recently i reached 1k followers so i decided it wold be cool to do my first follow forever! i haven’t even been on here a whole year, but i’ve met so many amazing people and i love you all very much. i am a huge sap okay deal with it you’re all super amazing and you all deserve at least 12 ice cream sundaes <3

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I love seeing these people on my dash and I’m so happy that I’ve made so many good friends in the short time I’ve been here! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, just know that if I follow you I love you. <33

Okay, so let me start off by saying that this blog was never supposed to get any attention. I never expected any followers. I never expected any notifications. I ESPECIALLY never expected to make friends. I only wanted to be part of the Klaine fandom. But here we are, a year later and I have made numerous friends and found so many great people and blogs from this site.

4,290 posts
186 posts in the queue
247 drafts
201 blogs i’m following
6,113 notes on my most successful post
15 saved urls
1 sideblog and 1 mainblog
1 year of fun :)

Basically below I listed a few of the friends I have made while in this fandom. Of course there are more, there always are. Every single one of my followers are valued and loved. <3

  • real-life friends

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first you have the cuties

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then you have those who are literal blog goals

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and of course those people who make my life better

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and you can’t forget the talented fanfiction writers and rpers of the fandom

fae206 allyouneedisloveandcrisscolfer quizasvivamos beckyjacksonwrites

blaineydevon (aka my first follower ever and author of Headway)

(and the ever so lovely justan-artist, author of People Error)

I’m just going to put truffles in this category too because she is a very very talented fanfiction writer. Dear truffles, thanks for all the positivity and beautiful fics on my dash. Thanks for being a wonderful friend. Thanks for responding to all my headcanons and ideas with even more great ideas. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face no matter what time of the day it is. And most of all, thanks for being the alpha bae to my omega from day one. I appreciate you and everything you do so so much. i love you  <3 trufflemores

and then there are the people that i love so much

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It’s been a great year. And hopefully it’ll be an even better one to come. Thanks to everyone who has ever come into my ask box (including anons who didn’t get included), reblogged a post I made, or supported me in any way. I appreciate every single one of you. Goodbye baes!

at the beginning of 2k15 I got into kpop…it started with EXO and evolved from there and I’m now in love with so many bands…save me…

first i’d just like to clarify that this isn’t my main blog (main blog = shitty hipster blog that i made when i was 12 and love with all my heart but I wish my main blog was my fandom one) so I think it shows as “exodusheartache” following you? anyways, hello, that’s me, I love you, moving on…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone below for;
1) giving me my kpop fix and making my dash just generally a beautiful place tysm
2) making me cackle and grin even when i’m having a shit day (if you write tags I LOVE YOU OKAY, i have so much love for people who use tags, yes, i’m here, i’m reading your lustful tags over the sebooty and i’m crying alongside you at key’s beauty)
and 3) just generally being awesome ;)


baek-street-byun I THINK YOU MIGHT BE IN MY TOP 5 EXO BLOGS EVER (i’m sure lots of people tell u that but yeah, hi)
bisexualtae your blog is my favourite shinee blog ever, much love
celestyeol your username is just…perfect
dawnlus  you’re so sweet to your followers omg thank you god bless you
dayuminseok your icon is…iconic…sorry i love you i’m weird around people i love alSO I CAN’T GO A DAY WITHOUT THINKING OF XIUHAN EITHER JOIN THE CLUB
duizhang-can-fly *whispers* senpai notice me


eunhae-holic my source of daily eunhae praise the lord (ps. i’m 10000% sure they’re engaged ok)
exorgy god bless your blog…your username is also fantastic
fyjjong and the best jjong blog goes to? if u guessed yourself, u guessed right
getlayd oh man i cannot even express my love for you and your blog, i will protect you from the nasty people who want to put you in jail for killing all those people to get the best yixing username ever
gohomeyixing thank you for the yixing love~ #protectchinaline2k15
tae-bae-min oh look another fav tae blog shoot me now
ixtaemin you’re also my favourite taemin blog ok don’t question me


kibummys god bless you, favourite kibum blog ever, he is a queen and you are his lady in waiting and maybe one day i’ll get promoted from the maid
krismehard ugh i want to say something witty bc senpai but got nothing. hi. 
luhangoestohollywood omfg you’re so hot ok ok i love ur blog
mminseok *crying* thank you also for the xiuhan your icon is adorable


ohyaahkkaebsong DON’T CHANGE UR USERNAME EVER, this one is perfect, as is your blog and, by extension, you as a person
osh-94 please don’t let people get you down and i won’t let people get me down either ok i know our noodle boy sehunnie is cheering us on
otjinki i love you, onew loves you, ot5 love each other, thank you for your blog
purpleuhan all the love x
sehbutts see you in hell when the sebooty slays us ;)

s-ooyoungs i relate to everything u post 

sooyyoung SOOYOUNG IS SO HOT ok bye


tae69kai LONG LIVE TAEKAI (but also kaisoo omfg such a dilemna)
taesdays WHY DO I FOLLOW SO MANY GOOD TAEMIN BLOGS? i keep saying “you’re my fav” and then i see another…like yours…which is amazing…
wuyifanxing *whispers* senpai notice me
xiuhanempire 1) god bless this empire forever 2) your kyungsoo kitchen will forever be my fav april fool’s thing
xiuminsdreams *crying* thank you for the xiuhan
yixingofficial meet you in heaven with yixing when he kills us with his lip bites and winks

PS. thank you as always to my non-exo favs, perpetuallyobsessed, tobiios, foreverpersonafan, castiels-little-bastard

SORRY THIS IS SO LONG (and the format is messed up i hate technology)

You don’t have to look so sad! We actually find it to be quite livable! I mean, is perpetual twilight really all that bad?

