The Power of Love (Part 1)

I got this idea of a draco x (ravenclaw) reader back on the 9th and now its the 23rd so yea it took me 2 weeks to finally get the nerve to write it down and post it.Being March 23rd, Ravenclaw Pride Day iIve made the reader ravenclaw though it wouldn’t really matter now but in later parts.

This is my 1st ever fanfic so please be nice and i would really appreciate it if you guys tell me what you think of it! Running the story in my head I realised that it would be pretty long so I’ve decided to cut it into parts (no sure how many yet but I’m thinking around 2-3)

Before I forget,I’d like to thank the people^ who encouraged me to write this even though I was doubtful back in my previous post.

BG of the Story:Starts in the end of HBP in the astronomy tower when Dumbledore and Harry just got back from retrieving the locket,and will continue on to DH later


Themes:Hurt,Comfort and Tragedy

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You don’t what gotten into Draco this year,ever since you guys came back for sixth year.He’s become distant.You’re wondering what has happen between now and the last time you were both here in the astronomy tower.What has happened to all the promises and the moments who shared with him here past curfew.Everything was fine during the summer,you’d send letter to him every other other and him the same to up but back at platform 9 ¾ he didn’t even seem to notice you,heck he didn’t seem to acknowledged that you existed! Yet even a whole school year later you find yourself walking up to the astronomy tower thinking about what used to be,pretending nothing has changed.

You were pulled out of your thought when you felt a hand grabbed you by the arm and pulled you onto the second landing.’Draco? Is that you?’you asked,thinking that Draco has finally come to his senses and would talk to you.But it wasn’t.’Harry what the hell?You scared the shit out of me!’.’y/n what are you doing here?‘Harry asked.You were about to answer when you heard hurried footsteps on the stairs.’y/n whatever happens do not make any sound or move an inch.Dumbledore’s orders.’He said and pointed up.Indeed Dumbledore was there but was give such orders?You were about to ask when —’Silencio!Petrificus Totalus!—-’Sorry y/n I don’t want you to do something rash.’Rash?Rash?Did the boy who did things without rationality told YOU YOU a Ravenclaw not to be rash?He maybe one of your best friends but seriously?Did he just–you couldn’t even complete the thought.With your head still looking up you saw him,Draco,your Draco.Gosh what is he doing here?His platinum blond and pale skin seems to be whiter and paler than normal.What is happening to him?Why is he keeping secrets?Between your thoughts you heard him say’You don’t understand,I’ve got to do this or he’ll kill me!’What? Your mind goes to overdrive,flooded with more questions than before.What is he doing?Who’s gonna kill him?Oh no oh no please don’t let it be—Stuck in your thoughts,everything faded into the background and the only thing that brought you back to reality were the words ‘Avada Kedavra’.With your body stuck in your current position your vision scope was limited but that wasn’t stopping a Ravenclaw.You scan the tower just in time to see a stiff Dumbledore fall backwards off the rail.Harry must have seen it too as cast you free of the enchantments.Harry ran past you but you quickly caught his arm ‘Where do you think you’re going?’‘To follow the death eaters ofcourse!’he said with anger ‘Are you insane Harry?Listen to the footsteps there must be at least 4 of them or maybe more! We’ll never stand a chance and they’re probably escaping by now,besides I think its more important to get to our headmaster who just fell off the tower from the killing curse!’And with that you ushered him out to the grounds.

You two were first at the scene.It didn’t seem really,not to you anyway.Dumbledore was one of the most powerful wizard he can’t just die when they battle hasn’t even begun.Yet here he is on the ground looking as peaceful as being asleep.You wrap Harry in your arms,the boy is crying.He had now lost 2 father figures in his life so what if he is the chosen one so child should suffer like this.You don’t know how long you’ve been comforting Harry and whispering words to him.You both only separated when McGonagall gave a speech and asked the crowd of students you hadn’t noticed before to have wands raised in honor of the late headmaster.Slowly students turned to go.It was all too much to take for you so you too decide to go leaving Harry with Ginny,Ron and Hermione.

You were on the way up to your dorm when you saw a familiar looking blond boy walk 3 times pass a wall and into the room of requirements.You decided to time to face your fear and follow through.

