legs around his back. He started thrusting a little faster, his eyes shut as he started groaning. I moan, tilting my head back into the pillows. As his speed picked up, the pain slowly subsided, giving me nothing but pleasure. I felt his weight on me, his body against mine and I realized just how much he meant to me. 

“Fuck princess, you feel amazing” he moans into my neck. I tighten my grip around my neck, moaning into his ear. 

“Baby f-faster please” I whimper. He did just that, his thrust getting deeper and deeper. His body slap against mine and all I can hear are our loud moans and the headboard against the wall. He picked up his speed even more making me dig my nails into his back, surely leaving a mark. 

“Fuck baby!” He screams, drilling into me. My breast are jumping up and down as I scream louder, the pleasure becoming overpowering.

“Clay! oh my god!” The faster his thrust got, the more I felt my stomach clench up. My body started to stiffen as he kept pushing in and out of me, on and on. 

“Come for me baby” he whispers and I let go.

“Fuck Clay!” My body went limp as I exploded. He kept pumping through my orgasm as I squeeze around him and in the same second, he screamed out my name, releasing himself. With both of us still panting and breathing heavily, I open my eyes to see Clay staring back at me. He slides off of me, laying his head on my bare chest. I run my hands threw his hair, kissing it after.

“That was amazing babe” I breath out, earning a nod from him.

“If that was amazing, wait till next time.”

A/N - This was my first Clay smut!!! Hope you liked it, I did!! 

i can’t believe how fucking short eggsy is, loooool

i mean, they’re all standing a little apart from each other. but still.

merlin looking at these two and their choices of clothing and being like, “you two were really made for each other, jesus fucking christ.”

Love Confession - Isaac Lahey Imagine (SMUT)

A/N: I wrote this sometime last year but never posted it for some reason I don’t know… So I thought it’s about time I do it haha. I hope you guys like it, I’d love it if you let me know what you think. Oh and sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc. Other than that, enjoy!(:


Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Warning: SMUT! Unprotected sex, use protection guys!(:
Word count: 1556

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Like In The Movies

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Words: 3147

A/N : and now everyone: ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE AND THIS IS NOT EDITED. Please keep that in mind. There are probably some mistakes.

the lovely @lovelydob and @morethanonefandom sent me some promts 💕😊I really hope you aren’t disappointed with this.. 

Thank you for giving me the courage to post this piggie  🐷💖you already know how much I love you @golddaggers


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The Perfect Day

Request: Sorry I’m bad at detail, but maybe a Ethan X Reader, where the group is at Disney? That’s all I got sorry, but I have never seen a youtuber can reader at Disney so I thought one would be nice. Thank you for your time :)

Summary: The gang goes to Disneyland together. That’s it. Many fluff, be prepared.

A/N: Hello all! This is such a cute request? I read it and was like, Oh boi……..I can’t wait to write alllll the fluff for this fic hehe. This can be seen as the unofficial prequel to ‘The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag’ (because reader had promised a Disneyland vlog and theyre at Disneyand in this fic hehehe) As always, italics are the inner thoughts a character is having. Hope you all enjoy reading this, I had a fun time writing this 😊

Wordcount:1786, oh boi I got v carried a way am srry

Warnings: just,,,,,, so m a n y…..,..,,, fluff

Request me things!!! I write for everyone in teamiplier!

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“Someone like me doesn’t get happy endings.”

Bucky x Reader drabble

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1606

A/N: I might make a part 2 to this?? Send me a message if you think I should. I’ve never really written any sort of drabble before so let me know what you think!!

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You wander around the compound the way you usually do at night, especially when you couldn’t sleep. It always entranced you to watch the change from a busy, loud building change to a quiet, peaceful place when the sunset. The darkness was welcome to you and you were happy that it was silent. After a few hours of wandering, you decide to head back to your room and sleep for a little bit but a pained grunt comes from down the hall.

