Everyday people do everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now, we are a different kind
We can do anything

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Reaction to being in a long distance relationship and meeting their s/o after a long time? :3 please and thank you

Jimin: Very excited!!! I feel like Jimin would probably take long distance the hardest, so he will be extra clingy. Hugs you for exactly 93 years. Tells you repeatedly how much he loves and missed you. Cries probably. Has the entire week planned with things for the two of you to do together, but you two probably miss half of it bc you’re too busy wrapped up in each other at home.

Taehyung: Yells immediately when he spots you and rushes to you like an overexcited puppy. Tae’s already an affectionate person, so just imagine that x10. TEN THOUSAND KISSES. Seriously, each and every part of your face will receive kisses and you will be pulled into a bone crushing hug for much longer than socially acceptable in a public place. He’ll probably be so excited that he rambles a mile a minute, topics ranging from how much he misses you to what he had for breakfast that morning. It’ll take you at least an hour to leave the airport because he won’t let you go.

Suga: Tries to be lowkey about it but is highkey excited. He won’t be able to decide whether to run or walk over when he spots you and will end up doing some awkward half jog. Doesn’t say anything at first just pulls you into a hug and buries his face into your shoulder. Queue long ass hug #2. When he pulls away he’ll probably tease you about something to maintain his image™. Once you two get home it’s cuddles galore, (Yoongi is absolutely a cuddler don’t fight me on this.) he’ll probably call off work the day after so you two can nap together all day.

Jungkook: Lifts you up and spins you around bc you know this kid always has to be extra. I hope you don’t mind making out in public, bc you two will definitely be making out (Possible sneaky butt grab? Actually let’s be real here, there will definitely be a sneaky butt grab.) He won’t cry but he’ll probably get a lil emotional.

Hobi: Yelling, cooing, crying, laughing, expect the whole package. Hobi is a ball of sunshine bursting with emotions and you’re going to experience all of them full force. You two will probably get yelled at by security for being so loud tbh. Refuses to let go of your hand the entire way home.

Namjoon: It’ll be like one of those cliche movie scenes where you two run to each other with open arms but bc he is Kim “God of Destruction” Namjoon chances are you’ll end up with a bruise or two. But it’s ok bc Joonie will pull you in for a tight hug afterwards and I’m like 95% he gives the best hugs in the universe (idk why he just looks like he would give rlly good hugs). He’ll kiss you and probably spout some romantic, philosophical shit that you don’t really understand, but appreciate anyways.

Seokjin: Kisses!!!! Lots and lots of kisses. He will be very excited and happy and probably cry a little too. Probably asks you a million questions on how you are and if you’re eating right despite talking to you on the phone almost everyday. Makes your fave meal at home and tells you a million times how much he missed you.

There would definitely be tough times ahead of us, I hope for more love and support from you guys. We will work much more harder than what you are giving to us now. Aren’t you curious on what would happen to us in the future? I am anticipating what we will be in the end~! Until that day comes, please continue supporting us! Look out for us. I love you~

- From Jimin


Chris swung the heavy sword down toward my head … land[ing] just a touch harder than either of us anticipated. … So when you see Westley fall to the ground and pass out, that’s not acting. That’s an overzealous actor actually losing consciousness. Cary Elwes on his suggestion that Christopher Guest put a ‘little force behind the blow to help him “sell” it’.
The Struggle To Find Trans Love In San Francisco

For one trans woman, finding a date within San Francisco’s lesbian community turned out to be much harder than she anticipated.

I’m so sick of hearing and talking about the cotton ceiling, as I’m sure most of us are. But then Julia Serano publishes yet another article shaming females for their sexual preferences and I feel compelled to speak up.

Serano says she has spent plenty of time interacting with queer and lesbian communities this past decade. So how is it that she apparently has no idea that a huge reason why females who are exclusively attracted to other females do not wish to perform sex acts on/with a penis is because being a lesbian has nothing to do with male genitalia? (BTW, Julia, it’s hard to “pass as cis” when you’re performing slam-poetry love letters to your penis.)

