“wow i really want to play arkham knight, i should buy it! :0″

[thinks f how much of a disaster my arkham city playthrough was]

“or maybe not.”

I made this… so, yeah. It’s a line from her song “The World Is Ours,” from her EP Sweet Talk.

Right now, she’s doing small gigs in Nashville. So for anyone in Nashville, you’re super lucky and you better take advantage of your geographical blessings! Haha.

I really, really like this artist. I don’t usually just “jump on the bandwagon” and like someone because of their popularity or anything… and Sinclair (aka Julia Sinclair) is not popular by any stretch of the imagination. But, in a way, I think that’s what makes her more interesting. I’ve never really been able to see an artist grow from the ground up. I found her first EP last night (Slow and Steady) that was from 2011… and dang, it took me 3 hours to find four songs! But her music is worth it. (You can listen to all four songs on my Tumblr: Slow and Steady, Lies, Here and Gone, and Time Won’t Ask You To Stay.)

Her first EP sounded a lot like Taylor Swift’s Fearless, bridging the gap between pop and country. I think that’s why it’s so hard to find the songs on the internet now, because I think Sinclair is trying to showcase her new look rather than her old one, and I understand that. 

I hope her full-length debut album comes out soon! I might even be more excited for her album than Demi’s or Ellie’s, and that’s saying a lot.

It’s so hard for me to find queer artists that actually make music I like to listen to (sorry, Melissa Etheridge). But with Julia Sinclair, her music is both catchy and meaningful. Even her song “Sweet Talk”, which is arguably the most “pop” song of her EP, resonates with me. But even more than her songs, her story is so much more inspirational: she moved away from her homophobic family in 2010 to live in Nashville and started a music career there. She is now married, which is so sweet and really gives me hope for the future. You can read her interview with the popular online lesbian website AfterEllen here.

Her song “This Too Shall Pass” is my favorite off of her EP. It’s lyrics show that the writer really understands how depression works, and how hard it can be to even do simple things… but that we have to keep getting up every day and hope for the best, because the bad will pass.

These days it’s hard to get up
Some doors are better left shut
Maybe I’m thinking too much
These days
I don’t go out with my friends
I don’t need someone asking
“How have you been these days?”

Here’s where you can find her

Her website:
Her Instagram:
Her Twitter:

I really hope Sinclair gets more attention from the media, because she deserves it. Her music is amazing, and the story behind it is even more so.


My pokeballs for my Misty (huuu it’s hard to not call her Ondine) are dooonneeee ! They took less than 3 hours (longest part was cooking the fimo paste to do the buttons, 30min). I used white polyester balls and white and red acrylic paints. Wanted to take plastic ball first (would have been sooooooo much more easier) but acrylic paints and those ? Not a love story

my feet are blistered, my body is exhausted but after finishing work late I took Macey on a 3 hour walk. we met her bearded collie friend (this is their second meeting but they’re now officially friends) a 4 month old border terrier and so many other dogs and she didn’t even growl at them.

she even tolerated and initiated play with 2 out of control greyhounds who’s owner was smoking weed whilst his friend was up to something in the bushes. so glad Macey was feeling okay today and didn’t flip out on them. would have hated to see that get ugly.

Okay so I woke up around 8.30am and then I had to babysit my nephew and he and I fell asleep around 12.30 am and then I woke up 45 minutes later because my sister and my mom got home and my sister took her son and I went to my room and slept for 3 hours.
Basically all I did today was sleep and I’m not ready to be awake yet.

Another couple ways in which my roommate and I are opposites: she prefers warm temps (80F in winter!), I prefer cool and even cold temps, but when the temp get past a certain point, like it was 93F earlier and probably still is, I can tolerate the heat much more than she can. 93 F and I’m up and on the computer, doing things during the day that need doing, and she took 3 hours to accomplish one of her three goals the other day, and spends most of her time in this heat sleeping.