The room has taken shape of a …. well there was nothing except a silhouette in front of a fireplace. ‘Draco?’you said cautiously.‘Draco?’ no answer.You reached him with a few more steps and you realised that he’s crying.You pull him into a hug,gosh you missed him but now it’s not the time to focus on your needs but rather on his,so you tired again ‘Draco darling,whats wrong?’still no answer ‘Draco,I won’t judge you but I don’t like seeing you like this.I want you to tell me what’s bothering you,it’s okay if you won’t tell me now but I want you to know that you don’t have to lift this burden alone,that I’m willing to shared that weight of yours cause I love you,I love you even though you ignored me and put me through hell this past year.But even that didn’t made my love waver because I love you so so much.You know that right?’‘y/n I’m so sorry I truly am and you ought to know the truth to why I was so distant.’ he said as to broke our embrace.‘But promise me one thing y/n that whatever I tell you,you won’t run away until I say all that I have to say.You can after I’m done and I won’t stop you.I just need you to understand alright?’‘I promise.Ravenclaws often listen to both sides of the story before making a decision’You say,trying to lighten the mood.’Alright…’ he continues and pulls up his left sleeve showing his dark mark.You tried to muffle your gasp but failed.’I got the mark a few days before school started.’he said. ‘y/n… believe me when I say I didn’t want to get it but I had no choice–I–he–’More tears rolling off Draco’s face.You cupped his cheek with your hands,rubbing away the tears.‘–he was kill me,my family,everyone I love.God y/n YOU he threaten to kill You if I didn’t obliged to his orders—and– and I couldn’t lose you y/n Never.’‘oh Draco….’‘And today in the astronomy tower I was supposed to kill Dumbledore but I couldn’t…I just can’t kill anyone y/n…’Draco chocked on his tears. ‘I know Draco,I was there.’you said quietly. ‘But what how?’‘I there with Harry in the second landing and we saw it happen.’‘y/n you gotta understand please..’‘yes I do understand and no one should have had that burden put upon them’A few moments passed between us when Draco said ‘They all left you know that y/n Snape,Bellatrix and Greyback.My task isn’t done y/n they left me so that I could be a spy for.To spy on Dumbledore’s Army.y/n listen to me I have no choice then to follow to keep all the people I love alive so y/n just do us both a favor and forget about me’‘Draco no.’‘y/n it‘s the only way to keep you safe.There’s no other way no matter how many times you wrap your head around it.’

‘Draco,there’s always another way and it would make no difference to tell me to use my head over my heart cause whoever said that the mind and heart are two different things had got it wrong because both my mind and my heart would do anything and everything to protect you.’

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Sick day today, so I decided to work on the Otabek drawing (color vomit) I started a little while ago. I also made a messy/lazy Yurio sketch because I’m addicted to colors

based on this reference

A pretty character that belongs to a pretty person, @luciasatalina​ !!! A little gift from me to show how absolutely I love the design and every idea she has told me about concerning her OC! She’s such a cutie and needs to be shown a lot to everyone~!

Upcoming Marvel Movies and Diversity

Okay, so first, let’s all agree that Doctor Strange is very weak with its representation. I thought it would be a good idea to run through upcoming Marvel films and see how they compare. Warning: this will probably be pretty long.

1- Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2

Director/Writer: James Gunn (white guy)

Cast: The main cast from first film is returning with the additions of Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki, Sylvester Stallone, and Kurt Russell. The second lead in the movie is played by a WoC and female leads have been added from the first movie. Overall: okay diversity.

2-Spider-Man: Homecoming

Director: Jon Watts, Writers: Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley (all white guys)

Cast: Tom Holland, RDJ, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Tony Revolori, Laura Herrier, Jacob Batalon, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Bokeem Woodbine, and (so many) more. This cast is majority PoC including race-bending for iconic characters including Mary Jane Watson and Flash Thompson. Overall: great representation.

3- Thor: Ragnarok

Director: Taika Watiti (PoC) Writers: Taika Watiti and Stephany Folsom (woman)

Cast: Main thor cast + Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Jeff Goldblum, and Cate Blanchett. Includes a race-bent character (Thompson) and female villian (Blanchett). Overall: pretty diverse cast and diverse behind the scenes, too.

4- Black Panther (fuck yeah)

Director: Ryan Coogler (PoC) Writers: Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole (PoC)

Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B Jordan, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke. Literally every person officially cast so far is a PoC. Overall: this is the best movie made 3 oscars 100% rotten tomatoes 5 billion box office IT IS EVERYTHING.

5- Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers 3&4 included together below)

Directors: Joe and Anthony Russo (white guys) Writers: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (white guys)

Cast: Everyone??? Me?? You?? God??? Who knows. It’s hard to know at this point exactly who will be in it but if it includes the many PoC being introduced in upcoming movies, it should be pretty good. Also: it is 100% confirmed a gay love story about Steve and Bucky. Overall: Largely unknown, definitely gay af

6- Ant-Man and The Wasp

Director/Writer: Peyton Reed (white guy)

Cast: Largely unknown, but most of the original cast is likely returning. Diversity is meh but is a team-up movie giving a shared lead with a woman, so good in that department. Overall: mostly unknown

7- Captain Marvel (fuck yeah)

Director: unknown, but Marvel wants a woman 

Writers: Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman (a whole two women!)

