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Male Part of RFA+Saerans reaction please. They spent their day at a hot springs. And Mc accidentally walks into the Men’s bath (where luckily only he is right now; Sorry Jaehee D:; Now I imagine Seven with his bad eye sight only noticing Mc when she is sitting next to him xD)

Omg… Please guys.. all I can think of is Viktor in Yuri on Ice… and the hot spring… mmmmm (NEW EPISIDE TONIGHT)

Jumin: He would book out the entire place just for the two of you to relax at the hot springs.

So when he heard the door open, he would look up and be surprised to see you there. He would blush deeply, and cough to get your attention before smiling and standing, then pointing you towards the womens hot springs while laughing at your blush (you guys who watched Yuri On Ice know why I made him stand up)

Yoosung: He would be so happy you had suggested the hot springs, and would be relieved no one else was around.

But the moment he saw you entering, he would blush deeply and freeze, his eyes focused on you. He would quickly shut his eyes and let you know you were in the wrong area.

He would not look again until he was sure you were gone.

Zen:He would absolutely adore rhe local hot springs, and would drag you there one day to relax.

He would be so relaxed when he entered the water, and would be surprised when you walked in.

He would grin and wouldn’t say anything until you had sat in the springs and relaxed, and would cough to let you know you were in the wrong area.

707: He would love your idea of going to the hot sprngs, and would be happily relaxing in the water, not even noticing as you entered the wrong baths.

He wouldn’t even notice until after you had noticed, and had gotten close to him and cuddled into his side.

Now you’ve gave your husband a heart attack. Well done.

Saeran: He would be very nervous about the hot springs, but when you told him you had booked it out for the two of you so he wouldn’t need to feel nervous, he relaxed.

He would be loving the hot water, when he noticed you and began blushing deeply.

He would sink further into the water until he was resting his chin on the surface, and then let you know you were in the wrong place.

But that wouldn’t stop him from staring at the lovely view infront of him. (You. He means you. And he hid in the water because he poor baby is freaking nervous around you.)

Time To Realize (2)

Countdown to Halloween Collab with @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies : DAY 2

AO3 link here!

Series Title: Time To Realize

Previous Parts: 1

Next Parts: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Prompt: Hot Chocolate and Rainy Day

Summary: You’re working with the boys on a case, as always, but they tell you to take a few days off, as one of your favourite holidays is coming: Halloween. It wouldn’t be a weird request, but they send Cas to watch over you while you’re taking a break, the same angel that you have a crush on since you saw him for the first time, implying to him that you would like to get to know him better. What’s going to happen during those few days? Will you reveal your feelings for him? And, most importantly, will you find out what are his feelings for you?

Word Count: 2 058

Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings/Tags: fluff, Cas being awkward and adorable

Beta: @roxy-davenport (You’re the angel on my shoulder if it comes to this series. You’re amazing, thank you so much <3)

A/N: This is my first Cas x Reader series, folks! I really love the way it came out and I hope you’re going to fall in love with this one, just like I did. Hope you’re going to enjoy this one!

Also, make sure to check out @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies for their Countdown to Halloween Series :) We’ve been working really hard on this, guys.

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag list! (Tags at the bottom of the post.) Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated.

You woke up the next day, hungry and sleepy. Your hair looked like a bird’s nest and needed to be taken care of immediately.

After brushing your teeth and combing your hair, you decided to go to the Bunker’s kitchen to make yourself something to eat. Your stomach was rumbling loudly from the moment you got up. Of course, your last meal was coffee at the cafe the day before.

Sending Cas a quick: “I’ll be in the kitchen,” you headed toward your destination, frowning once you saw a mess that was left there.


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Mockingbird is There for Us: Who Will Be there for Her Writer? (UPDATED))

Mockingbird is the best damn grown-ass woman superhero comic today (as @herecomesthewomanwithoutfear so aptly put it). It features a feminist super spy scientist sticking up for women and girls every day while dealing with #adulting and her various hot love interests.

But it’s been canceled. 

