You know what movie I will always be proud of?

Alien vs. Predator.


Because it was a stupid premise that was going to get people’s butts in seats for one reason and one reason only, and that was to see the Alien fight the Predator, so they could literally do whatever they wanted with the rest of the movie, they didn’t care, so what did they do?

Put Sanaa Lathan in as the lead, gave her a shield made of an alien’s crest and a spear made of an alien’s tail and said “go fight alongside the Predator to save the world from an Alien Queen”, and that’s what she did. They didn’t have to do that, they could have had a white guy, they could have had a white woman, a black man, even, but no, they went with a black woman and made her incredible. And when she fought her way to the end of that movie, they made sure that the most dangerous hunters in the galaxy recognized her and respected her, and they marked her because they decided “You are a paragon of your species and we honor you as one of our own” so in this universe when the Predators think of the Best that Humanity has to offer, they imagine the face of a black woman of science with long curly hair. 


Elfcup and Dwarfstrid  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Alright guys, I know it hasn’t been that long since the last Tomco week but I decided to put together one for Easter, since the March week was so successful. Just a bunch of fun, light-hearted prompts. Here we go.

Day 1 - Apr 12 - Flower Picking

It’s warming up and the boys decide to enjoy the weather. Lots of flowers to be picked and crowns to be made with them.

Day 2 - Apr 13 - Stargazing

Warm days means warm nights, especially in southern California. Perfect for finding a nice clear spot and stargazing.

Day 3 - Apr 14 - Easter Costumes

“I’m gonna show my boyfriend Tom to everyone in town… wearing a bunny outfit!”

Gotta get into the Easter spirit. How about some adorable (pink is optional but recommended) bunny outfits? Egg costumes? Or any other kind of Easter-themed outfit you like.

Day 4 - Apr 15 - Egg Decorating

Easter is tomorrow, which means they gotta prepare for the egg hunt, of course. What colors and designs do Tom and Marco paint their eggs with? Or do they just go with plastic ones and decorate those? Up to you. :D

Day 5 - Apr 16 - Easter Day / Egg Hunting

It’s Easter! Time for egg hunting and potentially winning prizes. Alternatively, if you prefer other ways of celebrating (religious practices, meals, etc) then feel free to portray that instead.

Day 6 - Apr 17 - Tomco Songs

Got a song that really makes you think of Tomco? Create something based on it. Lyrics can be included or not, up to you, though we would like to know what song it is so we can look it up too.

Day 7 - Apr 18 - Looking Ahead

Time for some reflection on what the future might be like. Where do you imagine Tom and Marco being in five or ten years? How does their relationship evolve? What jobs do they have? Are they happily ruling the Underworld together? Or… something else, perhaps?

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I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

I’m looking forward to whatever you guys post. :D

i don’t think it was just Sam that pressured danny into the portal initially; i think tucker also played a part. (mind you neither did this knowing what would happen the first time)

tucker would be in awe of the technology being developed at fentonworks. as such a tech geek, do you really think he wouldn’t be interested in the work that jack and maddie do? he could see the entire research and development of any given project by just stopping by to visit his best friend. tucker would probably ask the fentons questions about the different stages and how they got there and what methods they’re using. i can see jack sitting down with tucker one day and talk about design and introduced him to Autocad. tucker would be a huge fan of fentonworks tech even if he wasn’t a big fan of ghosts.

Sam of course enjoys the occult and the Romantic nature of ghosts - beings who represent defying death, undying passion, and righting injustice. she’d be immediately drawn to the very idea of confirming their existence.

when the portal didn’t work, do you really think that tucker wouldn’t want to figure out why it failed mechanically? do you think Sam wouldn’t be intrigued to see if ghosts really existed?

do you really think danny wouldn’t help them? do you really think that after seeing the light go out of his parents’ eyes, he’d be willing to endure that with his friends too?

when danny went in the portal it wasn’t just out of his own curiosity - he didn’t want his friends to be disappointed or lose some of their passion. probably one of his last thoughts before he accidentally triggered the on button was about sam and tucker.

