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20:26 wondering if I made the best decision in choosing music as my career path. Hope everything goes well in the future. I just don't want to waste 2 years of my life studying it even tho my mum doesn't approve of it. I love it tho, so much.

You know music industry is very hard and difficult! But you should try it as it is what makes you happy! And then you’ll always have time to do something else! Always do what makes you happy, not what could make others happy! x

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guess my sign? im a girl thats 5'4 with medium brown long hair & medium/light brown eyes i love animals (cats are my fav tho) im really smart but i dont push myself to the edge my fav school subjects are; math & history & science sometimes im very romantic and love really hard & am clingy but am understanding of personal time i also cant make decisions to save my life lol i love making people feel better and making them laugh & i want to be a doctor/nurse & im also very empathetic

Cancer af omg

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the fool, the lovers, justice, the tower, the sun, the world

The Fool: Something you’ve always wanted to try
Acid, writing, um going down on a girl lol

The Lovers: A person who makes you very happy
I have so many great ppl in my life. They all make me happy in different ways. Hanging out with Julie this weekend tho was great. I missed her bunches

Justice: A decision you wish you could do over
Going to “hang out” with C before I moved. I regret that more than anything else I can think about rn. I was being a naive idiot.

The Tower: Something that changed your life
My Mamaw dying, getting my full ride college..

The Sun: Your happiest memory
Um. That’s hard? There’s a lot and I’m sure I can’t think of the HAPPIEST. Just hanging out with my friends and having a good time is my favorite.

The World: Your dream job
I really want to succeed as a translator, which is what I’m going to school for. I could travel and meet so many new people and be involved in other cultures. It sounds amazing.

Thanks :)

I was gang raped and then my year long boyfriend broke up with me. It’s been three months and most things still trigger me. I’m stuck in a cloud of depression and I completely cut, my now ex, off because he was a massive trigger too. I miss and I love him still even tho he ignored me for weeks after the rape and only contacted me to tell me that it was a very hard decision for him but we would have to end it. He tried his best to be there for me after like giving me rides home at night after class but then from nowhere he changed and only spoke to me with aggression and as if he was trying to distance himself. It made me ten times worse so in order to get better I had to cut him off.
Being raped by three men held down as others watch and laugh and then you’re boyfriend ignoring you can really mess up a person. He made me feel guilty as I wanted it he thought I had cheated. It’s horrible how I still love him I’ll never know how he felt but I know that he loved me too.
But the anger I feel towards men is ridiculous. I’m terrified of sex and relationships now. Loneliness and triggers of that night are inevitable.
Never underestimate the trauma behind rape for both people in a relationship.
Never underestimate the trauma of rape in general for both sexes.
In probably a year it will still be too soon.