Cautiously, you walk forward, following the noise. When you don’t hear anything else you start for your room.

A loud clanging noise sounds from the kitchen just as you walk passed it. The noise immediately sends you into a defensive stance, although you look pretty dumb in fighting stance in just a t-shirt and underwear. You peer around the doorway to see Agent Barnes standing there, hunched over the marble island and you immediately straighten up and sigh in relief.

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Habit || Jeonghan || Oneshot

Originally posted by dureowanni

Word Count: 1750

Genre: angst, oneshot

Summary: Habits were the hardest to get rid of. Once you’ve fallen into a routine, you want to keep continuing it. Jeonghan had a routine. He followed it closely for years but one day a part of it was broken. You were no longer there. Only then did Jeonghan realize how integrated you were into his life. Only then did he realize that calling out to you had become a habit. :

Jeonghan pushed the door open and let out a sigh as he kicked the shoes off of his feet. He dropped his keys on the table by the door and pulled his bag off, setting it on the ground beside the couch before he laid down, resting his head against the armrest of it and closing his eyes. He groaned and shifted slightly.

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"Welcome Home, Cas."

Author: xbooksandtea

Pairing: Destiel

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1.665

Genre: hurt/comfort, reunion, lots of fluff

Time Line: Takes place after the events of 12x23

Links: Read on ao3

“Cas,” he whispered, and he was able to hear the blood rushing through the veins in his ears. Shimmering lights were dancing at the corners of his vision. His skin felt both burning hot and ice cold at the same time, the way he imagined it would feel if you dove into a pool while someone branded you with a burning claw – the way that left scars.

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Prom Queens | Cheryl Blossom

Originally posted by prettypecple

Request: Could you do an imagine where Cheryl asks her girlfriend to prom and goes all out and then they are both crowned queen at the dance?

Pairing: Cheryl x Reader
Description: When Cheryl asks you to prom, you suddenly become really nervous about the whole thing but it ends up being one of your favourite nights ever.
Warnings: …not rly.
Word Count: 1354
A/N: okay, this is a lil different from the actual request but it still kinda sticks to it.

“How about this one?” You stepped out of the changing room dressed in a beautiful black prom dress, twirling around as you eagerly awaited the opinion of your best friend Reggie Mantle. As you finished twirling, you noticed he was sat there watching some stupid video on his phone. You coughed to get his attention, shocking him and almost causing him to drop his beloved phone.

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

“The dress, Reg. What’d you think?” You glared at him, hands on your hips.

With a sigh, he looked over you and shrugged his shoulders. The same reaction he’d been giving you since you got to the dress shop over an hour ago. Reggie had been your best friend since you could remember. He’d been the only one in kindergarten who hadn’t picked on you. In fact, he was the one that had stood up for you and told everyone else to leave you alone. Back then you were a quiet, shy kid and the others used to make fun of you for it but Reggie took you under his wing. He brought you out of your shell and you’d never been more thankful to have someone like him in your life. Whenever you needed that little push to do something, he’d be the one to encourage you. But, when it came to things like this, he was no help at all. The only other person you could’ve taken with you was your girlfriend Cheryl Blossom.

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Bitty’s the big spoon. He may be the smaller of the two, but he’s the big spoon. And Jack loves it. He loves the way Bitty tucks up behind him and fits his knees just so into Jack’s like they were made for each other. Jack can feel Bitty’s slow breathing as he sleeps and it calms Jack like nothing else. It’s so easy to match the slow, calm pace and clear his mind. Bitty’s hand rests above Jack’s heart and he can’t think of a better metaphor for what keeps his heart safe. Bitty is the big spoon and it’s perfect.

You are having a bad hair day. A REALLY, REALLY BAD HAIR DAY. You had taken a shower the night prior and fell asleep with your towel still wrapped around your hair. Luckily for you, your boyfriend Baron had an extensive collection of beanies. It was no surprise that his beanies fit you like butter as your head was around the size of his. (like I said, it’s like we were made for each other)”It looks better on you babe.” Baron admitted.”You can keep it.” He kisses your temple.