 I’ve been asked on Twitter by several trans women how it is that trans women retain and flex the male entitlement they picked up before transition. This article is a prime example. Throughout the article, Serano tsk-tsks female lesbians for not finding her presentation attractive and for not being enthusiastic about her penis. She attempts to shame them by comparing their reactions to the more receptive straight males and bi females she’s dated (they’ll sleep with a trans woman, why won’t you??). She speaks scornfully of their choice in partners (females and trans men, who incidentally are also female).  Serano all but comes out and says she is owed sex from lesbians. 

The term “cotton ceiling” seems to have fallen out of use among trans activists, but only because they got hip to the stigma it now carries; they still push the underlying concept all the time. And it needs to stop.


I’ve been riding since I was six. It’s always felt natural and effortless. It’s nothing but the wind in my hair, the steady, pulsing steps propelling us forward, and a communion between woman and beast that transcends individuality. Once I’ve mounted her, we stop being separate entities. We become a singular machine with one, undeniable purpose: motion.

Sometime around my 14th birthday, I concluded that a saddle and bridle defiled the purity of the riding experience. They were training wheels. They had to be taken away before I could consider myself a real rider. So I insisted that I learn to ride bareback.

It was much harder than I’d anticipated. I fell often. I had a terrible time trying to get Millie to obey my commands. There were many occasions when she would roam in random directions and I couldn’t turn her. But I learned. Gradually, I learned.

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Request from Katie who wanted art for an intriguing rp she was doing where Snake has a prosthetic arm after having an amputation (made by Otacon ofc (>3<) )

I am not v knowledgeable about mgs but it sounded interesting and I hope she writes a full-blown fic eventually

Anyway this is about a month overdue because I am a lazy bastard but I really hope you like it hon !!!

okay so i know it looks pretty bleak atm with jack and bitty hiding their relationship and it’s becoming clear to them it’s going to be harder than they anticipated. but my mind just keeps reminding of how perfect everything will be when they do come out. not necessarily out in regards to the whole world, but to the rest of smh 

think about how one day hopefully not too far away jack will stay over at the haus and get to sleep in bitty’s bed without having to cover it up and he will come down to the kitchen the next morning and kiss bitty on the cheek in front of everyone

shitty will be visiting, sitting at the kitchen table, and he’ll get the same warm feelings i’m getting right now when he looks at them standing side by side in front of the window. he’ll think about how scared and lonely jack was when they first met and be astounded and so goddamn pleased by how far his best friend has come and how happy he is. because he knows no one in the whole fucking world deserves to be happy more than jack zimmermann

ransom and holster will be leaning against the counter chatting about tonight’s kegster and will look up to see two of their best friends leaning into one another, completely at ease and peaceful. they’ll watch jack and bitty for a while before looking up at each other and smiling softly, knowing exactly how it feels to be that in love with someone

lardo will be standing by the coffee pot, half asleep and grouchy, but she’ll look up and nod at jack when he enters the kitchen. her eyes will follow him as he approaches bitty and she’ll smile for the first time that morning when jack’s lips touch bitty’s cheek

the frogs will have had a sleepover in chowder’s room the night before because they ended up staying up until 3am catching up with jack and shitty. so whilst they won’t stumble down the stairs until well after jack, they will walk in to see the rest of the haus sitting round the table eating breakfast. bitty’s arm will be casually slung over the back of jack’s shoulders, jack’s hand will playing with bitty’s fingers resting near his neck. the frogs’ll grin to each other and then nursey and dex will launch into a tale of something chirp worthy that chowder did when they woke up and the whole group will turn to tease him

and whilst they know that outside of this little bubble there’s still an unknown world full of hate, jack and bitty will be content at this moment to just enjoy this. to enjoy the people who are happy for them, who are here for them, who love them