Common Desk Supplies in Witchcraft

📎 Paper clips - Paper clips are made of steel, which is mostly iron, so it can be used as a substitute for iron or iron shavings. Cut one up and put it in a protection powder. Or, you can bend it into a shape (like a sigil) for a simple window protection spell. Paper clips are known for their elasticity and tension, making them great for change spells, friendship spells, or even curses. They can also connect certain things, or make chains. On a practical note, paper clips can be bent into mini candle holders.

💌 Tape - Tape can obviously be used for bindings. It can also be used for invisibility spells or glamors, if you cover a certain word or object with tape. Using tape on a poppet may help protection or healing, but only for a little while.

✏️ Pencils/Pens - These uses change based on color. However, all of them can be used as wands, or to amplify a spell. You may bless or enhance a pen by washing it with a soap or tea, or cleansing it in incense smoke.

📑  Staples - Also made of steel, staples can be used for wards and bindings. Any spell involving pain can include staples. When you staple, you instill pain; when you remove a staple, you heal. They can also connect certain things, and are good for knowledge or love spells. 

📌  Thumbtacks - These are great for protection jars, banishing spirits and, of course, curses. To see through certain situations, you may use a thumbtack to poke through a paper or bag, representing clarity. However, be aware that clarity obtained this way may not come pleasantly.

📝 Sticky notes - Sticky notes have more flexibility than regular paper, in that you can attach them. Use sticky notes for sigils on the go, or stick several sheets of sticky notes together in order to represent layers. If you would like to expand your knowledge, reveal a secret, or even divine, you can write on the top sticky note with a colored pen that matches the intent. Then place a drop of essential oil or moon water on the top note, and see what shapes it forms in the bottom notes.

✒️ Highlighters - Highlighters can be used similarly to pens. They also add extra light and glow to a design, which amplifies a spell’s power.

🔗 Rubber bands - You’ve probably used rubber bands before to wrap up baggies and such. In magic, they can represent tension, flexibility, binding, or releasing emotions. Stretch a rubber band between two poppets (or other symbols of people, like apples) to represent tension between two persons. In the same way, you can also use rubber bands for love, passion and lust spells.

✉️  Envelopes - Envelopes represent anything that encompasses, compresses, or confuses a person. Open envelops or write inside of them for inner clarity. Seal the envelope for anything you want to forget, trap, or hide. You can also use envelopes to hold herbs as a discreet form of witchcraft.

❌ Erasers - Obviously, erasers can help banish or hide things. They also work for invisibility spells, and release a ton of energy through friction. You may want to consider writing a sigil on an eraser, and then erasing it until the sigil wears off. 

✂️ Scissors - Scissors can act as a magical knife for those who do not yet have one. Scissors can disconnect and cut off regrets, guilt, persons or memories. Scissors can also be used to carve into candles.

📏 Rulers - If you’re into number magic, a ruler is the tool for you. Imagine drawing a symbol in the exact dimensions of a number that corresponds to your intent! 

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AFTER A FUCKTON OF ARDUOUS RENDERING…I PRESENT….an actual project that i submitted for form & motion class. for real. enjoy

Hello ! Have a nice video of 2P Italy playing as the protagonist in the song ‘MY R’. I was inspired by other artists to make this and I am quite proud with the result! Even if it’s just a rough frame animation. Please enjoy! 

he doesn’t know.

Rating: sfw, tear jerker tho

Word count:

I just don’t know what else to add soo. But I mean this is very sad. But this has been in my drafts for so long, like since March oops.


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Y/n was pacing around the master bathroom, pulling on her hair occasionally. Why, why, how did she let this happen to them? Her boyfriend Ashton was touring worldwide with his band, and she had managed to get pregnant. With Ashton’s baby. 

She remembered the last time she had seen him, three months ago. They had made sweet love to each other in the comfort of their shared home, and they didn’t wear a condom. 

God, why did she not tell him to put on a condom. 

She had rushed to the bathroom as soon as he fell asleep, which wasn’t long after they had finished, and she tried to push it all out of her. She tried so hard to get it out, she was not ready for a child and Ashton sure as hell wasn’t. 

She refused to take a test for herself. She waited on her own, did not drink any alcohol, did not do anything that could harm her possible child. And she knew after the second week that she was pregnant. 

Y/n got the worst morning sickness, her feet would hurt and so would her back. 

Her parents knew. Ashton didn’t. Ashton was oblivious. 

She didn’t want to tell him. She didn’t want to see the hurt on his face. But he came home today, and when they slept together tonight he would notice the small bump beginning to form. Or if he wanted to make love to her again for the first time in three months, he would notice. 

The opening of the front door is what made her jump from her worries. Ashton yelled, “Y/n!” and she began to gather herself. 

She pulled on some comfy shorts to keep Ashton from getting horny from seeing her in panties for the first time in months. 

“Upstairs!” Y/n yelled back, pulling her hair up into a bun. 

She heard the approaching footsteps and her heart began pounding. The bedroom door flew open, and there stood Ashton in all of his glory. Y/n had missed his golden skin, his fluffy hair, and God his dimples were still as perfect as before. 

“Hey baby girl,” he said, dropping his bags. 

She smiled widely, forgetting her anxiety for a moment. “H-Hi,” she had said, breathlessly, throwing her arms around him. He held her back, holding her tight to which she tensed. 

Ashton pulled back. “What’s wrong? Why did you tense up, doll?”

Y/n hesitated for a moment. She had wanted this to be a good time, but she had to ruin it now. She had to tell him the news. 

“Ash, um, we need to talk,” she mumbles under her breath. 

Ashton furrows his eyebrows. He nods slowly and sits on the bed. He knew how to read Y/n like a book. “Okay, we’ll talk. C’mere, sit on my lap, princess.”

She climbed into his lap, Ashton kissing the top of her head. He needed his girl to feel loved and wanted. He never wanted her to feel upset. He wanted to make sure she was showered with love and happiness.

“Y/n, you have to speak up, doll, I need to know what’s up,” he said softly, not whispering, but practically.

“Well, there’s something I’ve been meaning to mention for about a month,” she sighed and looked up at Ashton. He was not glowing like normal. He was concerned, surely waiting to hear the worst news of his life. Y/n didn’t know if this would be or not.

“I um, I’ve known for a while but I didn’t know how to tell you so I figured I would tell you once you got home,” she looked up at him.

Ashton cupped her cheek and stroked it gently. “You know you can tell me anything angel,”

“Ashton I… I’m pregnant.”

His face changes from concerned to confused. “Pregnant?”

Y/n nods, and she looks down at the ground. “I’m sorry, Ashton,” she whispers, defeated.

“No no no, baby don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault, it’s alright. You know I’m not leaving, right?”

Y/n nods slowly and closes her eyes.

Jumping awake, y/n sighs and rubs her eyes. She wanted that to be how the story went, but it wasn’t. Here she was, laying beside her boyfriend who has been home for two weeks and she hasn’t told him yet.

She didn’t know what was making her so nervous about it. She knew Ashton wouldn’t mind if she was pregnant, she knew he would stay and support her and the baby. But for whatever reason, she just could not do it.

“Y/n, baby, are you okay?”

Y/n turned to look at Ashton. “Yeah, yeah I’m okay just had a bad dream, I guess.”

Ashton nodded. “Come here,” He pulled her back to his chest so that they were spooning. “I love you.”

Y/n smiled. “I love you, too.”

“It’s alright, y/n, I’ve got you.”

If only he knew.


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