Braid Bangs

I managed to make my first hair mesh! Yay! I finally decided to try out meshing! It took forever for me to figure out, but I think I got the gist of things. Anyways I hope you like it!

  • New mesh
  • 18 ea colors
  • Base game compatible 
  • Not Hat compatible
  • Tag me if you recolor this hair!
  • If you use this hair please tag me! I would love to see your creations!

♥  -T.O.U-  ♥

  • Don’t claim as your own hair
  • Don’t upload to any paysites
  • You can recolor but please don’t include mesh and link back to this post

♥  Enjoy!  ♥

Download: Simfileshare   /   Dropbox

*Please notify me if you run into any problems*

Accent Challenge
  • Accent Challenge
  • Azurelle

ooooomg it took me forever to upload because I had to compress the file and didn’t know how to do it. (again, thank you @mamzelleluciole for helping me <3)

Also I am so sorry for english speakers because I totally murdered your beautiful language.

So I was tagged to do the exo bias voice meme by @pcystrophywife and @prankchanyeol thank you so much <3
 This took forever because I’m embarrassed for my english and I recorded this at least 10 times.Also I just woke up so my voice sounds a little blah.. pls don’t judge I know I suck :)

I tag: @mushroom-hatcher@sunflowersoo, @ma-kyungsoo, @todeserveyou@goldenchenrise, @petitbaekhyun, @dohkyungcutie, @modelsoo, @kyungbooo, @besternatexo, @bulba-suho-r, @dayafterdae , @chanssoo (if you want to do it ofc) 

Spiritually abused (Shawn Mendes)

Requested: yes

Okay, can I request an imagine where Shawn helps the reader recover from spiritual abuse? It’d mean a lot to me.

A/N- OMG! I’m so sorry for this super long wait and I promised you it would be out earlier! I apologize. I’ve never written about this topic and wanted to make sure it was at least pleasing. Also I apologize for the technical difficulties uploading. I wrote this on my phone and from my drafts it wouldn’t upload from my phone so I went and fixed my laptop and uploaded it!!! The beginning is a bit rough but it gets better!! I hope you enjoy and again very very sorry! -💘


You were coming home from a very long and fearful day at school. Yes, fearful. Your always known to have such a positive aura and a very strong belief in god. Many people admired that you were able to express your love for god and family without caring what people thought. That was until a some random girl approached you.


“Hey,” you smiled a friendly smile to a familiar face.

“Hello, are you Y/N,” she asked with no sign of even a grimace.

“Yes, why?”

“I’m Y/R/N’s (your roommates name) friend and she told me about the little incident that happened and I just wanted to let you know she was completely right. About the world ending and the rapture antichrist. All true,” she says witha smug look on her face making me uncomfortable.

I look at her full of emotions and just turn and run away. Away from her, my roomate, the dorm, the school.

I ran to the only place I knew I could, Shawn’s.

I ran the whole way to Shawn’s and never looked back. I knocked on the door multiple times before Shawn opened the door. One look and he knew.

He said nothing. He engulfed me in a comforting hug and we just stood outside in the cool weather for a long while.

“Hey,” he says still wrapped around my frame.


“Are you okay,” he asks pulling a way a bit looking at you.

You look down and shake your head, “Shawn, her friend came up to me and told me everything was true, what Y/R/N said.”

He looks at you intently and then you lift your head feeling his gaze.

He smiles.

You try and hide the smile forming on your face, “Shawn, is she right?”

“No Y/N,” he shakes his head. “She is in no where near correct she is just messing with you in a terrible way. She is trying to get inside tour head. Don’t think about baby. They dont know anything about you and are trying to make you break. You’re okay. I promise. As long as I’m here Y/N.”

You nod your head and stare at Shawn catching his gaze, “thank you.”

“For what?”

“Helping me, being there when I needed you. Caring,” you smile hugging him once more.

He shakes his head, “don’t thank me for that babe. I always love talking to you and putting a smile on that beautiful face,” he mumbles planting a soft kiss on your head making you even better.

“I feel a lot better. Still a little skeptical but a lot better. Thank you, Shawn.”

He grabs your hand and leads you inside.

“Do you want to stay for tonight? I can bring you back to school in the morning.”

You nod your head, “I would love that.”


A/N- Tada!! Indeed it is short but I did rewrite it about 15 times and I just couldn’t be satisfied. I’m still not and I’ll probably make another one just a heads up. I hope you enjoyed this small imagine that will most likely be redone on my laptop!!! I know it sucksss but I’ll write anything for you @awesomedaisyisd !! I know I said Friday and it’s Sunday but I couldn’t get it to upload through mobile and I took my laptop in so I would be able to post it as soon as possible!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it, it was heartbreaking to write cause I feel your pain girl!!! -💘

Rant incoming

So im taking an online fashion class and this one assignment is fucking me over. We have to make a video presentation and actually be in the video. Which first of all sucks for my anxiety. And second not everyone has access to stuff to do that. My laptop broke a little while ago and my phone its on the outs rn and i used an old camera but the sound and video quality was so bad and my teachers enough of a bitch that shed fail me just for that. And this assignment is half my grade so i cant do a shit job on it but ughhgh the video i did just on my camera took me two hours to do because of my anxiety and now i have to redo it ughghgh and this website is taking forever to upload the video clips


Queen Of Peace - Florence + The Machine (vocal cover)


Hey yo, everyone! So here’s another vocal cover, this time of an absolutely great artist I’ve unfortunately been neglecting for way too long!

This video has been made by the request of my dear Greyce Hellen! To whom I even apologize, because I originally intended upload yesterday, the day of her birthday. Unfortunately, however, it actually took me forever to finally get this right on camera, and nothing I had filmed until last night was good enough. I think this could be in great part for similiar reasons why I loved singing this: it’s something almost completely different from usual, and a challenge.

So, although it’s still far from perfect, I thought it was better to try, film and post today with better singing than to deliver something lousy. I hope Greyce forgives me for this delay and still accepts this birthday gift :3

Happy birthday, sweetie! I hope I’ve done this song justice!

If you enjoyed my cover, please give it a thumbs up, leave your thoughts in the comments, share it with your friends and subscribe for more music! If not, I’m always a sucker for constructive criticism.

Thanks for watching!