totally legit 100% accurate not fake steven universe episode summaries
  • Restaurant Wars:peridot’s literal interpretation of “cutthroat kitchen” goes too far. gordon ramsay guest stars
  • Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service:kiki's new anime obsession nearly puts fish stew pizza out of business...because anime
  • Monster Reunion:steven is reunited with a beast we've all been dying to see again: that one weird plushie that's always about to puke
  • Alone at Sea:the entire 11 minutes is about a fish that has absolutely 0 relation to the main cast
  • Greg the Babysitter:greg accidentally sits down on a literal freaking b a b y

this is late but  based on the official sneak peeks posted, the episode blurbs and personal speculation, i made myself a list of episodes that would be good to rewatch before the episodes air this week. the italicized eps are ones that were on the list last week, so if you watched them then, you probably don’t need to watch them again

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Do you think Centipeedtle will only be in the coming episode, Monster Reunion or do you think she will be in other future episodes too? I really hope that she will be in future episodes... I want her to be a Crystal Gem too.

well i  think she’ll be in future episodes yes 

Other summaries of Summer of Steven episodes according the the program guide in my Canadian HD-PVR

Steven Floats

Steven jumps for joy, but jumps too high.

Mr. Greg

Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl.

Too Short To Ride

Steven visits Funland with Amethyst but runs into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.

The New Lars

Steven analyzes Lar’s life. (sic)

Restaurant Wars

Steven settles a rivalry between owners.

Kiki’s Pizza Service Delivery (sic)

Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.

Monster Reunion

An old friend returns.

The summaries for Drop Beat Dad and Alone At Sea is just a generic summary of the show.

P.S. Does anyone already know that Alone at Sea is after Monster Reunion?

EDIT: A quiet update

Drop Beat Dad

Sour Cream put’s on a show with Steven’s help, but Sour Cream’s stepdad doesn’t approve.

Greg the Babysitter

Greg tells Steven how he got a job at the car wash.

2 confirms “Monster Reunion” for Wednesday, July 27th. So far, the confirmed episode airings we have for the summer event are:


July 18th

Steven Floats

Drop Beat Dad

July 19th

Mr. Greg

July 20th

Too Short to Ride

July 21st

New Lars

July 22nd

Beach City Drift


July 25th

Restaurant Wars

July 26th

Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

July 27th

Monster Reunion


THIS IS BETTER THAN A STEVEN BOMB BECAUSE ITS A EPISODE EVERYDAY FOR ABOUT THREE OR TWO WEEKS. We all will all die! XD I don’t want to make everyone mad about if this doesn’t happen but keep in mind that I just found this and posted it on Tumblr and didn’t expect this much people be crazy about it…

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*SU Spoiler* Summer of Steven Matching Episode List and Clips Week 2

We are about to get into week 2 of the Summer of Steven special! Week 1 was great. We got to learn more about Steven’s powers, Peridot discovered new powers, learned more about Homworld, got to see Stevonnie again, and saw new characters along the way. Now it is time for week 2 of the special and more shall be revealed! Although I did mention week 2 on the previous plot theory, some of them were lacking due to no clips and one episode being misplaced (the Bismuth one but just because it was the wrong episode and I did not know she would be getting her own episode). Some things will have the same concepts because it was similar but more detailed and will have clips. Get ready because this is going to be fun.

1) “Restaurant Wars”

“Steven settles a rivalry between owners.”

I was not off that it would be a feud between Kofi and Mr. Fryman. However, did not expect that it would be Steven who technically started this whole thing by eating mozzarella sticks.

Kofi sees this and misreads the off menu item as stealing his business. Being the easily angered fellow he is, Kofi will now sell fries. This literally starts a restaurant war between Beach Citywalk Fries and Fish Stew Pizza.

Since Steven started this and will probably feel bad about it later on, he will try to fix this and he is not the only one. It seems the kids from both restaurants do not like the feud for their own reasons. They will come up with an idea to settle this feud once and for all.

This might turn out to be a Romeo and Juliet type thing. Why? Because Ronaldo and Kiki are holding flowers next to each other and proclaiming they don’t want to be separated. Plus it’s two restaurants feuding over something silly and pointless. Rings a bell to any Shakespeare fans (or anybody who did a play or analysis on the play). There might be romance but I am really hoping it will just be them trying to end the feud as being friends. Plus, Ronaldo and Kiki do not seem like the type to date each other. But if they do it will be pretty cute and funny to see how this relationship unfolds. Bottom line, Kofi and Fryman will end this feud because it upsets their children and they do not want to harm their kids in anyway or form. A truce will be met.

