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So, for this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for Q (which, I'm aware you likely don't care. Lol) and Jolie. There's no doubt in my heart that y'all are absolutely amazing!! I'm thankful to Q for being himself (Loyalty to those he cares for and his merciless replies to many anon's, in particular). And Jolie, I'm thankful to you and your imagination! Really... You and your works (images and fanfics alike) have gotten me through a rough few months. (1/2)

Aw, thanks so much, hun! And of course I care! Everyone’s love for my terrible troll son gives me such joy, you have no idea TwT

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time of late, but I am glad if stories/art were able to help you get through it in some small way. We all have those times and all we can do is soldier on, so kudos to you for doing just that in the face of whatever adversity it is you’re facing in your life.

Here’s to things looking up for you again real soon, if they haven’t already, kid



36 Trolls. 2 Per Week. Spring 2018. At this rate they’ll finish showing the Trolls on March, which lines up with the window to release it.

The fact they already have the designs for all the Trolls tells me the development is going along quite swimmingly as well. I thoguht they were ordered by Blood Color- Since we see the Gold and Teal, and you can see a few like, a posh Indigo-looking guy at the bottom-left corner, or a Gamzee-like angry boi two spots to the right, as well as some almost Kanaya-esque (And a Swifer Eggmop wannabe nearby?) between the Gold and Teal. The Jade section is, in fact, also preceded by two quite wild-looking Trolls that could be Olives.

However, the third Troll shown has strands of hair that look like an Axolotl, which would tie them to the First Guardian, and likely, mean they’re Fiamet, but they’re at the beginning and Fiamet is a Limeblood, so it throws the order theory off. Not to say, two rows under ‘Fiamet’, there’s someone in a top hat and with a cane, which seems extremely fancy.

Also, Beekeeper Troll? Seems they maybe replaced the original 3D Models with new ones since they used to be Fantrolls of the team? There’s also a fisherman that looks different from the original 3D Model… If so, it’s a sad day, Beekeeper was quite the cutie. But I like the shorty! I’m excited to see all of them and learn their oh-so-hard-to-remember names.

The hype is real.


I can’t believe I did this in one day.
Thank you so much, my little trolls for playing with me, that was really interesting and intense to do. Maybe I will do more in few weeks.
I noticed there was lots of requests about The invisible Child, the last dragon on earth, Adventures of Moominpappa and the Secret dish! I know i didn’t draw an Adventures of Moominpappa’s doodle (something’s coming ;D ) and I certainly forgot some episodes you asked me… But you were so many! XD

Last thing, even it’s doodles, I swear I did my best. Thank you to be with me and I hope i will give you the need to rewatch some episodes!!

Unintentional Intercourse

Context: So during this campaign (all of us except one player and the dm are total noobs), my party stops in a city and most of us join a singles tournament.  Me, a very small, asexual (bc I am too, it’s just what I know best) dragonborn rogue, makes it onto the second round, where I’m up against this troll woman with a flail.  Battle starts, I tried talking smack but rolled too low and ended up turning her on a bit.  As the fight continues, I get tied up unable to move and the troll woman sits on me to hold me down.

dm: be careful, you’ve been rolling pretty low and-

me (ooc): I’m gonna dragonbreath the pussy

dm: ….what?

me (ooc): I’m going to breathe fire in-

dm: ok ok ok roll for it I guess

me: *rolls a 3* *looks at dm* oh no

dm: *looks me dead in the eye trying no to laugh* so, you wiggle to get into position, and cunnilingus ensues *slight pause* and she’s really enjoying it

(Eventually I escape and get tied up again, but this time my head is held between her thighs.)

me (ooc): ok so fire didn’t work, I’m gonna try using the horn on my nose to stab her in the vagina

dm: ok, but just make sure you do better than last time

me: *rolls a 2*

dm: so….this time you use your horn to stimulate her and she’s so pleased she’s immobilized

me: *physically banging my head on the table*

me (ooc): I FUCKING DRAGONBREATH THE PUSSY *rolls an 18*

dm: wow, you did it.  she’s totally done.



i’m gonna try doing these for every Troll Call character! wish me luck everyone :’’0

(if u cant find set #w/e on my blog, its probably bc i havent made it yet!! these icons take some time to make, and im usually very busy with schoolwork, sorry… i’ll tag every single one of them though, so you’ll definitely be able to find sets once theyre done!)

currently practicing my parallel parking skills while an AH-64 Apache Attack Chopper peppers all the parked cars on the side of the road with its 30mm chain gun just to troll me

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Sorry to burst your bubble but Naruto never reacted to Sasuke being in danger the way he reacted to Hinata. In the Pein arc and in the Last he looked like he'd lost his effin world. Your ship can't top that.

I’ve got bad news for you, anon. You might wanna sit down for this one.

Who am I kidding? You’re right-

My ship-





So either we didn’t watch the same anime/read the same manga, or you’re trolling me. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble.