We finally closed the distance

Since I’m not usually updating this blog anymore, most of you do not know that my ldr boyfriend for 3 years came here a month ago to close the distance. From then on, we did pretty much everything together. After spending years living in daydreams, what we have between us is finally starting to feel real and it’s just amazing every time I thought how we survived years of being away with each other. But I never expected that things are so much harder than I anticipated now especially when we argue cos I know I suck at verbally communicating my feelings.

So much has happened since then and almost everything has been indescribable especially my love for him. It goes beyond my own grasp of understanding. It reaches past anything I have ever felt before. It grows and encompasses everything and there are no suitable words in this language that I could possibly string together to describe it.

Our love isn’t always easy. What we choose and how we decide things for our relationship has never been easy. Each day doesn’t end like the ones where our bodies are curled together, quietly sharing every thought and story we can think of. Too many days end in closed doors, tears, hurt, and anger. But in those days my love still grows.

It's Only Day 4

This is going to be harder than I had ever anticipated. It is Day 4 and Trump has already taken the following actions:

- Gutted the Affordable Care Act mandate, which is essentially the scaffolding upon which the ACA is built. Without the mandate, the rest of the ACA WILL NOT function.

- Allied with Russia in Syria to support a government who has targeted its own citizens, sometimes burning them alive. Our military is now in effect targeting men, women and children. (This according to the Russian Defense Ministry statements today.)

- Frozen the pay rates of all federal employees (yes, that includes your Auntie who works in the cafeteria at the VA down the street.)

- Instated a #GlobalGag Order which denies funding to any international organization that so much as refers a client to an abortion provider.

I feel it is my duty as an American to continue speaking out against these egregious acts. But I can’t do it alone. I’m going to ask all of you to speak out. I don’t know if there is a solution other than waiting out the next 4 years and hoping we survive, but I’m going to damn well try.

We will have some action items for you later today. Spefically, we will be asking that you call your Senators again to stop the Sessions confirmation, ask your Congresspersons to save the ACA if at all possible and oppose a new bill that would remove the United States from the United Nations.

Love one another today, because it’s only day 4 and we have a long way to go.


Everyday people do everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now, we are a different kind
We can do anything


so it turns out drawing pokemon from memory is harder than I anticipated. 

“A’right, I’m back.” Harry plopped down on the couch, running a hand through his hair before turning to look at Niall. 

Niall was currently in the middle of planning Harry’s upcoming birthday party, and surprisingly enough, things were going swimmingly. You offered to be in charge of the planning, but with your classes and all the work you had to get done, Niall reassured you that he’d be able to handle it just fine. The only problem was the fact that Harry was particularly squirmy today. Always glancing towards the staircase that led up to the bedrooms, checking his phone, and leaving for one too many bathroom breaks. 

“Ya gonna stay for more than two minutes?” Niall rolled his eyes playfully, typing something on his laptop. When he asked Harry where he wanted to host the party, Harry told him ‘any ol’ restaurant will do’, and Googling ‘any ol’ restaurant in LA’ was proving to be a little harder than anticipated. 

“I’ll stay for three jus’ cos I like yeh so much.” Harry teased, leaning over to glance at Niall’s screen. “I don’ like tha’ restaurant. The paps always hide in the bushes and it makes me nervous.” 

“Well, we can just ask them t-” 

“Yeah, but like, you should jus’ find another restaurant.” Harry smiled sheepishly, watching as Niall opened up another tab. 

“Harry?” Harry turned his head immediately as you popped up from around the corner. “Mind helpin’ me with something real quick? It’ll only take a second.” 

“That’s what you said last time.” Niall muttered, scowling when Harry smacked his arm lightly before getting up and dusting himself off. 

“You continue googling. I’ll be right back.” 

“Okay, here I am.” Another heavy sigh left Niall’s mouth when Harry appeared ten minutes later. 

“What did Y/N ask you to…” Niall trailed off when he caught sight of Harry’s appearance. Crinkled shirt? Check. Messy hair? Check. And the cherry on the cake had to be the little hickey that was blooming on his jawline. 

“Just helpin’ her make some more cue cards.” Harry cleared his throat, Niall tilting his head. 

“Oh, really? Interesting. You’ve got a little..” Niall gestured to his mouth, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. 


“I just t’ink it’s funny how you’re all of a sudden wearin’ shimmery chapstick. T’e only other person I know who wears t’at is Y/N. And I know for a fact that you and Y/N can get a lot done in ten minutes.” Niall cleared his throat, leaning back against the couch as he crossed his arms. Harry immediately blushed and let out a small laugh, wiping at his lips. 

“I.. uh..” 

