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Apparently I’m going to have to start kink shaming people commenting on Odin’s photo sets! I don’t care if you have a kink but please don’t comment on Odin’s pictures about your kink or imply that my lizard is apart of your kink!😖

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Steven's obsession about seeing the Gems fuse (like the "Giant Woman" song etc) makes me uncomfortable. It reminds me too much of the way straight men fetishize lesbians.

I don’t think It’s an obsession and it’s not right to compare it to a fetish. Steven likes seeing them fuse because when two gems become one, he gets to meet a totally new being that has it’s own personality. Every crystal gem fusion has loves him, just like each individual gem does. If you consider the gems like Steven’s adoptive moms, meeting a new fusion would be like meeting a new mega mom. Of course he would be excited, fusion is an exciting embodiment of a relationship. It’s cool!! 

-mod opal

when i think about my relationship, it’s not just about the love that i have for him but also the love that he has for me. he pours into me and i pour into him. he uplifts me and i uplift him. he supports me and i support him. he loves me and i love him. it’s a mutual love with mutual effort. it’s a love that doesn’t make me feel empty or ashamed. it’s healthy. neither of us feeling like we have to do things we’re uncomfortable with, or feeling like we have to change who we are in order to be loved. mutual love and mutual joy. 


I wriggled myself into a rlly uncomfortable position between the bookshelf and the canvas to make this video of me painting myself possible. Also, it’s not sped up, I just paint VERY FAST. pls enjoy

  • me:sees ppl friendship/romantic interacting publicly on tumbler dot com
  • me:is lowkey jealous of every single one of them

Customers keep referring to Valentine’s day as ‘The Big Holiday’ and I’m just like… I just don’t see what’s so big about it? The holiday always kind of makes me uncomfortable. 

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i got my period when i was 10. i was the first girl in my class to get it and i was so embarrassed and scared. I wore a piece of toilet paper in my underwear all day at school and i even felt ashamed to tell my mom. i would have been fucking ECSTATIC if someone threw me a moon party or did the period fairy or something to make me, as an early bloomer and a little girl, feel less uncomfortable.

Exactly! I think it’s just such a negative experience for so many that anything we can do to make it positive for them is worth it 💕

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What's someone gotta do to be touched by an angel here reader and cas

“What’s someone gotta do to be touched by an angel here?” you slur, leaning forward in an attempt to kiss Cas, but the angel easily avoids you.

“Y/n,” he says seriously, leaning away from you as you try to grab him again. “You are making me extremely uncomfortable.”

“Shhhhhhh, shh, shh, shh,” you shush him, grabbing the lapels of his trench coat. “Just relax, Cas.”

“You are also extremely inebriated.”

“’M not,” you murmur.

He grabs your shoulders, keeping you at arms’ length. “Y/n, you are not capable of making good decisions right now. I’m going to put you to bed.”

You snort, covering your mouth with one hand in a poor attempt to stifle your giggle. “Cas wants to get me into bed,” you laugh.

He rolls his eyes. “For sleeping.”

Suuuure, Cas. Sure.”

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hi, sorry i know you get a lot of messages every day but i have a question i was hoping you could help me with. is using it/its pronouns for yourself ok? because it seems to make everyone uncomfortable and i've heard that it's dehumanizing and transphobic to use these pronouns. is it? because i've been going by they/them but i just realized i prefer it/its but i don't want to use them if its not ok.

If that’s what you prefer then go for it. Do what makes you comfortable

Mod Avani

i took down a lot of my links because i got really uncomfortable with having too much information up all of asudden so i guess if you think you need to know anything just message me

Tonight’s doodle in my sketchbook. It’s an inkwell. I’m completely uncomfortable drawing anything modern. My biggest problem at the moment is keeping my lines straight and proportional. I draw with the pencil in my mouth and I lean to the side where I sit, which tends to make my lines lean to the side too. This is not something a teacher could help me with either because there aren’t any handbooks for disabled artists. I just have to figure out technical stuff on my own. I’ll figure it out. I’m determined to get my old skills back up to par.

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How do you talk to a dealer? Like I'm hella shy but I really want some weed but idk how to ask and I know I sound hella lame but idk what to do I'm just tryna score some weed without seeming weird to a pot dealer lmao

weedman’s perspective: if you need some bud, let me know I got you. If not, that’s chill too

It sounds like you’re reading into it too much! Lmao. Don’t make yourself nervous as if you’re about to ask someone to prom, it’s not like that. Politely and casually ask for what you need, they will give it to you while thinking nothing of it. It’s simple, but if you tell yourself it’s weird then it might feel uncomfortable.

idk why but it makes me so uncomfortable.. the way nonblack people clown on black people who are a bit.. messed up like kanye and all of them. like i dont know why but like the way some of yall joke about him makes me so uncomfortable bc like idk i feel like yall are more like “LOL look another nigga we can make fun of heeheehaha” instead of just being like “that dude lost in the sauce, damn” or whatever. maybe it’s just me being like hypersensitive but

For some reason I’m having really weird orientation feels today… Like I woke up and was like “I really wish I was bi right now…” in basically the same way I originally started exploring the fact that I’m a lesbian. “Bi” just seems really comfortable, and it’s weird because basically my whole life, at least for the past few years, I’ve been embracing and loving myself as bi. And even though it took me months of consideration before I started identifying as a lesbian, I feel like I kinda just threw that part of me away without a second glance. So I just feel like mildly uncomfortable because bi is so great and I feel not as cool with myself anymore.

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Hi so I'm an FTM trans dude and I'm not someone who really experiences dysphoria too much and even though I'm unhappy with certain things I don't know if that can categorize itself as dysphoria because the way I see dysphoria or how it's mostly shown is that it's way too strong a feeling (which is completely okay and I'm sorry for those who don't know how to stop it or cope with it but I hope you guys will be happier later on) cause there are times where I'm unhappy with how I look? (Pt1)

Part Two: And that like I feel my hips are too wide, I’m too short and I can’t cut my hair (yet) and I have to still wear dresses and skirts even though it makes me uncomfortable and feel mostly vulnerable and it distresses me. mostly a lot with the hair and dresses and skirts and I know some guys like me experience chest dysphoria but I’m not sure I really experience it?My chest just makes me uncomfortable and I don’t understand why I have it and why it’s there and I just don’t really want it there (pt2)
Part Three: But it’s still not causing me too much distress? Like I can ignore it for the most part but when I look down or look in the mirror it’s there and I just don’t get why it’s there. Can all of this be categorized as dysphoria or is it just me really disliking a lot of stuff about myself? (pt3,end)

Alright here’s how we do this. If you feel that your body isn’t the way you’d like it because it’s uncomfortable to see things that are classically feminine in it, then this is dysphoria. Dysphoria is experienced differently by everyone and you don’t have to compare how bad yours is to others. Whatever you experience is your experience. Nothing more and nothing less than anyone else.

If you dislike your body simply because you wish it were different and it has nothing to to with your gender, then this is not dysphoria.
Honestly though, what you told me and the fact that you’re asking here makes me think it probably is dysphoria.
- Andy

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I just thought you should know that your poems got me through a lot of though times so I really want to say thank you. Thank You for being such an amazing writer and thank you for believing in yourself and your writing so much that it made me believe in myself. - b

When I first started posting on here, I was uncomfortable with my writing. I wasn’t sure of what I was doing and didn’t know if I could do it. But, with all your support you have truly made me believe in myself and sometimes proud of what I write. I’m not the most amazing writer, I’m average but it’s passion that makes it worth and drives us to the edge and I’m okay with that. So with that said, thank YOU for loving me and giving me hope. You inspire me to improve and be better at what I love to do. You give me confidence and are part of the reason why I continued to write. And I can’t thank you enough for that. 


hi everyone ! i know a lot of mutuals are minors so i figured i should make this post since this is something i’ve recently found out and i do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. i am an age slider, around 17-18 years old. i’m .. pretty sure i’m 17? turning 18 on the 24th of this month (my birthday). 

this is due to trauma and i do not want anyone to ask me about that, thank you. my body is 15 years old (i was born on february 24th, 2000). if being in mutuals with a soon-to-be adult makes you uncomfortable, please send me a message so i know, and i will unfollow if you want me to !! just please don’t block or softblock me, it really stresses me, but i understand if you need to !

also, please don’t invalidate me for this. please don’t say i am an “exception” to following adults and having them follow you, it will make me very upset because i really need to be seen as my age to feel comfortable. thank you ! <3

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I grew up thinking I was asexual. Never thought about sex or felt any inclination toward it and felt uncomfortable if anyone hit on me. It was mostly guys that did and although I never dated anyone, I would probably NOT have told you I was gay. I just never thought about it because hey I was asexual. Now I'm dating a girl. It was a long process realizing I wasn't asexual but probably just demisexual and that I actually had feelings for her. In your mind I don't belong in the queer community c

You literally just said you aren’t asexual