I was traveling over the weekend and My mom called Monday morning sounding frantic and unhinged. I panicked. Turns out she thought she missed out on the Reunion episode. 

Here’s the convo, which rudely woke me up at 5am Monday morning. Ringggggggg, ringgggggg, ringggggg (note to self: change ringing tone):

Mama: Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! 

Me: What? What happened? Are you ok? What’s wrong??

Mama: I missed it. I MISSED IT!!!!!

Me: What? Missed what?? Missed who you mean?

Mama: When red penis meets curly haired vangina. That episode when they see each other again after stupidly suffering for twenty years. 

Me: (Scratches head and fully awake now. And annoyed). You mean Outlander? Jamie and Claire?

Mama: Who else? This grief and mourning slump is killing me. I am up to date with all the seasons and I can’t believe I miss THE episode. 

Me: You didn’t miss it. It is coming up this week. Don’t you get the emails or whatever that STARZ spams customers with?

Mama: Your aunt gets it, not me. Yeeeeeeeeehawwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not missed red penis and curly haired vangina. 

Me: MAMA!!!! MOM!!!! It’s 5am. 

Mama: Love, sex and intimacy are timeless. 

Me: Goodnight. 

Mama: Can we watch the episode together??

ME. GOODNIGHT. The answer is still NO. NEVER. WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Goodnight. 


(haven’t actually had reaction fan art for this episode yet, because i had work and had to prep for an art convention after the episode aired!) 

Anyways, speaking on a Pokeshipping perspective here (it’s been years so please just give me this) I loved the endless teasing Misty did on Ash throughout the whole episode!! we didn’t get a lot of that in the past reunion episodes so this was so great 💕 wow so much new content thanks god and jesus ( ; u ; )


How has no one noticed this Klance moment yet?!

In season 1 ep 4, when Pidge confesses she wants to leave to find her family Keith has an outburst and says this:

The way he says it is very personal, he’s also worried about someone. But who is he worried about?

He never knew his mom

He has no siblings

He was kicked out of the garrison

and his dad is presumably dead, as he was living alone in episode 1 the same shack that he was revealed to have grown up in

the only person alive who he’d consider family at that time is Shiro. But Shiro’s with Keith, so it isn’t him specificly. Could it be Shiro’s worried about his family? But Shiro hasn’t ever brought up his family and in the Reunion episode the only person with him before he goes on the Kerberos mission is Keith

meaning Keith probably isn’t thinking about Shiro wanting to see his family.

So then why would Keith be so emotional about Pidge not “the only one” wanting to see their family?

Well who has a living family?

Who earlier in that very episode (s1 ep4) was getting emotional about wanting to see them

right in earshot of Keith?

that’s right


it might be a bit of a stretch, but I think Keith was referring to Lance, and was angry because he cares a lot about Lance and knows how much seeing Earth and his family again means to Lance

And it’s time to remember this moment, now. And all the others that brought you to where you are today. It’s time to reclaim your stolen century.

The Jacket™

okay I don’t know if anyone’s talked about The Jacket™ or not but

we’re going to talk about The Jacket

so in season 3 when we are first introduced to Even Bech Næsheim he is wearing The Jacket™

you know the one i’m talking about

Yes that one.

and then for the next three episodes, nearly every appearance he made (only exception being the James Dean slow mo scene) included his denim jacket.

last time we see him with The Jacket™ is at the start of the last clip of episode 3, where he is not wearing it, but holding it over his shoulder. He has taken the jacket off

and as we know it is later in that same clip where Even can no longer hide his emotions, and his feelings for Isak become evident not just in the call your girlfriend stare off but later in the kitchen when despite trying to explain to Isak and himself why he must stay with Sonja and not give in to his feelings, he ends up nearly kissing Isak anyway.

because he could no longer hide anymore. His Jacket was off.

We don’t see the jacket again in the season apart from this ONE appearance in episode seven during The reunion scene.

The jacket comes back for a second before Isak rips it off (cos Isak has no chill) The jacket is back and so is Even with more things to hide. It is then when the next secret begins to truly build up and I also believe this was the moment Even decided to actively hide is bipolar from Isak and be with him. He wore his jacket and took it off when he first makes a move with Isak in ep 3 and he wears it just to take it off again when they finally reunite.

signifying letting his feelings for Isak take over. Letting himself become that little bit vulnerable, while still having many things he needs to shield with The Jacket™

Now season 4 has started and so far every single appearance Even has made this season has him wearing the damn jacket.