Cast: It’s just Brie Larson so far but she is pretty fuckin woke. Stars a WOMAN, FINALLY, and Marvel is making sure it has women working on it behind the scenes. Overall: still pretty unknown

Final Thoughts: the future of Marvel looks better than its past, but make sure to especially support its more diverse efforts like Spider-Man and Black Panther.


My newest chapbook, /empty/, is now available as an eBook in my Etsy shop! Only $3. It is a short, eight-poem long chapbook that discusses hollowness, heartache, and the displacement of emotion; it is a ballad to those who have ever loved and lost, and are still in the in between.

This small collection took a lot of bravery for me to write, however I needed to purge these thoughts out of my system. There’s a pretty big trigger warning involved with its content, if I do say so myself. An ultimate ode to heartbreak.

You can purchase a copy of the eBook version of /empty/ here!

Uncharted characters as zodiac signs
  • Nathan Drake: Gemini
  • Elena Fisher: Aries
  • Victor Sullivan: Sagittarius
  • Sam Drake: Taurus
  • Rafe Adler: Scorpio
  • Nadine Ross: Aquarius
  • Chloe Frazer: Leo
  • Harry Flynn: Virgo
  • Cassie Drake: Libra
  • Charlie Cutter: Capricorn
  • Katherine Marlowe: Pisces
  • Eddy Raja: Cancer
Deliciously Broken iii

Request(s): Ahhh!!! Part two amazing!! Loved IT . Part 3? ; YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE!! Deliciously broken is so insane love it! Update for part iii soon?? ; plleaassee do a part 3 of deliciously broken! its amazing! ; Well damn, Deliciously Broken is pretty dark, but I can’t get enough. Part 3 please? ; I’m soooo ready for Deliciously Broken part 3 😍👌🏻

Summary: After reaching the understanding that it was the Nogitsune who attacked her, the reader decides to have a heart-to-heart with Stiles. Takes place during season 3B. Slightly un-canon maybe???

Warnings: recount of violent events, alluding to sexual assault

part iii of this

Note: sorry this took so long to post! I’ve been caught up in watching the Olympics and going back to school shopping. Hope yall enjoy!

I don’t really know how this conversation is going to go. I mean, what exactly am I going to say? ‘Hey, man. Sorry I accused you of attacking me when you were possessed by some Void freak. No hard feelings?’

         I sit very still in my hospital bed, wringing my hands. It has been ten minutes since I woke up and asked to see Stiles. Of course, Nurse McCall was a bit concerned at first. Not even a day ago I was terrified of the guy and didn’t want him in a twenty-foot radius of me. And now I’m asking to talk to him.

         The door opens slowly. I tense and hold my breath. My heart escalates – and everyone knows it, thanks to the monitor.

         Stiles peeks at me like a timid child awaiting a scolding. He slips into the room, leaving the door ajar behind him. More than likely to make me feel better. As far as he knows, I’m still under the impression that he brutally assaulted me and I’m likely to scream my head off and flee the room the second he comes in.

         I think I surprise him when I remain calm.

         “Hey,” he says uneasily, sleepy eyes darting to the beeping machine.

         “Hi,” I reply, glaring at the stupid wavy lines before turning back to him. “Do you wanna sit down?”

         “Do you want me to sit down?” Being careful. I appreciate it, but I’m losing my patience.

         “Stiles, sit down.” I fight the urge to roll my eyes, something I never used to do until I began spending every morning with him on the way to school.

         “Okay.” The chair drags out from the wall. He brings it to my bedside, thinks twice and pulls it an entire tile away. When he sits, my mind flashes to the way Void looked sitting in that exact same chair.

         My heart rate jumps dramatically.

         Stiles places one hand on the back of the chair, prepared to rise. “Do you want me to go?” His voice is slightly deeper than usual, like maybe he had been asleep. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stiles had been camping out in the waiting room. That’s just Stiles.

         “No, no, it’s fine.” I force myself to shove Void out of my mind. This isn’t Void; this is Stiles. “I just…” I press my lips together. “You look like him.” I say the words without thinking about how they’ll make him feel.

         “Yeah.” He nods. “He’s kind of possessing my body.”

         I snort. Reverting to sarcasm is a classic Stiles move; it’s his number one defense mechanism. “I’m sorry. That was stupid to say.”

         He shrugs, staring at the floor. I fiddle with the plastic hospital bracelet around my wrist. We sit in silence.

