Unknown Feelings | Pt. 2

Taehyung Scenario/Imagine

Genre: school fluff ; slightly angsty ; cuteness everywhere

Blurb: You’re taking a summer class with your long time crush Taehyung. You’ve confessed your feelings, but he doesn’t feel the same way. Add in a flirtatious Jeon Jungkook and wonder how Taehyung would deal with seeing another guy all over you.

Word Count: 1,942

Reader x Taehyung

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3

A/N: Yes, this was a product of my overactive imagination when I found out I was going to spend my entire summer with my own long time crush. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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I looked at you, watching as you sipped your hot chocolate, your fingers curled around the edges, and your cheeks turning pink from the steam. We were sitting in our favorite cafe, where we always sat, in the corner along the window where the sun shone through and we could feel the warmth on our faces. You were reading the newspaper(not really, you just liked the comics) in one hand and a chocolate chip muffin in the other. You always ordered the same thing and I smiled, remembering the time that they ran out of muffins and you demanded to speak to the manager to have one made for you.
I watched as your eyes snapped up at me.
“What?” you asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Just thinking.” I said, laughing.
“You’re always thinking. Tell me, what about?”
“Just grateful to have you as my best friend, is all.”
You laughed and nodded. You and I had been best friends since we were born. Our moms, having known each other in high school, spent most of their time together while pregnant with us. Maybe that’s why we have such a connection. Maybe late at night, when the world was sleeping, we would dream together and go off on adventures. We were sisters. We are sisters.
Our waitress pressed the check down on the table and I quickly paid and handed it back to her, not giving you the chance to take out your wallet.
You blinked and then realized what had just happened. “Hey! No fair.”
We stood up and walked out of the little cafe, coming in contact with the crisp, fall air.
“The usual spot?” you asked, looking back at me since you had walked a couple feet ahead.
I smiled, a bittersweet smile, and nodded.
We trolled on our way, kicking rocks and listening to the sound of crunching leaves beneath our feet. We finally arrived and you looked at me with a small smile. Trudging up the hill, I started to hum one of your favorite songs and soon, we were both humming, and everything seemed okay.
We arrived at the dark stone in the ground, and sat down without a word. It was like this everyday.
“Hey,” I started. I swallowed and the usual feeling of tears building up took over. “I went to the cafe today. I still felt you there, with me. I miss you. Mom misses you,” I felt wetness on my face and I realized that I had started to sob. “I’m going crazy. I still see you and I still talk to you. Mom thinks I need help. I just need you here, for real.”
I sat back, pulled my knees to my chest and cried. After a few moments I turned and looked at you. You were looking at me, with a sad smile and tear stains were present on your cheeks.
“I’m sorry that I had to leave. I love you.” and with that, your face and body seemed to fade and soon, there was nothing there. Just me and a grey headstone that read your name.