2) “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service”

“Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.”

Kiki is delivering pizza literally on foot because her sister broke the car. Steven seems a bit worried about Kiki but doesn’t see it that serious. After eating a whole pizza, he sleeps and will probably be dreaming. He has a pizza dream and is flying with rocket sandals. However, a hand grabs Steven and this will be Kiki starting her nightmare.

Sadly, we do not see the first part, but will be clear that Steven is now worried and wants to help Kiki. His method seems to be eating pizza with a headband before going to sleep. Even Kiki decides to join to help as well.

Although Steven is pretty prepared with his rocket sandals and pizza cutter, this might not help because this is Kiki’s nightmare. In fact, Kiki might be the one to beat her nightmare. Notice how there is a cheese Jenny in her dream. Her sister might be the cause of her nightmare because she did make her job a lot harder. Also Jenny does not seem to take the job seriously and just wants to hang out with friends and have fun. Kiki is the serious sister who does her job and tries to work. She could be frustrated because Jenny always makes her job harder or jealous because Jenny can have fun without any seriousness. Steven will have Kiki confront Jenny in the real world and this will make their relationship a bit open and stronger as siblings.

3) “Monster Reunion”

“An old friend returns.”

Before I get into this I will apologize for the previous plot theory with Bismuth. I did not know she would have her own episode and the new leaks came out recently. I am still believing it will happen as I said it in the previous theory just in another episode. Still I am sorry about that.

The old friend will be Centipeedle. Steven heals MC Bear Bear with his healing spit which means he can heal again. Noticing this he asks Garnet if he could heal Centipeedle. At first the Gems are not too sure if this idea is good but trust Steven.

That is when he heals Centipeedle and she is in her real form (at least half of it). The reason I say half is because we see her form still like her previous one. She also cannot speak since she is using art to communicate or at least trying. This means she could still be a bit corrupted but can control her impulsive rage.

There are three centipeedles in this picture. We might know more about Centipeedle and her Gem kind in this episode. Steven will try to understand and fix this. His healing could be permanent or temporary depending on the situation the episode will lead.

4) “Alone at Sea”

“Steven and Greg take Lapis Lazuli on a boat ride.”

This episode is going to be really serious. Reason is because this is one made by Rebecca Sugar. “Laser Light Cannon”, “Cheeseburger Backpack”, “Together Breakfast”, “Cat Fingers”, “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, “Alone Together”, “Maximum Capacity”, “Rose’s Scabbard”, “Jail Break”, “We Need to Talk”, and “Keystone Motel”. Not all of these episodes are sad but do have serious themes in them. Pretty much any episode Sugar makes is bound to be deep and serious.

We see Steven taking Lapis to a boat his dad rented. Because buying it would go “over board”. Ignore the bad pun and notice how Lapis doesn’t know Greg but it isn’t too awkward (I think). Lapis is a bit nervous going on the boat because she doesn’t want to be near water.

Water is a touchy subject as we have witnessed from “Barn Mates”. She was imprisoned under the sea fused to Jasper for a long time. Not exactly great memories to associate water with. However, Steven knows that water is who Lapis Lazuli is and tries to make her relate water to good memories. He even tried naming the boat after her (ironic that it was named “S.S. Misery” before changing the name).

She seems bored because all they are doing is fishing. Trying to make it seem interesting, she plays around with her powers and seems happy it brings smiles to Steven and Greg. They also explore the boat and play around. All seems well right?

Now if the leaks are true (not sure) than we will have an unexpected guest arrive; Jasper. Jasper seems pretty angered at first because she probably sees Steven again. However, her focus seems to shift to Lapis.

She seems desperate to fuse with Lapis again because she feels powerful when they are Malachite. However, it seems Lapis felt other feelings besides saving Steven when fused.

It seems Lapis was taking her frustrations and lashing at Jasper. She seems somewhat guilty about it because she was hurting Jasper for some other feelings Jasper was not involved in.

However, this does not mean Jasper is not at fault either. She did try to fight off Lapis and won in “Super Watermelon Island”. Instead of un-fusing she decided to stay as Malachite because of the power. In this it seems like she wants to fuse again out of desperation which is not like Jasper. She is a proud warrior type personality and seeing her like this seems out of character. Although she did go mad in “Chille Tid” when she tried to reach Steven.

