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4.13 Hope and Despair

Lincoln shut down the computer console he was using. Worry furrowed his brow line. Where was Peter? It had been a couple of hours since he had gone to find Emit. A vague uneasy feeling was making his stomach queasy. He took a step towards the door when it swooshed open. The time keeper stepped inside a smile upon his pasty face. Looking behind the blue haired man Lincoln asked “where’s Peter?”

Ignoring the boys question Emit walked towards the window. Gazing out over the city he opened his arms wide “is it so wrong to want to do whatever takes to save all of this?”

anonymous asked:

I've seen my therapist for a year and a half. We've always have a very good relationship and a couple months ago it evolved into a friendly one. It was my birthday and she texted. She said we should celebrate together, so we did. She took me to a very nice bar and spent the morning there. She also gave me a very special gift. Since then we've hang out another time. We spend +4 hours talking like I would with a friend. Now I'm OBSESSED with her. I even think I might be in love... What can I do?

Hello anon, 

I would seek out a new therapist, you shouldn’t be friends with your therapist. This ruins the therapeutic relationship and makes recovery more difficult because it changes the trust dynamic. This doesn’t really seem very professional on her part, and although you have found a different relationship with her there are still ethical boundaries. I would keep this in mind the next time you see her. 

Good Luck, 


scientiaetsapientia  asked:

How are you doing and what are you working on? (:

JAAAY!!! <3

I’m a little tired, but I’m doing great. I’m getting into the habit of accomplishing at least an hour of focused vocal practice every day - once in the morning and once at night. It takes more physical and mental energy than I’m used to, but I’m adjusting. Slowly. (As it should be. I’m learning to accept the whole “everything that’s worth something takes time.”) And I will say in addition to that, I’m learning how not to freak out when I don’t make the sounds that I want. 

I also started the first class of the Strasberg Intermediate yesterday. We sat for 4 hours, did a table read, and barrelled through a ton of information. A three-page scene of mostly conversation took pretty much 3 hours to analyze. It reminds me of back when I took English Literature in school, so that was a lot of fun. (Except for when I slept two hours past my bedtime.) I’m learning there’s a lot of depth to the craft of acting than I thought possible. Think of the iceberg analogy where people usually only see that bit above the surface when there’s a whole bigger chunk hidden beneath. I’ve gotten more homework in that one class than I have in any class during university, and that’s all due next week.

So, that’s most of what I’ve been working on! I haven’t the energy to work on other stuff this week. =)

And you? How’s life going? 


That moment when you finally draw Percy Jackson as you imagine him after years of failed attempts! 

Took me about 4 ½ hours to complete but here he finally is! I want to draw some more PJO characters like this as well but let’s see if I end up getting the time to… 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUNE FACTORY! Rune Factory 4 completely consumed my life back in the summer of 2014. I fell for this game hard, and I think I was genuinely addicted to it at one point. This picture was really fun to make, and it only took me about four hours to plan it and put it together. If I could put as much effort as I put into this into literally anything else, I might actually be a successful human being. However, nothing is more important to me than showing my affection for Rune Factory 4. I wish I could live in Selphia. That would be great. (p.s- It makes me really happy to see that so many people like my art work! I hope you guys like this one too! I included all of the inhabitants of Selphia. Ethelberd is also hidden in there somewhere)

It was a weird, weird fucking day. I woke up with awful cramps so I took half of one of my prescription painkillers (a full one twice per day is my usual dosage when I take them every month). I took it on an empty stomach, which I know I’m not supposed to do but I’ve done it plenty of times in the past and the worst it does is make me a little loopy. By 11 AM I was just Gone. Nauseous, detached, hot flashes, numb fingers and toes. Could barely type or pick up a pen and my eyes stopped focusing. Around 2 PM I started slurring my words and couldn’t walk in a straight line so I came home (it took me 30 minutes just to write the “I’ll be working from home” email) and fell asleep for 4 hours. I’m still a little out of it but most seems to have worn off. I still have no real clue what happened.


I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that its true
‘cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you
I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you

Love me like you

I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the entirety of creation of this (4+ hours) and it reminded me so much of Delilah and Beckett’s relationship. So, turns out Delilah can sing.

moon-boat  asked:

What do you want to be when you grow up (for that anti honesty hour ask) ;)

i wanna become a wedding planner but not before finding a loving husband, moving to the suburbs, and having 4 children named Aiden, Brayden, Kayden, and Kathryn. When i become the wedding planner, it’ll be after nearly a decade and a half of being a stay at home mom because hubs would be making enough money to support the 6 of us. His start-up tech business took off early enough (with the help of funding from his wealthy parents, Cheryl and Bob). I’ll send my kids to a Catholic private school (cus everyone knows public schools are nowhere near the same caliber) and i’ll encourage the boys to study business just like their dad, or maybe even become scientists, and the girls to be nice and graceful and study english or something in college (because if they’re struggling in math and science, that’s ok, because girls aren’t meant for that sort of work anyway). And god forbid they want to study art, or theatre, or anything like that. And could you imagine if they ended up being gay or something, after all i’d done for them? I could NEVER

(the ask was from this don’t think this is serious u scalawags)

I don’t think my mom understands that just because I can drive that doesn’t automatically make me the family taxi

cptjamestkirk  asked:

10, 14, 21

10. What was the first gif you ever posted

this was the gist proper gif i ever made and i remember it was SO FUCKING HARD I almost gave up and never giffed again after that. Like literally it took me an hour to make this one lame gif but i honestly had no clue what i was doing I just remember being it for Derek…he’s worth it…you love him and so i pushed on through lol.

14. How long does it usually take you to make a set

If I’m just posting basic gifs like a 4 set of someones face i can finish that in about 10-15 minutes depending on how hard it is to color? An 8 set usually takes me an hour or so because I’m really picky and i fuss over every detail and picking scenes is a pain and trying to get the colors right and everything can be a nightmare. I remember theres a set i posted of Snowpiercer that I literally spent a month going back and forth over lol. It wasn’t even anything that special tbh but i just fussed over it so much idk…

21. PSDs or original coloring for each gif

I color all of my gifs one at a time. I tried PSDs once and it was super ugly to me. Like each coloring rally just looks best on the scene it was made for. Even going in a fiddling with a few settings to try and make it work…its just not worth it to me. Also I’m a photoshop snob so…


(( So I've been bored recently, and wanted to animate some of the provinces/cities. I’m going to do a few more tomorrow. Honestly drawing and animating this probably took 3-4 hours. You would think It would have taken a shorter time. Yea no. 

Anyway, so for the first three we have:




And boi, let me tell you my troubles with these three. Drawing them, of course.

Edmonton was mostly the shortest amount of time to make. Even though he was my first one I made. I just wanted him to blink, I thought I was only going to make all the characters blink, I was totally wrong.

Manitoba took the longest because of the fiddle. Yea I can’t draw fiddles. Never let me draw a fiddle again. Please and Thanks.

Quebec City was the last one I made. It didn’t take that long, but still a little while. I wanted her hair to wave, but I kept on failing so I just made her blink. Maybe I can animate her hair waving later. 

I’ll be making more tomorrow. Hope you like them! ))

((BTW they’re transparent))

positive news for once

went to my psychiatrist appointment yesterday. 

talked to her about going inpatient but she wanted me to try out some new medications in lieu of the ones i was taking instead before we go that route, so she tweaked my script a bit. wrote me a script for xanax 2mg XR (didnt even know they made xanax XR, it’s xanax just lasts 24 hours instead of 4 hours like the usual xanax). and usually when you take xanax and fall asleep the affects of it are completely gone, but not with the XR. even after i slept and woke up, it’s still working. i was also changed from brintellix to latuda 20mg. 

