so it turns out drawing pokemon from memory is harder than I anticipated. 

Half-Ghost, Half-Human, Double The Problems

Day 18, prompt “green”. Enjoy!

His ectoplasm used to be green.

Radiant green, one that could be seen all around, one every piece even barely connected to the ghosts. Every merchandise was in that shade, most of the colored pencils and paints also were available in it.

He thought it was going to stay that way, he thought he would always have green powerblasts, green shields, green everything!

But ever since he discovered his ice powers, the green has been tainted. It was becoming colder and colder with every passing day, slow and steady.

He didn’t actually notice it. If not for Sam he would have never realized.

“Hey, wasn’t your blasts green before?” She said one day. That was enough to put him into panic mode.

He wasn’t sure if it was good or not. He didn’t really have anyone to base his assumptions on.


There was Vlad, but he preferred not to go there if he didn’t absolutely have to.

First he visited the Far Frozen. Who would know anything useful about ice powers if not the Yetis?

He got nothing, for them it was normal. They didn’t have any other color of power, and they never expected to have. Frostbite said it could be possible for him to change the color, as he only now developed the ice core.

But Box Ghost had blue powers too, even though he had nothing to do with ice. Danny wanted to be sure.

So next he visited Clockwork. He didn’t really expected to get any real answer, he just wanted to know if it was something dangerous. If he was going to die from some weird ghost illness, he would rather know beforehand.

And as expected, all he got was insurance he wasn’t going to die. Well, die more than he already did.

That was unusually useful for Clockwork.

He still had no idea what was actually going on with him, so he was left with no other choice… but to visit Vlad.

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You didn’t want to hurt me, but you did. I was falling for you harder than I anticipated and you couldn’t catch me. I will miss you for all the time we will be apart. I hope that you will find yourself and heal. It was selfish for me to want you to feel the same way for me when you clearly not ready. I’ve got closer to you these past few weeks. You can’t just expect me to let it all go just like that. However, I do want it all to go back to the way it was. Where it was all simple, where it was just you and me; I want my best friend back.
—  how did we end up like this?

Everyday people do everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now, we are a different kind
We can do anything

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Can you give me arrogant!Jongin? Thanks a lot for opening this ask! I was waiting for so long but worth this. Hehe <3

Hey! So it turned out this was harder than I anticipated! I even searched through old stories where I thought it would be rampant! Anyway some of this feels kind of subjective (like Jongin never seems to stay arrogant for THAT long in my opinion), so I hope these work. Also, thanks to the illustrious wtfuckaisoo for helping with this list! Enjoy!

meet me at the net: one shot. I love it when they get all feisty about volleyball. Jongin is new on the team and has an attitude (not toooo arrogant)

Assisting His Needs: Ongoing. Jongin is a CEO who is an asshole to his assistant Kyungsoo (during work hours…)

Once More (Love me again): Ongoing. Jongin is pretty frustrating in this one! They broke up a long time ago and now Jongin is a CEO who wants Kyungsoo back and sort of forces him to work for him

White Line: one shot (not sure if this entirely counts but I love this story) school. Everyone else thinks Jongin is arrogant and self absorbed, but he doesn’t seem to think so

Mein Herr: One shot. Jongin is a dancer who comes across Kyungsoo after a performance and…

Cloudburst: one shot. Kyungsoo is stuck in the convenient store he works at during a storm and jerky Jongin comes in because he is stuck in it too

Perplex: ongoing High school. Jongin is an asshole jock and Kyungsoo is the new kid who takes up more attention than Jongin is comfortable with

(Pretend) Boyfriend: Ongoing.  wolf, high school. Kyungsoo accidentally throws up on Jongin and in return Jongin demands Kyungsoo be his boyfriend until his parents leave him alone about mating

You’re So Hypnotizing: Complete 11 chapters. Jongin is the bad boy at school that Kyungsoo has a run in with and then has to tutor

Expectation: Complete 4 chapters. more of a modern day pride and prejudice

Mister Kim, thou art le connard: One shot based off of pride and prejudice

Like A Foolish Schoolboy: Complete 3 chapters (also has sequel) Kyungsoo hates asshole Jongin and now they are going to be step brothers

Quicksand: Complete 3 chapters. They are rival writers and Kyungsoo is currently behind Jongin for best selling and Jongin likes to rub it in

Wanting Perfection: One shot. Jongin is used to being the top and the best at school, until Kyungsoo comes along and does better, driving Jongin crazy

