I finally made it~~ My very first follow forever!
I just reached a milestone, I’ve never thought I would reach when I started this blog.

I joined tumblr on August 2012, I wasn’t very active until the day I created this sideblog on October 2014. Since then, there isn’t a day I don’t visit tumblr. 
I will do my best to grow this blog. I know I don’t make many gifs these days because there are already many great ikon blogs who are doing an amazing job but I’m actually starting to learn using photoshop to make more beautiful gifs than I used to make, like this header ^^ ! This is the first time I try making this kind of gif. It’s not perfect but I really wanted to make something special for this follow forever ^^ I want to learn more and make cool gifs for you ~~
I feel like I don’t deserve to have 5k followers but I really want to thank all of you for following this blog I started only to spread my love for Bobby. 
But most of all, thank you for supporting Bobby and iKON <3 

I also want to thank all the blogs I follow for filling my dash with beautiful gifs, edits etc… of iKON, BIGBANG, KPOP and more! It’s all thanks to you that I hit this milestone <3

And lastly, thanks to everyone who came talk to me because I’m so shy to do the first step >.< I really appreciate talking with you whether it’s long or short.

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So, most of us are pretty sure Bill and the Time Baby know each other right? Well I have a theory that explains that, and a lot of other stuff too. Someone might’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it anyway.

The Time Giants invaded Bill’s dimension over one trillion years ago, starting a war for control over it. That is where Bill and Time Baby know each other from.

The Time Giants were losing, and nearing extinction. They were planning their escape from the dimension – a plan that included flying a spaceship of the survivors through a portal very much like the one Ford built with Bill’s help. But they were caught in the progress. Everyone died, except for one – Time Baby. He survived, and continued with the escape plan, heading for our dimension. But he wasn’t fast enough, and Bill followed him. The fighting continued throughout the journey, causing the vehicle to crash-land in the area that is known today as Gravity Falls. That vehicle would be the flying saucer Ford discovered that is shown in Dipper & Mabel vs. the Future. Ford states it is unknown if the flying saucer caused the strange anomalies in Gravity Falls or if it was attracted to them. According to my theory, it is leaning more towards the first option. Though the UFO wasn’t the direct cause of the anomalies, its coming will eventually lead to them popping up all over the town.

Bill and Time Baby would’ve landed in our dimension in pre-historic times. Instead of the town we see today, Gravity Falls is nothing but a wilderness roaming with cavemen that probably haven’t even discovered fire yet.

As the bumpy ride came to an end and the fight reached its climax, Bill did exactly what he did in Weirdmageddon Part 1 – and killed Time Baby. He knew his molecules would reconstitute in around 1000 years, and since he couldn’t return to his dimension after the portal on the other side had closed he prepared for the day Time Baby would come back.

Bill would make connections with the cavemen/women. He’d make deals with them; his knowledge and powers (maybe he’s even the one who taught them how to start a fire) in exchange for their alliance and a promise – a promise to spread the word about him and how he could be summoned. That way, in case Time Baby managed to send him back to his own dimension before his job was finished, he could always come back through people’s minds. That would explain the writing Ford found in the cave (The Last Mabelcorn).

Bill would also spend quite some time in the crashed UFO, studying the Time Giants’ technology until he found the plans for the portal. Using the materials in the saucer, he began to rebuild it in order to come back. I’m sure he didn’t plan to spend his entire immortal life in our boring dimension. It is probably more likely that he made others do most of the work for him though. 

That would also explain why exactly Ford raided the saucer for parts for his portal.

Until finally 1000 years passed. Time Baby returned. He planned to use his ability to manipulate time in order to return 1000 years to the past and pick up from where he left off, but Bill cornered him before he could. He could’ve just killed Time Baby all over again like he did last time, but he wanted something more lasting this time. A thousand years fly by when you’re immortal, and he preferred to get rid of Time Baby forever.

Bill’s plan was to send Time Baby through the portal into a dying dimension, an endless void of which Time Baby will never be able to escape, and the only way he could save himself would be going back in time constantly so he would never reach the end of that universe – until eventually he would begin to fast-forward.

However, as we all know, that didn’t happen.

Bill lures Time Baby to the portal, trying not to vaporize him this time. Time Baby, however, was going for the kill. So while Time Baby was shooting Laser from his eyes in the direction of Bill, he dodged and aimed to freeze Time Baby instead. That way, he could throw him through the portal with no resistance. But then something went wrong. Either Time Baby or Bill’s attacks missed and hit piece of the portal, and the gate to the other dimension began shutting down. With Time Baby distracted, Bill was able to freeze him. And then, with the time running out and the portal closing, he had two options:

1. Send Time Baby away as planned. But that would mean Bill would be stuck in this dimension, because the portal would be destroyed.

2. Keep Time Baby frozen in this dimension and leave.

Since Bill can peek into the future, he would likely see that even if he were to leave this dimension now he’d be able to return one day. 

So he went with the 2nd option. Quickly covering Time Baby in several more layers of ice, Bill then teleported him to Antarctica, where it was cold enough for Time Baby to be frozen even further, until he eventually became trapped inside an Antarctic glacier. 