         “I feel like I need to apologize.” I begin. His gaze flickers to my face. “I was kind of a maniac. I thought you…” I drop my eyes to the sheets, unable to face him when I say it. “I thought you were the one who did all this.” I gesture to the rest of my body.

         “Why would you feel like you need to apologize?” Stiles asks, voice edging between incredulous and anger. “You didn’t know. I didn’t tell you anything. I kept you in the dark. It’s not your fault that when a total psycho takes control of my body, busts into your house and throws you around, you assume it’s me. Most people would. I mean, what other logical explanation would there be? Who in their right mind would think ‘oh, wait, no, Stiles is just possessed by some crack-head fox spirit’?” He pauses his rant to look at me. “How did you figure it out, anyway?”

         I feel my cheeks warm. “I noticed little things, like the color of Void’s eyes and the way he smiles. It just wasn’t the same as you.”

         When he nods silently, I take the opportunity to ask, “Fox spirit?” Partly out of curiosity, mainly trying to veer the conversation away from my discovery. No need to tell him that I’ve memorized all the shades of gold and brown in his eyes. No need to tell him that I know his smile better than anything because it’s one of the things I cherish most. No need to tell him about my feelings. Things are too complicated already.

         He sighs, rubbing over his face and nods. “Yeah.” With his weary voice and tired eyes, he reminds me of his father. “It’s kind of a long story.”

         I hold up the arm with the IV. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

         Stiles cracks a grin; my chest feels warm and light, and the heart rate monitor goes berserk. Suddenly embarrassed when he glances at it curiously, I duck my head and say, “Ignore it.”



         He sighs. “Why? Y/N, do you think I’m stupid? I know you like me.”

         I bite down harshly on my lower lip. “Stiles, this is really not the time to-”

         “How come? Because you’re hooked up to a heart rate monitor?” He crosses his arms. “So what? You have little tells. I don’t need to be able to hear your heart beat to know that I get to you.”

         “Well don’t you sound cocky?” I say coolly.

         He grimaces. “That came out wrong.” I laugh without humor. “But Y/N, look-”

         “I get it, okay?” I surprise myself by meeting his eyes. “You like Lydia.”


         “You think you’re the only one who knows stuff? Is that it? You’re not the only one who can know someone well. I know you. Better than I know myself, I think.” I swallow. “And besides, everyone knows that you like Lydia – except for Lydia herself, I’m guessing. And who can blame you anyway? She’s perfect.”

         “Would you just hold on a second?” Stiles snaps. “You don’t know everything either, Y/N. And this thing with Lydia… that was in, like, third grade.”

         I give him an ironic smile. “You liked her all of last year!”

         Stiles appears caught in a corner. “Well, yes, but… not anymore, okay? She’s become my friend. That’s it. She’s got a thing going on with Aiden anyway-”

         “The new freshman? The straight twin?” I raise an eyebrow.

         He nods. “I’m not making this up.”

         “I didn’t say you were.”

         “But you were making the face.”

         “I don’t have a ‘you-are-making-this-up face’.”

         “Yes you do. I know you, remember?” He presses his lips into a line. His voice softens and loses some of its volume. “You’ve been one of the few constant things in my life pretty much ever since I can remember. I know you, Y/N.”

         I sigh and cross my arms. I know he’s right. “Okay, so maybe I do think you’re making it up.”

         “Why? I’ve never lied to you before.”

         I blink. “No?” I lean forward slightly, filled with passion. “You still haven’t told me anything about this… Void… fox spirit thingy… and your dad said that you had known about this a long time and that everyone kept telling you to tell me-”

         “My dad said that?”

         “-and you never did! Withholding information is basically the same as lying, Stiles. It’s still not telling the full truth. And then Void said-”

         “If you had any idea about what exactly I’ve been keeping from you, I’m pretty sure it would make sense. And you wouldn’t be mad at me for it.”

         “Right. Of course,” I huff.

         “I’m serious.”

         “I know.” We glare at each other. I raise my chin slightly. “I guess you have to tell me now, since now I’m involved in… whatever is going on.”

         Stiles sighs and nods, dropping his head. He rests his elbows on his knees and stares at the floor. I examine the tense plains of his back through his thin flannel and t-shirt. I get the sense that he’s grasping for the right way to phrase everything.

         “Question,” he says as he straightens, leaning back against his chair. “What else did my dad say?”

         I furrow my brow. “What do you mean?”

         “When he told you that there were things going on that I wasn’t telling you about and he was hounding me to tell you. Did he say anything else?”

         My face burns and the monitor screeches. I’m beginning to really hate that thing.

