BACKGROUND PRACTICE HSAUHGkjdshjDKFJg aka I tortured myself for 4 hours…..

I drew a room design for Speedy from Titans East because rp and for fun… man this took AGES…. also the posters are because two headcanons:

1) Speedy loves fictional archers, in the DC world Marvel is fictional and vice versa

2) Speedy loves romance movies no matter how terrible they are. he just loves them.

3) (unrelated to the posters) I imagine speedy makes his own arrows, building them when he can because he they run out EVENTUALLY man…

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COUGHCOUGH …. feeling proud again over here.

Not only because I’ve somehow managed to make a working sofa bed, but also because it only took me an hour and 15 minutes. I mean it needs some work on the textures, but it works. 

(Know how I know it only took an hour and 15? Because I made it while I was on hold with Centrelink lol Those people seriously need to get their shit together, no wonder some ridiculous amount like 13 millions calls weren’t answer this year.)

Dunno how to get rid of that weird little round shadow on the floor though =/

Yesterday we woke up at 4:30am, drove a total of 12 hours, waited a total of 8 hours, and got a speeding ticket, but it was completely worth it. I am so thankful that they took the time to meet us yesterday even though they were running late for their flight and probably just as tired as we were. This band makes me feel happy and I will follow them to the ends of the earth. I will never be able to thank them enough for the positive impact they have had on my life, but I know they understand. |-/

So yeah. This is my new hair. It took a couple hours and three rounds of bleaching but I honestly love how it turned out. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now, and I can honestly say that I feel more confident and more “myself” now, if that makes sense.

I was super nervous about how everyone was going to respond to it (because I have horrible self-esteem and social anxiety like that), but everyone at the studio was really supportive and all the kids liked it.

So yeah, today was great.


Finally can upload this one! ^_^ It was a gift for a friend that I didn’t want her to chance seeing. 

The bookmark is based off Luna’s necklace from Virtue’s Last Reward (the sequel to 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors) It’s stitched on 28 count and took probably like 7 or 8 hours. I know I watched about 2 hours of anime and then at least 4 Next Food Network Star episodes just stitching the design.

I plan on making a bunch of these types of bookmarks with various quotes and images based on the characters/endings or just quotes I like from the games (which means time to replay both games ^_^ )

Best Part of Owning an RV

Leave it to CA to make its interstate connecting two huge population centers, NorCal & SoCal, a measly 4-lanes. These 4-lanes through the Central Valley are inadequate on regular days. But, on holidays it’s a nightmare, meaning miles and miles of traffic creeping along at 20mph on I-5.

With several hours to go and traffic still creeping along at 20mph, I pulled off at an exit around 10pm, parked the RV, turned on the satellite TV, watched Investigation Discovery for an hour and then took a two hour nap. Drove the last two hours between 1am and 3am when there was no traffic.

Got home. Parked the RV in the driveway. Crawled back into my RV bed. We all woke up at 7am, went into the house, and got ready for our day.

Henry - Weeks 2 and 3

The past two weeks with Henry have flown by, I can’t believe that my little guy is already three weeks old, it feels like just yesterday that he was born. I should clarify that some days / nights go on for an eternity but as a whole, time seems to be flying by.

Week two was a big one for us as Mike went back to work and the real fun began for Henry and I. It took us a few days but we have really found our groove - our days usually consist of a 5 mile walk, many, many dishes, a lot of pumping (this deserves it’s own post), SO many diapers, Apple TV and some naps. While I so love being at home with Henry, I am very excited when Mike walks in the door. I find the hours between 4 - 8 p.m. (when Mike usually arrives home), drag by but we do our best to make them fun by going for a walk, singing songs, etc.

Week three was better, we ventured out to the mall, continued our walks and even managed to keep the house somewhat tidy. As I mentioned yesterday, Henry is starting to develop quite the personality and with that, comes a lack of sleep for the entire family. Many of you answered my desperate pleas for help, thank you! We started the Moms on Call program today and so far it has been working like a dream. I am not ready to let Henry cry it out yet but I am okay with a bit of fussing so we’re certainly doing a hybrid version of the plan but that’s what I am most comfortable with at this point. Right now Henry is up every 2 - 3 hours and it sometimes takes a full hour (following his feed / change) for us to put him back down. Obviously this is an exhausting cycle that we’re looking to break and I am really hoping that this program helps.

