I hate hate HATE being a downer…but I’m just so damn tired of being disappointed by this show. What used to bring us joy, just piles sadness and disappoinment again and again and again and I am literally counting the days until we are freed from our bondage.

No Chris or Darren solos this season.

Break ‘em up again. 7 episodes of Klaine angst and quickie reunion with no real discussion or resolution.

Bring back Kurt’s worst nightmare as a ridiculous midgame for Blaine.

Give Kurt a creepy old man to catfish Kurt.

Give the happy wedding planning to another couple.

Waste precious episodes on new people who are very much likable but 2 seasons too late.

Throw a bar mitzvah for some strange new 13 yr old no one knows and blow yet another episode on him.

Let every single person on the planet sing more than Chris and Darren.

Give screentime to newbies instead of properly wrapping up the originals storylines - send the fan faves into oblivion.

Don’t give us Blaine’s backstory or a family.  Tease us with his mother only to waste her completely.

Have the worst television writer write what should have been the most important and epic episode ever - the wedding.  Completely and totally destroy the vows and the reunion speech “everything was messed up but now it’s fine”.   “Is this something that you’d want?”  REALLY?

Give Rachel what she doesn’t deserve, have everyone be there for her, prop her up, support her, when she never thinks of anyone but herself - worst friend ever.

Burn Klaine’s sacred place to the ground all so you can have an excuse to blend the new new Warblers with the new new ND and create a super group of new new people that no one knows or has had a chance to give a shit about and give them all the songs and don’t let the people we want to sing, sing anything.

And THIS is what RIB and the writers think we all wanted?


Second batch of snaps from this week’s season finale of Star Wars Rebels. 

So, Ahsoka is Fulcrum. Kinda expected it, well more hoped than expected actually. But it was a nice surprise ! After the way she left in Clone Wars, there was no way her story was over. And let’s be honest, her departure and abandon of Anakin played a huge part in his transformation into Vader. 

Which brings us to Vader being introduced in the same episode as Ahsoka !!! If they confront, shit is about to go down. I wonder what Ahsoka thinks about Vader, and if she even knows it’s Anakin. Can’t wait for the reunion and season 2. Season 1 was flawed and far from perfect, but if they follow the paty of the last few eps, season 2 is gonna own.

PS. : last pic isn’t a snap but a released promo picture. Can’t tell for sure if her sabers are light blue or white. And her new design is pretty awesome. And it’s nice to see the her face without the square features of the Clone Wars. Always bugged me. She looks a bit more real here.


" Wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith." | " She’s alive."


In the new PV, roughly translated.

"Is there anyone who can hear me??"

"This is the Future Foundation speaking. I am Makoto Naegi- Komaru?!"