         Stiles groans. “Oh, God, what?”

         “Well, he came by my house the night that everything…” He nods. “You were missing at the time, so he was looking for you. He told me that you were dangerous and to not let you in if you showed up. I didn’t know why you would come to my house of all places, and he might’ve… said something… about you caring for me.”

         He frowns. “But if he told you that, then why would you think that I liked Lydia?”

         I bite my lip. “Because Void…”

         “You can’t believe anything he tells you.” Stiles interjects. “He’s a trickster, Y/N. All he does is cause trouble.”

         I nod sarcastically. “See, I would’ve known that if you had filled me in.” He rolls his eyes. I let out a loud sigh and slump back against the pillows. “I just thought… you know… since he’s inside you or whatever… he would know what you were thinking.”

         “He knew what I was thinking. It wasn’t that.”


         He licks over his lips and leans forward again, engaged. The thought briefly crosses my mind that I should buy him some chapstick when I get out of here. “The thing that was… is… possessing me is called a Nogitsune. That’s kind of hard to pronounce though. Void is easier to say.”

         He launches into a detailed explanation of the Japanese spirit, how it feeds off of pain and suffering and chaos. He informs me of the Nemeton, how the door was opened inside his mind. He tells me about the constant battle in his head for control, how Void always seems to have one extra move ahead of Stiles.

         “How is all of this even possible?” I whisper when he’s finished. “How can it even be real?”

         “I’ve been asking myself the same thing ever since the bite.”

         I shift my shoulder subconsciously. “The bite?”

         “Oh yeah… Scott… he’s kind of a werewolf.”

         Here comes the part somehow makes everything else make sense. I hear about the misadventure in the woods. I hear about the beginning of the pack. I hear about the scream that started it all. I hear about the hunters and the magic and the monsters.

         When he’s through, he swipes the water glass on my bedside and chugs it. “So now you know everything,” he concludes. “Can you at least try to understand why I kept this all from you?”

         I nod. He offers a sigh of relief, sinking back in the chair.

         Silence. The buzzing of the lights above us. The hum of the monitor. The chatter in the hallway.

         “No questions?” He raises his eyebrows. “You’re just ready to accept all of that?”

         “You forget I’ve seen Void. Twice.” I look him in the eyes. “It’s not that hard to believe there are great evils out there after meeting him.”

         His face falls. His face is so full of sorrow and sympathy that I have to look away.

         Another pause stretches between us. “Can I ask you something?” He’s leaning forward again. He can never stay in the same position for very long. When I nod, he struggles to get the words out. “What exactly did he do to you?”

         I don’t say anything for a moment. I don’t know how to even begin to describe my time with Void. Stiles mistakes my silence for reluctance, so he tries prompting. “Now that you’re involved in all this…” He waves his head around and makes a face. “You’re a part of the pack. And the rest of the pack is going to want to know what happened. And I get that it’s probably hard to talk about, so if you tell me, you won’t have to repeat it. Makes it easier.” He swallows thickly. “Plus… I want to know.”

         I open my mouth but nothing comes out.

         Stiles is antsy. “He didn’t, like…” He doesn’t say the word, merely inclines his head slightly and raises his brows a fraction. “Because I read your injury reports and nothing sounded like that.”

         “No, he didn’t…” I avoid the word too, settling for shaking my head and wrapping my arms around myself. “How did you get access to my files?”

         “…it was more of a covert thing.”

         I scoff. “Covert? As in illegal?”

         “I prefer to define ‘covert’ as ‘no one else knowing about the ways you break the law out of concern for a friend.’”

         I find myself smiling. Typical Stiles.

         “So…” He edges forward until his butt is barely on the seat.

         The smile drops. “I don’t know where to start.”

         “Try the beginning.”

         I roll my eyes. “Okay.” I keep my eyes on the foot of my bed. “I was kind of mad at you when you dropped me off… but I’m assuming now that it was for a pack thing, right?” When he nods, I continue. “So I was having a night-in when your dad came over. You know this part already.” I wave my hand dismissively.

         “After your dad left, I decided to try and give you a call. I went to let Bingo inside, but he didn’t come to the door. I heard music coming from my room so I went to investigate. You… he… Void was sitting on my bed with Bingo in his lap and your cellphone beside him. We exchanged some words, obviously, because I thought it was you and I was mad. But then…” I feel tears stinging at my eyes. “Stiles, he killed Bingo.”

         “Oh no, not Bingo.” I can hear the pain in his voice; Stiles isn’t making fun of me.