“But t’at’s none of my business.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Is This Even Real?-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#9 Prompt:#84

Word Count:2,663

Warnings: NSFW (I would say that you shouldn’t read this unless you’re 18 but you won’t listen so I won’t say it), Oral (female receiving), Unprotected sex (condoms are cheaper than babies and STDs)

A/n: Characters are at least 18 years old. This is my first time writing any sort of smut so I don’t know that it will be any good. Also I’ve had very little sexual experience so I also don’t know how accurate it will be I’m kind of just going off smut that I’ve read and porn that I’ve watched so this could be interesting. * I would like to say that getting two people undressed is way way WAY harder than I had originally anticipated *


Coming Soon


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The Failure of Perfect Education

Today I realised that math education is an even worse/harder problem than I’d first anticipated.

So, for background, my brother is in the local equivalent of 8th grade. He’s brilliant and came first in the country for the pre-high school standardised tests. He now goes to one of the quartet of The Best Schools* in my country. His teacher was a friend of mine in college who majored in math and is quite good at explaining things. Basically, everything possible is in my brother’s favour.

My brother was home today, so my mother asked me to teach him some math, so that he can n̴̠̈͘é̸̲v̷̢̛̻̓e̵̪̔͗r̷̪̽͜͠ ̵͚̀͝e̶̪̻͒̕s̷̞͇͒̕č̶͓̚a̸͉̬͑̌p̸͉͈͂ẹ̷̇ education. To see where he was, in order to teach him from there, I decided to gradually give him progressively harder problems, starting with what I thought would be the absolute most basic thing possible.

I gave him 60 + x = 2x + 4x

He looked startled and asked how to do that. I asked if he knew how transposition worked. He said yes, but that he didn’t see what he could do there. I said to transpose the lone x…

…And he told me that you can only move terms from the right side of the equal sign to the left side.

I am told my “what the serious fuck” face was priceless but, alas, there was no one on sight to record it for posterity.

Anyway, after talking it through a little, it came to light that he had simply never realised transposition was symmetric. He had thought that “transposition” was basically a magic spell you cast to move a number from one place to another.

He didn’t know why this worked. He’d never seen someone transpose from left to right before, because all his example problems so far had been in the same format. He didn’t know why the sign of the number changed. He didn’t know what it meant for an equation to “balance”.

So I showed him the behind the scenes of transposition. I showed him that the actual process happening was:
60 + x = 2x + 4x
60 + x = 6x
60 + x [-x] = 6x [-x]
60 = 6x - x
60 = 5x
12 = x

That bold step? He didn’t know that was a thing. He didn’t realise subtraction was happening at all and just conceptualised transposition as picking something up from the right side and plopping it down on the left side. After I explained the “balance” of equations to him (including wtf “=“ meant), he had a look as if a dozen gears had clicked into place all at once. He was Enlightened.

Now, I’ve tutored kids before, so I knew all sorts of weird ideas could pop up. However, they’d never been the best students in their class, and they’d had lousy teachers, and they went to poor schools, etc. So it always made sense to me that they’d have wound up with misconceptions.

Today I learned that, even if you have the literal best student being taught by someone who fully understands what they’re teaching while in the one of the best schools -
- That, even then, sometimes learning just straight-up doesn’t happen. That, sometimes, that perfect student doesn’t know wtf an equals sign really means.

I don’t know what happened to lead here, to be honest. It wasn’t too much for him to understand - he completely got it under two minutes. He isn’t being taught by someone who can’t explain things, because his teacher did an excellent job of explaining physics stuff to me when we were both in college. His peers are some of the brightest kids in the country, because our school system rations students to schools by test score.

Maybe the classroom environment is just bad for learning? Maybe it’s too noisy for focus? Maybe the teacher can’t go into enough depth for everyone to fully get it? Maybe the students don’t ask enough questions when they’re missing something? Maybe no one quite realises that they don’t know something when it’s not being worked through one-on-one?

I don’t know! Learning is failing to occur under the best possible schooling conditions and I don’t know why! What I do know is that that is terrifying.

* They’re a quartet because they’re every intersection of [Catholic | Anglican]*[for boys | for girls] My brother goes to the Catholic boys’ school, my father went to the Anglican boys’ school, etc.

(The other place I’ve expressed concern about our schools)

felicitegrace: So today I uploaded my first ever YouTube video! The link is in my bio if you want to go watch it! Please give it a thumbs up if you do and subscribe to my channel for a weekly video.