On the recovery front, I am feeling a lot better and while I am still far from the “old me”, I am starting to feel more like myself every single day. Walking is helping and while I am very keen to get back to the gym I am strictly abiding by the six week rule and my OB’s clearance. Buying a few new articles of clothing has really helped my self confidence and I am doing my best to eat well but the lack of sleep does have me craving carbs and sugar all the time!

Wish us luck with our new schedule!

anyways i cant believe i have 2 say this

but dont bitch about the person hosting? i literally took out 4 hours of my life to host (an hour to comp up with comps and twists) so when someone is bitching about me for making a mistake, obviously im going to get annoyed.

us hosts arent robots we’re human SHOCKER it was my first time hosting so if you have a problem with the way people host… dont play! its a game. keep being bitter

Well that was…titanic. That was just the word she could find as some people passed by her. It has been some hours since she shrunk so Nanami wasn’t really in shock and denial at first, she was already accepting after a few pinches on her arm, to make sure it wasn’t a dream. She was going to approach one of her friends so she waited the bell ring to make the students aware that class was over.

And it didn’t took much longer, with the sound, another huge one was made. Steps, each causing a ‘boom’ as they did so. Her eyes just catched the faces of those who walked, it wouldn’t be too hard to spot her friends. They were pretty much the last group to walk towards the dorm. As they did so, she went out from her hiding spot to call for them, but with just one or two steps, they were already ahead of her.

They barely had a chance to hear her. One step for them, was pretty much twenty or more for her. What she lacked in chance, she didn’t in luck. Just as she got out of her hiding spot, a shadow covered her. Since the shado didn’t moved in less than three seconds…they probably stopped to look at her. Turning around, she was facing the person who found her.


Marcel Hendrix

Teen - Music Lover - Clumsy

I can never just leave my sims be, so I took my first Sims 4 sim and give him a makeover as a teen. I think he turned out looking pretty cute!

CC used: Hair | Skin | Blush | Shirt

So here’s the unique thing about this sim: I’m actually gonna play him! Despite owning the game for 4 months and putting in over 100 hours, I haven’t casually played it yet—all my time has been spent either making sims in CAS or testing out mods. I figure it’s time to finally sit back and play the game, and who better to start with than my first sim?

I’ll still be working on mods simultaneously while I play. If anything, I’ll get more ideas and be able to write better mods. So stay tuned!

3.5 Mile Walk

So, I returned my rental car on Friday and won’t pick up a new one until Monday.

I had to go to the bank and the library, which made a nice little 3.5 mile walk.

When I lived in Chicago, my rule was as long as it’s under 2 miles, I would walk. It’s crazy how lazy having a car makes you. I think nothing of lacing up my sneakers to run 4 - 6 miles, but unless I was in my current situation, I would have never considered doing what I did today. 

Even walking it took me less than an hour!

anonymous asked:

I had an unhappy client. The problem wasn't with the photos, but rather with her perception of herself in the photos, like body dismorphia. She wanted everything airbrushed and photoshopped. It took 4 hours to simply photoshop and she still was not happy because she felt ugly. I'm honestly afraid of her&haven't responded to her texts. She wants me to go back and edit more. It makes me sad that she can't see her beauty. Have you had something similar happen? How did you get over it? Feeling bummy

:( that makes me sad. these things happen, sadly, and there isn’t much you can do about it. you can’t just force or teach self-love, and sometimes capturing what is truly there, beautiful and real, isn’t what a person wants. I make it clear when I photograph people that I do not feel comfortable and will not retouch anything that cannot disappear with time or be fixed in a few seconds. for example, I’ve retouched accidental flat iron burns, blemishes, (because you are not born with them, they come and go, and lets face it, noe one embraces pimples,) hair strands, etc etc. i want to capture people in their best state, not a false state. i’ll utilize the way the light hits their cheek to illuminate their bone structure or have them move or walk or seat themselves in a way thats comfortable and flattering. I’ve only had one client to that extreme and i could tell she wasn’t happy at all but she eventually let it go. i felt terrible and didn’t see anything wrong with the images even after she pointed it out, but even then, it wasn’t something i could easily photoshop. there were some poses where her arms lay against her side, making them look muscular, something she was extremely sensitive and self-conscious about. unfortunately, i wasn’t informed of this until after she received the photos back so there really wasn’t anything i could do. in the end, i would just learn from this. maybe start with a disclaimer before your shoots, and if people NEED something photoshopped, and you feel comfortable with it, be upfront about the additional hours it will take and the fees that come with that. sorry i can’t give you a better answer. its a rough job to take.