i know a lot about fear. you asked me if i’ve ever been scared on the battlefield. well, i was. when i was on the front line at one point, we were losing more men than we could bury. seeing things like that, it does something to your mind, fear takes over. one night it got so bad, i left. i got five miles away, then i realised what i was doing and i came back. no one ever knew. why did you come back? my men. my friends… however bad it gets you keep going for them… you don’t give up. fear has no power over you.

get to know me meme: 10/10 male characters ~ porthos (the musketeers)


This new Voltageous Ghoul Friend 28 Inch Doll has been listed on the Walmart Website:

Enjoy some spooky fun with this Monster High 28" Voltageous Ghoul Friend (Exclusive). She’s always got her eye on the newest trends, so watch her transform her look and eye color with just a wink. The Monster High Voltageous ghoul friend comes with plug-and-play accessories to create designs. It includes a headband with ears, glasses, an eye mask, a pair of earrings and more. Simply push the back of the neck to change the eyes. The ghoul doll is available in three styles (sold separately).

“Oh where are you Skelebuns….?”
Sans tries to contain his chuckling while letting the snowball fall on her head.

This is a fun little scene where Toriel, Sans, Frisk, Papyrus, and Undyne went to have a snowball fight in the woods.  Papyrus gave them the warning “WHEN YOU PLAY SNOW WAR WITH SANS, NOTHING HAPPENS… OR EVERYTHING HAPPENS…” because either Sans falls asleep in a tree or decides to use his powers and cause a SNOWPOCALYPE!  Toriel decided to try to find her skelebuns though to show him a thing or two….

I did this piece in black and white first and just added some flat color under the tones.  I asked for some insight from others and everyone said the colored version.  I might post the black and white at some point.

Mari would do something gay like that lmao. I bet Dia would zoom in on that too, and one day when they’re all just chilling at school, Dia’s like “So Mari, why don’t you tell me why your favorite color is purple.” Mari is sitting there drenched in sweat while Dia just stares her down with this lil smile on her face. Kanan looks back and forth between them like wtf is happening

While recovering from my fall, I kept looking at a lot of artists that inspire me. I’ve been wanting to learn to just sketch straight to color without any sketch lines first. Also have wanted to play more with color theory in general. Anyways, super quick straight to color girl, obviously inspired by the wonderful style of @pernilleoerum . I’m already use to her style because when I worked on DC Superhero Girls for Mattel, I had to follow her original designs. Just needed to try going to color first. It’s fun for a change! #art #drawing #sketch #doodle #digitalart #photoshop #character #characterdesign #cartoon #CreativeCloud #girl #illustration #colorstudy #color #redhead

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Alriiiight, here’s the Inigo Sprite. The future King’s pretty concubine husband, now with freckles and tan skin!

There’s a few things I’d improve and tweak but some other time (I’m lazy). Playing with his outfit was really fun, sprite editing outfits is like the funnest part of the whole thing. <3

I’m still not sure about the freckles but I almost never put freckles on characters even though I really like them (for shame >:/). I just pretty much always forget.

The featherish top I gave him makes him look like he’s about to perform the Nohrian version of The Black Swan, featuring Odin as Mila Kunis.

Oh btw, the colors of the jewels on his neck are referencing a certain something. Can you guess what? ;)

Vanilla Pudding Inigo and Cinammon Spice Inigo:

Different flavors, different styles (。•̀ᴗ-)✧!

DR 3 [Despair] Ep 6

I hereby rename this series to : Internal-Screaming-Eternal-Screaming Arc cause that’s all I’m doing at this point.

Because right from the get go, that color change in the opening

NO! No, I am NOT ready. I thought I was but I was not prepared for THAT. I’m on the Despair rollercoaster and I can’t get off.

Seriously.  I could just play TK’s Unravel here and it’d still work (Hinata come baaack~)

And then after all that you gotta show me Chiaki SMILING?!?!?!? 💔 💔 💔

But hey! It’s ok! Just join the dark Hope side. It’ll be fun they said. Get free Loreal hookups they said

Just…….ditch your friends and leave em high and dry……. 💔 💔 💔

Or, you know. Just casually mention that they’re risking your life but not actually care about it or anything……I mean, you know. What’s the worst that could happen? you die??  💔 💔 💔

But seriously?!? This adds sooo much more complexity to Juzo’s loyalty/relationship to Munakata, like. Does Juzo NOT hold Kyosuke accountable for what happened to Chisa in the Future Arc at all?!?? We already saw what kinda damage her death took on Mr.Swordsman President but we’ve yet to see any of Juzo’s thoughts much less any sort of grief. Which now I think the crew didn’t reveal on purpose……which means he’s probably one step closer to death…….which means I need to stock up on my tissue boxes by Monday…. 💔 💔 💔

And how come Chisa has no problem being openly honest with Juzo but not with Munakata (although he could still tell over the phone) or even herself (her lil “be Munakata’s woman” blush)??? whyyyyyyy

Time to put on my happy thoughts. Happy thoughts happy thoughts….

  • Gundham going “yosh yosh”
  • Ibuki proving why she’s my fave. again. 

Ibuki Mioda: Team Instinct Confirmed. :D 

I guess no more female celebrities after the Taylor Swiftoooo incident….