It was a lot harder for me to film than I had anticipated. I have always known I was camera shy but never the full extent of it because I hadn’t forced myself to do something. I have always wanted to have a YouTube channel and I’m so happy I finally! I hope you like it and I’ll be uploading a new video next Monday if all goes well! 💕😚

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Can you do a ray palmer x reader x Mick rory!!! Love triangle! Love triangle! Love triangle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was harder than I anticipated but I think i did a pretty good job



Life on board a ship seems easy at times but when you are around the same seven people. Tensions tend to rise.

The past week had been a bit of a blur and very hectic. There was still no sign of Rip, the legion of doom had gone into hiding. So, the team was chasing wild leads that led nowhere.

The whole thing was very disillusioning. You often hid in you room but most of the time you would go hunting for company. Depending on your mood you would either seek out Ray or Mick.

When you needed cheering up you would go to Ray. Seeing his goofy grin always put a smile on your face. When you needed a strong drink and company but not much conversation you sort out Mick.


You just got back from another wasted outing. Your bad mood was on the rise. All you wanted to do was collapse on your bed and sleep.

“(y/n) wait up.” It was Ray, he watches you turn around and the smile on his face changes to a look of concern. “(y/n) what’s wrong?” You look up at Ray and burst into tears. Ray’s caring nature switched on as he pulls you into a big snuggly hug.

“Hey haircut you’re blocking the corridor.” Mick sees you crying. “Are his hugs really that bad?”

You giggle and pull away from Ray.

“They are actually the best hugs a girl could ask for.”

“You say that now but you haven’t had a proper hug from me yet.”

“Is that and invitation for a hug Mick?”

“Sure, why not.”

You walked right into Mick’s waiting arms. He is a warm solid reassurance, that when his arms are wrapped around you. It feels like nothing can hurt you.

You pull away.

Mick and Ray look at you waiting for an answer.

“Well that is that then.” You smile and turn to walk away.

“Wait you can’t just leave.” Mick says.

“Who is the best at hugs?” Ray looks hopefully at you.

You turn back and cross your arms.

“Hmmm. Both are good but I’m afraid to say that Mick’s bear hugs are just more comforting. Sorry Ray.”

“That’s okay (y/n) we could practice hugging and get mine up to standard.” Ray opened his arms for you to curl in to. Mick grumbled.

“As nice as that sounds I am in dire need of a shower.”

“Need someone to get your back?” Mick pipped up.

You giggled.

“I am more than capable of doing it myself Mick. See you later boys.” You turned on your heal and left. Leaving Mick and Ray in the corridor.

“Are we gonna have a problem here haircut?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what. You have a thing for (y/n)”

“I do not and anyway if I did what does that matter to you.”

Mick huffed and walked away leaving Ray rather confused.


The passing days were very interesting indeed. Mick and Ray were constantly fighting with each other and when you entered the room, they would stop and turn all their attention to making sure you had what you came in the room for. On missions, they had your back more than usual. It was getting a little annoying so the time had come to confront them.

You waited in your quarters, you had sent messages to both Mick and Ray and now you sat on your bed for the men to come to you.

Mick was the first to arrive, he was a little out of breath.

“So, what can I do for you?” He grinned at you.

Ray shortly followed. Mick turned around and growled.

“What is he doing here?” They both said in unison.

“I brought you both here to talk to you. You have both been acting weird and it is starting to bug me. So spill it.”

Mick looked at Ray and then at you and back to Ray.

Ray was the one who spoke up.

“You see (y/n) Mick and I seem to both have feelings for you and we have urm how do I put this…”

“What he is trying to say is. We both like you and wanna know who you will choose.”

“Who I will choose? Who says I like either of you that way.” Both men looked disillusioned. “Oh, this is too precious. Stop pouting I like both of you but I can’t choose who I want.”

“Choose me. I am clearly the better looking one.” Mick puffed his chest out with pride.

“Hey what about me. I’m the nicer one.” Ray smiled.

You looked at both men as they reeled off the best qualities about themselves and you couldn’t help but laugh. They stopped and stared at you.

You managed to pull yourself together to speak.

“I don’t want to choose between you both. Guys I am polyamorous.”

“Oh, really?” Ray looked lost for a second then smiled. “Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?”

“What if I was. Would you both be up for it?”

“Urm You know what yeah I kinda like that idea.” Ray looked to Mick. “What do you think?”

“It sounds okay with me.”

You stood up and kissed each of them on the cheek.

“Yay. Bring it in guys. Hug time.” Mick rolled his eyes but smiled and tugs Ray closer to you and himself. All three of you hug for what seems like hours. You pull away. “This calls for a drink in celebration.”


How can a girl choose between them both I don’t want to make one of them sad so I chose both.

Mick prompts are still open I am doing Ray prompts too now so if you have any let me know in a ask.

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