Secretary Do: One shot. Jongin is a CEO and his secretary that Jongin is trying to seduce (he isn’t THAT arrogant but Kyungsoo thinks so)

Change Of Heart: Complete 2 chapters. Jongin and Kyungsoo are both arrogant in this one, competing high school playboys

Abducted (part - 2)

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: it was time that you learn why you were held captive by a god. A/N: MOMMY’S BACK!!! Man I have been having the worst of both worlds but I wrote, I fucking wrote. Tumblr gotta give me a good kid sticker. I didn’t really edit it because ya know the reason you follow me plus my laptop’s on the verge of dying. Hope you like it! (ignore the text in the gif, or actually don’t imagine all the dirty you sexy little swine)

Warnings: swearing, being chained.

Word Count: 1636

Part 1

Originally posted by maryxglz

Petrichor. The smell after the rain had kissed the earth and nourished nature again. lying on your dirty mattress it was a great comfort. From nowhere the breeze blew against your skin, you nuzzled in your blanket. Only these comforts where what you had now. For four days you had been numb and scared, but now, you were at peace with it. you knew there was no escaping, you’d have to serve Loki, you’d have to do it all without losing your strength and hope.

You inhaled deeply and wrapped your arms around yourself, the rain had stopped. Your emotions had been quite in sync with the weather for a while now, and you hated it. you wished it could always be sunny and so that your mood could be good again.

You shook your head at this thought, it was all rubbish. Just some nonsense you made up to think that you had something special. Oh, how you wished you had some sort of magic that could overpower your captor’s. then, you kept a hand on the wall you were facing and ran a hand down on it, you wouldn’t be here. The sound of the now familiar footsteps grew closer. You sat up and fixed your now rugged clothes. He gave you the same smug smile and dragged a chair in front of you.

‘so, have I finally tired the beasty kitten?’ he asked. This man surely had a thing for sarcasm and patronizing everyone. You didn’t reply and looked at him with the same uninterested face. he may have nearly destroyed new York once, but you weren’t going to be meek or submissive. ‘human-‘

‘(y/n).’ you corrected and he quirked his brows.

‘very well, (y/n). let’s talk properly now, shall we?’ he looked at you and you nodded slightly. ‘the reason you are here is because you have something I need.’

‘I am a normal person with normal abilities, I don’t understand what is this ‘thing’ of mine that you need.’ You said sharply.

‘have you ever seen signs of things and had that thing happen?’ he asked ignoring what you said.

‘yes bu-‘

‘do you have a very strong intuition?’ he raised another question.

‘yes.’ You rolled your eyes, you were getting tired of this little game of his. ‘

do you have a good eye for colours?’

‘yeah, I –‘

‘lastly, has anything unusual happened when you experienced a strong emotion?’ he interrupted you again.

‘no….’ You furrowed your brows.

‘think again. never? Wasn’t it your birthday that you were upset about and something happened causing an electricity failure?’ he looked at you.

‘it was a coincidence!’ you threw your arms in the air. ‘What are you trying to say? Huh? Do you ever talk without being all puzzle like? What are you? the fucking riddler?’ you stood up with your chain rattling with every little movement you made.

‘calm down,’ he ordered and motioned you to sit. You sat down cross legged with your arms crossed over your chest and huffed. ‘what I am trying to say is, you have powers. ones which can be used after you have practiced.’

‘I don’t have any fucking powers.’ you scoffed.

‘you do. you should’ve noticed it. after all the weather is mimicking your mood and state of mind.’ he said and you thought for a while, was it true? Did you possess some sort of power? ‘in three months, with my help, you shall be able to use them properly. Then you will be of my use and can assist me.’

‘what if I don’t?’ you asked in a low voice.

‘I will make you.’ he grinned in a manner that sent shivers down your spine. You gulped slightly. ‘you don’t really have an option here, mortal. You really don’t. look at yourself.’ He crossed his arms. ‘now, get yourself together,’ he snapped his fingers and the lock of your chain was unlocked with a click. ‘your training begins right now.’ He stood up and started to walk.

‘no.’ you said standing there and he stopped. his brows furrowed and a bit of confusion on his face he turned in your direction.

‘pardon me, but did I hear a no?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah, I want to take a shower. And I need some new clothes. It’s been days for god’s sake.’ He thought for a while and nodded.

‘fair enough. Follow me.’ You followed him to where his room was, that area looked no less than a palace. He stopped and turned to you.

