And another thing

The problem with Noah isn’t so much one of the way he’s written, but rather the lack of writing present. Noah is designed to be Mike’s foil, a trope that works reasonably well in literature but not so much in television for a specific reason. Television characters require a certain amount of nuance that this character fundamentally lacks.

The goal of his entire existence is to be the anti-Mike, a characterization that could work if it hadn’t been done so transparently. If Mike is blue, Noah should logically be red. But he isn’t. He’s no particular color at all. He’s just not blue. He is posited as the “right” guy to foster the implication that Mike is the “wrong” guy in terms of who Ginny should choose, and the choice may be momentarily endemic of where Bawson is as a ship but the lack of finesse in characterization just makes it lazy writing. Even their appearances are antithetical. Noah is slight and clean-shaven as opposed to Mike’s bulk and beard. Mike is brash and outspoken, whereas Noah is supposedly pensive and even a little shy. Mike is closed off, and Noah is allegedly open. These traits should work nicely for conflict, but on a show with so many brilliantly written, multidimensional characters, this bland hodgepodge of every typical white boy is honestly just dragging down the show’s intelligence factor.