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What meme would they be?


Noctis: Wake me up (wake me up inside)

Prompto: Either Pepes or the “how to find someone in a crowd” meme.


Ignis: The meme faces from 2009 - 2011 (me gusta, troll face, etc). Nothing like vintage memes. Probably would also be the Kermit sipping tea.

…. is your weight fluctuating.

Andrei: No.

Don’t bullshit me.  … I have to stay on top of his damn weight because he likes to troll me by doing things with it in a usually subtle manner.  And then I realize what happened and I flip my shit.  xD  If he gets too fat it’s quite unflattering.  If he gets too thin it…… really doesn’t look right.  >_>;

You’re not bullshitting me are you?

Andrei: I’m kinda BUSY RIGHT NOW.  (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Exactly my point!  Because it’s not readily easy to check until tomorrow if you’re bullshitting me!

Andrei: ฅ(˘ω˘ )ฅ

Andrei: Total rawr!  ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)  ….. wait…….

Johanna: (croaking loudly)

Andrei: The FUCK, woman….


Johanna: (continues croaking defiantly)

Elvira: ………. siiiiiiiiiigh….

* - Oh Lunacy moodlet…..

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???? but I thought non binary meant neither female nor male and lesbian is a female-only term??? is this blog a troll? please tell me you are a troll

Lesbian is a woman or woman-aligned person who is a ttracted to woman or woman aligned people from my understanding. A nonbinary person can be a lesbian

-Mod Lapis

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I had the right to put BSP in line cause he isn't good enough to become an engineer. He's rude, brash, and has no fucking brain. He can't do the work and is a failure. I told him the nice way, but people called me a troll. And he's a shitty friend cause he betrayed blocked me for being myself. As for bug and you, both of you refuse to see me as an equal but retort to making me look like a fucking idiot. WTF are you trying to do me? Stop acting like dickheads and admit I'm right.

Aaaannnnd there’s the troll I’ve come to know.

First, I didn’t know you went to school and studied with BSP. And I didn’t know you were such an authority on engineering. Oh wait, this is my 5 year old troll I’m talking to. BSP has 98% of what it takes to be an engineer: perseverance. He’ll do just fine.

As for making you look like an idiot? No, you do a good enough job of that on your own. I’m just friendly enough to share it with the world. Because it’s damned funny to watch you snivel worse than my toddler.

You next message will result in you being blocked again. It’s been fun.


every animated movie trailer I hate

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I needed your Croseidon back in my life bro. Your amporas give me life. I can now live another year thank you so much

Oh my, I’m glad a bit of Croblerone helped you live for a little longer, sweet anon ;-;
Here’s to another year full of Crodinson, Son Of Crodin… Crobama… Your croblematic fave… The Crommunist Manifestcro… Crosicle… Cromeo… The Legend Of Crorra… Ol’ McCronald… Crochacho… Han Crolo…

One of the Reasons Why Limebloods Will Always Exist

Dear reader,

what you are about to read is purely a theory or a headcanon but also an opinion. While my original intention is to prove that extinction of limebloods is nearly impossible I could be wrong. If this headcanon by any chances offends you - there is no law/rule that you must listen to this headcanon. Ignore it and move on and don’t be so salty about it. You will just waste your energy on irrelevant things.

This theory is a collection of biological facts and rules which apply to Earth and Earth organism. We do not have any sufficient knowledge of how the troll reproduction, DNA, and the entire process of grubs being made looks like from the biological point of view.

If this theory raises any questions, I am more than eager to answer them all.

Thank you for understanding.

(Also there are like 3,000 words, or 9 pages)

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