!!! i started this piece a month ago and it’s finally done! i know her legs are a bit wonky, but i’m p happy with how it came out. here is a lil midna for you from twilight princess ouo

EDIT: i added the hair! so now it is actually done. <3 enjoy yo

hello! this is Vergggg, the mun speaking, just wanting to say i’m sooooooooo happy. i’ve been here for a few mouths and already have 100+ followers! cries forever tbh* you’ve all been perf people and supportive towards me, and i honestly did not expect to catch the attention of so many people i’ve admired for a long time, either. honestly, i REALLY don’t think you know how much that means to me.

Vergil is a grumpy muse that i choose. i had no inspiration for him, i just wanted to try him out lolol. i didn’t know he’d get so much love tho ( Thought I’ll suck tbh). I guess I love badass blue guys with boots.

you guys helping me out with him more, making him more of a character is so appreciated and i smile just thinking about you all. so…
Im sorry your not on here.I’m very forgettable. *cries*

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riahu asked:

Akashi and his s/o being cute and fluffy by staying in on a rainy Sunday morning which also happens to be the s/o birthday. Thank you and good luck sweetie!

u got it babe~

‘It’s raining,“ you mumble dejectedly.

Akashi nods, joining you by the window. Both of you had planned to go out today; after all, it is your birthday.

“Sorry, _______. I didn’t look at the news to check the weather.” A guilty expression crosses his face.

Sure, you’re really disappointed, but it’s not like he could’ve foreseen this. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky yesterday.

“Akashi, it’s not your fault- besides, there’s plenty to do here.” They could go outside, but no umbrella could protect them from the torrential downpour. On top of that, thunder and lighting constantly boom outside. It’s making you nervous; the power can go out any second.

“Can you go check the weather report before we lose power?” You ask. It was only a matter of time before you jinxed it.

He stalks off towards the living room and turns on the TV.

You chew at your bottom lip out of habit. You like the rain; but when it’s thundering… that’s different. Akashi didn’t pick up on it yet, though you’re sure he will. He’s very observant when it comes to you.

Thump. Crash.

You jump when you hear loud static from the TV seconds before the power goes out. Akashi curses, and the cold from outside starts to slowly creep in.

“A-Akashi?” You ask, putting your hands out in front of you to maneuver around in the darkness. “I’m here, I’m here,” he replies, placing his hands on your shoulders.

“Perfect timing,” you say under your breath. “Did you get to see anything?”

“Don’t worry about it, _______. It must’ve been a slow news day, because everything on it was about the weather. It’ll be raining for the rest of the day.”

You groan, wondering if you can jinx it again. “Hopefully the lights will kick in soon…” You pause for a second. Nothing. Akashi guides you to the couch.

“I’ll look for some candles, alright? Where’s the lighter?” he asks. By the sound of it, he’s making his way to the kitchen.

“Should be in one of those drawers,” you answer. “And I have some scented candles in the bedroom somewhere. Akashi, how the hell do you adjust to the dark so quickly?”

“Oh, I don’t. I just know my way around this place.” You hear drawers slamming, and eventually hear a small grunt of approval. “Found it.”

He turns on the lighter to help light his way to the bedroom.

You really wish he would hurry. The thunder is getting more persistent, and the darkness is really freaking you out.


You hear a loud sound, followed by the lightning lighting up the room for a split second. You see someone’s silhouette and jump back with a shriek.


‘I’m here, _______. Are you alright? Wha-“

You cut him off. "You scared the shit out of me!”

“What did I do?”

“You- you just- ugh, you were standing at the wrong place at the worst time. I didn’t even hear you coming.”

“He lights a candle and sets it on the coffee table in front of you. A faint light fills the room, and it puts you at ease.

He apologizes quietly. "Sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Akashi. I just… really don’t like thunderstorms.”

“I figured,” he sighs, sitting down next to you. “Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“It never really came to mind.” It was then that you noticed he brought a blanket with him, and that it’s starting to get cold in here.

Without even asking, he throws the blanket over both of you, and you pull your knees up to your chest. Still cold.

“Can you scoot a bit closer, please?”

Akashi didn’t seem to mind this request. Your shoulders brush together, and you get butterflies in your stomach. Even after three years of dating, he still has the same effect on you.

Closer,” you whisper. He wraps his arms around your waist and holds you against his chest. You can feel his heartbeat.

“Sorry about your birthday,” he mumbles, getting comfortable next to you.

“Stop apologizing, you dolt. You can’t control the weather.”

“I wish I could. I’d make this day as pretty as you are.”

Smooth, Akashi. Smooth.

You laugh with a goofy smile on your face. The candle’s scent starts to kick in. “This isn’t so bad, you know.”

“But it’s cold and dark in here.”

“At least I’m in a cold, dark room with you.

Now it’s his turn to smile. You laugh with him.

When it comes down to it, you wouldn’t trade Akashi with anybody else.