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My friend and I wanted to do a sort of walk-along with the Hobbit as a sort of exercise project. I guess what I'm asking is how long their journey was, both in terms of miles and months! We want to do it up until Durin's Day, which is my birthday this year!

What a fun project! Well, here’s what I can tell you: Bilbo and the dwarves left Bag End on April 27th, made it to Rivendell by Midsummer, and arrived in Laketown on September 22. So all in all it was about five months.

As for distance… Tolkien never got all that specific with the distances himself, but according to Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of Middle Earth, the estimated distance between Bag End and Rivendell was a little over 450 miles, and then from Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain it was a little over 550 miles. So in total about 1,000 miles!

If you haven’t already, you should check out The Eowyn Challenge, which has set up walking challenges from Bag End to Rivendell, and then from Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain. They map out how many miles you should be walking a day, where in Middle Earth you’d be at any milestone, things like that - could be a great source for you and your friend. Good luck!

Real quick render to show this guy off a little better. I will do a better one in the future when I get a bit more time. Right now I tried to render an ambient occlusion pass and my computer begged for mercy.

Flight Rising players might recognize it as an Imperial Dragon. I was playing FR a lot when I started this model. Now I don’t play anymore, but decided to finish it anyway. Was a really fun little project and I’ve learned a lot.

Types of Project Managers : Which one are you?

If you get in my way, I’ll kill you! - ideal project manager
If you get in my way, you’ll kill me! - somewhat less than ideal project manager
If I get in my way, I’ll kill you! - somewhat misguided project manager
If I get in your way, I’ll kill you! - A tough project manager (eats glass, live cats, etc.)
If get kill in will way I you. - dyslexic, functionally illiterate project manager
I am the way! Kill me if you can! - messianic project manager
Get away, I’ll kill us all! - suicidal project manager
If you kill me, I’ll get in your way. - thoughtful but ineffective project manager
If I kill you I’ll get in your way. - project manager who has trouble dealing with the obvious
If a you getta ina my way, I gonna breaka you arm. - project manager from New York
I am quite confident that there is nothing in the way, so no one will get killed. - project manager who is about to get in big trouble
If you kill me, so what? If you get in my way, who cares? - weak, uninspired, lackluster project manager
If I kill me, you’ll get your way. - pragmatic project manager
If we get in each other’s way, who will get killed? - An utterly confused manager
Kill me, it’s the only way. - every project manager to date.


I’ve been having fun lately with another little project for my daughter, creating colouring pages of my Tree Change Dolls. It crayon-tested well and I’ve put together a colouring book I’d like to share with you.

The book is available for instant download through my Etsy shop here . It features 8 black&white colouring pages and 4 full-colour pages with photographs and information about me and my Tree Change Dolls.

I am hoping it will make a lovely present for a special little person you know and a fun activity. (When you are not upcycling dolls!)

And remember that there are no rules on how to be creative. You can colour these pages however you like, in any colours, inside and outside the lines. Please add your own touches too. If you wish to add freckles to the doll’s face, or tomatoes to the garden plants, feel free. Enjoy!


1/144 Zaku Struzter Resin Kit by B-Club Modeled by ED

While I haven’t done too many resin kits yet, I enjoy them very much whenever I do.  This guy was a real treat and an awesome piece to have since I love AOZ suits.  Once I get all my Hazel units finished this will look so lovely displayed with them.  The struzter has a pretty interesting design and after putting together a kit of it I can understand how it works a little bit easier.  Totally awesome and fun little project I did over the course of about a week.  Cant wait to do another resin kit soon. 

Full set of HD photos at my blog -

Another goal reached in the Pokemon Pokedex Project! I had a lotta fun drawing this dude

Pokedex Project


Also as an aside, I’m probably gonna fiddle with this blog some, change it about. It will still be an Pokemon RP/art blog, but it will be independent. What does this mean for PAC? Absolutely nothing, I’m still happy to interact with anyone and do anything, the only change is the label, really. 

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This is really random. But seeing you learning elvhen with Fenxshiral is probably one of the highlights of my dash. it's such a fun project (almost makes me want to try my hand at learning too tbh)

Emma sarannas falon! Ar nera dirthan vi’dirth’elvhen.  Although I’m bad at it and what I do know is usually dirty words and curses. 


This was a v sick / fun project in highschool and I was v proud of it and I love film photography and should pursue it more probably

So, today is also Trans viability day.

Hi I’m Taemin and a Transman…sort of, it’s confusing, technically I’m not. I’m intersex, but no one seems to have an explanation for what that makes me. I see a lot of hate and violence directed at people for even discussing the issue on this website but I really do enjoy talking about things such as gender expression and biology.. because haha, well that is a large part of my degree and will be a fun side project for when I get my general medical license. 

If you’re curious or don’t mind if I talk to you about these sort of things I would really appreciate if you inbox me and introduce yourself. Heck, even if you love asian food message me too, I need more foodies and friends.


a really fun project i did for my experience design class! we had to make a toy based on a metaphor, this was called “chain reaction”.

Project by Patrick Ngai Chun Kwan, Camilla Golabek and Allysha Michelle

Homestar Spa is a planetarium for your bath that not only paints the room with stars, but includes Rose Bath and Deep Ocean graphic domes for changing to a different mood. The waterproof planetarium floats in water and contains a bright light that projects out into the room, or even into the tub itself when flipped over creating relaxing atmospheres using ambient lighting. 


NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

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