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Look, I really don't mind when people come to my register not knowing what they want yet. I really don't - when it's not fucking lunch (aka rush) hour, and the place is packing. We're a franchise of a well-known chainstore with a take away bar. it's the same menu everywhere, and I recognize you, you're a regular. Just make up your mind during the 4 minutes you were waiting in line. Bonus f-u points if you're only making your mind up how to pay AFTER it took me a minute to finish your order. smh


Here’s some 4 bit/8 bit fan art of the Chells and Wheatley with flower crowns for @geekenders and @jedtheguy 

I hope you guys like it! Took me a few hours, and I want to make GLaDOs and The Adventure/Fact/Space cores, but work and chores got in the way! I really love your productions, the original, and the reboot, and all your other productions, hope you have a great day, and please tell the woman with the purple/blue hair, she was my favorite ensemble member, and she brought a flare to each role she took, and her singing was phenomenal! The fact core is my favorite core, Wheatley’s my favorite character, and the Caroline/GlaDOS plot is my favorite out of all of the plots, so thank you so much for retelling this story and making it your own, and thanks for all the joy and feels!

In Enemy Territory - analysis of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship in Episode 8

So, there’s already been a lot of meta on the topic. I wanted to focus a bit on how Viktor and Yuuri address the bias against Yuuri in this episode; specifically the bias caused by the fact that people are upset at Yuuri for “stealing Viktor” away. Let’s jump right into it. Text below the cut.

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let’s just say it’s my present for y’all because I love you <3

please don’t kick me out of this fandom


((this took me, no joke, about…. 4 ½ hours. so i hope it was worth it and you guys approve!! feel free to use these designs to make sprites or just to draw, i’d love that so much, just link me please!! and if some of these designs are a little weird, it’s because it’s loosely based on the fake ah crew))

Dad Transforms His Daughter’s Bedroom Into A Magical Reading Outpost Based On Fairy Tales In 18 Months

“My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books”

Serious contender for the father of the year award, Reddit user radamshome created a colossal fairy tree in 18 months with his own hands, making his daughter’s dream come true. Strenuously constructing a gnarly tree that strecthes its winding branches across the ceiling, it substitutes as a quiet spot for a nice read in the corner of his daughter’s room, and the project took over 350 hours and 4,250 USD to make.

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“Ah, summer break; a time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy… unless you’re me.”

So 4 years ago, this little show called Gravity Falls premiered, and it took over my life.

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Hi ~~ I want to prove for my friend that kaisoo is REAL so can u help me ? have an idea or somthin ? T-T

Hey anon :) wow you got a big task on hand!!

(firstly.. credit to gif/vid/pic owners!!! some gifs are my own tho)

well.. One of the biggest proofs as to kaisoo being real is still the jagi/jagiya (darling, honey) incident (when Nini called Soo jagi, that accidentally got caught by a microphone)

With most of the jagi videos you need earphones to actually hear it, but in this vid you can actually hear it through your pc’s speakers pretty clearly (at least I can) you just gotta raise the volume a bit. Look at su-ho’s expression while you’re at it! (he’s not happy)

BUT there’s A LOT of other reasons too anon!

This vid is a personal favorite of mine. Nini is obviously flirting with Soo in this one. and it’s also been said that it’s pretty much a fact, cuz Nini switches from formal to informal speech (and back again) throughout the entire conversation which apparently is a flirting technique(??) and the babo “stupid” part is very important.. not only cuz of how cute Nini looks but the implication of it. 

The eskimo kiss! bros don’t do that if they’re only bros.. it’s highly intimate (at least in my opinion) to press up your nose against another bros nose while smiling lovingly (might I add) at each other?!

Asian idol awards brought a lot of bts kaisoo (which is the best and most genuine kind). I could put all the moments from that day here, but i’m going to especially highlight this moment, when Soo gave Nini’s finger a massage handjob. Let me just tell you.. a bro doesn’t react the way Nini did (moaning and groaning) if it was only his bro touching him. It’d be weird. This is erotic tbh.  

(funny story.. they were huddling up, and instead of putting his hand on top of the others nini decided to ONLY reach for soo’s hand instead)

touches that aren’t meant for the world to see… 

A lot more under the cut!!

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“All I want right now, more than anything else, is to be with him. The glow inside is brightest when he is near, and the pain inside hurts more when he’s away. I am happiest when I think about him, I am saddest when I think about him. He makes all my feelings more intense. That must be what love is. 

So please… Let the person that I love…

…be the “someone just for me”.”


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

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Please make a Farns comic

I’ve made literally a frans comic everyday for a week also???? comic take a lot of time to make you can’t just demand artists to make comics????