(in this hc, i honestly think their friendship became his obsession as a ghost. he wasn’t originally interested in being a hero, but sam and tucker felt so bad about danny half-dying they tried to find something positive out of it: using his powers for good. they turned a half-death experience into a “gift” experience to try to deal with emotional impact of the accident. danny wasn’t sure about it in the beginning, but i do think being a hero grew on him)


Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

danny phantom hcu

in reference to the danny phantom ageing thing, i personally like to go with the immortal idea. like danny keeps ageing, albeit reallllly slowly, until he reaches about 40 in ageing years.

his ghost core is made to keep regenerating itself, and because his ghost half is so perfectly intertwined with his human dna, it starts doing that with his human cells too. his ghostly regenerating powers work at a rate way faster than the human body, and so eventually it catches up with danny. his cells are now regenerating at a rate faster than they can age, keeping danny from ever being able to grow old.

i think, even in the show, danny couldnt die.. because, and lets be honest here, if he couldve - he wouldve. surviving the portal once was lucky enough as it is but, 2 times? 3? 4 if you count what happened in the ghost zone on pp?? nah. i dont buy it. there is no way danny could’ve survived that if he couldve died. so, logically, he cant die. his ghost half wont let him.

i think eventually danny wouldve came out to his parents about his ghost half - they were bound to find out anyways. i refuse to accept what happened in pp as canon, so were going off the basis that that never happened. i dont think danny wouldve told anyone else his secret though. danny would be horrified if people learned his secret and thought, hey.. danny got his powers through an accident with a portal.. maybe i could get powers too! nah. theres no way in hell danny would let that happen, besides, i think he likes being able to live a normal life. well, as normal as a part human part ghosts life can get.

eventually they all start growing up. danny’s parents died a few years back, he was really upset but it wasnt anything he couldnt handle, he had support from tucker and sam of course, and thats all he really needed.

its not until one day, sitting on the porch with his friends, does danny realize anything is wrong. sams got bags under her eyes and tuckers hair has started going gray and danny. well you look exactly like you did when we were 40! the laughter from this comment quickly dies off as they realize just how accurate that statement was, realization dawning on them, danny quickly takes off towards clockworks tower.

a few breakdowns later and danny finally comes to terms with his fate. he was going to live forever, while everyone he knows dies. clockwork tries to assure him that he’ll always be available to talk to, but danny knows clockwork is very busy, and even then its still just not the same. he was alone. danny fakes his death soon after, it wouldnt be long until someone else started noticing his predicament.

he continues to visit sam and tucker until the end, and they make him promise not to lose sight of himself.. and not to forget who they were. he swears through shakey breaths and salty tears. sam is the first to go, and tucker dies too not long after. jazz died years ago in a car accident. he was alone now.

he moves to germany or france or some place foreign and begins a new life - he had always wanted to visit a new country anyways. he never stays for too long in fear of someone finding out who he really was. he always uses a different name and never visits the same place twice unless he is certain no one will remember him. he still thinks about his old friends and the adventures they use to go on, but less and less as the years go by.

it had been a couple hundred years since he last visited amity park. the ghost attacks had decreased greatly when his parents his died and the portal was shut down, and it had been barely 100 years after that when the ghost-human treaty was signed - there was no longer any need for danny phantom.

amity was no longer the small town it was when he once lived there, however, the ‘ghost capital of the world’, birthplace of ghost technology, was now a major city. it made danny a bit sad to see his hometown filled with major businesses and tourists, it no longer had the rural charm he onced loved - but things were different now and he had long ago accepted that nothing would ever stay the same. he wasnt depressed about the past anymore he was just.. existing

he walked along the boardwalk and smiled sadly as a strange sense of deja vu washed over him. this was his town, but at the same time it wasnt. he stopped in the center of the plaza and glanced up at the statue in front of him. a signed told him that the statue was commemorative tribute in honor of the ‘world’s first ghost researchers’ - jack and maddy fenton. he didnt realize his eyes had glazed over until he saw another person staring at the statue with same sad longing that he had.

