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[S.V] Oh my god... Sorry for coming so late with a reply but I thought I'd sent a reply last and I didn't saw your reply to that so I just kept waiting and and and oh my god I'm so sorry<|3 This actually happens a lot to me, I'm a mess ;; ➻ I can't wait for it to end somehow (although it's being great so far) so I won't have this problem again... ^^; ➻ Aaaaaah coffee shop is so gooooood❤ But, I don't think I have a favorite song since I like almost all of them a lot... ;; It's hard to choose! »

« [S.V.] And I don’t really remember when I became a fan since I know about Yongguk when he went solo (as Bang Yongguk and not Jepp Blackman nor earlier names hahaha) with “Remember” or “Going crazy”! Then I loved Bang&Zelo (And they are both, by the way, my bias! ^^) but I wasn’t that much of a kpoper back then so it was just like /more music/ in my playlist hahah I don’t know how to say that? But yeah, then they debuted as BAP being 6 and loved their music although I became a big fan »

Don’t worry about it at all, lovely!! That happens to me too whenever I message people honestly. Though I admit I was a bit worried and just hoped you were okay. I’m glad you’re back now! ♥️ (you’re not a mess i still love you) If you ever need to find my replies to you, just look under the tag #bnsv!

Aw, I agree messaging each other is great. And I hope we can continue like this for a long time! ^^;

I know, right? ;; Coffee Shop makes my heart feel so sentimental every time I listen to it, I love it soooooo much. I feel you when you say it’s hard to choose though, it really is.. Ahh, you knew about Yongguk when he came out with “Going Crazy”? You really have been there from the beginning in a way, wow. “Never Give Up” was such a cute concept! And I very much adore the friendship between Bang&Zelo. (it’s great you’re a zelo stan as well ^^)

Oh, I get you! So like back then, it was just more about the music instead of getting into the artists doing the music. It makes sense! I’m glad you’re still with B.A.P; I personally don’t know where I would be without them.

Mmm, are there any other groups you’re into/listen to?