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“I don’t know if we’d be capable of writing completely sad, down music. We are four happy guys who’ve got a lot of support from a great fan base, and great families and friends. We’re always in a great mood and feeling pretty good about where we are headed. So even though there are dark moments when it comes to lyrical content, it’s usually presented in more of an upbeat way.“ - Kevin Ray
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So in this post, dyinghistoric and boonkin mentioned seeing a collar hooked on Slit’s pants, and I couldn’t resist writing about it. 

As the nature of a spiked collar would suggest, this is quite nsfw.

Purposefully Nux stalked towards Slit, hooked an ashen finger behind the collar and yanked it forwards, jerking Slit’s face and his salaciously glinting eyes towards him. “I love it,” he breathed against Slit’s mouth, and he could near taste the fire shivering through his veins as the words ghosted past his lips.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Driver in possession of a good pursuit vehicle, must be in want of a Lancer.
—  Basically the summary of me and antiemetic spending several hours plotting today

relinquished-return said:Unfortunately they are not very similar to my knowledge. Anders’ light/justice powers aren’t naturally his own, he gets them from a spirit. But I also haven’t played/watch DA2 though so I can’t say for sure.

ach that sux but its still kinda cool i guess but its cool omg u kjnow more abt da im sure. i love that vein of Power like … how aang from atla is the Avatar and his powers like// manifest in a similar way 


AX 2015: Day 2 - Jojo Meetup Pictures Part 1

Honestly this is the greatest thing i have ever witnessed and i can’t stop laughing at every single picture i took. These are just the ones that came out good cuz i sux at taking pics.

∗if you recognize any of the cosplayers, please let me know so i can give proper credit.∗