• Person: Okay, but why do you watch Let's Plays of games you have? It's not the same as playing yourself, you know.
  • Me: You know, sometimes I'm interested in the story of games I'm awful at and watching someone else play (with optional funny and/or informative commentary) is a lot more pleasant than punching the monitor out of frustration.

I’m obsessing about a bike again. It doesn’t make any sense I’m usually pretty practical about these things when I sit myself down and talk to myself about them. There are a lot of cons. I list them all to myself and then I’m like, “yes but they are on sale! AND THIS ONE IS GOLD!!!”

I accidentally deleted the ask (sorry nonny!!!) but they wanted to know why I drew myself with wavy/flippy hair the past two times when in selfies my hair is straight and flippy.
Well nonny, this is what my hair looks like while wet (and if I let it air dry.) Normally I will brush it and blow-dry it so it goes straight. But on rainy days or lazy days I will let it run wild.

the purpose of this poc meetup is to give representation to the people of color in this fandom. the majority of people seen in meetups are white and i’m just trying to show the other side of this group. so if you are really unsure whether or not you “belong” in this meetup send me an ask but otherwise just make a judgement call. if you were to post during this day meant to celebrate people of color, would you overshadow them? or would you be adding to this cool meetup?