Free Weekend on Steam - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Grimoire: Manastorm for free this weekend

A new ‘Free Weekend’ offer is already available on Steam. You can now download and play the full version of two games completely for free, but only for this weekend. The following titles are included in this offer:

Both titles are available for Windows operating systems only. You could definitely take a closer look on both games, because both are really good ones! Skyrim should be well known, so I save myself from giving a more detailed description here. However, Grimoire: Manastorm is a multiplayer shooter that plays like Unreal Tournament with wizards and has surprised me in a very positive way. Despite a few technical issues that are quite normal for early-access titles and the rather old fashioned graphics the game is extremly refreshing actually and definitely worth a try! But better be quick, as these games are available completely for free only this weekend!

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Review - To the Moon (PC, 2011)

An imperfect gem - lovely story and characters, but flawed gameplay

It’s difficult to find a discussion of videogame storytelling or “games as art” that doesn’t bring up To the Moon. I confess to not being particularly interested in it when it came out, but as its status as an indie touchstone became solidified, I figured I should at least give it a shot to see what the fuss was about. And it turns out that it’s quite a lovely game. Compared to the general standard of videogames, the writing is very good, with interesting ideas and believable characters and dialogue. The music also stands out as above average. The gameplay is very limited, and of generally mixed quality, but as a whole package, To the Moon is worth experiencing.

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writingwhileiwander asked:

Give me a character: Riza Hawkeye

Oh goodness, I am afraid I will not do her justice let’s see

Riza smells like a Gardenia bouquet at the entrance of a Central bakery.
Standing at attention outside Roy’s office with one earbud in her ear, playing Indie tunes such as Of Monsters & Men or Wolf Gang.
She collects firearms and hair barrettes.
Her bedroom is very clean. It’s colorful, but the colors are muted. She has a queen-size bed (because she is queen), and a tall lavender vase on her bedside table (I know we’ve seen her bedroom in the show, but this is what I picture in my mind.)
She doesn’t eat very much, but she’ll eat anything at any time.
She probably enjoys novels. She’s a common sense girl, but she spends the night in a real novel with adventures and witty dialogue and heroines and romance.
Her most prized possession is without a doubt Black Hayate.


This one just gets me feeling good for summer!

I’m finally graduating, and it feels weird. I’m kind of scared and excited about these coming months.

Oh, and we were demoing Pitfall Planet at OCEDiscovery here in Toronto today and yesterday. It’s been very busy, but hopefully we’ll have some more dev updates to talk about soon! We are porting to Unity 5, so there’s some stabilizing we need to do.

MyTagged by the wonderful seattle138 this 11 question thing, I answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions, tag some people and hope they don’t hate me: let’s begin!

  • A guilty pleasure? Shit I don’t know guilt isn’t ever a good thing… I guess I have certain ships that are guilty pleasures? Yikes!
  • Something you are proud of: My HOT gf porcelain-infinity who’s not feeling very hot so send her some love please
  • The first thing you would buy if you had infinite money? I have two folders, one labeled “Clothes” and the other labeled “For Arden” I’d buy everything on that and then a ticket up to visit her.
  • Favourite indie game: I don’t play many indie games, I’m a fake gamr girl honestly.
  • (Assuming racism wasn’t an issue) where’s one place in history you’d like to go: 1920′s-50′s. I just think that time is so interesting, I’d like to know what war actually feels like when you’re not being lied too all the time.
  • If you could live in the fictional world of a tv show, which would it be? Madoka Magica’s world, I want to be a Magical Girl and then a Witch and ruin everything ever
  • Favourite song from a video game soundtrack: Lighter then Air from BioShock Infinite, it reminds me of what “happiness” is actually
  • Favourite thing to do with your ( or someone else’s) hair: I like brush my hair, I like brushing other people’s hair too
  • Favourite video game franchise (and or) movie franchise: The MCU probably, Joss is an ass but idk I guess we stick to what we know
  • What is the weather like where you are?: It’s been nice in Houston lately, we had a HUGE hailstorm the other day that WRECKED the trees
  • Favourite beverage: Diet Coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My questions are: 1. Song stuck in your head RIGHT NOW? 2. Latest Source of Anger? 3. How would you handle being stuck in the world of the last video game you played? 4. Yogurt or Ice Cream? 5. Snails or Snakes? 6. Suits or gowns? 7.Have you ever been in a fistfight?

