Me: “Did you watch the Walking Dead last week?”

My cousin, who doesn’t talk about Caryl ever: “Yeah I saw the episode last Sunday.”

Me: “Sooooo what did you think about the Daryl and Carol reunion?”

Cousin: “I loved it, but I want them to make out already!”

piscesgirl87  asked:

you know, i was SO worried that we wouldn't get a resolution in 8x14 but man did those guys deliver!!!! the whole entire episode was just SPECTACULAR!!!!! That scene! THAT STEROLINE SCENE was EVERYTHING i needed from them for the past couple of episodes!!!! i'm so happy!!! thats ALL i needed from them really!!! Stefan was SO sincere and SO loving and it was just everything i needed him to say to her!!! his BEST FRIEND!!!! also, i too think Damon is already dead. that scene made it kinda obvious.

LOL I’m glad because I know you really needed a romantic moment so I’m glad the episode finally delivered it. I’m actually surprised it’s as good as it was, I knew we’d get their reunion in 8x14 but I wasn’t sure we’d get a proposal and I definitely didn’t think the second one would top the first one.

Yeah I just think a lot of the lines said from Damon seemed to indictate that was his death scene, his final sacrifice. Him saying “it’s been a hell of a ride” and “this is how the tragic tale of Damon Salvatore ends” seem really ominous. And it was just too easy how they brought him back, and not in a “it’s too easy because we’re not trying” in a “it’s too easy because all isn’t what it seems.”

Yuri On Ice fandom through the episodes on Victuri
  • Episode 1: Ah, so cute just queer baiting tho
  • Episode 2: Wow this is awesome so far!
  • Episode 4-6: Wow ahaha so many amazing moments can't be more gay they'd have to kiss lol
  • Episode 7: I- What. Is this real. What the fuck.
  • Episode 8: My fucking life is beautiful and I'm so obsessed I-
  • Episode 9: The reunion OHMYGOD! Now they'd have to marry for it to be more gay LMAO

This couple. Viktor and Yuuri. They’re killing me. This contains YOI Ep. 9 spoilers. 

There’s this emotional reunion between them at the end of the episode, after they have been apart. It’s beautiful in general, but what is really killing me is how they focused on Viktor and Yuuri’s movement into each other’s space. We know how closed off Yuuri is with feelings and relationships. We know he didn’t like that girl in the past hugging him because he was feeling vulnerable and it felt like she was intruding on his heart, his feelings. 

We know that Yuuri sees his relationship with Viktor as something different (“he meets me where I am,” his moment of vulnerability with Viktor in the carpark), but he’s still been hesitant to ask Viktor what will happen if he loses the Grand Prix, hesitant to ask what will happen to them when the season ends. 

Here. Though. HERE MAN. This pic below is after Viktor and Yuuri first reunite and hug. Yuuri pushes him to arms length to ask Viktor to stay with him until he retires from skating, almost as if he’s preparing to protect himself if Viktor says no (BOI HE’S SO IN LOVE WITH YOU HOW CAN YOU EVEN WORRY ABOUT THIS AT THIS POINT OH MY GOD. ahem.)

But, when he asks, Viktor makes this face and kind of makes light of the question - “is this a proposal’ - after just kissing Yuuri’s left hand, maybe even his left ring finger if you’re super shipping trash like me and think that’s what he did. 

And then Yuuri does this.


This is so important for our precious closed off Yuuri. I mean, even with Viktor, who we all know he loves, he’s been cautious. Viktor - for the most part - initiates shared spaces, casual touching, the actual kiss in ep. 7. Yuuri is far less upfront about his feelings. Yes, we all know the Eros routine is basically one giant “I want Viktor and he is Mine” deal, but that’s still, arguably, not a super direct way of telling Viktor what he wants. 

This though. This is Yuuri telling Viktor what he wants. Yuuri being vulnerable with Viktor. Yuuri putting everything he feels for Viktor out there and Viktor, once again, meeting him (emotionally) where he is at. Only this time, Yuuri is the one to have made that push, to take that step, and creates that shared space for them. 

And then Viktor says he hopes Yuuri never retires. And Yuuri cries. And they clutch each other like this.

And I die. 

another Victor-already-had-the-ring™️ theory:

ok its 2 am and I’m rewatching yoi for the 3rd time today and I’ve been thinking..

remember our heartwarming airport scene??

