I’ve reached 1k recently which is just so cool, and it’s been a while since my last follow forever, not to mention my blog is very very different (and very very better but let’s not go there), so I decided to make another one to thank all the new amazing blogs I’ve started to follow since then (and some of the old ones too). Some of the blogs here are my friends, some I’ve talked to like twice and already consider friends even though they might not, some are amazing mutuals I cannot in all honestly believe follow me back, some are blogs i admire so much you have no idea. ➳ faves // mutuals

@marauder-blood @ineedtobeinhogwarts @youre-my-desire @evaphinicos @nuwanda-x​  ➳ You are people I met out of tumblr, so not exactly tumblr friends, but you most of all deserve a spot here, each for your own unique reasons. Needless to say, I love you all ♥ 

+ @neiijosten // we haven’t been talking for too long, but I already love you ♥

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hey guys! i just hit 1,000 followers so i’m taking this as an opportunity to put together a long-awaited follow forever in celebration!
i’ve met some wonderful people in the past few months, so i want to thank you all for making tumblr such a nice place for me and for everybody else ♡
faves are bolded

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do check out my blogroll too, as sadly i could not mention every hp blog i follow! if we’re mutuals and i’ve left you out, it was definitely an accident… again, thank you all so much for following me, ilysm!

11/11/11/11 (more like 11/44/11/11 but whatever)

11 things about me:

1.) I hate school.

2.) I’m at 9th grade.

3.) I’m broke. I’ve only Rp50,000 on my wallet (about $3.90).

4.) I love vegetables, don’t ask why.

5.) I’m a furry.

6.) My lowest score average in school is in arts, with an average score of 77.25 over 4 semesters and a minimum score of 75 to pass.

7.) I’m pretty good at science (not to brag). See Radical #10.

8.) I’m insecure, deep down. Don’t worry about it though. 😅

9.) I never draw on my own will before Zootopia. The last time was like on 6th grade.

10.) I love some of my Tumblr friends more than my friends in real life.

11.) I can’t drink soda too quickly or I’ll burp. Fun fact XD


@wibblewarp‘s questions:

1.       What do your friends call you?

2.       What is your age?

3.       What is your hobby?

4.       How do you feel about gay shoe marriage?

5.       Who is your favorite internet personality?

6.       What video games do you have on your phone/tablet/computer?

7.       What’s your favorite shoe brand?

8.       Relationship status?

9.       Follower and post count?

10.     Favorite phone/tablet/computer brand?

11.     Best friend’s name?

@radicalrobo​‘s questions:

1.       What is your favorite kind of tree?

2.       What does the smell of wet grass remind you of?

3.       What’s the story behind your favorite food?

4.       What’s something you’ve done that none of your friends have done?

5.       What’s the oldest memory you have of a pet?

6.       What’s your second favorite color?

7.       Do you know how to change a flat tire?

8.       Did you learn something new recently? What was it?

9.       What’s your favorite Jackie Chan movie?

10.     What’s the thing you’re most proud of?

11.     What brought you to Tumblr?

@reddoshirousagi06‘s questions:

1.       Movies or books?

2.       Biggest priority in life?

3.       Nick Wilde? Or Gideon Grey?

4.       Most enjoyable fandom?

5.       Thoughts on the Zootopia fandom as a whole?

6.       What type of music do you listen to?

7.       Favorite shoe brand?

8.       What is your absolute comfort food?

9.       Favorite meme as of right now?

10.     Most favorite OTP?

11.     Favorite internet personality?

@legiot16‘s questions:

1.       Do you have any other Tumblr account?

2.       What do you think of Zootopia?

3.       PC or Mac?

4.       What’s your favorite movie?

5.       Would you rather have a Zootopia 2 or a Zootopia TV Show?

6.       What’s your favorite TV Show?

7.       Do you own any animals?

8.       Have you ever been on Youtube?

9.       Would you use a Perrier to use a pencil and paper or a drawing tablet?

10.     What animal is your Zoosona?

11.     Number of followers and following?


@wibblewarp’s question’s answers:

1.) Rob, Bert, and Nicholas.

2.) Technically 13, and exactly one month to 14.

3.) I like reading and love drawing Nick Wilde. I also play games.

4.) I can’t answer yet.

5.) I must say, maybe Hank Green.

6.) Most played games:
Phone: Rebuild 3
PC: Factorio

7.) Crocs, if it counts. They make comfortable shoes.

8.) Single. Why? Look at Wibble #2.

9.) 81 followers, 571 posts (excluding this). Thanks guys! ^^

10.) Phone: Xiaomi, using it right now.
PC: Uh, HP? Using it right now.

11.) Nathan and Darlene.

@radicalrobo’s question’s answers:

1.) A Californian redwood. They can be old as heck. That’s awesome.

2.) Reminds me of… grass. The smell of CUT grass, however, reminds me that plants have a busy social life, releasing certain chemicals to the air to warn other plants to the incoming danger of lawnmowers, which is what causes the smell in the first place.

3.) I like spaghetti. Because it’s the first non-rice food I’ve eaten.

4.) I’ve been drawing Nick Wilde (which none of my friends in real life have done).

5.) A fish. In a bland aquarium.

6.) Ebony.

7.) No. See Wibble #2.

8.) I learned that even supposedly normal particles can act as a wave in a double-slit experiment (quantum stuff, don’t mind me).