I tag i-am-the-lordofthebears p0etrywh0re

fuck i cannot think of anyone else fukc me if you see this please do it


I recently picked up Sunless Sea on the Steam Roguelike Sale and am enjoying myself rather slowly.

Very slowly.

It’s a good game, but ‘slowly’ is the keyword in my aforementioned sentence. That’s why I said it twice with ‘very’ before it.

You take the role of a ship captain, exploring the supernatural waters of the ‘Unterground Zee’, a mysterious and magical body of water deep beneath the surface of…what I can only assume is Earth.

The lore is rich and interesting with great, dark concepts popping up everywhere, although the writing is slightly difficult to get used to at first. Combat is simple and intuitive, and it often does a great job at making things feel like they’re changing in the background - there have been plenty of times I had made a decision only to wonder what said choice did to affect the ominous and mysterious forces determining my fate. The game is immersive and well-established, which I appreciate deeply.

The big problems I found were in the design of the game itself. When you’re sailing on the Zea you putter on at a blindly slow speed. While this makes combat manageable and surprisingly interesting, it makes travel feel drawn out and uninteresting. With little to look at besides the grey-green screen and a single boat puttering along in the center of the screen, I found myself actually standing up to do other things to bide my time as I progressed from one point to another, enemies be damned.

It also adopts a ‘rogue-like’ approach by claiming that the proper way to play the game is with no manual saves and ‘perma-death‘ enabled.

However after my ten hours and numerous deaths I’m struggling to understand the reasoning behind that choice and the only conclusion I can make is the designers are trying to pad out the game’s length.

The only instances I’ve found myself to be dying was when I encountered enemies far more powerful than myself and wasn’t able to escape, nothing that was really in the realm of my control since by the time you’re close enough to examine an enemy it’s usually within range to attack you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing on it’s own, lots of rogue-likes have perma-death that is swift and unforgiving. But the deaths I incur only result in me spending a half-hour doing the same grinding to regain the same lost supplies and fuel to make the trek out to Zee over again as a new character - which makes it a bad thing.

I guess I just don’t understand why.

If I die, I lose my ship, my crew, my gear, quest progress, everything. That should be enough. But having to roll a new character and re-make my income and complete the same starter quests I’ve already completed five times over feels like unnecessary busywork. They’re nothing new. Nothing about the experience has changed enough for me to want to play the first hour over again. It quickly turns playing the game into work that I don’t want to do. You wouldn’t play an MMO that made you re-do your first 10 levels after every time you died, would you?

This also prompted a rather jarring instance of ghoooooost quests! I completed a quest line wherein (long story short) my captain burned to the ground one of the most prominent settlements in the eastern Zeaboard, killing it’s inhabitants and rendering it void of any sign of life. However, after that captain died and my next one inherited his boat, the settlement was once again there as though nothing had ever happened, despite my new captain setting off to Zea a day after my previous one bit the dust.

Overall, Sunless Sea is an interesting experience I’ll definitely be playing more of on my down time in order to scrape up as much of it’s world as I can, but it’s definitely going to be an uphill struggle to do it.

Dating Application

Name: Dipper

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Eye and hair color: Brown

Height: About 5 feet

Sexual orientation: I think I’m either hetero, bi, or pansexual (I still haven’t figured it out)

Tattoos or piercings: Nope

Smoke/drink/drugs: Nope (unless you count prescription drugs), and I hope I never do.

Employment: Not old enough

Vegetarian/vegan: Nope

Favorite music genre: Probably rock, indie, and Weird Al.

Favorite color: red, blue, and light brown

Do I get along with my family? Yep, very much so.

Do I like kids? Sort of, although many my age are mean or obnoxious.

Any talents: I’m good at solving mysteries.

Hobbies: Surfing the web, playing video games, solving mysteries, and being with my sister.

Perfect date: Maybe go out to a restaurant that we both like, take a drive, then come home and play video games.

Why should you pick me? Well, I heard you have a crush on me (sorry if it’s not true). I’m also genuinely nice and respectful to most women.

Why do I want to date you? You seem like a cool girl, and all the girls I like live in other states.