I’m rewatching the Supercorp scenes (again) and Supercorp has SO MANY cute scenes but this one is absolutely one of my faves.. 

Lena “I wanted to invide you to my party” Luthor is trying to convice Supergirl to attend her gala and Supergirl is trying to convice Lena to cancel the whole thing because it’s “definitely going to be a target for this gang” and then Lena is like “well that’s why I need you there to protect it” and she knows that with supergirl there she will be “safe” (she already trusts Supergirl so much, but I mean she did save her in that helicopter in 2x01) and then “well, you can’t live in fear” and “time and again you risk everything to see justice done. is it so hard to believe that I feel the same way?” Soulmates or what?! And Kara can’t say no to her because seriously, who could? And then Lena’s face!! Have you seen how happy she looks at that, I mean that’s one of her biggest smiles we’ve seen so far. It looks a lot like fangirling to me.. I mean I would be happy too if I had Supergirl (AND Kara Danvers) as guests at my party 

And then Kara leaves and Lena just kinda followes her and watches her with awe on her face? She’s so amazed by the hero, seriously I can’t with these two. It’s like they were made for each other <3


hello everyone! i’m very grateful for the amazing feedback i got on ‘Oh’ so i’ve decided to write a part two!  I hope you enjoy!


Seriously? I tell him I love him and he says ‘Oh?’

“That’s all you have to say. Just oh?”

“You just told me you love me what am I supposed to say!”

What did I think he was going to say? That he loves me too? A part of me thought he would, but that’s unrealistic. Why would he love me? 

I stared at him for what felt like forever but was probably 7 seconds. I couldn’y stand there anymore, knowing I made a fool of myself. I walked to the door in despite of Harry’s request to stay, and left. I had no intentions of coming back.

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My Savior (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Originally posted by daveeddiggsit

Pairing: SSA!Daveed Diggs x SSA!Reader

Requested?: Day Four of my write-a-thon! 

Prompt: You get kidnapped by the unsub. 

Words: 2800+

Warnings: Based off of Criminal Minds, Kidnapping, Mentions of Murder and Sexual Assult/Abuse, Angst, Fluff



This unsub was not who you were expecting.

You were a Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI. You were part of Chris Jackson’s team in New York City, being a transfer from Aaron Hotchner’s team in Quantico. You were in your early thirties and have been in the Behavioral Analysis Unit since you were twenty. You had a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in sociology. Add ten years of self-defense training and knowledge on firearms and explosives, and you got yourself an agent fit for the BAU. You started off in Quantico, where you went through the FBI Academy and graduated the top of your class alongside Spencer Reid, one of your good friends from Hotchner’s team. It was actually Reid who convinced you to move back to your hometown and join Chris’ team.

There were big differences between the Quantico team and the New York team.

Firstly, the New York team was bigger than the Quantico team.

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Being Soulmates with Roman Reigns would include...

For anonymous-

-Meeting Roman at the gym and thinking about him for the rest of the night
-“He was so handsome. I couldn’t believe he talked to me.”
-Going to a movie by yourself a week later, and he’s in the seat next to yours by simple chance
-“What are the odds?”
-Seeing him again because you’re both trying to buy the same car advertised online
-Him teasing you “You’re stalking me. I know a stalker when I see one. They’re usually not as beautiful as you though.” *wink*
-Roman shows up to your friend’s gallery opening
-“I didn’t know you were friends with ______.” “She’s my cousin.”
-Finally accepting fate and getting his number only to find out he has a significant other
-A late night phone call, “Hey, y/n, my partner and I have tickets for a cruise next week, but we just broke up. You wouldn’t want to go with me? Would you?”
-Saying yes and shopping for all the cutest/hottest beach wear
-Sleeping in the same bed because it’s just one cabin
-Him trying to sleep on the couch to be a gentleman, and you having none of that. “It’s just sleeping!”
-Waking up in his arms even though you fell asleep with room between you
-Finding out he’s funny, kind, and sensitive
-Watching Roman play soccer with the local kids as you watch from afar and smile. God, you can’t stop smiling around him
-Kissing him for the first time at a beach bonfire in the Caribbean
-Running back to the ship to make love in your cabin
-Finding out Roman is incredible in the sack. It’s like you were made for each other physically
-Feeling like you’ve always known him. You don’t know why, but it’s so good and sweet
-“Captains can marry people on boats, right?”
-Having a “temporary” jade ring he bought you. “Yeah, right, Reigns. I’m wearing this for the rest of my life.”
-Going back home the happiest person on Earth, and knowing that fate brought you together

