Thanks for reading along here everyone. These things are really fun for me. Check out the kickstarter page. I look forward to typing with you all again soon. Let’s change the world! – Bill 

Thank you for your awesome questions. This has been really fun. Please back this project so we can follow Bill as he changes the world… with science! – Filmmakers Jason & David

here’s a fun twist idea: project joker’s fan rankings on the tv in the living room for 20 seconds and watch shelli have a crisis 


I must remember to…

Usually I don’t write about ‘quote posters’. I often find the messages of encouragement or inspiration a little too inane. However, these gritty looking reminders transcend the genre. 

Mario De Meyer’s contribution to Memodarium project  is full of fun, lifting lines from Gwen Stefani and Iggy Pop. The restriction of a two colour palette pulls them together well as a set.

Seeing a bunch of talk about TTGO and how it’s let teen titans down made me want to revisit some of the characters that inspired me to get into animation. So, when I had some time while the students were working on their projects, I had some fun. :) (I am SO not used to photoshop CS6 and the school’s tablets haha oh well)

Why I’m gone

Like many of you have probably noticed. I’ve been pretty dead when it comes to updates for the past half year or so (soooorry) 

For some reason I always get busy with thing. I don’t mean like im busy constantly but I do something one day and I forget that I have a blog or im just too lazy to do more than one thing a day (the life of a lazy girl)

Lately I’ve been working on a project, which is actually A LOT of work, but super fun (I’ve posted about it earlier, The Zelda book project) and I’ve finally turned into an extreme shipper. What? An extreme shipper? (Incoming rant)

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Goblin cannon crew. Goblin warfare is quick to adapt, or lift, whatever the hot-new-weapon is, but typically without a real grasp at how to actually use the damn thing. Goblin No. 211.

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Alright….. So this was a comic I drew about a year ago. I never finished it. I never even added the dialogue. Why? I took so long on this short comic and hated it the more I worked on it and it stopped being fun. I’ve never had a comic stop being fun so I decided to stop working on this project. I don’t regret stopping but I think maybe I should show you all what I had created anyway. This is the first time I’ve done a digitally colored comic. This project started in April 2014 and I decided to stop it in September 2014. This project took way too long. It just made me not want to draw. Anyway I never ever want to give up on a comic again, feels pretty bad. Art wise I love this comic, story wise its horrible. Lol enjoy :) page 21


The doodle will be based off their url, blog title and/or description, and possibly the first couple of posts I see on their blog!


The second part of this piece that no one asked for but I drew anyway. Enjoy. I guess? This time with way more words than needed.

I’ll just be over in the corner drawing more stuff and finishing things haha.