took the xanax XR at around 8 yesterday, went to sleep at 12am, it’s 5:13am. and i still feel so calm. zero anxiety. reg xanax may be good for recreational use or whatever but if you have an actual anxiety disorder (like me) it is major key. it makes much sense to take a benzo in the morning that lasts all day than to wait until you have a panic attack, take it, then wait an for it to kick in, because you’ve already had your panic attack. xanax is short acting, but xanax XR is preventative of panic attacks, you take it every morning and it quells your anxiety all day, preventing the attacks all together rather than taking it after you actually have an episode. makes sense, right?

was written a script for latuda, which is an antipsychotic mood stabilizer. this was my first day taking it. it’s only been on the market for a year. ZERO SIDE EFFECTS SO FAR. no dizziness, or nausea. no agitation or increased appetite. even on the first day taking it (today), i felt zero suicidal ideation. no urges to self harm even since the first hour after i ingested the dose. i go back to my psych in two weeks and will probably have her bump up the dose on the latuda.  

i feel very clear headed. i even slept completely through the night. 12am to 5am. usually when i wake up it’s like 1:30pm and right when i open my eyes i’m hit with depression and a “oh god not another day in this hell”. but this time i actually woke up feeling stable, refreshed, and wanting to make plans today. and STUDY. oh god i have to study for this COMPASS exam i take on the 19th. 

i’ll keep y’all updated on it because i know a lot of people with mental illness who follow me out of comradery and these reviews could be helpful to them. 

wow i feel…………………………. normal. i can’t wait to see it’s full affects in about a few days. i can’t even believe it worked so fast though. i feel a certain contentedness that has eluded for for a decade now.  

what i’m on now:

- latuda 20mg (mood stabilizer/antipsychotic) 

- xanax XR 2mg (extended release anti anxiety) 

- ambien XR 12.5mg (extended release sleep medication) 

- remeron 15mg (sleep medication)

My thoughts on No Man's Sky so far

I’ve gotten a couple asks and IMs about No Man’s Sky since we started playing today and I figured I’d make a post about it.

Starting out, it took me about 4 hours to get the game running after it lanched on Steam; I have well above the minimum system hardware requirements and more than enough space on my Hard Drives- plus my BIOS, OS, and Drivers were all up to date… But I still kept getting a CtD error whenever we’d try to launch the game after intallation. Thankfully, though, I wasn’t the only one in the community having this issue… And finally, though a combination of my own computer knowledge, my Husband’s backseat Googling, and the help of online forums, I managed to get it running.

I do want to point out, though, that while it did take me quite a while to fix the problem I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing… Game launches always have issues and you can never expect them to really go correctly for a multitude of reasons. As a result, when it does happen I never really count it against the Devs or the game. It’s really just a part of the industry.

And it was frustrating, certainly… But I’m also pretty sure that the issue would have been much easier to narrow down and fix had all of my stuff not been both up to date and well above the MSR for the game; troubleshooting PC issues is really one of the worst things ever. To top it off, toubleshooting a problem like this is a lot easier to do when you at least have some sort of minuscule idea concerning what could be wrong- or at least a rough starting place to work off of… And I simply didnt have that.

In the end, the issue was either that:

1. Microsoft Visual C 2010 or 2013 needed to be manually repaired in the No Man’s Sky game data folders; Sean of Hello Games confirmed on Twitter today that this was an issue for some users- though I think that this was fixed in an update already.

2. While my drivers for my GFX Card (AMD Radeon HD 7900) were indeed up to date, I didn’t actually have the version of those drivers with OpenGL support; Sean also verrified on Twitter today that OpenGL is absolutely required to play No Man’s Sky, so if your GFX Card doesn’t include OpenGL support then you wont be able to play. Thankfully for those of you running Nividia cards, the company has a downloadable computer app that automatically detects your GFX Card and will prompt you to install the best driver for that card. If your card is OpenGL compatible then it should install the most up to date driver with support for it (the tool can be found on their website- though tbh I can’t remember how I actually found it the first time).

Once I got the game running finally, though… Oh my Gods.