‘do not touch anything.’ He warned and left. You looked at the neatly stacked books and the lavish looking furniture. Where did he get it from? God Ikea? Your musings were interrupted by a clearing of throat. You faced him and tried to look as innocent as possible.

‘what did I say?’ he asked and you shrugged. ‘you can use the bathroom, I have kept what you will require. You can go now.’ You nodded and paced to the bathroom.

The ‘bathroom’ was almost half the section of the second level of the warehouse. it had a bathtub near the old window with frosted glass, a marble wash basin next to it, the shower area was at the opposite wall and right in the middle was this table with soaps and a bag kept on it. you recognized it at once, it was your bag! You shuffled through it and took out a towel. You were going to take a nice long bath.

You were skipping when you walked out of the bathroom, the light feeling was great and the soaps the god used smelled amazing. Loki saw you and smirked, ‘silly girl.’ He thought.

‘save it for later, human.’ He said from his chair in which he used to read. ‘you practice now.’ He stood up.

‘how do I “practice”?’ you asked. He didn’t say anything but climbed the stairs so you followed him. ‘the bathroom?’ you furrowed your browns.

‘no, the other area.’ A creaked open as he said those words. You didn’t notice there was another door here. The room was big and had nothing in it. it was maybe what was used like some sort of storage back when the place was functioning. ‘so tell me, how do your powers function?’ he stood facing you.

‘I don’t know?…’ you said.

‘ah yes, they’re new…. This is going to be much harder than I anticipated….’ he said mostly to himself. He walked further keeping hand on his chin. It felt so weird, the man you were so scared of wasn’t so freighting right now. He stopped and looked at the ceiling. The idea just might work.

‘mortal!’ he called. ‘come here!’ He said and tied ribbons on the ceiling with a movement of hands. ‘try to move these.’ He said.

‘I don’t think I can.’ You stared at the ribbons.

‘one thing I learned from my experience, if you believe you can’t, you won’t, if you believe you can, you will.’ He circled the ribbons dangling in the air. ‘what do you think this power does, mortal?’ his voice was much softer. ‘feel what it can do.’ you closed your eyes and tried to feel. ‘what feels natural to you? what is that voice inside you saying?’ he moved around you speaking gently.

‘The air.’ You breathed. ‘it feels like, like a part of me.’ you felt like some part of you lived in the air.

‘good, now envision what you desire to do.’ he was close to you could tell but there wasn’t a warmth a normal human would’ve radiated. You moved, or maybe the air which was an extension of you. you opened your eyes and the ribbons blew in the other direction. It was a weak gust of wind but you could feel it. maybe it was true, you possessed something unique.

‘well done for the first attempt.’ He took a step back. You didn’t reply, you felt lighter than a feather. ‘let’s take it a step further.’ He said and you gave him a confused look. He grabbed your hand, twirled you around and made your back crash into his chest. before you made a noise covered your mouth with his big hand. ‘shh….. your emotions are what highly affect your powers.’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I want you think of all the bad things that have ever happened to you. see darkness is very strong. Tell me what saddens you.’ he removed his hand and you looked down.

‘I have always regretted opening my mouth in front of people who don’t give a shit about me.’ you said.

‘how about give and take then? I will give you something you need if you do as I say.’ It seemed like a fair deal.

‘where do I start?’ you chuckled sadly. ‘it goes way too back.’

‘why not use what destroyed you then?’ he said loosening his grip. ‘think of it, let the anger fuel you, feed off it.’ he said and so you did. all those things that made you anxious, depressed. You then let the hurt swirl, you didn’t know how it was possible but you did it. the air around you wasn’t still now, it started swirling, Loki smiled a content smile. his idea had worked. The air current was very strong, you opened your eyes and saw how you were standing between the ring of air and dust you had created. Something went wrong then, the room began spinning, you started losing balance and were starting to fall but he caught you. The wind died as your eyes began to close.

‘congratulations, human.’ You saw his blurry face but it cleared as you strained your eyes. ‘you are magic.’ You heard and closed your eyes.

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@wildegreenlight at first glance I thought I knew the answer but then I reread it and noticed you said Cherrybomb Rupe or HBP Rupe NOT Malachy or Ron (we all know my heart belongs to Ron and he would win every time.) So now I have to actually think about it! hmmm… damnit this is hard! I don’t know how I feel about my answer but I THINK I’m going to say Cherrybomb Rupe and it all comes down to the hair. Cherrybomb era hair was better than the odd cut they gave Rupe in HBP… 

**Make me choose. Rupert or Rupert


A Court of Winds and Ruin

(Spoiler free but some allusions to key events made) 


Some I knew. some I Didn’t. Still the killing field stretched onward under the sky. Mile after mile. The kingdom of the rotting dead.

