I made some Homestuck edits of Danganronpa sprites! These took me forever. Rose’s took me a while, and I just could NOT get Dirk’s hair right (no matter what I did, it just wasn’t anime enough!) I’m planning to make more of these, and I’ll take ideas!

EDIT: I decided to add the names of the Danganronpa characters in case anyone couldn’t tell. John is a sprite edit of Makoto Naegi, Jane is a sprite edit of Mahiru Koizumi, Jade is a sprite edit of Sayaka Maizono, Jake is a sprite edit of Nagito Komaeda (which I am so, so sorry for (I feel my sins crawling up my back)), Dave is a sprite edit of Leon Kuwata (I just couldn’t find a better character and I’m sorry), Dirk is a sprite edit of Hajime Hinata, Rose is a sprite edit of Celestia Ludenburg, and Roxy is a sprite edit of Ibuki Mioda.

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Hello there, smol amazing bean, it's the NSFW anon here again (I'm going to be known as that now, aren't I?) And I just wanted to say I get what you mean -I deleted an entire blog cause of people pressuring me to write that in this story I wrote- and I was just wondering if I could request head cannons for how the Paladins were when they actually asked there S/O out for the first time, please? (If that's ok that is! :))) )

Lol you can be known as that if you want to be, anon! This is super adorable and I’m sorry it took me forever to answer!


  • He’d be so nervous and excited, everyone could tell something was up with this boy, he was so wound up the day he actually did it.
  • Where and when would be completely random, it depends on how you are in these situations. If you’re shy he’d make sure he asked in private though.
  • He’s going to use so many pick-up lines that you’re not even sure he’s serious at first.
  • But once you say yes he’s going to be smiling for the rest of the day!


  • He’s going to be a nervous wreck. He’s so worried about screwing it up and what will happen if you say no.
  • He’s definitely going to do it in private and he’s going to be as red as his jacket when he does.
  • It’ll be straight to the point and he’ll look you in the eye the entire time.There won’t be anything too sappy, but he will tell you how he really feels about you.
  • When you say yes you can literally feel the relief radiating off of him and he’s going to be so happy and relaxed afterwards.


  • His really nervous, but it’s nothing new to the rest of the crew so no one even notices what he’s about to do.
  • He’ll probably ask you over a dinner date or during a really memorable moment. He wants it to be as romantic as possible.
  • If he doesn’t accidentally let it slip, then it’ll be the most precious proposal you’ve ever heard, he’s such a romantic.
  • When you say yes he can’t help but smile and hug you, you made his day so much better!


  • She has had the entire thing planned out for months. So much time went into figuring out how to ask you and she doesn’t regret any of it.
  • She makes sure you’re alone because she doesn’t want to accidentally embarrass either of you.
  • It’ll basically be a scavenger hunt with robots until you find a sigh that says: “will you go out with me” with an arrow pointing to where Pidge is standing. Super cute and she doesn’t even have to say much!
  • When you say yes she’s going to grin and say thank you so many times. Expect a little robot of your own soon!


  • He’s going to be on edge all day, everyone notices no matter how hard he tries to hide it.
  • He’ll try to ask you somewhere you’ve been before that means a lot to you. It’ll probably be on a moon he took you stargazing on once.
  • He’s had his speech prepared, but the minute he looks at you, it all goes out the window. His sentences are all out of order, but you understand what he’s trying to say.
  • When you say yes he’s going to tell you how happy you just made him, it reminds him just how human he is.

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Picking up my suit jacket from the bed, I am so not used to these early mornings. It took me forever to actually wake up, Leah’ voice was grating on me when she was waking me. Looking down at my Rolex watch, we can make it for nine after dropping the kids off. Yesterday I went shopping with Elijah and I took Bernard’s advice, I need to look like a boss, well I do now. I got a fresh trim and new suits, I spent a lot of money because I spent on Elijah too and the boys, Leah doesn’t know that I bought a new Cadillac SUV and I have my friend driving me, I got all my people on the pay role. They did so much for me in LA so I had to repay them, that ain’t the life for them and I am happy they accepted my offer, even my nigga P is in New York. I will just let Leah see it when my nigga comes with the car, I will let her rant about it after because Bernard is not wrong, I need to look the part.