Why? because as the last clip just revealed Even is hiding from something again. He is hiding from his past and all the feelings connected to it. He is hiding it from Isak out of fear of losing him, out of fear of being vulnerable.

and it is not until he loses that jacket will he be able to face his fears, let himself become vulnerable and then begin to finally heal and accept himself. 

Or you know, it could just be his favourite jacket ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do I know? 

Things You Missed Out On if You Never Watched the 2003 Original Series
  • The birth of Elicia Hughes
    • Which canonically happens on Edward’s birthday
  • Shou and Nina being a much bigger part of Edward and Al’s life.
    • They weren’t just some family the brothers met once. They lived with the Tucker’ for months before Nina died. 
  • Al being smart enough and advanced enough to pass the first part of the Alchemy Exam, pulling out solely because it would be dangerous for people to know he didn’t have a physical body.
  • Barry the Chopper as a human. Not only do the brother’s meet him before Laboratory 5, but Edward and Winry are almost killed by him. 
  • The Tringham brothers
  • By far the most iconic of any of the FMA/FMA:B openings
  • Hughes being crushed by a 12 ft monument of Elicia 
  • Roy and Edward head to head in one of the most epic duels of all time
  • Mini-skirts
  • Al and Martel being really close friends
  • Lust’s character being 176% more important and compelling. 
    • Like… way more important. I personally like the homunculi creation system in the original a lot more than in Brotherhood. With plotlines like that being so different there is no objective ‘better’. But, the way she was created paved the way for not only one of the best character study episodes (35, ‘Reunion of the Fallen’) but one of the best character redemption arcs, as it’s fueled by revelation of character motivation, not a moral change of heart.
    • Speaking of: the dynamic/relationship between Scar and Lust
      • I was genuinely shocked when I first came on Tumblr after finishing the original (before starting Brotherhood) and found absolutely nothing shipping wise between the two. I know now it’s because the majority of the fandom is dedicated to Brotherhood, but still. Maybe it’s just me, but I found their relationship to be one of the most complex and fascinating dynamics in the entire series. 
    • TBH, I think that with the exception of Selim and Greed (and maybe Bradley), the Homunculi in general are way more fleshed out, sympathetic, and so much more intriguing than just the evil bad guy henchmen of Father.
  • The Flame Alchemist, the Bachelor Lieutenant and the Mystery of Warehouse 13
  • One of the most iconic Royai scenes in history
  • Sheska being a much more important character and her being a key player in solving Hughes murder

This is all I’ve got right now just going off the top of my head but I’m sure there are way more please feel free to add anything I missed.







Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6, Episode 10: The Reunion with Lydia

Alright, so here’s the final reunion scene Stiles had in episode 10. I really do try to keep my blog ship-free so everyone can enjoy it but I wanted to do all three reunion scenes and have a complete set. My favorite part is the hug at the end though. I love how each reunion fits with the characters’ relationship with Stiles and they all got to hug him in their own way.

The other reunions: [Scott] [Sheriff Part 1] [Sheriff Part 2]

I love the coloring in this one. Everything is visible and clear. It’s funny I’ll do these gif sets, then go back to watch the episode and forget how completely dark it is! Now I’ll do other scenes from this episode and episode 5 (and I might slide some Theo in as well!)

expectations from the rest of teen wolf season:
- thiam endgame
- more scalia
- fucking seeing the death of gerard
- redemption arc for monroe and nolan
- (some way of bringing back allison?)
- every pack member, including the parents, to freaking stay alive
- official mama mccall and papa argent
- stiles stilinski (to just freaking play in an episode)
- stydia reunion
- derek hale & sterek interactions
- jackson & ethan interactions
- everyone to be a happy family of puppies