AAaaaAAAaaaaaaaaaaa YES

If you don’t have any good games to play, I recommend Don’t Starve Together on steam.  It has a good single player and multiplayer survival -type gameplay, and a very good one at that for an indie game; definitely worth looking into

No No NO

So there I was, just about to fire up some black and white, claymation indie game when all of a sudden I was bombarded with a singular ad from Ben & Jerry’s. It was advertising not a new Stephen Colbert/Jimmy Fallon ice cream. No no no, something far more south of the border than that. It was an advertisement for a fucking ice cream burrito.

I don’t you’re familiar with the idea of mixing latin foods and ice cream together but the evidence shows (Choco-Taco) that it is a very good and delicious idea.

HOWEVER!! There comes a time in every ice cream making gay couple’s life when they have to ask themselves whether not America is ready for an ice cream burrito. Most homosexuals are people of wisdom and so they opted out because it was the moral thing to do. But now we got some goddamn renegades out for diabetic blood. (Full disclosure, I don’t know much about diabetes)

Oh ho! And its becoming available on April 20th no less!

If this had happened say three years ago I would be chuckling to myself and sharing the inside joke with people I know. But its almost halfway through 2015. Even your Korean pen pal’s grandma’s pen pal knows all about fucking 4/20 by now! Its just asking for trouble and unless you’re about to open some ben & jerry’s dispensaries then I suggest that you stop it right now, you big meanie.

cutestprincess asked:

i there were some good indie games that did the wario land style of gameplay, it's very fun and unique but ive never seen anyone go for that.

the only one that comes to mind is MAYBE mutant mudds, but that’s just me saying that from the few screens i’ve seen of it, never actually played it

do agree that it should be a more-used game style tho

A discussion of RPGs that seek to be more inclusive of minority characters.

I’m all about sharing the love here at Mythic Ramblings. So when one of my closest friends writes an fantastic article, I just have to support her. I know a lot about a lot of things, but RPGs is one of my shortcomings. Good thing I have the wonderful Whitney Beltrán to educate and inform me about all the ways some indie RPGs are bringing diversity and inclusivity to their games. It’s amazing, scholarly, and very accessible to those of you who may not have a ton of experience with RPGs. I’m very proud and inspired to see how one of my myth colleagues is making mythology and narratives work in a fun medium. Head on over to Tor to read it.

  • Flying on the Breeze
  • Connor Leary

This song kinda got away from me. I originally started writing it because I was messing around in Unity and decided that once I’ve learned more, I’ll make a little fun 3d platformer like this indie game called Plucky’s 3d Adventure. It’s an Xbox indie game and shamelessly rips off Mario 64’s controls. That’s okay though, Mario 64 has the best 3d platform controls around, and this game is made instantly better by feeling similar. My only problem with that game though is that there’s two music tracks in the entire game, and neither of them are very good. The music loops are about 20 seconds long and sound like they were downloaded off a website with the words “free”, “web”, and possibly “planet” in the domain name. I figured I wanted to write some fun music that might go in my own 3d platform game.

I started with a vague idea of what I wanted it to be. I figured I wanted the kind of music that your highschool concert band might have played, and it was that one song that everyone really liked to play. The actual music term for that would be “con spirito”. I’ve tried to write con spirito style music in the past, but there’s always the problem of bad midi soundfonts that aren’t punchy enough to write something that sounds bouncy. This time I finally decided it was time to actually find a solution. I did about ten seconds of searching and found a VST plugin for Fruity Loops that has a bunch of great orchestral soundfonts.  Using that soundfont was like a whole new world. It was fucking magical, the drama that I could add. The majority of the instrument synths here are from that plugin, though it has some failings which forced me to use other synths for certain things.  It kind of feels like I’m selling my soul, but … it sounds … so good…

The song itself was a bit of a stretch for me to write. It wasn’t hugely difficult, but it also wasn’t easy. Mostly it was time consuming. A lot of careful consideration went into almost every bar, and there’s a whole lot of little bits and pieces that hopefully will shine through when you listen to it. The harp part in particular was murder to write. It’s just a whole bunch of broken chords, but there’s a whole lot of notes there in the chorus. This is one of the few songs that I’ve written where I could probably take the sheet music, tinker with it a bit and have it ready to play by an orchestra or band.

I’m really satisfied with the song itself, but the big star here is this sound that I’m getting out of this new plugin that I’m using. I’m really excited at this. It’s going to be so useful.

I’m playing that game Seduce Me. Its….not very good. >< Its a good product for an indie romance game but I was expecting something better after all the hype.