i chose a quote from the keeper of the seeds for TWHT15 because i love the vuvalini a whole lot; they make me feel so important, and strong. (i hiked up mt. vic to take these! wellington is my green place ❤️ )

i can’t wait to see everybody else’s pictures!


Leather Tiles In Bedroom Wall Design

Bedroom is one of the most important unit of your house, for most of people, they spend most of time in their bedroom when they are at home. In modern wall decoration, people are paying more and more attention to their bedroom, to make it cozy and luxurious, and of cause, to make it charming and beautiful.

In the gallery, we offer various templates about bedroom wall decor in interior, and the patterns and designs are also in many different styles, some of them are classic and traditional, some of them are modern and fashionable, some of them in luxurious and elegant looks, some of them are life and young… By browsing the images, you will get inspired about your bedroom wall design ideas.

All the collections in the templates are available for Art3D leather tiles, we offer two different kinds of leather tiles: Soft leather tiles and traditional leather wall panels.

Still don’t know how to design your walls? click wall design ideas for more templates and projects