First things first… If you do not like pointless, rambling exploration games with a high emphasis on Mat Gathering you will probably fucking hate this game. Personally I am so unbelievably in love with games like this but you might not be. If you aren’t, don’t be a dick; don’t bother buying it, play it for just an hour, and then leaving a shitty 1 or 2 star rating if you already know you’re not the type of person who enjoys these kinds of games.

IMO, it does take a while to get started- and it definitely takes a little bit to get interesting… It’s a game that really seems to take a few hours to get into. Once it does, though… It doesn’t really disappoint you; at some points the gameplay can get pretty freaking intense and can have you on the edge of your seat. Most times, though, it’s really mellow and relaxing. It always remains pretty interesting throughout, though.

The creatures, too, are… Unique… At the very least… Downright humorous most times… And sometimes just outright amazing or terrifying at others. To top it off, the differemt Biomes and Planets can be outright stunning; we’ve definitely found our fair share of beautiful planets already, and we’ve only visited a handful of them so far.

The soundtrack is stellar. I love it. For the most part it’s a nice, soft sort of ambient music that is very relaxing. Every now and then, though, it’ll pick up; it’ll get faster, more rock-like or synth-ish, but overall it’s truly great. It’s honestly probably the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a while, suits the game very well, and I’d actually like a copy of it for outside of Gameplay.

Onto other things, though…

The controls are weird, to be honest. They’re a little strange and take some getting used to. But once you get used to them I actually really like how they function. One big bonus to me is that it is actually compatible with the Microsoft Windows Controller and similar settups. So if you’re like me and actually prefer to use a console controller during gameplay, have an XBox controller and the USB receiver for it? You can definitely play NMS that way instead of playing with the traditional keyboard and mouse combo. Keep them in reach, though, because you still need the keyboard to name things as it doesn’t pop up an on screen keyboard when you go to do so.

The UI is pretty nice as well… It definitely has that Destiny feel that a lot of people on PS4 complained about (looking at you ACG), but to be completely honest I personally love floating UIs; I loved Destiny’s UI and I love NMS’s UI. It fits the game’s style, it’s streamlined, it feels and looks futuristic, and it isn’t terribly complicated to maneuver. These are all perks to me.

As of right now, the only thing that I actually don’t like about the game is how your Upgrades and Tech share space with your Mats. I think that I would much rather see a set number of Tech Slots per item (ship, suit, and multitool), and then also a separate set number of slots for gathered mats and other items… This way they aren’t sharing the exact inventory space with one another but you’re still getting the limitation that they were obviously going for; I just don’t like how building a tech upgrade means that’s one less Mat that I can carry with me… Especially not when inventory slots are already extremely limited, and Suit upgrades can get really expensive really fast.

I also think it would be pretty great to have better submergence capabilities. As of right now, the only way to explore underwater is to swim yourself, but air runs out fast and this makes exploring deeper areas hard as hell under the best circumstances, or downright impossible in the worst. I think a landrover type vehicle would honestly be redundant and completely unecessary… But creating a water capable craft- or providing ships with the ability to go subnautical- would be incredibly useful to the player.

Overall, though, I really do think its worth the full $60… I enjoy it, I enjoy watching my Husband play it, and I think that it has such an amazing replayability capability due to the way practically everything in the game is generated. I also think that every aspect of it’s incredibly well done- from the colors, to the music, to the art style, and the overall aesthetic cohesiveness, the controls, and everything else.

More than that, though, I think it’s worth the price because Hello Games is an incredibly tiny indie company with only a handful of staff members… They have dedicated three years to producing this game and have worked especially hard within these last few weeks; they’ve been absolutely on top of and done their outright best to ensure that bugs are fixed and patches are made as soon as possible, and have also done their best to ensure that the servers stay up (which I’m sure we can all really appreciate after Pokemon Go’s massive failure in that realm)… And IDK about anyone else… But to me, that kind of dedication absolutely deserves a fucking reward.