Jogging down the steps and making my way over to the dining area “you actually woke up” Leah said, looks like she is force feeding Maurice “uhm yeah, I was expecting some breakfast?” looking at the dining table, there is nothing for me “oh you was? I was busy dressing the boys and then myself, I need to feed myself first” I feel a little offended now “wow, Leah” that’s mean “just like you didn’t bring me food when I was dying in bed, likewise” shaking my head at her, my phone vibrating in my pocket “I didn’t know they had to wear uniform, what kind of gay bullshit is this” picking the phone up, Tyree laughed “it’s morning and you already talking shit” Leah spat “you outside bro? I am surprised you even woke up with your lazy ass, did P wake you?” I am shocked he did wake up “I am still half asleep, P dragged me out of bed. I am outside, ready when you are” everything is going to plan, disconnecting the call “we ready? We can go now” putting my suit jacket on “you not going to eat?” shaking my head “because my wife didn’t feed me, I will remain hungry, thank you Leah” I hope she feels bad now, walking off to get my laptop.

It’s crazy how today is my first day and my phone is already buzzing with stats and figures, like come on. Let me at least walk into the building “Chris look at the boys, they are all ready” looking up from my phone “Malakai is thinking we look gay mom” Tyree said, I pointed laughing “he knows me very well, but you both look really classy. Very white” locking my phone “look at all my men, they all look so handsome, I am so happy and proud” with the look in Leah’ eyes, she is overwhelmed “don’t cry, I swear. Nobody has the time” shaking my head “dad, I got mickey” Maurice turned around showing me his backpack “that is cute, I like it. You going to go school and make me proud ok?” he nodded, leaning down and holding my hand up “I will dad” he high fived me “show those white kids ok and you too Tyree, show them those good genes your dad gave you. Show them what he left behind, a boy that will run future business or even own a soccer club” Tyree gave me high five “are you done being a mess?” looking over at Leah “can I take a picture?” he lower lip quivering still “if you must and it makes you happy” women, they be so sentimental about things. Walking over to the boys, standing between them both “mom is always crying, it’s supposed to be happy times” Leah sniffled “its happy tears Tyree, trust me” she needs to bring that hard faced Leah back.  

Walking outside and seeing my nigga stood in a suit “look at you nigga” I spat, he laughed getting his hand out “same to you Malakai, fresh as fuck” shaking his hand, turning around as Leah walked out pointing in confusion “who is this and what is that?” here comes the dramatics “this is our new car and this is my friend Luke, he is one of my friends from LA. He is working for me, well he is my driver” Leah gawked in shock, Luke walked over to Leah “Hi Mrs Aiyden” look at him being all polite “hi, Luke” she shook his hand “you bought a car!? And you have a driver? Malakai!” I was so waiting for this, she walked over to me in shock “Bernard had a word with me, he told me that I need to look the part and well, yesterday I did that” Leah’ eyes widened “well, he wasn’t wrong but a whole ass SUV, I wonder what else you have done” I grinned “wait and see” walking around the SUV.

It is a big day for the boys, they both look a little scared bless them. Stood behind Leah as she put Tyree’ backpack away “I will be waiting for you when you finished ok?” she mothers him so much “ok mom, I hope I have a good day” Leah held Tyree’ hand, walking him to his class. The class generally just stared “Leah, let him go” I nudged her, it is her that is holding on to him “see you soon baby” at least there is one black kid in the class for him “bye mom, Malakai” waving back at him, Leah is so emotionally clingy to everything “he will be fine Mrs Aiyden” his teacher walked over to us, wrapping my arm around Leah’ and pulling her along “bye Tyree!” Maurice screamed, grabbing Maurice’ backpack and pulling him along outside “you done made me late, you have been fussing. Stop it” Leah pouted at me “that is my baby, I hope he makes friends. I am worried” kissing Leah’ cheek, he will be ok.