he immediately froze.

he had completely forgotten about him. in all his years of accepting his lonely fate, it had completely slipped his mind that another person shared the same fate with him - the only other half ghost in existence. vlad seemed to notice him too because his eyes had suddenly gone wide with recognition. they rushed at eachother.

danny hugged vlad like it was the last time he would ever be able to hug another person - and vlad hugged him the same way right back. after a few moments of clinging to eachother they finally broke apart. danny, of course, immediately began questioning vlad. asking if he was still up to the same old evil plots. vlad sighed, filled with exhaustion and remorse, he explained that he long since realized that happiness was not something that could be obtained through his evil doings, and that now all he was trying to do was life his eternity peacefully and without being found out.

that was all danny needed to hear and he immediately accepted vlads words as truth. after all, he knew that all vlad really ever needed was a second chance, his encounters with dan had shown him that. and besides, it was all in the past anyways. he could hardly remember vlad being his enemy.

they decided to have lunch together at a nearby café. they talked all afternoon about what they had been doing all these years and laughed at how different things were in the future. a strange sense of melancholy passed through the pair as they reluctantly decided it was time to go their own ways - but not without giving eachother their contact information, of course. you never know when u might need someone to talk to about the past with.

a few years went by and, much to both of their suprises, they ended up moving to the same town to start a new life. they decided it wouldnt hurt to get a flat together, after all they are the only people who truly understand the other. its hard at first, despite their obvious similarities, they still were two very different people. it takes a while but eventually they learn to get use to eachother, even growing a bit fond of eachother in the process. thats why, when they decide its time to go start a new life somewhere else, they decide to do it together. it couldnt hurt to have a friend.

it gets to the point in their relationship where they know every thing there is to know about the other. vlad knows exactly what things tend to trigger danny’s panic attacks, and he also knows that the best thing for him is a warm mug of hot chocolate and some old movies on the couch. danny knows that when vlad gets too stressed out or angry all he really needs is some of his favorite tea and perhaps a book to read.

they still use their ghost powers - by now they have both mastered them - but not as often as they once did or for the same reasons they once did either. now they only rlly use them out of habit to make things easier. danny can barely recall ever being the hero that was danny phantom, but his jumpsuit serves as a permanent reminder of what he once was - although hes began to forget where the design even came from.

by now their first life is a bit of blur to them - they cant seem recall why they were ever enemies in the first place. they laugh a lot about how much of a “crazed-up fruit loop” vlad use to be and vlad admits he doesnt even remember why he was so infatuated with maddy back then anyways, it all seems like a weird dream to them.

eventually it gets to the point where danny cant remember ever /not/ being friends with vlad. it seemed too distant, too weird. he cant imagine how he managed to survive all those years without him. he still has days where the past consumes him and hes left feeling empty, but he has vlad to help him through that.

he vaguely remembers a promise he made to someone once, a long time ago, to never forget them - but he cant really recall to who or in what life.. everything seemed mixed together now a days.

the thought use to upset him, but hes gotten over it. he may be immortal and be stuck living new lives for the rest of eternity - but at least he doesnt have to do it alone.

yutendont  asked:

Kensuke or Hoji, for the characters thing! (I was thinking of sending Kumi or Waki but then I realized that was probably too tough of a decision. :'D)

Send me two character and I’ll sketch the one I like more

  • I love Both Ken and Hoji !! they were made of sugar !!!!!!! but if i have to choose i think Kensuke…no Hoji … No Ken … Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa never mind i love both 

for Kumi you are right it is hard tho but i draw them too because PRIORITIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was counting on you to bring them to me you know how i love those two xDD Here 

Thank you so much x333 

Restless Nights - EXO (ot9) reaction

I’ve been such kpop trash recently and I regret nothing but the fact that I never let myself get this deep before so here we goooooooo! Here’s to my first exo reaction and hopefully not my last ;)