And it’s writer Chelsea Cain was just chased off Twitter by sexists who are harassing her.

I explain why the comic is so fun and significant in my review. I also layout a path for how the comics industry needs to take on social media harassment and sexist fans.


Happy Birthday to the amazing Anthony Rapp!! What a year it has been. I still can’t believe the fan-friendship I have developed with you over the past 2 years. My 14 year-old self would have never imagined it. I’ll never forget how happy I was when you walked onstage during my 2nd time seeing If/Then, because I’ve never been so happy to see you IN THE FLESH in my life. I never thought I’d be able to see you in a broadway show because I missed out on RENT, especially because you were out the first time. In true If/Then fashion, it worked out because my withdrawals were so big, that it motivated me to FINALLY finish your book and have you sign it. (Then you thanked me for buying it.. how many times am I gonna tell this story?)

A little less than a year later, I saw your solo show at 54 Below and got to hear you sing many amazing songs, one being “Visits To You.” Every time you sing it, it breaks my heart because you have one if the best voices I’ve ever heard and you emotion is unexplainable. When I met you after that concert, it was the first sign that you probably remembered me from twitter. Then, four months later I was lucky enough to see you at Bwaycon. Even though I was closed out of your panel, I still won your autograph session. I actually had a decent conversation with you for maybe a minute and I don’t even now how I stayed sane. That was probably one of the BEST moments in my life. You treated me like a person, not just a fan, and that made me realize what an amazing person you actually are. I was happy that we had FINALLY met three coincidental times (YOU STILL OWE ME DINNER, BTW). On Friday, I saw you and Adam at 54 Below and AGAIN, i was so happy to see you and it was my first time seeing Adam so it was a bonus. When you popped up during “Tempted,” I was literally bursting with happiness (NO PUN INTENDED) because I hadn’t seen you since Bwaycon. You put on another great show and seeing you live always reminds me why I became a fan in the first place. Even though I didn’t meet you the other night, it made me even more excited to see you again and hopefully I will meet you that day whenever it is!


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Things/Concepts/Aesthetics: A hot, thick stew on a bitterly cold day. A cat's purr. The crackling of a fire. The rumble of thunder. The force of the wind bending things to its will. The smell of the forest after rain.

This is so accurate, I scared the husband clapping my hands and YESing emphatically at the screen. XD

It’s really hot out, right, and Vox Machina’s spent the day trudging through woods.  Not even nice woods, but full of birch trees and burrs and the dull drone of insects.  

Percy’s in his shirtsleeves because of the heat, his ridiculous coat slung over one arm, and his shirt sticking between his shoulder blades, almost transparent with sweat.  It’s come untucked sometime during the trek, and Vax has been trying really hard not to think about how attractive Percy looks slightly disheveled.  A bead of sweat runs down the nape of Percy’s neck and vanishes beneath his shirt collar.

(Vax is trying really, really hard.)

Running alongside the path is a stream; a little trickle that has wormed its way a good foot-and-a-half deep into the sienna red soil, and twists out of sight beneath brambles.  Vax toes a rock into the stream, and a tiny frog, no larger than his thumbnail, dodges away from the splash and blends in with the steep bank again.  

Percy glances back at Vax, and then down at the water, squinting.  It’s a wonder his glasses haven’t steamed up yet, it’s so muggy — no fucking breeze, of course.  “Oh thank gods,” he mutters, and unslings Bad News from his shoulder.

And his shirt — his stupid, sweat-drenched shirt — catches on the trigger guard and drags halfway up his ribs, revealing a wide strip of pale skin, glistening with sweat.

Vax almost walks into a tree.

Whoever sent me a picture of their penis should know that it:
A) Was extremely unhelpful
B) Looks like a 6 day old hot dog a pack of dogs got into
C) Is smaller than my already small penis.

If you’re going to try and be funny and send me a penis, atleast make it a magnificent one. I’m straight but if I see an attractive penis I’m gonna stare at it and praise it. Dicks are already ugly one eyed looking snakes, so don’t be a dick and send one even less attractive than the one I have……ass hat.