Maurice ran in front of me “pick me!” he screamed, he knows it’s his turn now “you going next though” picking him up “I not, I don’t want too dad” I think he will be the worst, wrapping his arms around my neck tightly “did Tyree look ok to you?” Leah questioned, smiling at Leah “he looked perfectly fine, his mom on the other end. You fuss too much, let him grow up” Leah pointed at the Pre-Kindergarten class, she opened the door “this is you now son, look” walking into the class, this young petite lady walked over to us “I am Miss May, I have been expecting you both and Maurice” she looks so nice and kind “no” Maurice moved his face, he is going to be extra like his mom now “awwww, it’s ok. He is nervous on his first day, come in. Settle him in” she gestured “this is my assistant Mrs Taylor” she waved at us, smiling at her slightly “look Maurice, they got all these toys. You like toys” he knows we are trying to leave him here “I can see he likes Mickey” crouching down with Maurice clinging to me, placing him on the floor. He grabbed on to my suit jacket “she is talking to you Maurice” he hid his face in my suit jacket, shaking my head at him.

Holding Maurice’ hand “mine!” he pointed at his Mickey backpack I put away “you can’t have it with you” walking back over to Leah and his teacher “what’s your name?” this little girl ran over to Maurice “no” Maurice hid behind me “his name is no?” she questioned, looking at Leah she has gone all gooey eyed “she is so cute!” Leah beamed “what’s your name?” she pointed at me “my name is no also” she looked at me so confused “he is lying miss!” she said to her teacher “what about you? What is your name?” Miss May rolled her eyes “she is so nosey” Miss May said “shouldn’t you be finishing off your picture” she shook her head, Leah is dying for a girl. She is internally loving this “Leah I am getting late, we need to go” I said, she eyed me up “Malakai you’re the one holding Maurice’ hand” she retorted “your name is Malakai” the little girl said smiling “oh no, you caught me out” I chuckled “well, my bad” moving to the side and so did Maurice.

Crouching down to Maurice “listen son, you need to be a big boy and stay here. Me and your mom have to go now, I promise I will come and pick you up” he shook his head “I go with you dad” shaking my head “I will come back, I promise” scratching the back of my head “mister, your neck” this little girl is harassing me “these are tattoos” I said, Maurice out of nowhere told the girl to go away “right, I am leaving you now. You are just fine here” getting up from my position “he will be fine Mr and Mrs Aiyden” his teacher said, walking off. I don’t even know if Leah is following me but knowing her she is probably still there, opening the door and looking behind me. I busted out laughing seeing Maurice holding onto Leah’ skirt, saves her right for leaving that on me. I will see her outside, she can deal now.

Shaking my head walking out of the school “my nigga! It’s ten thirty! The hell you doing” Luke spat, placing a cigarette between my lips “don’t have kids bruh” I mumbled with the cigarette between my lips, lighting it up “takes that long? I remember my mom left my ass in school and let me cried” taking the cigarette away from my lips “same, Leah has given these kids so much attention and love. They are like white kids now, like just leave them and go. I tried to be nice and loving, nigga can’t handle it anymore. My phone is blowing up, is P and Elijah still waiting on me” Luke nodded, leaning against the SUV facing the school “good, I just hope it’s not an everyday thing. Did P get that shit sorted out for me? Does he know if my mom is ok and Sofia?” blowing out the smoke “he ain’t said shit to me” sighing heavily, I want to know if my family is ok. It’s good me living like this but what about them “he needs to make sure that money gets to my sister” watching Leah walking towards us, she is not happy at all.

Flicking my cigarette, Leah hit my chest “you left me!” pushing myself away from the SUV “because he would have gotten over it, stop overcrowding these kids with love. My mom left my ass without a care in the world” opening the car door for Leah “because I actually care for my kids unlike her” that was petty for Leah, gesturing Leah to get inside in silence. That was low of her, slamming the car door. Sitting in the front seat of the car, I didn’t want to sit in the back with Leah “so you not going sit with me?” slamming the car door shut “first you don’t feed me breakfast, and now it’s fucking going on eleven. I have been awake since seven, you did nothing but whine and then this!” I snapped at her “you have your own hands, you can do shit yourself!” Leah said, turning in the car seat “and you’re my fucking wife, act like you know Leah!” I snarled at her, Leah backed down. I was waiting on her to say something else, she looked away looking out of the car window, I am not no Kevin she can’t be playing that shit and think I will bow down to her like he did.

