Happy 41st birthday, Jonny Lee Miller!


Richard Armitage on Lorraine, 7 March 2013. (x)

we crashed the bandwagon last night

and i drew all of them

you cant stop me

apple pie by WRS

rainbow cake original design by shadowsillustrations

black forest and red velvet original design by doromon


I still can’t belive I baked you a birthday cake. ;A;

Even though I was sick and my back hurts like hell, I’m glad I did it. ^^

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and received alot of birthday presents!^^

It’s crazy seeing how much you’ve grown in 4 years. You’re getting more and more handsome as the days go by.

The clock is 1:55 am in South Korea right now.

I hope you’re sleeping. TTuTT

I actually had a dream about you last night. ~

You moved to my neighbourhood,

and we took alot of couple pictures together. aishh..

Why am I crying? TT

Happy birthday my handsome Taeminnie. I love you, only you. ♥

Stay healthy and happy yeobo~  ♥

As a girl, I really appreciate it when some guys treat girls with chivalry. 

Like, that guy in my senior class who was in front of me as we stood in line to get food from our little stonefire lunch party at school. There was one more breadstick in the tray, and we all know how amazingly delicious stonefire’s breadsticks are so this was crucial. The guy was about to pick the breadstick up, but he glanced back and noticed I was the last one in line, and if he got the breadstick he knew i wouldn’t get any. So he just smiled, retreated from the breadstick, and walked toward the pasta instead. I felt bad so I told him he could take it but he said I should just have it instead. So, of course, I took up the offer and ate it. 

Having the decency to sacrifice the very last stonefire breadstick to a girl last in line, that is chivalry at its finest.