✿without thinking✿

↳ Simon x Reader

Requested: can you do a simon imagine where he’s just acting like a complete asshole to some guy who was hitting on you and there’s angst and fluff and stuff because you didn’t know he felt that way?

Warnings | swearing

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It is Wrestlemania week, everyone is at the peak of having a nervous breakdown or having an episode due to the stress of it including you. You were finally awarded a shot at the the Raw  Women’s Championship and you were overworking yourself, making sure you were physically and mentally fit.”Hi beautiful.” A voice cut short your thoughts.”SETH!!!!” You cling to him, squeezing him hard.”Okay okay y/n, cut it out before you break me.” His hand expedite, circling your back. It had been 3 months since Seth had been out of action due to a knee injury and this was the first time you see him.”How’s your knee, are you feeling better?” You question him.”Well compared to the a few weeks ago, I’d say I feel fucking amazing.” He replied; oh how you missed his profanities.”But enough about me, lets focus on something more pleasant. Like for instance, your big debut at Wrestlemania. How are you feeling about that?” He parks his fine ass to the nearest chairs. He pats down on the chair next to his, directing you to sit down next to him.”Honestly, I’m petrified. I’m always used to performing in front of, what, 20,000 thousand people? But, this this is the big leagues, this is Wrestlemania, the biggest thrill ride of the year. There will be more than triple the amount of people I perform in front of. I honestly feel like I will make a fool of myself.” You confess, Seth seeing the terror in your eyes. He nuzzles your chin, letting out a single giggle.”Being afraid is part of this job y/n. Believe me, I felt exactly the same way you are feeling when I had my first Wrestlemania. I was sick all day long, up until I stepped on the guerrillas. But, you know what happened.” He paused, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.”The moment I set foot on that runway, all of my fears and my sickness went away. On the contrary, I was overwhelmed with thrill and adrenaline. Just hearing the crowd cheering you on, chanting your name *sigh* It’s the best feeling in the world.” You don’t know how you are containing yourself from kissing him.”You gotta trust yourself y/n because thousands in attendance and millions back home are counting on you. Rise above your fear. Trust me, because you do don’t you?”He asks you, his eyes penetrating yours.”Of course I do.” You respond.”Good, because I need you trust me on what I’m about to do.” He leans on you, his lips tracing against yours, teasing you.”Close your eyes, clear your mind off anything, and just let yourself go.” You do as he says, putting all our trust on him; giving him control. You feel his breath closing in on you, tickling your nose. You had been waiting for this moment for what seemed a lifetime and now it was about to happen.”I’m in love with you.” Your eyes involuntarily open. Your lips collide, pressing them gently. His lips fir perfectly, both of you in sync, like if your lips were made for each other. You wrap your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.  You feel his tongue run across your bottom lip and you open your mouth to let your tongues explore each others mouths. He ran his fingers through your hair and pulled you even closer, before pulling away from you completely so you could catch a breath.”I love you too.” You breathed, tracing your finger through your tingling mouth. He pulls you into a hug; his lips filling you entirely with kisses.”Are you feeling more confident?” He whispers against your temple. You smile, nodding your head; realizing that Seth had brought back your confidence.
His Touch

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Summary: Reader’s intimate thoughts about Jensen.