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as already discussed, Yuri and Victor have been together every day up until this point for close to 8 months, and it was absolutely devastating to be apart (especially under the circumstances). Their beautiful reunion only confirms how much they love and need each other and can’t stand to be apart. So seeing Victor (with the outfit he left Russia in ep 9) in the episode 11 preview looking so upset was not a big shock.

Buttt watching episode 9 again, had me wondering… maybe victor isn’t just down about being apart from Yuri, but is doing that hardcore thinking he mentioned in the airport scene.

While in Japan, without his precious katsudon for what could not have been more than 3 days, Victor realized he never wanted to be without Yuri again, for as long as he lived. That he wanted to stay by Yuri’s side forever, and so decided he was going to marry that man. He bought the ring while in Japan, and that’s why the ideas of marriage and being together forever are already on Vctor’s mind when reunited with his lovely Yuri.

(tl;dr) after some soul-searching while alone in Japan, Victor decides he can’t be without Yuri ever again and that’s when he buys Yuri’s ring. HE’S HAD THE DAMN THING FOR WEEKS NOW, WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT PROPOSE. BUT YURI BEAT HIM TO THE PUNCH LMAO

reasons why mahdi disi is an absolute gem

  • at the beginning of the episode 3, when they boys confront isak about lying so they wouldn’t pre-drink with emma and her friends, mahdi teases him, but when isak mentions his mom and it seems serious, he’s just like “hey it’s fine. just organize another pre-drink” to lighten up to mood and to let isak know he’s not mad because he doesn’t want isak to feel bad
  • in episode 5, after isak sees even kiss sonja and he comes outside to tell the guys they’re leaving and mahdi jokes about a isak having a “family reunion”, isak pushes him pretty violently, like he wants to fight. but mahdi doesn’t push back. mahdi is not violent, he doesn’t want to fight, especially not his friend
  • we learn in episode 6 that mahdi is not mad at isak for pushing him. if anything, he’s just worried about him. he cares about his friend and knows something’s up
  • in episode 7, when isak tells the guys they’ll have a pre-drink at his place and he tells mahdi he won’t be violent again, mahdi just had the biggest smile on his face and tells him “that’s chill” HEART OF GOLD
  • i actually have to include the smile here. what a sunshine

  • in the same scene, he’s totally offended by the idea that people in the school might think he’s an homophobe, he thinks it’s not funny at all
  • again in the same scene, he doesn’t flinch when isak tells them he likes even, doesn’t seem bothered at all by the idea. when magnus mentions that isak hooks up with girls, mahdi says he might be pansexual and opens a small discussion about sexuality like it’s no big deal. because it’s really no big deal to mahdi
  • totally encourages his boy isak to reach out to even at the end of the episode, is okay with isak kicking him out and the boys when even comes over
  • has a biggest smile on his face when he meets even!!! once again, just LOOK AT HIM 
  • has a great appreciation for waffles. his priorities are in order
  • is just generally a good GOOD, kind, fun, loving bean
That time of the week again...

Time for a new episode of Supernatural and it’s gonna be a doozy, maybe you should sit down and have a…

Remember when Crowley brought his son back to the 21st century and we were all wondering where Gavin went and speculating about the loophole that was created??

Weeeeeeeell, it seems the mystery is gonna be solved cause GAVIN IS BACK

And it seems a grandmother and grandson are finally gonna meet…

who knows, we might even get a Macleod (dysfunctional) Family Picture:

Enjoy “12x13: Family Feud”!


Guys, think about it though. We all loved how emotional and intimate Yuuri and Victor were at their reunion at the end of the episode. And after going through post after post, I don’t think anyone could miss Victor kissing Yuuri’s ring finger and his “sounds like a proposal” comment when Yuuri asks him to ‘take care of him until he retires’. But I was just thinking of it today and I realized how neither country our boys come from (Japan or Russia) are very accepting of the LGBT community. Like I looked it up and saw…

And so I got to thinking that even for both of them to be so open with a proposal and whatnot, they couldn’t get married in either or their homelands. And even if they got married in another country where same-sex marriage is legal, they still wouldn’t be legally recognized as married when they went home.