      *NOT MY GIFS, credit to their respectful owners :)*


You would have been in bed for about five minutes when you’d hear him quietly call out your name in the dark. You’d hum in response, and respond “no” when he asked if you were awake.
“Good,” you’d hear him chuckle as he’d place his arm across your torso.
“What’s up?” You’d turn your head to face him, but when he gently tugged at your hips you’d move so that you entire body faced him.
He’d smile and say that he “just wanted to talk”. At first, you’d be a little panicked, but after you asked him what it was that he wanted to talk about, he’d give a shy smile and shrug. After a moment of silence, he’d ask something like “If, hypothetically I mean, you and I were to - hypothetically - drop everything one day and start over somewhere new, where would you want to go? Hypothetically.” You’d kind of laugh but go along with it, and within an hour you two would have gone from talking about your hypothetical new lives to what kind of candy you would be and why.

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You would have accepted earlier on that night that you likely wouldn’t get much sleep due to the accumulating stress of an ongoing project at school or work. Suho would have gone to bed about an hour earlier, telling you before he went to make sure you went to bed at a decent hour. Of course, being the caring mother boyfriend he is, he would have fought to stay awake the entire time and when the clock next to your shared bed read 1:25, he’d crawl out and find still working at the desk in your office space, hunched over pages upon pages of scribbled notes and occasionally glancing at your laptop, whose brightness burned your eyes. Part of him would want to scold you, though he totally understood and appreciated your hard work. So instead, he’d coax you into putting everything away for the night because “you’ve been working so hard,” and “it’ll still be there in the morning; you still have another couple of days to finish” “so for now let’s have some tea and grab a snack and go to bed, okay?” 

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After having slept an astounding two hours, you would wake up to go to the washroom only to realize when you came back to bed that you weren’t tired anymore, having essentially taken an unplanned power nap. You’d look next to you and see Lay sleeping peacefully, and not wanting to wake him you’d get up as quietly as you could and pad out of the room to the living room/lounge area. You’d put on the TV and start binge watching a new show, but a few episodes in you’d eventually doze off. Flashforward a few hours, and you’d wake up expecting your neck to be sore because - last you remembered - you had laid your head down on the armrest. Instead, you’d wake up to your head resting on one of your boyfriend’s thighs. He’d feel you shift and look down, smiling, before saying “good morning sleeping beauty,” and placing a kiss on your forehead. Then, he’d quickly say something about how the show was better than he thought it would be, explaining that when he woke up and came to see you, he decided to start the show from the beginning to see what could possibly be better than his cuddles  because he was curious and wanted to talk to you about it, knowing how invested you could get in fictional universes.

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You would have been trying to sleep for about 45 minutes, unable to calm your racing mind for unknown reasons, when you’d feel Baekhyun shift next to you. You’d think nothing of it, knowing full well that he was a bit of a restless sleeper, but when you heard him speaking you assumed he was awake as well. You couldn’t make out exactly what he was saying, it sounded like he was jumbling his words together, so you placed a hand on his shoulder and shook him lightly, asking what it was he was saying. When he didn’t respond, you’d call his name a little louder. You wouldn’t get the reaction you were expecting; he’d let out a little scream and nearly jump out of his skin. You’d immediately start giggling at his reaction, it having finally dawned on you that, not only had he been asleep, but that Byun Baekhyun was a sleeptalker (which was perfect teasing and pranking material). As you calmed yourself and apologized, your boyfriend murmured a long “kaebbsong” as he turned his back to you and drifted back to sleep. 

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Giggles. All. Night. Long. It would get to the point where you don’t even know why you’re laughing anymore, you’re just in this endless cycle of him laughing because you are and vice versa. He would’ve been awake because his internal clock was messed up from all the late nights he’d been pulling recently, but would’ve come to bed to cuddle with you anyway because he’s cute like that. He’d just kinda watch you as you slept peacefully, admiring how peaceful you looked and running his fingers gently through your hair until your face twitched and he’d just lose it. He’d laugh so loudly that he may have even woken up the neighbours, but it didn’t really matter because once you got past being annoyed that he woke you up (because his laughter is contagious, let’s face it), you’d just lay there laughing at everything and anything until you’d both eventually quiet down and doze off at around 4 in the morning, with your head and a hand on his chest and one of his arms lightly draped over one of your shoulders.