voltron season 3 episode predictions
  • shiro falls out of the ceiling tiles and into allura’s arms, along with 15 armed rebels and a couple of vegetables from earth. the entire episode is just him screaming, allura screaming, the paladins screaming, and the black lion kicking them all out. they never really figure out how exactly shiro got into the ceiling tiles but shiro says it has something to do with the vegtables.
  • the reunion episode between matt holt and shiro is just a complicationed dance routine with sam and pidge looking on in a mixture of shame and contempt. it has been months since they last saw each other. how do they know this. the entire dance is just the whole episode.
  • lotor is just a tiny alien in a huge mech suit, and once the paladins figure that out they put him in a glass jar and now hes a decortive item in the castle. the joke is that youre supposed to move it every time you see him to freak out someone. this ends badly as keith once woke up with it shoved down his shirt, and all of lance’s creams got replaced by several bad duplications of the jar. pidge is a master at this game as they can crawl through vents and place the jar of screaming prince lotor anywhere undetetced. 
  • shiro’s makeup bag gets replaced by alien substances and winds up geting posioned because he used some crushed berries as eyeliner, and the episode is him runnin though the castle, arm activated and destroying a couple of walls looking for his damned eyeliner. allura helps.
  • hunk and pidge are working on shiros arm (which needed maintenance or something) and they discover it can be turned into any body part. they accidently turn it into a foot and cant change it back so its just shiro walking around the castle like normal only its a foot.
  • the cow, which had wandered off on its own in the castle, gets an entire episode thats just from the cow’s point of view. it raids the kitchen at night and loves the food goo. it crawls though the vents and often scares the heck out of pidge. it has a collection of stuff it stole, like several of keiths knifes, lances moisturizer, a rolling stones album, several pens and socks, an entire altean ballgown, and coran’s ponytail bands. prince lotor in a jar eventually winds up in it but no one cares.
  • lance does DOFA deez nuts on allura at least once. the episode consists of pidge and lance memeing the other paladins. 
  • at one point someone adopts an alien cat. it hates hunk but loves keith. keith hates it and hunk loves it.
  • “every time you kill zarkon, theres a tinier zarkon that you can kill eaiser behind it. after you kill the last one, you become a god.” “lance put the redbull coffee down and put your shirt back on before i throw you into the pool.”
  • hunk swears, and everyone just stares. they suspect that hes a galra in disguise and try to anbush him while hes making cookies.
  • the paladins get into another time loop only when they get out of it, shiro and matt are 10 year olds, hunk lance and keith are maybe 4, and pidge is an infant. the episode is just allura, coran, and samuel holt just taking care of the children with their giant robot cats that also seemed to revert to kittens. lotor in a jar makes an appearence but its just him screaming for a couple minutes.

anonymous asked:

This is probably a stupid question, but what's with the toilet paper everyone is talking about in the new clip ? Is it a reference to something ?

AHHHHHHHH what an amazing ask. I am honoured.

So the infamous toilet paper is a recurring character in season 3 and a fan favourite. It is also now a guest star in season 4.

Our first appearance of the toilet paper was in the first episode and the first time we are introduced to Isak’s bedroom

But unfortunately this performance of the toilet paper isn’t it’s most memorable

as you may recall in episode 7 this happened

Before the reunion toilet paper was missing


Toilet paper is back!

and then at the start of season 4 Noora posted this on insta hahaha

with the caption “new room old details”

and now toilet paper has made it’s beautiful guest appearance in the holy trinity evak love shack clip we have all been waiting for

ain’t love grand

Outlander casts key roles for season 4

Viewers aren’t even halfway through season 3 of Outlander, but the producers are already hard at work on the next chapter of the epic Starz drama.

Two important roles from season 4 were just filled in Scotland: Maria Doyle Kennedy (Orphan Black) will assume the role of Jamie’s aunt Jocasta, and Ed Speleers (Downton Abbey) will play Irishman Stephen Bonnet, a pirate and smuggler.

Production on the fourth season, which will be based on Drums of Autumn, the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling Outlander series, began this week in Scotland.

Kennedy’s other credits include The Conjuring 2, The Tudors, and The Commitments. The Ireland-born actress is also an accomplished singer.

Speleers has been featured in Wolf Hall, ITV primetime drama Beowulf, and the 2016 film Through the Looking Glass.

Fans of the Starz drama are currently experiencing a temporary droughtlander, as the sixth episode featuring the much-anticipated reunion of Claire and Jamie won’t air until Oct. 22. But it will be supersized!

Outlander airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.