XF Tipsy Challenge - Ice

discliamer: consistent perspective and accurate characteriization is for… sober people. 

Jesus fuck, what a little spitfire.

With her cute little ponytail. Sweet little lips. Fuck.

Palms his dick in the dark, over his pants.

Cute little ponytail… wanna pull on it.. mmm. Like the way you gasp. Are you saying, Ms. Scully, that mean old Fox Mulder pulled your ponytail at recess? Means he likes you, that’s all.

It’s hard to be rational in a winter storm. Hard to remember that she’s his colleague. Hard to remember there are worms here. Hard to remember that a guy died like… three hours ago. Hard. Very, very, painfully… hard. He slips his fingers under his waistband.

Mmmm. Cute lil ass tackling the Big Bad Bear… spunk. That’s what it is. She’s got spunk. Wanna… wanna pull that cute little ponytail. Make you say my name. Mmm. Fiery little thing. Wanna make you come.

Warm hand gripping his shaft. Mmm. Love your cute little hands… yes, Dr. Scully, I think you’d better take a very close look. Yes, closer. Mmmm. Wanna see it on your sweet little face. Wanna rub it on your pretty little nose. Why yes, Dr. Scully, it is a fine specimen, thank you very much. You like it? You want it?

Thumb traces the head of his cock, gently, precisely, like he imagines she’d touch him.

You’re a bad girl, Dana –
Um, yikes, maybe Dana was too intimateScully, then… You’re a bad girl, Scully… I’ve seen the way you look at me. What are you thinking about? My cock? You’re thinking about my big cock between those pretty lips of yours? You wanna suck me off? You wanna show me what else that smart little tongue can do? You wanna see if you can say ‘hypothalamus’ with my dick in your throat? Well… I’m nothing if not obliging…

Stroking, now, tight-fisted and jaw clenched. That’s right baby, swirl your tongue around the head. Good girl. Good, good, good girl. Yes, baby, play with my balls… mmm. Lick 'em. Good girl. Such a good girl. Yes, look up at me with those pretty blue eyes… mmm. You’re so good to me, Scully. You like my dick in your mouth? You’re so pretty with my dick in your mouth. So pretty.

Oh god, FUCK gotta make this last. Slow down. FUCK. Slow down. Slow down. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Phew.

Mmmmmmmm… So pretty. Wanna see your pretty little pussy.
Ooo, shaved? No. Not a bush… she’s no Phoebe… something neat and tidy and definitely red. Yes. Natural redhead. Of course. Sweet pink little pussy… gorgeous. Wet for me. So wet for me. Glistening. Dripping. Oh, fuck yesssss… Naughty girl. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Yes… do I make you wet, baby? I do? So wet that you keep an extra pair of panties at the office? So wet that you have to scurry off on those cute little legs and touch yourself in the bathroom sometimes?

You naughty little whore.
Oh, that didn’t feel so good… okay, not a whore. Slut? No. Um. Baby’s good. Scully. And baby. And good girl. Okay.

Scully, you’re a naughty little…. you’re so naughty, Scully. Sweet pink little pussy. Red hair. Cute little landing strip. Wonder if she’s got freckles on her belly, too. Souvenirs from sunbathing on holiday… Yes. She does.

Cute little freckles. Cute little pussy. Wanna lick it. Wanna taste it. Mmmmmmm, baby, so wet for me. So hot and sweet and good… yes, say my name… scream it, baby, no one’s listening… Fox!!
Oh, wow, yikes, no. Mulder!! That’ll work. Yes, Scully, grind on my face, baby, yes, come for me, come for me… wanna make you scream… yes FUCK grind your cute little pussy against my mouth… yesssssssssssssFUCK. FuckfuckfuckScullybabyfuuuuhuuuuuuccccccccccckkkHNNGGG…

… holy fuck. goddamn. phew. 

Shit, can’t keep doing that. Gonna get attached. Shit, chest’s all sticky now. Shit. You’re an asshole. She’s a scientist and a damn good agent. You dumb fuck. She’s your partner, you dumb fuck. Okay, that’s the last time. The last time. I swear.


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I love fucking up my emotions with my OWN DAMN WRITING

anonymous asked:

Could you do 54 with kai parker but with the reader saying the quote? Thank you!

Kai Parker - “Please, don’t shut me out.”


He was staring into nowhere. He had his eyebrows frowned and his knuckles were almost white while he squeezed his own hands over and over again.