Word Count: 770

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT

Author’s Note: This is my second fic for Smut Appreciation Day and it was inspired by this gif that @winchester-writes posted a few weeks ago after someone submitted it. I fell in love with it and she asked me to write it out. So I did. Again, I apologize if it doesn’t make any sense lol I’m high on meds right now hahahaha Feedback is always welcomed!!

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Through the Ages - Haechan

)anon: I hope that you could do a fluff scenario of Haechan when he has been in love with you since he was a kid

genre: fluff

a/n: WATCH THIS FLOP OK THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WRITING A SCENARIO WISH ME LUCK !!1!!!111!!!!!!!1!1! Oh and btw everything in italics is from the past when ya’ll were kids.

704 words (so short but bare with me I’m so sorry)

Ever since you were little, all the parents would say Haechan never looked at anyone like he looked at you. When you were in the room, he wouldn’t look at anyone except for you. But to you, Haechan was and will always be your best friend. Best friend. No strings attached. At least that’s what you thought.

“Someday y/n, I’m going to become successful and rich just like my dad to buy you every single art supply you’ll ever want.”

 Everyday, the both of you would go outside and run around on the small field you had in your neighborhood, until you moved away. You had moved to the states because your father had a better job opportunity. 

After staying in the states till graduating, you moved back to Korea for college and to pursue your dream of becoming an artist. After getting used to being in Korea again, classes began for your first college semester. You walked in the crowded area while bumping into many people who didn’t show much interest in anything really.

After classes were over, you walked into a quiet cafe to sit down and start reading your big, boring textbooks. College was a pain in the butt and for some strange reason, you were thinking about Haechan. Ever since you came back to Korea, he was always in the back of your mind. Everything around you reminded you of him. Why were you thinking of him after so long anyways? Lost in your thoughts, you stood up with a cup of coffee in your hand and crashed into someone spilling coffee all over their nice white shirt.

“y/n?, is that you?”


You had missed your best friend so much it hurt more than if a person punched you in the face ten times. But now, he was standing in front of you with a face of excitement and happiness.

You pulled him into a tight hug with him closing it by wrapping his arms around you.

But why did it feel like you thought of him more as a friend?

“Haechan, I have so much to tell you, I’ve missed you so much!”

“Me too y/n.”

Man had he grown taller. You were a head shorter than him now.

You told him about pursuing your dream of painting and everything that was going on. You kept on blabbing but the only thing he could focus on was you. In his eyes, you had grown to be even more beautiful than you used to be, which he didn’t know was even possible for someone to be so beautiful and stunning. Your presence lit up the whole room.

“So I was thinking about going to the restaurant our parents-”



“I need to tell you something.”

“Alright, go ahead” 

“y/n, I’ve been meaning to tell you this ever since we were little. I like you. So so much. No, it’s not even a small crush, it’s love. I love you y/n. You made me happy every single time I saw you when we were kids. I know kids wouldn’t know what love is, but when I was with you, I felt like I did. Now I know I do. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out and it reflects on other people too. I never forgot about you. I know I don’t deserve you because you deserve the world. I just desperately needed to let you know because it was so hard to keep this in all these years. I’m sorry y/n, just pretend you didn’t hear this okay?” he said as he slowly began to walk away, but you grabbed his arm.

Tears began to fall down your face and you were pretty damn sure why.

You loved him back.

It just all made sense.

He was always on your mind, and that was love to you.

“Who said I didn’t love you back?”

You felt like the world stopped. It just felt so unreal. Him confessing and you confessing. 

Haechan turned around and pulled you into a hug. You fell into his embrace and it was just like a lock and key. Like fate. They were made to fit each other perfectly. And that was you and Haechan. A lock and key.



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