9.) Rush Hour.

10.) I got into the provincial level of the national science olympiad.

11.) @javs2727’s story.

@reddoshirousagi06‘s question’s answers:

1.) Depends. Zootopia > most books, but The Hunger Games > most films.

2.) What I tell people: Becoming an astronaut.
What I truly want: Making Zootopia a reality.

3.) Nick Wilde > Gideon Grey. 😂

4.) The Zootopian fandom.


6.) Jazz, classical. Sometimes pop.

7.) See Wibble #7.

8.) See Radical #3.

9.) The “Tie the knot“ meme.

10.) WildeHopps. No sh*t.

11.) See Wibble #5.

@legiot16’s question’s answers:

1.) No.

2.) It’s Zootopia. Every time I hear that word, I perk up and run through to the source, no matter how depressed I was before. Need I say more? 😂

3.) PC.

4.) Zootopia. Obviously. To nobody’s surprise.

5.) Zootopia 2.

6.) The Big Bang Theory.

7.) Nope. At least, not anymore. I had a fish. See Radical #5.

8.) I’ve been there (of course), but I have never uploaded a video.

9.) I don’t have a tablet yet, so I can’t really choose.

10.) The common wombat (Vombatus ursinus).

11.) 81 followers (Wibble #9) and following 58 people right now.

11 questions for tagged people:

1.) Favorite animal?

2.) Do you play games on the web? If so, what websites do you usually play at?

3.) No. of followers, followed people, and posts?

4.) Have you been outside your country? If so, where and why? If not, how come?

5.) Favorite subject?

6.) What is your opinion on other Zootopia ships (100% canon)?

7.) Favorite number? Why?

8.) Favorite Zootopia fanart (link or picture please)?

9.) Favorite art from all topics except zootopia (link or picture please)?

10.) What do you think of your name?

11.) What do you think about your country?

I tag the following 11 peeps:

@ihavewaytoomanyproblems, @applepiesforfree, @nandwnt, @sprinkah, @xxfirestarxx, @javs2727, @xfurou, @crewefox, @datsemtx, @survivor8, and @fuzzywuzzylittletail.

By the way, be sure to check the people I tagged if you haven’t already. They’re really nice people! :D

Whew. This took almost two hours, but I did it! :)

Under the read more is #260+ [ 100 x 100 ] gif icons of PARK CHANYEOL from EXO as requested by myself :-)❣

  • None of the original gifs belong to me, I’ve only cropped/edited & resized them❣ All credit goes to full owners.
  • If you see one of your gifs and would like specific credit or for me to take it out just throw me a message❣
  • Likes or reblogs would be hella if you use these❣ Have fun, cupcakes.

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yoyoyo another question thingy

thanks for tagging me @ethenpercer

  1. What is your favorite movie franchise? Disney I guess (I don’t watch a lot of movies)
  2. What’s something fun you like to do in your spare time? listen to music and hang out with the squad in group chat 
  3. What country, if you haven’t visited it, would you like to visit? hmm probably the UK
  4. Do you like these tag games? most of the time but there has been questions that made absolutely no sense to me 
  5. Favorite food and drink? food: sushi or spaghetti   drink: hot chocolate with cinnamon or pure leaf ice tea
  6. What is your Zodiac sign? Libra
  7. What makes you cringe the most? any tv show that gives you second hand embarrassment 
  8. If you suddenly became a Disney character, who would you be? you know what i have no idea which one i’m like so i’m gonna go see if there’s a quiz or something for it……oh cool I got Simba 
  9. Favorite video game? splatoon, pokemon, left 4 dead sometimes, plague inc, doom (I don’t play a lot anymore but these we’re/are my favorites
  10. What is your worst fear? falling behind or people getting sick of me 
  11. What is the answer to all life itself? you’re asking the wrong person lmao

alright now I get to add a new set of questions aw yee 

  1. Day or night?
  2. What’s the last song you listened to?
  3. What’s the last tv show you watched
  4. Follow up to question 3. Which character from that show do you relate to the most?
  5. Favorite animal?
  6. Zodiac sign?
  7. Any hobbies?
  8. Do you collect anything?
  9. Favorite book?
  10. Favorite video game?
  11. Favorite dessert?

time to tag @boyemip, @zizly, @sugarpop-skies, @cartoonish-popplio, @quasi-stevonnie, @lions-ocean, @asdwander, @flame-baby-ruby, @rudibium @oblivionkeeper23 (if you don’t want to do it you don’t have too ^-^)

favorite sehun quotes of 2015

☀️ “I want to go to a place where I can just get naked and have fun”

👽 “I like yoda because I like chanyeol and yoda looks like chanyeol”

💋 “aigoo, you cuties”…“I said I was cute”…“I’m the cute one”…“no I said I was the cute one, [my fans] are not cute”

👊🏼 “I reject you rejecting my love”

🍥 “I greatly contributed to the bubble tea boom in korea”

🙇🏻“why does my heart flutter when I look at a man?”

🍼 “because I am a baby, [my fans] are also my ‘babies’”

🔞 “should I take off all my clothes? can this be 19+?”

🍰 “you need sugar. it helps you concentrate”

💞 “I also love [my fans], but I can’t express this other than by saying it. it’s so frustrating”

💥 “do I sound like a pervert?”

💔 “the scariest thing in the world is to be left by the people who were once beside you”