And like, that made me really sad cause now we have these previews:

And in all ways they look like more of a date scene rather than any other speculation. And people are all commenting that the ‘gold and round’ item Yuuri wants to give Victor for Christmas is an engagement ring. And don’t get me wrong, I want them to be together just as much as the next YOI fan. But it just makes me so friggin sad thinking about how in love these two are and the circumstances surrounding them. I mean, Victor is pretty much stating that he’s done with competitive skating to be Yuuri’s coach until he retires. And Yuuri has already pointed out that he’s ‘the oldest in the senior men’s division, by a lot’. And now looking at the domestic side of their lives, it’ll be a really big challenge socially just for them to be happily together or even recognized as a couple let alone accepted as one. So when we get something like this:

Just know, that that’s about as much as we can get right now. And like now I’m a mess and crying cause wHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY LIKE ALL WE WANT IS TO KEEP THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN SAFE AND WARM AND HAPPY AND TOGETHER

since season 2 is almost around the corner, here’s a list of things i wanna know/want them to happen in it:

  • hunk’s past/background/family
  • more hunk moments in general
  • every paladins’ birthday
  • all the official last names™
  • confirmation/hint that hunk and lance are childhood friends
  • keith’s past
  • why keith dropped out the garrison
  • broganes™ confirmed
  • how lance’s family feels about lance disappearing
  • how the garrison informed hunk’s, lance’s families and pidge’s mom about their disappearances
  • how is Miss Holt doing since she’s all alone with the family dog
  • Finding Sam and Matt Holt
  • Shiro’s past
  • klance reunion hug i’ll literally fight dreamworks 
  • lance to actually say “space ranger partners” in an episode
  • keith and lance get married
  • if shiro dies allura to be the paladin of the black lion
  • idk.. what happened to the arusians? i guess
  • galra keith real or not real?
  • black bayard where art thou
  • previous paladins past!!!!!!!
  • thace?? who are u
  • is sendak… dead? or somehow still alive?
  • rolo and nyma come back for another episode at least
  • shay comes back and becomes a regular
  • the paladins come back to eath and reassure their families that they are alive like please i’m so sad about this i want them to know they’re okay
  • lance’s younger siblings getting excited over the lions and he takes them out for a ride
  • lance introducing keith to the fam

andddd idk feel free to add i guess

The biggest debate after episode 9

In Yuri!!! on Ice fandom we ask the most important questions, the greatest of them so far being the one from episode 9.

‘’Is the round gold thing an engagement ring or a gold medal?’’

A Study in Pink sets the stage for all of our future expectations. Nothing in this show is done by accident, and the way it is all handled is masterful. Seeds are sewn in this first episode that will never cease to matter throughout the duration of the show.

Take the first meal Sherlock and John share together at Angelo’s, where Angelo insists that the pair must have a candle for their table:

It seems like sort of a “joke” in a way–something that could easily be brushed off if we didn’t all know that TJLC is real. And the candle thing continues to be a theme. Illumination itself is a subtle theme throughout the show, with all the color-coded lights and the fact that Sherlock dubs John his “conductor of light” in “The Hounds of Baskerville.”

I noticed something recently when watching what is surely one of the favorite scenes of all Johnlockers: the reunion of Sherlock and John at The Landmark in the episode “The Empty Hearse.” This is the night Sherlock returns, supposedly from the dead, and interrupts John’s (rather lackluster) attempt to propose to his girlfriend Mary in a rather half-hearted effort to, in his own words, “move on” from Sherlock.

Notice anything missing from John and Mary’s table?

There’s a lamp, sure, but no candle. Maybe that isn’t terribly unusual. But look at the other tables in the restaurant:

Most have candles.

It doesn’t stop there. When Sherlock catches his first (heart-stopping; you can clearly see that in his face, just as it has been pointed out that if you isolate certain audio tracks in this part here you can hear Sherlock’s thudding pulse) glimpse of John after two years away…

how does he see him?

There is a candle placed strategically between them, clearly visible from Sherlock’s vantage point.

This isn’t the only throwback to Angelo’s on this night. If more is needed, I’m including this little bonus below. The writers have done this *so many times,* where certain words and phrases come back again. It isn’t an accident and it isn’t lazy writing. We’re talking about the combined efforts of two very good writers here, and though John’s nerves on this night aren’t exactly hard to pick up on, we get this cherry strategically placed on top:


How could you do that? Hmm? ;)

that hug...

Ok because I can’t yet bring myself to actually talk about the scene inside the house,  because it still reduces me into a blubbering mess, I decided to talk about something  else. 

That second hug.. because my God just take a look at this…

(gif by @hypernovadust )

The more I look at the less platonic this looks. I mean if you take a look how tightly they are wrapped up together,  you could not get the crack of dawn between them. And take a look at her hand on the back of his neck, in his hair as she pulls him a little closer. It’s at that moment when he presses his face into her shoulder and seems to breath her in.  It is in direct reaction to her hand caressing his neck. 