         “Yeah,” I whimper, trying to suppress my tears. “And then I was holding his body and Void just… he was throwing me around. Literally. And he was saying these things…” I shake my head, unable to stop crying now. As I retell it all, I’m hit with waves of emotion. “And he got on top of me and-”

         Stiles reaches out to touch my arm, falters, and rests it on the bar lining my bed. “Hey, easy, Y/N. It’s all over, okay? Just calm down.”

         I’m sobbing, curled into myself. I’m unable to say the words, so I yank aside the collar of my dress to reveal my shoulder and neck. “Look what he did to me!” I nearly scream. “That’s never going to go away! I’m going to have that forever!”

         He stares at the circle engraved in my shoulder, a look of pure torture on his face.

         I let go roughly. “And then he choked me. I thought I was going to die. He was choking me. I thought I was going to die.”

         I keep my gaze on the bumps of my knees under the sheets. I sniffle, gradually gaining back some control. “He came to see me a few minutes ago, in a dream… and I know that sounds bizarre, and like it probably wasn’t real, but I know that it was real, Stiles, and-”

         “Hold on a second.” Stiles points a long, battered finger at me. “You said that he came to you in a dream? Like, just before I came in here?” He points to the door and wiggles his finger in a circle as he bites his lower lip.

         “Yes,” I say. “And-”

         “Y/N, I was sleeping in the hallway. Scott’s mom woke me up to come in here.”

         That eerie silence again. I swallow hard. “So you’re saying-”

         “That it was real? That he probably did visit you while we were conked out? Yeah. That’s exactly what I’m saying.” He rubs his palms together. “So what happened? Did you just talk, or-”

         “He broke my wrist.” Stiles blinks, shocked at the finality of the statement. “And we talked… a lot.” I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. “And at one point he got on top of me, but it was more for just taunting me than anything else. Somehow that was worse.” I don’t mean for the last part to slip out.

         Stiles furrows his eyebrows. “What do you mean? What was he saying?”

         It’s my turn to bite my lip. “Just… the stuff about Lydia. And about you.”

         He raises his chin in understanding. “Got it.” He nods three times very quickly after that, rolling his shoulders forward and placing his elbows on his knees again as he examines the floor. “You know, Y/N, some time we’re going to have to talk about this. I mean really, really talk.”

         “What is there to talk about?” I find myself asking. “You know I care about you. Apparently Void knows, too, because it’s his favorite way to hurt me.”

         “Yeah, but I care about you too.” He runs a hand over his face. “It just really sucks that you had to find out this way.”

         I laugh, but it’s empty.

         Stiles is quiet for a moment – I’ve never seen him remain so still for so long. Then, warily, he brings his hand up and over the railing. I know what he’s doing. I can hear the monitor freaking out on me, but it sounds like a background noise; I can barely hear it over the blood rushing in my ears.

         Slowly, Stiles slips his fingers under my limp hand. They slide between the slots waiting for his, squeezing softly. “Is this okay?” he asks, staring at where we are joined.

         “Yeah,” I manage. It’s the most simple and innocent gesture, one meant to provide comfort and assurance that the one you care about cares for you too and is there. But this is something I’ve imagined for years, something I’ve yearned for with every fiber of my being. And in this moment, with all that we’ve been through, it feels incredibly intimate. I’m on Cloud Nine, the only thing holding me to Earth being Stiles and his warm grip on my hand.

         “We’re going to get through this, okay?” Stiles promises me. “And we’re going to do this together. No more secrets.”

         “No more secrets.” I breathe in total agreement.

         Stiles nods. He brings up my hand to softly kiss the back of it, then lowers it back to the bed and rubs his thumb over the scorching spot. For the first time in a long time, I feel at peace. I feel secure. I feel safe.

“Sugar and spice and everything nice, they’re made of this and that.”

imagine # 10

The entire panic fanbase is buzzing about the new tour Brendon announced last night: the Things Have Changed throwback tour. The idea, Brendon said through many cryptic tweets, was that each member of the band would be dressed in a different album era and they would play only songs from A Fever You Can’t Swear Out, Pretty. Odd., and Vices & Virtues. The first show is going to be tomorrow in New Jersey. Brendon announced a surprise at the last show, but nobody knows what to expect.
The tour goes exactly as promised. Brendon and Dan wear clothes from Fever era, Dallon and Kenny rock Vices era. The only one missing is Pretty. Odd. They play songs from all the promised albums, driving the fans of the early albums crazy, but nobody represents Pretty. Odd., and when an interviewer asks Brendon about it, he shrugs and replies with a simple, “I guess no one is.”
The last show of the tour starts in LA, and is, like nearly every other night, sold out completely, with people in the parking lot straining to hear what is going on inside the venue. The tour was a huge success. The band should have come onstage five minutes ago, but the curtains were still down. The audience buzzes, anxiously awaiting the “surprise” the last show would allegedly bring. Finally, Brendon walks onstage, still sporting his Fever era attire, and behind him Dallon, Kenny, and Dan, and they play through the set same as they had for the whole rest of the tour. Nothing surprising about it at all. As the band bows at the end and leaves the stage, Brendon stays in the spotlight and talks to the crowd. After a few minutes of this, he turns to the curtain and announces the encore. Out steps Jon, Spencer, and Ryan, wearing Pretty. Odd. style suits and hats, and the moment the crowd dies down, Spencer counts off Mad as Rabbits, and at the end, Brendon and Ryan are holding hands as they bow. Later, Brendon tweets a selfie of him kissing Ryan, captioned, “Expect to see more of us very soon.”


