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I realized that Hercules didn't get a gif in your recent post. If it's okay, may I ask why? (probably too pure)

hERC IS COMIN’ I’M JUST WORKING ON SO MANY THINGS AT ONCE I promise though I would never leave out my adorable teddy bear kdakhfda;l 

obviously gordon ramsay is at his prime when screaming and flinging pans into the trash and weeping in fury but there’s something ineffably arresting about his tutorial videos. they’re so gentle, but relentless and make your head spin in a way like being knocked down and dragged under by a cresting wave. how he talks so fucking fast. his usual spring-heeled action around a kitchen that looks like it cost more than you will ever make in your entire life. ‘chives make it sexy.’ feeling simultaneously empowered and inadequate. is that a tabletop football thing? ‘apsolutely.’ he uses olive oil on everything, what an unbelievable fucken european, that bottle probably costs more than my laptop. i love you

swapsies   🔁