I have a few thoughts about Keyleth’s new tattoos...

Let’s start this off by saying I am not here to start drama that is the last thing that I want or need right now. I have always been an avid Keyleth/Marisha supporter because she gets far too much hate as it is. However, these tattoos really aren’t that ok. There will be a few Māori words in here so if you don’t get it just google it. Under the read more because it got very wordy.

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So Team RWBY, does Blake dislike going to the doctor like cats hate going to the vet? If so, how do you get her there? Maybe some sort of trickery or a carrier? (Asked by anon)
  • Weiss, with a sigh: The only time we ever needed to get Blake to the infirmary was when she got food poisoning this one weekend.
  • Blake, covering her face: Oh my god please don't tell anyone about this.
  • Ruby: I mean. We DID tell you not to get the sushi.
  • Blake, burying her face deeper into her hands out of shame: I thought they would've known how to properly handle fish!!
  • Yang, eyeing Blake and with an 'If you just listened' tone: Dude...we told you like three times EACH not to get it. I mean was a /pizza place/ that served sushi...
  • Weiss, with crossed arms: And YOU, were foolish enough to trust that sushi.
  • Ruby, groaning in the memory: It took all three of us AND Nora to drag you to the infirmary.
  • Blake, now curled up in a ball on the floor: Guys please.
  • Weiss, stomping her foot down: And /I/ had to pay one hundred and twenty lien to get Nora's outfit dry-cleaned because SOMEBODY vomitted on it!
  • Yang, grumpily: Not to mention Ruby and I had to clean the halls from here to the infirmary.
  • Blake, with tears streaming down her face comically: Guys I'm sooooo sorryyyyyyy
Yang has anyone had the guts to trick Ruby into eating raisin cookies? If yes are they hurt? (Asked by lookinaro235)
  • Yang, shaking her head: Nope. Ruby's got this crazy sixth sense about cookies. You just can't trick her at all.
  • Yang: I swear she knows like three thousand different types of cookies by heart.
  • Ruby, with her chin high: Actually it's only seven hundred and forty two different type of cookies I know by heart.
  • Yang: You see what I mean?