but the thing is, lydia didn’t just know alec was gay and had feelings for magnus, she was… smug about it? when clary asked her how well she knows him lydia was so condescending with the raised eyebrows and ‘you’re talking about alec’s feelings for magnus? im not blind.’ it just. idk it comes off as her seeing it as some victory for herself that she ‘called it’ i guess, there’s such a vibe i get from that scene that’s like, a straight woman who boasts about having a good ‘gaydar’ and it makes me so uncomfortable. esp. considering that she then goes on about how he’s so noble and honorable for marrying her anyway and she admires him for it which, again. straight women have such a weird obsession with gay men and with their suffering and im honestly just so glad alec got out of that situation and is now in a healthy, loving relationship with his boyfriend.

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As a tall person, do you like wearing heels? Or do you feel uncomfortable wearing them? I'm 5'9 and just don't have the nerve to wear them in public because I feel silly.

I’m about that height and I like being tall. I have at least a couple pairs that put me at over 6 foot. But I like unnerving people a little, being somewhat intimidating and making (in particular) alpha types uncomfortable. 

as a nb person it makes me uncomfortable that stevonnie (who for a very long time solely served as the nb rep in this show) is sexualized

in addition to stevonnie being children (so they shouldn’t be sexualized at all) it also very much feels like nb people are being fetishized. stevonnie is shown as this otherworldly beautiful desirable person and it’s just a bunch of red flags to me

BTS reaction to their partner being painfully awkward

For @classydeerfox ❤ Here you go, if there’s any problems feel free to inbox or DM me 💕💕

Seokjin: He’d feel awkward too, unsure if his s/o actually likes him. He’d still try to get them to be more open and more confident, mostly failing. He wouldn’t be disheartened, just a little uncomfortable.

Suga: Would be very uncomfortable as he would want to be able to be chill around his partner and act freely without boundaries. He wouldn’t like the awkward silences that lingered after he said something and would probably try and confront his partner asking them if anything was wrong.

Jhope: As he is a very bouncy person, he would feel pressure to dial down his personality which he doesn’t want to have to do. He would always try and get them to be more involved, maybe invite them to dance practice to help try and become more open around him.

Namjoon: Would probably laugh if his s/o didn’t reply to his sentence, laughing to break the silence. He would say things like ‘don’t worry, just act like yourself’ and ‘I don’t want you to be someone else around me, I fell in love with that giggly sweetheart I met in the café’.

Jimin: Wouldn’t know how to act around them. Would feel awkward too, probably contributing for half the awkward silences. He didn’t like the fact that he had to act differently around his partner than he did with the other members.

Taehyung: He would probably try and say or do something funny to try and get his partner to giggle and become more comfortable around him. He would love his partner unconditionally no matter how awkward his s/o is.

Jungkook: He would probably just act silly around his partner all the time, in the hope that they would laugh or join him. He’d probably feel unsure as to whether his partner actually liked him though, like Jin.

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So, have you ever shone a picture of yourself? IF U HAVEN'T THATS TOTALLY FINE, I'm uncomfortable to do it so if u haven't your not alone, but I was just wondering??? :) and if u haven't and don't want to you can just not answer this that's totally fine too ☺️

It’s a bit old, I’m not really photogenic today but here you go! I had it saved on my computer from a day i was feeling pretty 

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(not a translation) the aro and ace discourse is suddenly so bad and it just makes me really uncomfortable to be on tumblr now. I can't even scroll down the asexual tag now because there's too much discourse and I feel anxiety attacks coming on. I'm just lucky my main blog can stay away from all that. Thankyou so much for not supporting aphobia. there's way too many lgbt blogs or just popular blogs in general that put us down and i can't thank you enough for not being one ❤️❤️❤️❤️

we love you and you’re always welcome here and in our community.

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reasons to watch kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon (and im only halfway through the series)

  • the lead, kobayashi, is one of the realist portrayals of unglamorous adult life i have ever seen, down to the ‘well shit’s so weird this might as well happen’ mentality and perpetual accidental resting bitch face
  • other lead, tohru, is the most adorable lesbian i have ever seen and wastes zero time reminding us that she is Gay and going to marry kobayashi
  • running gag of ‘oh me aching back’ brings me to TEARS
  • super cute fish out of water plot? lots of cultural misunderstandings? implications of darker themes at work occasionally? its good shit
  • cute girls who have terrifying world breaking powers and tend to completely wreck shit multiple times an episode
  • dragon-satan gets super into video games and moves in with his gay-ace otaku friend
  • tiny extremely lesbian children
  • the only vaguely heterosexual relationship is entirely played for laughs/one-sided/subverted as hell
  • really fucking cool character designs even on one-off/background characters? like damn lucoa nice color scheme
  • a super cute animation style courtesy of KyoAni doing the good shit

reasons not to watch

  • lucoa….. i love you but please, stop, being everything that you are….
a little psa

Hi, this isn’t directed at anyone specifically i just thought i should bring it up now but I get a surprisingly large amount of people who talk to me who often say stuff like “oh im sorry for annoying you” and “you are probably super annoyed with me” and then go on a super self deprecating tirade and talk as if im some weird person to be put on a pedestal and to say the least… makes me a little bit more than uncomfortable mainly because i cant really say well, anything without that person likely getting super upset and thinking i hate them and i dont want that to happen.

 i get how it feels to be anxious to talk to people especially people you look up to but………please dont do that. i have anxiety myself and stuff like that just makes me feel like an awful person. and repeating “no! no! im not mad! its cool! its ok!” over and over gets really exhausting and like i said, uncomfortable. part of my Bad ChildHood Trauma Package is absoloutly losing my marbles when people act upset around me do to having to be hyper vigilant of emotional cues so i wouldnt get Oh You Know if that helps you paint a better picture. 

same with people totally idolizing me and whatnot. im just some fucko!!!!!! i make funny posts and draw semi decently.
despite my reputation im an incredibly nice open person to talk to! you talking to me isn’t making me upset or uncomofrtable, its the way some people treat me and themselves when talking. im just an ordinary person with a semi infamous blog and im pretty sure all the people im friendly with can back that up.

this post isnt to make you guys feel bad. its so you guys can stop thinking you’re annoying/bad and realize that stuff really wears me down. 

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How would Josuke and Okuyasu react it their short s/o randomly sits in their lap? Not in a dirty way, but like "I like you and want to be close to you" kind of way.

I hope these are okay!

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Josuke freezes at first; this was completely unexpected, and he’s not quite sure what to do about it. He doesn’t want to make his s/o uncomfortable at all, so his hands awkwardly hover in the air and he sits really stiffly.
  • His s/o will have to readjust themselves, grabbing his hands and putting ‘em wherever so that he knows there’s nothing to feel weird about. He’ll relax a bit more if they lean into his chest, placing his chin on their head as he tries to get back to the conversation at hand.

  • Depending on his s/o’s mood, he might start bouncing them up and down on his knee, just to fool around a bit. He’ll stop if they say it’s uncomfortable though.

☆ Okuyasu ☆

  • He’s a lot more comfortable with it than Josuke originally is; half the time he’s the one dragging them into his lap in the first place.
  • He tends to wrap his arms around their waist and not let go, so his s/o better be comfortable. Okuyasu’s fairly expressive though, so he’ll end up shifting around a lot as he talks to them- that’s when his s/o’s grateful for his strong arms, because elsewise they might be falling off.

  • He pouts whenever his s/o gets up; he wants to keep holding them, so he’ll offer to carry them over to wherever they were going.

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Hey you seem to answer these kinds of questions respectfully, so... my friend posts a lot of sh*ith and i'm on mobile most of the time so i can't blacklist it but it makes me really uncomfortable. but she's my friend. and i don't want to be mean and unfollow her? I don't care that she ships it but seeing it is really upsetting for me and i just don't know what to do, I'm torn.

Honestly? Unfollow her. Talk to her about it and make sure she knows it’s nothing personal, you still want to be her friend, that it’s just because you don’t like seeing the ship and have no way to blacklist it currently. Like you can still talk to her and be her friend if you don’t follow her.

You could install Washboard on your phone, it’s like Tumblr Saviour but for your mobile. If she tags it and you don’t want to unfollow her, that’s always an option.

It’s not mean to put your mental health first! Like there are some ships that make me feel physically sick and those I blacklist or unfollow whoever is posting it because my mental health > following a tumblr blog.

So do what you gotta do anon!!!

Sometimes im rly like wow I wish i had a partner but like my past relationships have all been so messy

all my exes have (at least at the start of our relationship) idealised me in a really unhealthy way all of them have said I Love You way too soon like in the first week of dating or at the latest a month, and when they say I Love You they say it before they even know me I can never actually accept that statement or feel it, it just feels uncomfortable 

I hate the way I get looked at in the street or at my job

I hate that my social capital is driven by the fact I am seen as Fuckable (potentially) or like Desireable i dont find that shit empowering

I dont have a relationship to my own sexuality how sad is that I am trying to build one or find agency in it, just as my last partner was trying to help me find that, explore it, things between us ended 

what i hate the most is people judging me from my partners, making assumptions about my intelligence, making assumptions that I am stupid or naive - being used, I hate that people can id me as __’s ex or even just “that girl _____ was fucking”  where I become an anonymous variable. i hate being poised as a victim, or like a passive disposable toy. 

i want to fucking spit 

and I want to know how to look at my own body and how to shut out all the ways I am seen. ever since I was like 11, which is when I started to become aware of men looking at me, i always have wished to be invisible 

😘 anon requested a ryden one-shot with “Ryan being overprotective and like so coveting of Brendon. Like protects him and loves him and Brendon appreciates it and is all heart eyes and completely gone for him.” and something with Ryan stepping in when someone makes Brendon uncomfortable in public.