However, we do not know if all or just a few of these pics are leaks. I have heard two different sides that these are fake or real and it is hard. If this is true than Lapis might imprison Jasper or punch her so hard we can’t see her for some time. This will be a tricky episode depending on the leaks.

5) “Greg the Babysitter”

“Steven learns how Greg came to work at the car wash.”

We are going to see a glimpse of the past on how Greg got the car wash. This was one year before Steven was born. This could hint at Rose getting pregnant sometime during the episode. The world “babysitter” would suggest that Greg may babysit one of the young gems. High anticipation would be Amethyst because she is the wild one of the bunch and Garnet and Pearl don’t really need be watched over.

This will give us the relationship between Greg and Amethyst before Steven. We did get a hint from “Maximum Capacity” but not the whole story as to what happened. Hoping this episode might be funny and light compared to others. Or it could be pretty serious but light like some episodes.

Anyway that is my plot theories on week 2. Can’t wait to see what happens this week since we got leaks and promos of the episodes already. So far Summer of Steven is great and we get to learn more about the crystal gems!


his head slowly turns towards you, the mask still on, you can see his eyes just barely through the glistening circular glass slots where he looks through, the smoke still billowing up…

Episode 33: Reunions (2.09/2.12)

All new episode names times and dates

18, Mon: – 306/307 – Steven Floats/Drop Beat Dad

Jul 19, Tue:  308 – Mr. Greg

Jul 20, Wed: 309 – Too Short to Ride

Jul 21, Thu:  310 – The New Lars

Jul 22, Fri: 311 – Beach City Drift

July 25, Mon: 312 – Restaurant Wars

July 26, Tue: 313 – Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

July 27, Wed: 314 – Monster Reunion

July 28, Thu: 315 – Alone at Sea

July 29, Fri: 316 – Greg the Babysitter

August 1, Mon: 317 – Gem Hunt

August 2, Tues: 319 - TBA

August 3, Wed: 320 - TBA

August 4, Thu: 321 - TBA

August 5, Fri: 322 - TBA

More to be announced later…

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What's next week's episode line-up?

July 25 - Restaurant Wars
July 26 - Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service
July 27 - Monster Reunion
July 28 - Alone at Sea
July 29 - Greg the Babysitter
Aug 1 - Gem Hunt

shit man I feel so alive?? Pokemon Go is getting me outside, which in the long run is better for my depression and is keeping me healthy, that new Steven Universe episode??? Like damn that was so good, and also new Gravity Falls content? Sign me up! And now MCR possible reunion??? Life is good and my skin feels great

Hear me out Grey's fans

If Grey’s Anatomy stops, they won’t do the show justice with a one-hour series finale. They won’t even do it justice with a two-hour finale. They’ve done that many season finales, and then some. No, I want a whole damn farewell season.

Hear me out. They’ve done plenty of special episodes before. Why not give the viewers 24 episodes where each episode focusses on one character, or a couple. They give them closure in that episode. Answers.

And there will be reunions. The alive characters. And the dead ones. There is plenty of oppertunity for creative ways to get back many old characters. Have Arizona and Addison work together on a case. Make all the cardiosurgeons come back for a cardio conference. Cristina as a speaker, and every one of her mentors in the room. From Teddy to Burke.

And what about Izzie? Sure, I’m not her biggest fan but I have ALWAYS wondered what the heck has come of her. What kind of doctor is she? Did she have children? Even when Katherine doesn’t wanna come back (it’ll make het look bad but whatever), there are many creative ways to mention her, give us satisfying answers.

Perhaps she even dies, the cancer came back and they all go to the funeral (scratch the medical conference at that point). Sure, its a sadder reunion. But it’s still very Grey’s Anatomy.

And the dead people? Has anyone seen the Desperate Housewives finale? It’s so great. As Susan leaves the lane, she sees all the ghosts of everyone who’s died on the show. They don’t say or do anything. It’s so powerful. Anyway, the show doesn’t have to copy that. i’m just saying there are great ways to get back George, Lexie, Mark and Derek. Even Ellis. Or Adele. Denny. Or Henry. And it doesn’t even need to be believable or realistic. Meredith has literally drowned and saw dead people for an episode. It could be a kind of sick tribute to all the ways she’s almost died.

Fuck, I even want to know what happened to the vet Mer dated for like two seconds. And Tatcher? How’s he doing? The only family he’s got left is Mer, his estranged daughter and his other daughter (Lexie’s sister).

Anthing’s possible if you just have the time. A season will do, no?