And I still looked”

In a nutshell…

A Court of Wings and Ruin is the final book in the Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas. It’s not surprising that this book has been nicknamed ACO-WAR as war is very much the backdrop and inescapable reality of this book.   With all characters in this book are faced with the ultimatum of what they would give up to save Pryrthian;  Fayre has gone behind enemy lines to protect her loved ones by acting as spy and saboteur whilst those left behind work to rally the forces in the upcoming war. 

My Thoughts


What I felt in the last book was a good collection as the culmination of subtle hints throughout the first book into one big juicy reveal, was probably dwarfed by the last 100 pages of this book. I’ve titled this section in capitals as the amount of subtle references and mentions from the whole trilogy which are rounded off in this final section is breathtaking and reflecting back on this book it’s amazing to see the scale of the gasps, fist pumps and tears I shed, within that final sitting. I was always expecting a situation similar to that of Gandalf returning to Helms Deep but I did not anticipate much else of what happened in the final showdown and it’s twists.  

📖 Shock 

I knew whilst reading this book that war was coming and my loved ones might not be protected. I tried to prepare myself for this, but as time wore on without any gut punches, I eventually became relaxed. That is until the final section, where I got a feeling close to that of reading The Battle of Hogwarts for the first time. So many of my favourite characters were off in different places and facing different dangers that I could barely read on. There was a concentrated dread in my stomach as the tension rose and rose……… until finally, the guillotine fell… I had to put the book down and stop reading for a bit… then I read the following chapter in tears as I dealt with the aftermath. 

📖 Character Drives

A key chunk of this book is trying to unite forces against a common enemy, however, given certain blood rubies, it is a harder task than anticipated. What I really liked about this book is the complexity described behind each character’s motivations for either united or leaving the fight. There were a surprisingly large number of characters who I kept me guessing for a long time, about their trustworthiness, and it was the ones I didn’t expect which gave the biggest twists, right when didn’t expect them.

📖 Nesta and Elain

I’ve always been on the fence about the Archeron sister’s worth, there was clearly an unexplored depth to be discovered after the last book which I really enjoyed uncovering in this book. What was most satisfying, however, was watching the interactions between the three sisters and how they supported each other through this book. It was something I didn’t expect from the first book alone but I’m so glad to have seen their strength and am grateful especially for one particular scene in this book. 

📖 Badassery

I’ve always appreciated that Fayre was the class of character who knew that to get shit done some undesirable things might have to be done along the way. She’s the type of character I instantly warm to because she’s so proactive and smart so it was very satisfying to see her fully unleash herself fully in this book. In an equal extent, it was also very rewarding to see the same with Rhys, who is truly every part her equal in this book and their relationship is the iron core of this book, and it was great to see it strengthen again and again. 

I would rate this as…


I could probably write an entire essay on why I love this book, these characters, and this series; so please forgive me for this longer than usual review. My final note on this series is to say that if you are someone who likes the sound of Lord of the Rings mixed with Beauty and the Beast then please conciser picking up the first book in this series and take the rest from there… as if you’re anything like me, you’re in for a treat. 

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The votes from here came in with Coran! So next in the ‘Ribbon Busts’ for the Voltron cast is our lovely space dad. space uncle? 

Let me tell u that beautiful mustache is much harder to draw than I anticipated. 

Pidge Ribbon Bust // Keith Ribbon Bust // Zarkon Ribbon Bust // Allura Ribbon Bust

Edit: Made the text a bit more readable [I hope QWQ]


You may not think it, but you’ve accomplished so much today. You’ve made it another sunrise. I’m so proud of you.

You can do this. You’re strong, beautiful, and amazing.

See you tomorrow.

