The Vivid Blue Mineral That Grows on Buried Bodies and Confuses Archeologists

In 1861, a railway engineer by the name of John White passed away, was buried in a cast iron coffin, and began a slow transformation from White to blue.

The explanation for this spooky color change, which has occurred on numerous occasions all over the world, lies in the composition of the human body. Among the molecules contained within us is phosphate, a central phosphorus atom bound on four sides to atoms of oxygen. Phosphate is present in the hard bits of bones and teeth (as part of the mineral hydroxylapatite), helps hold together strands of DNA and RNA, and is used by cells to store and move energy around as well as to organize their many protein-driven activities.

If a dead person ends up buried somewhere waterlogged, lacking in oxygen, and loaded with iron, the phosphate leaking from their decaying remains can slowly combine with the iron and water to form a mineral called vivianite. Read more.

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also while we're at it, INSULT YA OWN SON

also #problematic. grow An Emotion ffs, and no, tranquil fury does not count. smoking is a disgusting habit and you’re gonna regret it later, and by later i mean as soon as i figure out how to jump into the television and punch you in the face for your bullshit smoke tricks in the background of every single scene you’re in.

The Life and Death of the Social Media Experiment

Since my Variety “rickroll” yesterday, I’ve spent a great deal of time reading tumblr notifications, tweets and tags from passionate women and men of all ages who were angered and saddened that I lied about the cancellation of the 100. I’m still processing this. I’m still learning. But I have gained perspective and more than ever, I am profoundly grateful to you, my friends.

No mass media, no social, exists in a vacuum. As a blogger or tweeter, we bring with us our life experience, the events of the time, and the collective memory of all the stories we have been entertained by (or not). Every revelation or cliché. The joke was supposed to be harmless, only giving the viewer a small chuckle and a moment to contemplate on two things. The first, the impact of mass hysteria. The second, the harmful spread of misinformation through social media.

For many fans of mine, you know that I love a good rickroll. I take enormous pride in that, as I do in the fact that I continue to get people and have them mad for a second before laughing at the fact they’ve been rickrolled. The honesty, integrity and vulnerability of a cheap rickroll serves as joy for many of my fans. 

The thinking behind the ultimate tragedy was to heighten the drama and underscore the universal fragility of the show. The show will most likely be cancelled, that is what made the rickroll easier to believe. But the end result became something else entirely — when somebody posted the image to twitter without the link to the rickroll. The image took on a life of it’s own.

While I now understand why this criticism comes my way, it leaves me heartbroken. I promise you baiting or hurting anyone was never my intention. It’s not who I am.

Those of us lucky enough to have a platform to tell stories have an opportunity to expand the boundaries of inclusion, and we shouldn’t take that for granted.

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I just finished reading Map of my Heart and Mind and ohmygosh. It was so good!! I finished it in a day, and I'm emotional.... Do you have any good fic recommendations??

OH MY GOD I love that fic. 

My all-time favourite phanfic is Pretty Odd (Things Have Changed For Me and That’s Okay) by Cadensaurus.  IT’S BEYOND AMAZING, and it’s by the same author. All of her stuff is amazing.  

Also Our Threadbare Lies, and I Dare You to Love Me, are also both really good. 

Also the one Dan wrote is pretty good I guess haha XD 

goD so many people wished me a happy birthday today and i am forever grateful for it. i still can’t fathom that this community has so many kind people and that you’re sticking around with me throughout my nonsense lmao 

i just

thank you from the bottom of my heart tbh

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Look at this. Look at this man. This is a man who just saw his friend take two strikes to the skull with a baseball bat. This is a man who, in a moment of grief and rage, lashed out without thinking of the consequences beyond ‘I am willing to go down swinging’. A man who thought he’d take the heat for what he did. Who would never have done it if he’d known his friend would die for it. Absolutely, Glenn’s death is on Daryl’s head. Daryl made a big fucking mistake. But it was a mistake that Daryl didn’t foresee the consequences of (blinded by rage as he was), and one that he’ll have to live with going forward. But make no mistake, the blame for Glenn’s death lies with Negan most of all.

I would like to clarify, I’m not trying to defend Daryl as if he has done no wrong. I don’t expect anyone to have to absolve Daryl of blame or guilt for his part in Glenn’s death (particularly Glenn fans). But I think it’s important to consider that Daryl wasn’t thinking “I don’t give a shit who gets hurt because of me”.This is a grey area, you could come down as pro-daryl or not depending on your interpretation. So as far as I’m concerned, there’s no need for anyone to start getting hateful to others for being more or less forgiving.

What if there actually was no life or time before you were born, and it all just started on your birth but no one knows that. Technically your time did start on your birth, so before you were born there was nothing for you, but what if there was nothing for anyone else either. Others born as teens, adults, or however old they would have been when you were born. What if it’s all lies that you were brought up to believe?

This has been the Children’s Fun Fact Science Corner.

zayn: *says anything, especially something very personal to him*

racist nobodies online: he’s a liar!!! all lies!!! the devil himself!!! he’ll get his karmic retribution for leaving the four white babies that MADE him. #betonit

1000 followers aesthetics

In celebration of my first thousand followers, *toots celebratory kazoo* I’m gonna make moodboards for you guys based on the vibe I get from your blog.

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Thank you guys so much for coming on this wild ride with me I love you all.


lafayette spaghetti (daveed x spaghetti)



there was a bowl of spaghetti.

“why dont you cover youself in spaghetti?”


“we dont have any spaghetti” he shrugged and turned away

“daveed what are you doning?”


“i thought you said we didnt have any spaghetti?”

“i lied.”


