Plot Threads and Speculation on SP S20

Dropped Threads from S19:

  • Matt and Trey were careful to affirm the ads are still out there, but outside a quick note in “Member Berries“, this hasn’t been re-addressed.
  • Bill Keegan is still anchoring the local news as of “Douche and a Danish”, and is an ad plant. We’ve still not had Tom and Tammy Thompson restored, and the ex-newsmen were still in hiding.
  • PC Principal and Randy’s frat brothers are still missing in action amid their hunger strike.
  • The property values of the houses have never been addressed either..? Are we still being priced out of town?
  • David has pretty much disappeared into the background and it’s a little frustrating they played him up only to toss him aside? He’s not even in the #WeinersOut group?
  • PC Principal himself hasn’t done much. He’s kind of faded into the background as much as Principal Victoria was to begin with…
  • …speaking of which, still hoping we’ve not seen the last of her, since her big return never went anywhere last year.
  • Okay, not a real plot thread, but Officer Barbrady needs his job back so he can be happy and get his dog her medication what the fuck.
  • Most of this is sadly probably forgotten :(

Dropped Threads from S20:

  • Obviously, all the couples broke up in “Skank Hunt“ and we’ve yet to see where this is going. I think we’ll see them back together by the beginning of next season, but it remains to be seen.
  • Not an official thread, but “Skank Hunt“ seemed to ominously suggest the girls’ role would finally increase… not much sign of that yet. They’re still one block of characters in line, as have been the boys.
  • Although Caitlyn Jenner had a cameo last night, she’s not been speaking alongside Garrison since “Member Berries“.
  • In “The Damned“, the Park County Police seemed to be investigating Cartman’s disappearance. Is this still going? Probably not, but I was kind of curious where it’d go.
  • Despite everything going on with the young girls, and Skankhunt42 also targeting the adult women, and Garrison as well…most of the adult women have barely been involved, save Sheila. I’ve been letting it slide but it really felt like a wasted opportunity this week.
  • I was kind of hoping we’d do something with the fact that it was Jimbo’s Cabin in “Skank Hunt“, and he was talking to Randy the week before, and he was a Garrison supporter last year… but nada.
  • Slightly hoping before the season ends, considering it’s South Park’s 20th Season, we’ll get some meta joke about the show’s age. Member Chef? I member!


  • I don’t think 90% of the stuff I’ve already talked about is going to matter, honestly. Surprise me, Trey.
  • No prediction on Cartman and Heidi but I hope their relationship continues, even if Cartman returns to his old self. I don’t want either of them to backstab each other or something.
  • Mr. Garrison will change his mind about the election for some reason right before he loses, to restore the suspense factor in the final tally… not sure how Garrison will get back to the classroom though.
  • In S20E10 something shitty is going to happen to Kyle because of Gerald’s troll activity and Gerald will get the fuck over himself.
  • Hoping for a big payoff with Sheila when she finds out Gerald’s identity but honestly don’t know if Trey’ll take that route.
  • Something will have to bring the boys and girls together sooner or later, but what could possibly unite them?
  • Not sure where the member berries themselves are going. Obviously they’re implied to be the cause of this madness, but can they actually be stopped? Only a few characters are using them.
  • J. J. Abrams could easily have something to do with the ads, but that might be wishful thinking since I did a vaguely similar shtick in my crappy fanfic.

anonymous asked:

What do you think got Keith interested in flying in the first place? What about Lance? Do you think the primary Paladins sometimes just go flying cause 2/3 like flying and hunk is too nice to say no?

They probably had very similar reasons, though not exactly the same. Space is large and unexplored, they both wanted to know what was up there. Keith had a more scientific reason to go up there, Lance wanted to be in the stars, with the stars, to see what other planets had to offer him. The garrison wasn’t just a flight school, they were being taught how to fly through unearthly conditions, how to survive crashes while stranded on alien planets, saving other people, what to do when they’re in the middle of literally nowhere, they didn’t just want to fly they wanted to be in space.

Flying is more of a thrill for Lance than it is for Keith and Hunk. Keith certainly doesn’t mind it. Neither does Hunk, really. He’s been able to get over his motion sickness while being a paladin. Sometimes Hunk will even be the one to suggest going out for a flight, “to test their lions” he says as an excuse to show them this scenic planet he discovered while examining the map with allura and coran. Keith will sometimes be in on it and challenge Lance to a race to the spot. Hunk catches up to them afterwards and is greeted by a big hug from Lance.

favorite sehun quotes of 2015

☀️ “I want to go to a place where I can just get naked and have fun”

👽 “I like yoda because I like chanyeol and yoda looks like chanyeol”

💋 “aigoo, you cuties”…“I said I was cute”…“I’m the cute one”…“no I said I was the cute one, [my fans] are not cute”

👊🏼 “I reject you rejecting my love”

🍥 “I greatly contributed to the bubble tea boom in korea”

🙇🏻“why does my heart flutter when I look at a man?”

🍼 “because I am a baby, [my fans] are also my ‘babies’”

🔞 “should I take off all my clothes? can this be 19+?”

🍰 “you need sugar. it helps you concentrate”

💞 “I also love [my fans], but I can’t express this other than by saying it. it’s so frustrating”

💥 “do I sound like a pervert?”

💔 “the scariest thing in the world is to be left by the people who were once beside you”