make me choose: exodus era kyungsoo or mama era kyungsoo

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Ruffled Feathers (Oswald x Reader)

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Oswald x Reader
Prompt: Couchsex, markings Oz & Reader on the couch where it’s pretty rough sex and he leaves a lot of hickeys all over her, and she leaves deep scratch marks down his back as he fucks her?

A/N: Jesus, I don’t know why it took so long to write this. Sorry its on the shorter side… I’m rusty at writing reader inserts apparently. 

Warnings: Smut - see prompt for specifics. 

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“Flashing lights and we took a wrong turn,” references to the paparazzi that link in with I Know Places and the wanting to keep the relationship private. Haylor didn’t need to be kept private and was pretty was publicised (PR at its finest), whereas swiftgron was a lot less low key. Probably why they got away with being together for so long before people started to figure it out; Dianna has several private accounts and swiftgron was never really seen much unless fans caught them together.

“Fell down the rabbit hole,” quotes Dianna’s former username of the tumblr account she shut down shortly after the post that outed her and Taylor went viral online.

“Didn’t they tell us don’t rush into things? Didn’t you flash your green eyes at me?” could be referring to the picture of the night Taylor, Dianna, Ashley and Claire got together. Claire is a mutual friend of both girls and most likely introduced them back at the market. The photograph of Taylor and Dianna looking at each other, Ashely seems to know something and probably warned the girls not to rush anything. Green eyes- Dianna’s eyes are hazel but a light green in certain lighting (also links in to I Know Places ‘in the dead of night your eyes so green’) and could be suggesting Taylor was too wrapped up in Dianna to bother heeding any warnings to take it slow. Taylor has a habit of describing hazel eyes to be green- John Mayer has hazel eyes and she wrote them to be green. 

“Didn’t it all seem new and exciting?” the relationship was probably new and exciting for Taylor. “Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?” curious minds, could that be any gayer Taylor?

“We found Wonderland,” Dianna’s favourite book and movie is Alice In Wonderland and has been long since before she met Taylor, who has never before Dianna expressed a love or interest for Alice In Wonderland.

“So we went on our way, too in love to think straight,” clever play on words right there Taylor. “All alone or so it seemed,” both girls played on the illusion that they were alone and not together. Its said that Dianna would drive over to Taylor’s around midnight and after, then leave in the morning. Links to references in I Wish You Would of seeing headlights pass the window panes late at night. Dianna had also met Taylor’s family and vice versa, and Taylor would visit the hotels Dianna had been staying in to see her. Likewise, the staff member from Elle magazine who tweeted Dianna was only there to visit Taylor. A lot of their interactions were kept private.

“But there were strangers watching, and whispers turned to talking” cue the part of their relationship where it went from 'whispers’ of suspecting fans on tumblr and twitter to the 'talking’ of the paparazzi and the media who began to figure out they were more than friends, ie the outing post and Jimmy who flat out asked Dianna on TV if she was dating Taylor

“And talking turned to screams,” could be implying again, that more and more people were talking about them, or the screaming between Taylor and Dianna themselves. Probably disagreements over staying in the closet etc.

“You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had,” Taylor told a fan in Club Red that the reason she and Dianna hadn’t seen each other in a few months was because Dianna had a new boyfriend. (Most likely Nick Mathers at that time as Taylor was also praising Dianna on her appearance in The Killers’ video for Just Another Girl.) Also, hello Kaylor nice to meet you.

“And in the end in Wonderland, we both went mad,” Dianna has a tattoo that reads 'we’re all mad here' on her ribcage.