“Kai? Is everything okay?” You walked towards him, but it was as if he didn’t hear you, as if he didn’t see you, as if he wasn’t even in this room. “Kai? What happened?” You placed a hand on his shoulder, but he didn’t seem to feel it.

He had come home a couple of hours ago, mumbling something about having to look something up. He had not said anything, he had not explained anything. He had just turned the pages of an old spell book until he had frozen as if he had lost all ability to move.

“Kai Parker!” You raised your voice and tightened your grip. “Please, don’t shut me out.” You shook your head and let out a relieved sigh when all of a sudden Kai started to move. “What happened? What did you find?”

Kai looked up at you. His eyes were filled with something you had never seen before. He was afraid. Kai Parker, the siphoner without emotions, the self proclaimed sociopath, the man who didn’t feel anything, was afraid.

“You can trust me, Kai.” You kneeled down next to his chair and you placed your hand on his leg. “I know that I can’t always understand everything you say, but you can trust me and I’ll be there for you. You don’t have to do all of this on your own.”

Kai seemed to have a hard time believing you. No matter how often you repeated that you were with him, that you would always have his back, that you would never leave his side, he always seemed to think that you were just like everyone else. He always seemed to fear that at some moment you would run away and would never come back.

You wouldn’t. But you had also discovered it wasn’t easy to live with him.

At some moments, when he allowed the qualities of Luke to shine through, he could be sweet and understanding, but also overwhelmed by all those emotions he had never felt before. At other moments he was completely in control over his sensitive counterpart and played morbid games without seeming to understand why no one wanted to play along.

“So, tell me, what’s going on?” You spoke softly and you looked up so your eyes could meet his. “Please? Say at least something?” You licked your lips. “Anything?”

“Bonnie was working on a spell with the twins. I heard the spell and I already thought that I’ve heard it before and…” He took a deep breath. “Bonnie is helping the twins to create a prison world for me…” He swallowed and shook his head. “I don’t want to go there. You have to promise me that I won’t go there!” He grabbed your shoulders and you curled your fingers around his wrists.

“O Kai…” You let out a deep sigh. “I’ll do whatever I can to keep Bonnie away from you. I promise.”

“You don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know what it’s like to repeat the same day over and over, to never meet anyone, to have to travel further and further away to find your favorite brand of potato crisps.”

“It won’t happen again.” You pushed yourself up and pressed a kiss on his lips. “Not unless she goes through me first.”

Reason number 1 why I should be allowed to have a gun in my dorm: some acquaintance of my roommate attempted to rob my roommate at gunpoint, in our dorm room.  This happened an hour ago.

No one was seriously injured, no shots fired, we’re all okay.  But we didn’t have any feasible way to defend ourselves other than literally going fist-to-fist with them, which is what my roommate did (and won, what a fucking badass).

But there is a possible future that all five of us–me, my three roommates, and a guest–who were minding our own business could have been shot and killed and we would have been helpless because of the narrative that guns are scary and evil and therefore we non-scary and non-evil people have no legitimate reason to own and carry them.

I want that on the record.  If I had died tonight, it would be completely the fault of the state that I had been a victim, rather than there being a fight on approximately equal footing.

Fuck your gun control.

so I had driving lessons again today at 11am, yeah? naturally I took a bunch of anxiety meds to calm my anxious ass down enough to be able to drive semi-decently

those babies works like mild tranquillizers, the smart thing would have been to take a nap when I got back home

did I?

no, this idiotic twat decided to chug down coffee and take their adhd medication on an empty stomach

needless to say I gave up on trying to study hours ago, I can see all the veins in my hands and I’m shaking

Split Lip: Part 2

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A/N: Ok this ended up being significantly longer than part 1 but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles.

A week and a half later, you’re meandering home from an evening out with a visiting friend. You stumble down the deserted streets towards your flat and as you draw closer to your building, you notice a figure peel away from the wall by your door and walk purposely towards you.

“Y/N, where have you been?” You recognise Isaiah’s voice before the light reaches his face. You grin as he approaches.
“Isaiah! I thought you were all in London-” He stops in front of you and grabs you by the upper arm, cutting off your words and your loose smile. His firm, almost painful grip sobers you a little and it’s then that you notice the odd combination of concern and fury in his face.

“We got back a few hours ago,” he snaps impatiently. “Where the fuck have you been, Y/N? Jesus, we thought…” he trails off and his glare softens slightly, though his grip on your arm doesn’t loosen.

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