“dude what the fuck”

“you said to cover youself in spaghetty”


“too late i like yhe spaghetti”


“rest in spaghetti never forghetti”


Ich muss wirklich sagen, dass ich seit diesem Wochenenden mal wieder gemerkt habe, was für eine Power Musik eigentlich hat. Das ist echt der Wahnsinn. Besonders bei meiner Lieblinsgrichtung Hardtechno fällt mir immer wieder auf, wie krass Musik ist und was sie alles bewirken kann. Du machst ein Set, ein Lied oder einen Track an und du wirst direkt umgeben von diesem wunderschönen Gefühl. Die Musik nimmt dich mit auf eine Reise und lässt dich erst wieder los, wenn sie aufhört zu spielen. Vor allem im Club spürt man die Power, die hinter dem Ganzen steckt. Deine Lieblingsmusik auf richtig guten Boxen, mega Laut mit 100 Menschen um dich, die mit dir feiern. Was gibt es besseres ? Dieses Gefühl von Familie und Zusammenhalt, was ich besonders bei Techno spüre, ist einfach nicht mehr normal! Das ist so unbeschreiblich, dass ich es wirklich nicht in Worte fassen kann. Jeder der mal auf Techno feiern war ( oder eben auf seiner lieblingsrichtung an Musik ) kennt dieses Gefühl sicher genauso gut. Wie schaffen es ein paar Bassschläge, Klänge, Melodien und Gesänge nur einen in so einen Zustand zu versetzten? Das ist etwas, was ich nie wirklich verstehen werde, aber ich bin dazu umso glücklicher, dass es so ist wie es ist. Was wäre die Welt nur ohne Musik? Eine Situation die für mich wirklich unvorstellbar ist. 

So und zum Schluss wünsche ich euch allen noch eine schöne Woche und ganz viel Musik ! Genießt dieses Wunderwerk so oft es geht, es wird euch genau so verzaubern! ♥

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Have you ever felt trap in a horrible greedy family? If so how did you deal with all the complaining, selfishness, and lies etc

Ah, I get the feeling you’re asking this because you are feeling it in your own life. I’m afraid I can’t draw much from personal experience. Ma and Pa may have been a bit selfish, and liars to a certain extent with both of their jobs, but I for one never felt trapped there. I had Stanley, for starters. I did feel trapped in that town, mostly because I felt I could go to bigger places, but it didn’t have to do with my family. 

I suppose I would say that you don’t have to feel obligated to have a relationship with your family if they aren’t kind to you. If they’re as truly awful to you, wait a few years, save up your money, and work to become independent. Perhaps having more space to yourself will improve the relationship. If they continue to treat you poorly, strive to be at a place where you can cut them off. You must demand respect for yourself, even from your family. And even if they are your family, they have to know that toxic people aren’t welcome in your life.

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Hey, is Takemiya the most prolific yuri maker who has ever existed, or does it just seem that way since she basically has an entire scanlation group doing all her work?.

Hi Anon! Takemiya has indeed released a lot of works, so your question got us thinking for a while. We don’t know too much about other creators’ output, so how about I tell you what we know about our beloved sensei and anyone interested can compare with what they know about their favourite yuri artist.

Takemiya Jin started creating original yuri doujinshi in Febuary 2007, going public with her first work at Sunshine Creation 34. After producing a few series of doujins for two years and occasionally collaborating with Horii Kisuke, she won Yuri Hime’s Division Prize for ‘All My Love and Lies’, earning her a place as a regular artist in Comic Yuri Hime, beginning in March 2009. She has not missed publication in a single volume of Yuri Hime since then.

Takemiya continued to produce doujinshi concurrently with her Yuri Hime works, and in 2011 she also began publishing her longest series to-date in Rakuen: Le Paradis (Fragments of Love), complimenting it with infrequent related web comics (’Love & Piece’). Her work ran in the first 15 volumes of Rakuen: Le Paradis, after which she has continued to create web comics for Rakuen WEB (’Irrational Us’).

Even though Takemiya took a break from producing doujinshi between December 2011 and December 2013, she has created approximately 64 doujinshi as of October 2016. Some of these have been compiled in professional publications, which – combined with her collected works from magazines – total 14 books. Neither of these figures include the unknown number of newsletter-likes Takemiya would illustrate to accompany some of her early doujins, nor the brief 4komas she sometimes makes as preorder bonuses for her publications.

In addition to all this, her doujinshi efforts since 2014 have made it so Takemiya usually has something new for a handful of major comic conventions, and she regularly attends COMITIA, Comiket and GirlsLove Festival with these (as well as bringing special shikishi and offering sketch commissions).

As Comic Yuri Hime begins its monthly run and is absorbed by Kodansha, we’re unsure as to whether Takemiya will increase her output or find another arrangement with the magazine, but we’re fairly certain she has an insatiable drive to create LGBT manga and will continue to produce the fine work she does at a regular pace.


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Heyy, I was just wondering how you keep your faith in the Lord and find joy and peace in Him because I really don't know how to do that right now. Thank you!

Honestly, my faith in God is not that big or may i say not perfect at all. I always fail to trust God every time, i mean even though i say to Him in my prayer that i will completely trust Him, my heart fails to do it; there’s a little doubt that always find it’s way to lessen my faith. But God is faithful, He knows how much faith i have and even if it’s little, when you ask Him to have more faith in Him, God will certainly give it to you in ways you don’t expect yourself to have such. I find joy and peace in God every time i listen to Him through reading His Word -the  Truth. That despite of all the lies of the devil God comforts me in many different ways you just have to choose Him over the negativeness that the devil is throwing at you. And all glory to God because i could not have any of this if it’s not because of His abundant and immeasurable grace and love for all of us that sustains me every single day.  God bless you anon and i’ll be praying for you and i’m sorry for the late respond tho.