“You on your second cigarette, you not even had any food bro. You want to go and get something?” Luke asked, shaking my head “I’ll be fine, we here now anyways” putting the cigarette out, she can’t feed me then I don’t want no food “true, you want to park you out front” nodding my head “then park the car and meet us inside, did P get through the barriers?” looking over at Luke “you want to know what happened?” he laughed “yes I do, what happened?” I hope he didn’t act a fool “well they let Elijah in, some guy Antony was like Malakai said about you but we can’t let you in. P was like Malakai is my nigga in the middle of the building, Elijah was like shut the fuck up. But he waiting on you” of course he did that “great” I said, Luke parked outside the work building.

Luke opened Leah’ car door as I walked inside, the security guy opened the door “here he is!” P shouted, shaking P’ hand. The security guards got up from their seats “took your time” Antony said, walking over to the security desk “I know, sorry. Kids took my time” hearing Leah’ heels clicking away behind me “Leah, my favourite” Antony said, resting my hands on the desk “who is head of security here?” they pointed behind them “in that office?” I pointed, they nodded “ok, get him out” moving back from the desk, fastening my suit jacket button. Leah looked at me but looked away pouting, I see she is wearing my dad’ gold chain still “boss” turning my head and seeing this bulky white man, well this is nice “P, where is the rest of the boys? Get them” he jogged off, this white man is rather big “what’s your name?” I asked “Matthew” clearing my throat, the reception area seemed to have become so silent “they here Malakai” looking over at P and the boys, they all wearing the suits, this is great “Matthew, I would like you to meet the new head of security P” his face dropped “you can’t do that” Matthew said stepping to me “I think I can, if anybody else got a problem then speak up now. You can either work here still or leave but I think with the way you are now, I think I want you out” hitting P’ arm “make sure he leaves, take his shit off him too” looking behind him “you know what, both of you two are fired too. I need people I can trust” turning around “open the barriers please” I pointed at the now fired security guard, he gawked at me and opened the barrier “after you” I gestured to Leah, she walked ahead of me “Eijah, you know what you need to do. Make sure that shit is sorted, Antony come with me” the workers passing by were looking in shock, I am glad they are shook.

The workers stared at me in shock as the elevator doors closed, turning around to face Antony “wow” he said to me “wow” he said again, looking over at Leah “I think I am going to not feed you more often” Leah said, Antony breathed out “I thought Leah was a bad ass, where did this come from? You was so quiet on the first day” breaking into a smile “you that impressed with me?” smiling wide at Antony “that is great, everyone was staring in shock” I have impressed myself too “I am wet” Leah said openly, Antony busted out laughing “that was so sexy, oh my god. Not the part where you was angry at me but you just stood there, squaring up to that man in a suit. You oozing sex, I feel turned on Malakai” placing my hand over my mouth laughing “I need the bathroom now” Antony is still laughing at Leah “let’s hope you don’t fire anyone else, Leah will be pooling” shaking my head smiling “she will be, I need to watch her now” turning around as we got to the top floor, let’s see how this goes.

I still need to get my own assistant, Antony is Leah’ and I don’t want him. Elijah is my partner, I wouldn’t make him that either, I need to get someone good for me “morning Malakai” Laura said “morning” walking to my office “there is a meeting due but I cancelled on your behalf because you need to go around the company and start letting people know you” putting my thumb up “thank you” I am glad she didn’t make my schedule busy, opening the door “the man himself” Bernard came out of nowhere, I didn’t know he was here “Bernard?” I said a little confused “come on boy” he walked over to me with two glasses “whiskey for us both” held out a glass, taking the glass from him “to the future” he said, clinking the glass together.