This is just a beautiful thing to look at. These dorks love each other so much and it’s so clear they don’t want to let each other. When you are holding someone that close and reacting to their touch  this way, they are clearly very, very special to you. 

Daryl has to pull away almost foricbly because if he dosen’t he’s never going to leave that is perfectly clear.  And tells her to take care of herself and walks away without looking back because… well he’d go back if he did. 

He has to go and dosen’t really want to. And she dosen’t want him to go, the way she watches him leave. These two really at this moment don’t know if they will ever see each other again. It is pretty heartbreaking at the same time its beautiful. Its really everything they are. 

These two look like two people who need just a little more time. A bit longer of break. More time together in this quiet place. They look so close to falling over that edge it does feel like it is only a matter of time. 

I mean the way they are holding each other right there guys…  can there be any doubt?

And when that happens they are really gonna kill me guys..

voltron season 3 episode predictions
  • shiro falls out of the ceiling tiles and into allura’s arms, along with 15 armed rebels and a couple of vegetables from earth. the entire episode is just him screaming, allura screaming, the paladins screaming, and the black lion kicking them all out. they never really figure out how exactly shiro got into the ceiling tiles but shiro says it has something to do with the vegtables.
  • the reunion episode between matt holt and shiro is just a complicationed dance routine with sam and pidge looking on in a mixture of shame and contempt. it has been months since they last saw each other. how do they know this. the entire dance is just the whole episode.
  • lotor is just a tiny alien in a huge mech suit, and once the paladins figure that out they put him in a glass jar and now hes a decortive item in the castle. the joke is that youre supposed to move it every time you see him to freak out someone. this ends badly as keith once woke up with it shoved down his shirt, and all of lance’s creams got replaced by several bad duplications of the jar. pidge is a master at this game as they can crawl through vents and place the jar of screaming prince lotor anywhere undetetced. 
  • shiro’s makeup bag gets replaced by alien substances and winds up geting posioned because he used some crushed berries as eyeliner, and the episode is him runnin though the castle, arm activated and destroying a couple of walls looking for his damned eyeliner. allura helps.
  • hunk and pidge are working on shiros arm (which needed maintenance or something) and they discover it can be turned into any body part. they accidently turn it into a foot and cant change it back so its just shiro walking around the castle like normal only its a foot.
  • the cow, which had wandered off on its own in the castle, gets an entire episode thats just from the cow’s point of view. it raids the kitchen at night and loves the food goo. it crawls though the vents and often scares the heck out of pidge. it has a collection of stuff it stole, like several of keiths knifes, lances moisturizer, a rolling stones album, several pens and socks, an entire altean ballgown, and coran’s ponytail bands. prince lotor in a jar eventually winds up in it but no one cares.
  • lance does DOFA deez nuts on allura at least once. the episode consists of pidge and lance memeing the other paladins. 
  • at one point someone adopts an alien cat. it hates hunk but loves keith. keith hates it and hunk loves it.
  • “every time you kill zarkon, theres a tinier zarkon that you can kill eaiser behind it. after you kill the last one, you become a god.” “lance put the redbull coffee down and put your shirt back on before i throw you into the pool.”
  • hunk swears, and everyone just stares. they suspect that hes a galra in disguise and try to anbush him while hes making cookies.
  • the paladins get into another time loop only when they get out of it, shiro and matt are 10 year olds, hunk lance and keith are maybe 4, and pidge is an infant. the episode is just allura, coran, and samuel holt just taking care of the children with their giant robot cats that also seemed to revert to kittens. lotor in a jar makes an appearence but its just him screaming for a couple minutes.

I am so happy that RuPaul’s Drag Race FINALLY CAST A TRANSGENDER QUEEN ON THE SHOW AND ARE ALLOWING HER TO BE OPEN ABOUT IT FROM THE BEGINNING. Transgender women have been a staple in the drag community for as long as drag has been alive and some of the queens I look up to the most are trans women. I am THRILLED that the producers are finally acknowledging that transgender women have a place in the competition beyond just a “shocking reveal” at the reunion or a plot device for a single episode. Peppermint better represent!


Emotional Steven Universe episodes come out so fast I can’t draw fanart of it quickly enough !!  This one though… Wow…. _(:‘3 」∠)_