The fact Time Baby was frozen in Antarctic glacier we already know from the Northwest Cover-up document featured in Irrational Treasure.

It is also mentioned by Bill in Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!

After that, Bill hurried to enter through the portal and back to the dimension he came from, knowing Time Baby will awaken eventually, and that it is not the end.

But there’s even more.

The source of the anomalies in Gravity Falls is the Nightmare Realm – Bill’s dimension.

With the portal damaged and the connection between the two dimensions weakening by the second, Bill’s transition through the portal was a blow strong enough in the fabric separating the two dimensions to rupture through it, breaking the balance sustained by the machine – a balance that was unstable enough as it was since the portal was damaged.

Through that small breach, waves of weirdness, like the ones seen in Weirdmageddon, are leaked to Earth, only much smaller and weaker and invisible. Those waves were the ones that caused the anomalies in Gravity Falls.  

When Ford talks about where he theorized the anomalies came from, he says, and I quote: “…but something nagged at me. Where did it all come from? It seemed to me the answer must lie outside of our world. A dimension of weirdness leaking into ours,” (A Tale of Two Stans).

The apocalypse is literally called Weirdmageddon, and it originates from the Nightmare Realm.  

Another possible piece of evidence would be the Eye-Bats. They are seen both in Gravity Falls and as creatures from Bill’s dimension (only scarier).

The Eye-Bats in Gravity Falls:

The Eye-Bats from the Nightmare Realm:

That would also explain why Bill’s dimension was decaying in the first place – it was leaking into ours, leaving it weak and fragile.

That brings up another reason why Bill would be so set on this dimension, aside from already making a name for himself and his unfinished business with Time Baby. Since his original dimension is already leaking into this one, to him, this dimension practically belongs to him already.

Also, if I am right about what Bill originally planned for Time Baby, then causing his own dimension to wither as a result is kind of ironic.

In conclusion, this is my final theory before the finale. I have no clue how right or wrong I am, but so many pieces just seem to click with it. I probably went into a little too much unnecessary detail, but that’s just how much I’ve thought this theory over in my head. I hope at least some of this made some sense to you. 

cerulione asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool).

thanks! very sweet of you <3… (aaahh this is very difficult D:) …

1. I like that I can see the good in people and help build them up. At one of my grad school interviews, they asked me at the end, “if you were an animal, what would you be?” and I excitedly blurted out, “oh, I would be a puppy!!! Because everyone tells me that I cheer them up and puppies make people happy!!” 

When I finished, I was so relieved for getting such an easy question and then a half second later, I was like crap… maybe I should have thought about my answer more. But hey, they laughed and I eventually got in, so yay!   

2. I like that I’m proficient at problem-solving. When things go wrong at work or issues crop up, it’s a good feeling to come up with different approaches, try them out and find a solution, even if it is an unconventional one. 

Like this is a really silly example, but my former boss was incredibly stingy and refused to fix things because it was a “waste of money.” Well, the hinge of the laptop he used to see patients broke, so he spent 2 weeks awkwardly hunching over to hold the screen in place while trying to type with one hand and interact with the patient. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I dug around the office, found an L shaped piece of metal and binder clipped that to the laptop. Voila.  

3. I like that I work hard at every job I take on. This quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. basically sums up my philosophy: 

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” 

4. I like that I will try my hardest to keep a promise and not let someone down.

5. um… I like my elbows. They are pointy, which is good for when I potentially need to elbow people out of the way and thwart anyone who might try to kidnap me from behind by slamming it into their gut. :P

lewanei asked:

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” Hmmm... I'm gonna go with Vithur too _(┐「ε:)_

“Are you sure you want to do this…?” Arthur murmured into his radio. It ended the question with a sound between a click and a blip as he pulled his finger of the switch.

“Of course! Are you backing out on me Artie? You said it was a great idea earlier-!” Vivi’s cheery voice came through the receiver and Arthur chuckled and shook his head.

“Um, I’m pretttyyy sure I said it was a terrible one, Vi.” He replied. “But I knew that after he messed with your food you were going to get him back one way or another. I figured help would make your plan actually work.”

“Darn right! No one messes with my food! That dog is going down- hey wait-!”

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favorite sehun quotes of 2015

☀️ “I want to go to a place where I can just get naked and have fun”

👽 “I like yoda because I like chanyeol and yoda looks like chanyeol”

💋 “aigoo, you cuties”…“I said I was cute”…“I’m the cute one”…“no I said I was the cute one, [my fans] are not cute”

👊🏼 “I reject you rejecting my love”

🍥 “I greatly contributed to the bubble tea boom in korea”

🙇🏻“why does my heart flutter when I look at a man?”

🍼 “because I am a baby, [my fans] are also my ‘babies’”

🔞 “should I take off all my clothes? can this be 19+?”

🍰 “you need sugar. it helps you concentrate”

💞 “I also love [my fans], but I can’t express this other than by saying it. it’s so frustrating”

💥 “do I sound like a pervert?”

💔 “the scariest thing in the world is to be left by the people who were once beside you”