Is This Even Real?-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#9 Prompt:#84

Word Count:2,663

Warnings: NSFW (I would say that you shouldn’t read this unless you’re 18 but you won’t listen so I won’t say it), Oral (female receiving), Unprotected sex (condoms are cheaper than babies and STDs)

A/n: Characters are at least 18 years old. This is my first time writing any sort of smut so I don’t know that it will be any good. Also I’ve had very little sexual experience so I also don’t know how accurate it will be I’m kind of just going off smut that I’ve read and porn that I’ve watched so this could be interesting. * I would like to say that getting two people undressed is way way WAY harder than I had originally anticipated *


Coming Soon


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This was harder to write than I anticipated but after I contemplated having a baking session to ‘cook up’ some ideas (I’m full of puns today - apparently including the title), I actually got the idea for where this story should go. Also, Steve x Wanda - I ship it. ;) This story is for awardlosinglosers, I hope it’s alright. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: y/n is new to the avengers (joined around the same time as the twins). y/n is very shy, only talking to clint and nat at first. y/n got to know everyone slowly, leaving bruce to last due to his scarly violent abilities. eventually, y/n and bruce became friends, but the fear was always still sitting at the back of y/n’s mind. the rest of the avengers began noticing his particular interest in y/n, not atraction, something else.

“Cookie Monster”

Bruce was used to it by now – the distance people kept, the fear they had of his every move, the way their eyes pored over him like a bomb ready to explode. He was used to it. Yet, for some reason, when she did it he felt horrific.

You had joined the Avengers not long after the twins, having been in the same Sokovian base. Whereas the twins had volunteered for experimentation, you’d been taken at the much younger age of 9 and tested on ever since. As a result, you’d become a hollow shell who was dependant on orders. It was only after the battle with Ultron that the twins recalled having seen you a few times and asked to search the base for you. Sure enough, you were found hiding in the shadows, waiting for instruction and help. Tony had described your powers blandly as invisibility but it was more accurately camouflage. You could take the appearance of whatever environment you were in or even just become a shadow, a wisp of dark fog.

However, after joining the Avengers, you rediscovered your humanity. Though you were still shy, you were slowly beginning to have your own thoughts and feelings again. You talked mainly to the twins, Clint and Nat, frightened of Tony’s boisterous personality, Steve and Thor’s huge figures and Bruce’s… Well, Bruce. You didn’t mean to be so terrified of him, particularly when you knew he couldn’t control it, but something about the idea of a man so volatile was not appealing after the way HYDRA had treated you. These thoughts raced through your mind as he sat across the table from you, sipping a glass of water peacefully. Wanda was sat next to you and sensed your discomfort. Relax. Her voice urged you. 

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The Dark Tower

Listen up, y'all. Back in November of 2015, when it was first announced that McCon had joined Dark Tower as the Man in Black, I posted this to my FB:

I decided to take on this 7 book series when I was in high school. I dedicated myself to reading it. I grew attached to the characters and to King’s story telling. The Dark Tower is captivating in a way that (in my opinion) far exceeds his horror writing. It’s dark and gritty and mythic and grand. I loved every moment I spent with Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy. And I remember as I approached the end, I worried that it would fall short of my expectations - that I’d look back on all the time (months and months and months) I’d spent reading and be disappointed. And then, I finished it - and its depth and its magnitude hit me harder than I anticipated. It shook me to the core. It stole my breath away….and in a way that made me feel as though I was meant, not merely to read The Dark Tower, but to experience it. And so, to make a long story….not as long as it could be: THIS makes me so unfathomably happy. Matthew McConaughey, I freaking love you more every day.

That being said, some ‘a y'all know but some ‘a y'all don’t - we Matthew McConaughey lovin’ kids are in for a treat. In the books, the Man in Black delivers some of the most astoundingly beautiful, poignant, and powerful monologues that I’ve ever read. I promise you that McCon was cast (at least, in part) for proving himself in this department in True Detective.

Buckle up, kiddos. If this is done right, it’s gonna nearly kill us all in all the best ways possible.

Rules: list ten of your favourite characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten others.

I was tagged by @emmayame – thank you! :D 

It was much harder than I anticipated to think of ten fandoms because I go so hard for my chosen ones that I have no emotional energy left over, heh. 

  1. The Expanse: Bobbie Draper (it took me an embarrassingly long time to choose between her and Avasarala)
  2. Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian
  3. Elfquest: Skywise 
  4. The Adventure Zone: Magnus Burnsides (again, it took me an embarrassingly long time to decide between Magnus, Garyl, and Madame Director) 
  5. Dragon Age: Fenris 
  6. TMNT: Donnie 
  7. Young Justice: Artemis 
  8. Farscape: Pilot 
  9. Kushiel’s Legacy: Joscelin Verreuil 
  10. Babylon 5: Susan Ivanova

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