I was just skimming over chapter 2 of obs&bh to try and get prepared to write chapter 3 after exams and I got hit by the sudden realization that at some point in the future, Rivals!Viktor and Yuuri are going to have to tell each other about how they became attracted to each other in the first place and that is going to be one hell of a hilarious conversation. Not the ‘when did you realize you loved me’ conversation because that will happen in the Big Talk at the end of obs&bh but the ‘when did you realize you wanted to sleep with me’ conversation that’s surely got to come up at some point in their future together after obs&bh ends. 

Because on one hand you have Yuuri ‘I saw you skate a tango in a red shirt when I was 18 and then had a very confusing sex dream about you and it was my unintentional teenage sexual awakening’ Katsuki and on the other you have Viktor ‘I was low key stalking your friend’s Instagram account and saw a sweaty post-practice video of you and suddenly realized I wanted to bang you like a screen door in a hurricane’ Nikiforov. Can you imagine the ensuing embarrassment when they finally have to confess that to each other? 

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You're beautiful AND you love Steven universe. Perfect. I hope you have someone who showers you with flowers and love and cuddles and attention! Have a good day.


AAAAAAAH THIS IS SO SWEET!!!! THANK YOU!!!! (I just need to find a beautiful girl who also loves su so I can shower her with love and flowers as well)

Certe volte mi chiedo se il mio essere imbranata sia un bene o meno. Io credo di no.

tbh i love swtor

we can fly through space and shot at things with deadly lasers we can see incrediy advanced artificial intelligences we can communicate with others via headset or com link across the galactic disk with like zero delay we can use super-heated plasma as swords we can communicate nearly without problems with all sorts of weird aliens we can even-

oh messages? oh nah pls look for a 17th century mailbox for those

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Back then, you'd have to put a tape recorder up to a speaker or stereo to make a mixtape. Sooo that means Dean took time out to make Cass a mixtape... i don't even think he has made one for Mary or Sammy

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All that time and effort he put into that tape. Picking the perfect version of each song. Maybe he wrote a few of his favorite lyrics on the liner card. Maybe he recorded voice intros to each song explaining why he picked it. 

*dissolves into ugly crying*