I’d guess they broke up at some point after the FUN concert they went to together as after that it was pretty much radio silence between the girls despite them both being at the same places such as The Met Gala of 2014, until the American Music Awards after 1989 was released. Dianna was seated several rows behind Taylor at the show but moved to be down beside Taylor (and Karlie who she didn’t interact with at all during the night) and held her hand tight in hers whilst talking to her. My guess is that Dianna bought 1989 much like she did with RED and had definitely heard Wonderland before the AMAs. Since then the girls haven’t been seen together but there are several swiftgron moments that have cropped up since then, with Taylor having liked two gifs of Dianna at separate times and Dianna having posted a picture for her birthday, with Alice In Wonderland references within the caption, whilst holding a flamingo. Taylor also has flamingos like that, but it can’t be said for sure whether Taylor actually sent Dianna one as the flamingos are not identical.

So to end this long ass post, swiftgron was most definitely a real thing and Wonderland couldn’t be more obviously written about Dianna.


here is a little thing that only took me all day that i promised the lovely and beautiful @pullmyheartstring, (i know its not exactly how we talked about it, but this dialogue flowed pretty well) based off of her super rad fanfic that is 10/10 recommended.

(this is after they began dating fyi, so hopefully that makes the cute stuff less sudden)

Fuck? Pietro Maximoff Smut

Sequel to “well i saw you coming” 
sorry it took so long, and that its a shitty ending. But this is the first smut written on my new laptop. Yay for smut!

yebat’ menya= Fuck Me 
krasivaya devushka= pretty girl

“Fuck?” I questioned Pietro.

He nodded and spoke again. “Now another one”

He had been teaching me how to swear in Russian for the past half an hour and so far all I had gotten was the basics.

“Sooka” I managed to get the word out. “Bitch”

Pietro smiled at me, holding up his hands for a high five. “You are doing very well krasivaya devushka”

Our hands slapped together into out elaborate handshake. Something we made up on our last mission, which started off with a seven hour plane trip and ended thirteen hour scope. With not a lot to do, we distracted ourselves with the game ‘slaps’ which turned it into an ‘super secret hand shake’.

With a final slap on our forearms, ending the hand shake I pressed my chest against his, kissing him with a force I had not intended to.  His lips were warm and mouth tasted of my lip balm he had borrowed mixed with some sports drink he had drank earlier. Pietro slowly moved his hands towards my hips, the pressure of his touch only light.

“Can i teach you one more thing?” he asked, pressing soft kisses along my cheeks.

I nodded, feeling his lips turn up into a smile.

“yebat’ menya” The words rolled of his tongue before he pulled me into another kiss.

We pulled away, each desperate for a breath. Through pants, i repeated the word although butchering it terribly. Pietro laughed, repeating the word slower, as if that could help me say it better.

A couple more times, and i had the word although it was still foreign on my American tongue but it was the fact that i tried that hopefully made Pietro happy.

“Say it again” He instructed, pushing my hair behind my ear.

His demeanor had changed, it was something more X-rated.  What did he have me say? Was he that easily turned on?

Judging by the sudden boldness of him attaching his mouth to my neck and the not so subtle grinding against my thigh  my question was answered.

I repeated the words, Pietro shifting so I was now sitting directly on his lap. His hands on my butt, holding on.

“Again” he demanded.

Following his request, I spoke again felling him push harder into me but he wanted me to take control this time. He hadn’t rolled us over yet because he wanted me to decide what would happen next. He wanted me to control the amount of time it took to get him coming.

I could feel my own stomach muscles tightening, with each push into my crotch, it felt closer and better.

Pietro threw his head back, muttering in Russian and  letting me do all the work. His eyes were closed tightly, chest heaving and sweat had formed on his forehead. His silver hair now stuck to his skin, and his mouth opened up. Shallow breaths and deep moans coming from him as he continued to thrust against me.

“Dont stop krasivaya devushka ” he whined, his movement becoming more frantic.

“Say it in english” I pleaded, feeling my own stomach muscles tighten.

If one of us was going to come so would the other, ain’t none of this others before yourself shit here.

Pietro groaned again, grabbing onto one of my hands and moving it to his hair. He pulled my face back to his, his tongue slipping over my lips and teeth biting down on my bottom one. His hands went up my shirt, gripping onto my back to hold me against him. Each noise and breath that came out of him was desperate.

“Pretty girl. You are my pretty girl” He managed to choke out before his hips, snapped up against my own and he lost it. A strangled groan ripped from his throat, his chest heaving as he tried to breath but i didn’t seem to be working. Sweaty and  panting, with eyes closed and lips rushing out Sokovian curse words.

I came a few seconds later, after having him look me in the eyes and feel his hands push me up against his crotch. i shivered, repeating his name over and over again until I collapsed on his chest.

Once we both caught our breath, he took my hands in his face and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“You are such a pretty girl” his voice thick and accent strong. “you look so pretty when you come”