Screenshots from ALL NEW HEIGHTS | Grow Up #3! :D

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME! :D I love the colors, I love how happy everything is, I love B.U.D. and I just love this series as a whole. :) I think at the moment this is my favorite game Jack is uploading. He’s just so giddy in these video and has so much fun playing this game. This video though Jack’s commentary was really good in my opinion some of the stuff from he said in this video caused me to make some really long posts. xD
But yeah I’m having so much fun with game and this series. ^_^

Also I thought of something else this game reminds me of.

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Chibi Robo! :D Such an underrated game on the gamecube in my opinion. But you guys can see why Chibi Robo reminds me of B.U.D. right? xD 


something i’ve been having a lot of fun with lately is making photoshop actions for my patreon. basically if you pledge $50/month to my patreon you get access to all these actions that i’ve made!! so with just one little click you can edit your photos exactly like mine. i make and post 3-4 actions a month. anyway it’s super fun because i don’t get to play around with colors a lot but this gives me an excuse to just go wild. this action in particular is super dreamy and works well on digital photos with lots of green/in grass.

i know $50 is a lot but i’ll be uploading some simple actions for people who pledge as little as $5 soon, and i also post photography tips/tricks every month and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!!

click here if you want to pledge to my patreon and help out a young queer vietnamese artist!! all the money i get from patreon goes directly back to my film fund so that i can keep making art!

i was finally able to participate in this month’s @secretocartexchange! my partner is @cannoliao

i chose to draw their character Cole 

admittedly i did a lot of new things with this piece, tried out a completely new way of drawing, messed around with colors and the uniform (if that’s a problem just let me know and i’ll change it!) overall though i think this is one of my fave pieces i’ve ever made! i ended up having a lot of fun playing with colors!

hope you like it cannoliao!

The Receipt

Summary: You’re a waitress and a certain someone catches your eye. 

Genre: Fluff 

Member/Band: Jimin/BTS 

Not Requested 

- Admin Zar 

Sorry if this is horrible. 

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“One day you’ll thank me for kidnapping you.” He spoke with a glint in his eyes, his lips in a smirk.

“It’s not kidnapping, if you texted me to carpool with you and I deliberately said yes.” You spoke then rolled your eyes.

“C'mon Y/N, it was supposed to be live action role play! You take the fun out of everything.” Your best friend pouted.

“Whatever,” you smiled, “Just drive to work.”

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At long last, I’ve finished my Promarker version of my Over The Garden Wall print

Tbh, after a certain point I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this piece and got stuck for a while, but I finally got a burst of motivation and finished it. 

It was a fun experiment in colour and in using Promarkers on a bigger scale - normally I just do figurative work (example and example) and character work (example) with my markers, usually sticking to simple blocks of tone, so it was nice to play around and get a bit more painterly with this piece :D

Art friends…! if you have any feedback on this piece, please let me know, coz I’ve looked at it far too many times now to judge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I’m not sure if the line work in the FG is too much??? Ah, at least I know it’s a leap forward from my last version. 

EDIT - Ok, colours that looked a bit too vivid and burnt in PS now look duller *facepalm*

Alrighty yo. I played this goddamned game for a little over 22 hours straight today. Spent about four of it hopping in and out of cutscenes and the emporium trying to make myself. (I got one of those fun ADHD brain itches that MUST BE SCRATCHED OR THE WORLD ENDS) and this is the result. I just wanted to see what frostbite me looked like.

Mail August 22nd

August 22nd

Good Morning( ´ω` )

Yesterday before going to bed & in the evening
I appear at showroom

I’m sorry that I didn’t notice you by mail(;ω;)

In the evening live I come to play
to Sayaya and Mako’s room
we talked about racoon and fox…lol

and before sleep

I talked about ghost…

I also talked about
the hair color I’d love to try…

Doing live broadcast
is really fun( *゜▽゜* )

In this evening
maybe I’ll do another live I’ll tell you
the detail later

so so

Today at USJ
We’re doing Yarisugi summer theater live\(^o^)/

“Feel my biceps”

I just realized about this yesterday

Rather than my left biceps

My right one is more muscular
I’m sure
It’s because…It’s my dominant hand right?


make up

Put on nice make up, dressing

and we’ll start
at 13:00~ \(^o^)/ on time

Even though that I want to send you my photo right now

Unlike yesterday
the background is very dark today…

No matter what I do
The picture I took is bad
so I send you tomorrow’s photo( *゜▽゜* )


Play Time with Trix (Open Starter)

“Where ya going we just started having some fun!” The petite woman giggled wildly her voice echoing throughout the dark streets. The mischievous criminal had already laid waste to the streets of the city with her colorful bombs and homemade rockets, before you had caught her eye and began the sick game of cat and mouse. The reckless woman had an affinity for causing havoc and destruction as a way of entertaining herself.

“I’m not gonna hurt ya!” She assured before quickly countering herself. “Probably.” The magician was no where in sight and all that could be heard were the light steps of her feet as she skipped ever closer, and the scraping of her nail protruding bat she scrapped against the street walls.

Let’s play a game!

Guess my:
-Fav color
-Fav female celebrity
-Fav male celebrity
-anything else that not a lot of people might know

And if you get at least 7 right I’ll make you a huge shoutout for your blog with graphics and all, plus my follow forever! Or you can just play for fun on anon! :-)


neko-puff  asked:

Oooh purple is my favorite color :) Anyway, are you dyeing it for a specific reason or just for fun? Also, what games to you plan on playing in the future? :)

Partially just for fun. Partially because I’ve wanted to for years.

Currently, I’m playing Stardew Valley and Prison Architect. In the future, I have Sims 4 on the list, but I’m open to suggestions.