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Requested: Can you make a part 2 of “Just One Date”, please???
Please do a part 2 for “just a date” 💙💙

A/N: So sorry this kind of took forever but I felt like I had to make this one really cute and I tried to make it cute so I hope you guys like it. Keep requesting and here’s the second part of Just One Date

I ended up not having to wait long before Justin showed up to my house. He rung the doorbell and I walked up with my bag already in my hand, smiling as I opened the door. “Hey there.” Justin looked up at me with a smile on his face, “You look gorgeous Y/N.” I couldn’t help the blush coming on to my face. It was Justin so of course I was blushing. I had managed to hide my crush on him for a long time now. I was hesitant about this because Za was a mutual friend of ours and I wasn’t sure how much Justin and I would get along. “Thank you Justin. I wasn’t really sure where we were going so I didn’t know what to put on.” He chuckled and nodded, “Yeah I probably could have given you a better hint but this is perfect.”

I smiled and locked up my house before following him to his car. The drive was pretty good with both of us singing along to the songs on the radio and just goofing off. Things seemed to be going alright so far. He started pulling up to a parking lot after a while and I was slightly confused on where we were going because it was a bit of a drive but once I looked out, my eyes widened in shock. Turning my head to him he had a smile on his face as he chuckled, “I’m guessing that you like Disney.” My smile widened and I nodded, “Anything Disney is probably my favorite. But we may have a problem when it comes to my shoes.” He looked down at my feet shaking his head, “Don’t worry. I’ll carry you.”

“Justin no!” He laughed as we parked and I looked around seeing how many cars were there. Once we parked it was shocking how fast security was by the car. Justin definitely warned them and was ready to prevent mobs. We both stepped out and I was kind of happy I chose a cute yet casual dress for today. It wouldn’t seem like I overdressed but I was definitely going to be in pain tomorrow from my heels.

As soon as we were both out of the car, Justin was quick to put an arm around my waist as the security walked by us towards the entrance. Once we got to the main entrance a woman stepped up with a pair of flats for me and my mouth basically dropped and I was speechless at how far Justin was going for this date. He just gave me an innocent smile as I quickly changed shoes, putting my heels in my bad and looking up at Justin, “You know, this definitely tops every other first date I’ve had. Other guys are probably never going to beat this.” Justin shook his head, “Well who says you’ll have to go on other first dates?”

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Oh I know anon, I know. I don’t think Clarke fully forgives Lexa yet, but for me, I would never forgive someone who left me and my people for dead let alone even make an alliance with them again.

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For the meme - Going Up. #2, #5, #11. :)

Thanks for asking dearie. :-D Here’s the fic for any who are interested: Be forewarned though, it’s explicit, but funny.

#2 What scene did you first put down?
I pretty much always write stories in order from beginning to end, this one was no exception. So it started off with the bit in the Scottish novelty shop. :-D

#5 What part was hardest to write?
Honestly? It took me forever to figure out what Rimmer could throw at the screen to shut up the Lift Lady. I knew I wanted her in the fic, and I wanted him to get irritated with her and throw something at the screen to get her to stop, but it took me ages to think of what he could use and have it make sense. Sometimes it’s the little things.

#11 What do you like best about this fic?
It would have to be the ending. I feel like the ending of this one is just the perfect cherry on top of the whole thing. This will probably always be my favorite of the fics that I wrote, and the ending is one of the big reasons why. :-D

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