I honestly feel sick, I have drank too much Whiskey and smoked before eating any type of food. I don’t feel too good either, staring ahead of me as Leah spoke making decisions on my behalf “I think we need to have a meeting, all the managerial staff in a room. Once that is done Malakai can then visit each department in this building, he can then make decisions on things he sees and does not like that can be changed” playing with my bottom lip, I feel a little tipsy “what do you think to that Malakai?” Antony said my name, looking at him “yeah, I guess that will be fine” rubbing my face “I would like to know my staff, if I am good to my staff then they will be good to me. I need an assistant and every morning I want stats on my table Antony, until I can get one” rubbing my chin “before the passing of Kevin he started running PR, would you like to continue with that venture? It was bringing great revenue?” Antony said, looking over at Bernard “what you think big B?” I said, so many decisions “anything that makes money and I would say why not” chewing on my bottom lip “Leah?” she knows more than I do “continue it, you will gain money. A lot of it too” nodding my head “my boss has answered” smiling at her.

The office door closed which left me and Leah in the room “I am sorry Malakai, I feel so bad. I texted Elijah, he will be getting you some food. Can you stop being childish because you have made your point now, I will make sure to feed you” smiling at Leah “well I am glad it worked, I feel like shit now though” so much to do and I feel like this “I am sorry for snapping at you, I was taken aback when you shouted at me” I knew she was “I’m your man, I won’t buy you gifts to shut you up. I will tell you how it is” licking my lips “you think I will do well?” I am not so sure now “you will be just fine, the morning ruined your mood so I am sorry” I like that Leah backed down, I used to see how she was with Kevin and she wasn’t nice at all but he deserved it.

Alright, after a whole month of procrastination I’m finally going to do this

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London Bridge- Fergie

Irresistible- Fall Out Boy

Love me of Hate me- Lady Sovereign

Call yout out- Flyleaf

I’m so sorry- Imagine Dragons

Nightmare. Avenged Sevenfold

Never gonna give you up- Rick Astley

Alphabet Boy- Melanie Martinez

Miss Jackson- Panic! At the Disco

Overdose- EXO

New Americana- Halsey

Rude Boy- Rihanna

Oh No!- Marina and the Diamonds

Lean On- Major Laser

Let yourself go- Green Day

this took forever to make because I couldn’t find songs that started with an L

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Studio Ghibli Masterpost

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
Grave of the Fireflies (1988) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
My Neighbor Totoro (1988) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
Only Yesterday (1991) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Porco Rosso (1992) : Online (SubDub ) | Download
The Ocean Waves (1993) :OnlineSub ) | Download
Pom Poko (1994) : Online Sub ) | Download
Whisper of the Heart (1995) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Princess Mononoke (1997) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Spirited Away (2001) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
The Cat Returns (2002) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) : Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
Tales from EarthSea (2006) : Online ( Sub ) | Download
Ponyo (2008) Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download
The Wind Rises(2013)Online (Sub | Dub ) | Download

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I made this back in December and never posted it! It’s Ash’s Pokémon, ranked by win percentage!

I used these statistics that were going around a while back, as well as my own calculations for all of Ash’s XY Pokémon. Please note that this only covers wins in official league, Frontier, and gym battles. Apologies if there are any mistakes (and that it’s bound to become outdated pretty soon)!

“It can’t get any gayer” you say. Going through SU… 

wow okay that’s definitely sensual

pearlnet yes bring the gay forward

pearlmethyst. they are cute and gay.


it’s super gay AND THEY SHOULD FUSE


pearl is getting gayer by the episode




RAINBOW quartz? THAT fusion dance?! NOPE CAN’T GET GAYER



The ABC's of Avatar: The Last Airbender 

This avatar side blog has been going strong for about 2 years now and somehow I reached 4,000+ followers a couple weeks ago! For me, this is a pretty big accomplishment so I wanted to do something different to celebrate. Instead of making icons, a follow forever, psd packs, etc, I decided to make this. A gif set that captures the essence of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show we all fell in love with almost 10 years ago and still love to this day. Avatar was such a big part of my childhood and it feels like all I’ve done is blink and now I’m an adult starting college this fall! But ya know what? I’m ready to start my own grand adventure and who knows, maybe I’ll end up changing the world like my buddy Aang. (;

To all my lovely followers, this one’s for you! 

And special thanks to michaeldantedimartinobryankonietzko , and the rest of the avatar team for creating a masterpiece! You guys made my childhood and I’ll be forever thankful! ♥


no baby it’s just a bad night i’m absolutely fine: a collaboration between the sainted max and myself


NEW VIDEO: “Go Deep Throat a Hog Dog

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