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Okay we all know he’ll wake up the boys when he can’t sleep at night, so one night he’d basically try bugging everyone in the dorm to stay up with him because he was restless but none of them were having any of it; they were all so drained and tense that they had little patience left for each other. And that’s when you’d come in: Chanyeol wouldn’t know what else to do with himself other than to text you and ask if you were still awake. As soon as you said yes, a video call request would appear on your screen and as soon as you accepted a grinning Chanyeol with bags under his eyes would appear and immediately start telling you about the exciting day he had and a new goft he received from a fan before asking about your day. You’d literally talk for hours as you did your best not to doze right off until he’d finally decide he was tired enough to sleep and thank you for “putting up with” his rambling before saying goodnight and telling you you were his favourite person.

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You would have been staying with D.O. to take care of him (despite all his protests) because he had caught a wicked cold and had absolutely zero motivation to do something for himself. It would have been the second or third night he had spent tossing and turning in bed while he knew you were in the guest bedroom (where he made you stay because even though he was your best friend and desperately craved cuddles, he didn’t want to snot all over you or get you sick). Finally, he decided to get out of bed because it truly wasn’t doing him any good, only frustrating him that he could lie there for hours and not find sleep. He’d head through the living room/lounge area to get to the kitchen, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw you curled up on the couch reading a book or watching TV. He’d say something like ”well you’re up late” and you’d respond with “says you” and get a small smile in response. He’d join you on the couch and either talk with you until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore or would just silently place his head on your shoulder, where he would eventually fall asleep. 

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He wouldn’t be tired as much as he was sleepy, and sleepy Kai meant giggly and cuddly Kai. He would have come back after a performance or concert and would have been so giddy, talking your ear off about how amazing the fans were and how Baekhyun had all but made a fool of himself again when he messed up some lines or mispronounced something. He’d be really smiley and talkative, but once he noticed that you were in no way able to match his energy (though you were fully engaged in conversation and laughing along), he’d excuse himself for a moment to get changed. As soon as he’d come back wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he’d plop himself down on the couch and make grabby hands at you. You’d giggle and take a seat next to him, only to have him pout and pull you into his lap. He’d wrap his arms securely around your waist and nuzzle his head into the crook of your neck, a content smile playing on his lips. Before long, he’d just kinda say “okay, time for bed” and flop onto his side, loosening his grip on you only to pull the blanket off the back of the couch to cover the two of you. “Goodnight,” he’d say before placing a soft kiss on your forehead.

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He’d be pretty pissy because he’d be super tired and wanting to sleep really badly. Though he knew that his sleep schedule being messed up wasn’t your fault, you were the only person around and therefore fell victim to his crabbiness. Since he was tired, it was hard for him to communicate his frustrations, which frustrated him even more, but seeing you hardly react to him/sass him right back/be understanding made him feel kinda special. Even though his attitude frustrated you, you understood that he wasn’t mad at you and were trying your best to calm him as well as yourself. Eventually, as he’d finish his rant about something his hyungs did a couple of days before, you’d get up from the bed, only saying “stay here” before leaving the room. He’d be a little hurt that you left like that, but would also start worrying that he had really been rubbing you the wrong way. You’d come back a few minutes later with a bag of popcorn and a glass of water for each of you, and he’d take it all from you and set it down so that he could wrap his arms around you and thank you for putting up with his nonsense, promising he’d make up for it in the morning.

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Kinda long but I hope you liked it ^.^ please send me some requests!!


Hey so I created these ocs a few days ago and I just thought I’d like to share them :D

If one of you guys want to know more about them (or see their parents) I’ll create another post including them and some back story (since I’ve wrote down ideas and all) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay I’m sure other people have excerpted this part before 

it’s kinda long but I feel like if anything we Denizens of the Deep have a right to see this portion: also I’m hoping this will push a few more people to pick the book up, because hey, it’s really pretty kind to us!

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