Here we have in on AO3, called Just Me and You

Had fun writing this one even though it took me a while. Thanks for being a sweetheart and prompting this. Hope you like it!

I’ve been listening around to a bunch of D&D podcasts because I require podcasts shoved in my brain at all times to live, and I’m really getting into Friends at the Table. Like, a lot of the other podcasts made me kind of uncomfortable with racist/sexist shit that they’d just throw out casually, but Friend at the Table seems to just Not do that!!! The DM is Black, there are women players, at least one trans player, and tons of gay characters. 

I’m listening to COUNTER/Weight right now, which is their sci-fi Space Noir anime-y campaign that’s like cyberpunk but a lot more fun and goofy than cyberpunk tends to be. Not as well-edited as The Adventure Zone, but the characters and goofs are really solid. You should totes listen to it!

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Do you have any tips on kinda having your shit together? I seem to always cry because I feel quite shit, it's already gotten better but still happens way more often than I would like it to. I feel like it's also affecting my bf, he's lovely and always tries to comfort me and everything but he has depression himself and I just don't want to be another weight he has to carry (I want to go see a therapist btw, but it takes at least another month) thank you for being you and being a great example x

Hey. I’m so sorry but you definitely ask the wrong person. I literally cry SO quick, like always if i feel uncomfortable or sad or angry. It also got better over the years but once i’m starting to cry i can’t stop myself. I wish i could give you any tips but i have no idea what causes that and how to stop it.. I wish you good luck with your therapist!! Xx

I’m really big into zoophilia, actually. Yeah, to be honest, when I’m in Beauty and the Beast, and the Beast turns back into a normal dude, I’m just kinda like…..“oh.” You know? Because I wanted that water buffalo-bear-wolf dick! I wanted that red rocket! (laughs) it’s really hard for me, actually, like, I had to really tone it down in Harry Potter during the polyjuice scene, where I turn into the half-cat, because I was just about splooshing in my fucking knickers, but you know, I had to keep that under control. They have about 20 outtakes of me just moaning incredibly loudly while everyone gets really uncomfortable. (laughs) It’s so embarrassing! I literally want to fuck the Narnia lion. I want that big musty lion dick. Mmmmmmmm……..
—  Emma Watson

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Hey, I was hoping for advice (for witches in the woods) on finding which deities you have connections with? Thank you!

Hey, little love! I have a couple of ideas.

💙You can always start by just researching different gods you find interesting if you start to feel a strong connection to any of them along the way you can always try to talk to them!

💙Spend time meditating on some gods your interested in or perhaps try to open your mind to contact! You can always pass this off as yoga or just actually do some yoga if you wish!

💙Dream magic! Draw a little sigil on your pillow tag and see if any gods come to you in your dreams or try to communicate. This may not always be clear, Lady Frigg first came to me as a bunny with a lavender crown. I happen to like rabbits, I thought it was just a good dream. Keep your mind open!

💙If a god contacts you that you don’t want to work with or feel uncomfortable around, you’re not obligated to talk to them.  It’s your choice, ultimately, and even Gods tend to respect that(from my experience).

💙Be patient! It doesn’t always come to you immediately and maybe the first few gods you work with won’t be the ones you choose to stick with. That’s a-okay, do your best to keep and open mind and research! Read and enjoy the journey of finding your god(s) and building relationships with them. 💙 💙

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sorry to ask this, but what to heck is the anime with the lesbian dragons? sorry if its a thing thats actually uncomfortable, am just very curious and have never heard of it. hope you have a lovely day <3

i believe they were talking about kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the anime, but i know the manga is gross so i don’t want to get involved in the first place

I just can’t get over that I asked a girl I really liked to prom and she said yes. It wasn’t like a fancy promposal but I just walked up to her asked really quickly. I wont put her name because I don’t wanna make her uncomfortable Me: Pretty Girl, I have a question Pretty Girl: Okay? Me: Willyougotopromwithme? PG: Yeah! Me: Really? My smile was so wide and my heart was racing and I’m so happy. I’m just so happy and I’m gonna make her a real poster because our mutual friend was like yOU NEED A POSTER SARAH OH MYGOD

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