I think we’ve all seen the timetravel! fic before, the kind where either chat or ladybug go forward/back in time, but im craving a specific scenario where future Chat comes back (and im talking future chat, like mid-thirties) and he’s just delighted by how tiny ladybug is??? like, she’s trying to be all serious, planning ways to return him to his timeline, but he’s just got his chin in his hands, tears in his eyes, absolutely melting over how small his lady is.

(of course in his timeline he and Marinette had been married for ten years now, enough time for her to pop out a few babies, and while Adrien still thought his wife was the most gorgeous goddess to walk the earth, she definitely was no longer 5′ 2″, 115 pounds of willowy limbs and flat stomach.)

future chat keeps scoping ladybug up (much to her chagrin), just losing his mind over her delicate wrists and skinny calves. “I never realized how much smaller you were than me!” he says, clamming up when present chat (who is also quite a shrimp when compared to his older self) arrives on the scene.

commence tiny chat flying at big chat, demanding he release his lady at once. commence big chat easily incapacitating him, telling him his staff technique will need work if he want to properly defend his future wife. commence ladybug throwing herself off the roof as the two boys squeal over the baby pictures future chat keeps in his pocket at all times.

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Have u ever thought about mob and terus' wedding, like mobs would totally hit 100%(out of love) just imagine my dude

I actually haven’t before, but now you’ve got me thinking up some headcanons :3c

- They probably took their sweet time to get engaged, though most people could sense that it was an inevitability. Teruki was the one who ended up proposing—and chose to do so during a date (Mob said yes immediately, and would have regardless of circumstance. He had already been on the verge of asking Reigen for advice on how to propose).

- Reigen and Serizawa were sharing tissues and choking back tears the entire ceremony, generally being embarrassing parents….and also probably cheering louder than the Kageyama and Hanazawa family combined. Their constant fretting makes everybody else seem calm by comparison.

- Dimple somehow gets roped into being the flower girl and Ritsu/Shou are the best men of course (and also the guys that helped pick out the suits…who knows what kind of fashion disaster could have happened otherwise) – Dimple and Ritsu are lowkey pleased to be there, but Shou doesn’t even bother to hide his hype. He’s so happy for his pals (and he’s looking forward to the free food)

- And 100% love!! I’ve seen some posts talking about it and it’s honestly such a cute concept //dreamy sighs… Imagine the effect it would have on the room; discarded flowers reviving and blossoming, an infectious good mood all around and just so much happiness. Overall, a magical wedding that everyone enjoys.

Sorry that I went on a bit of a tangent… Here’s some bonus kisses for you anon ^^ Thanks for the suggestion!! It was a lovely thing to think about.

I haven’t successfully figured out what Vader’s feelings toward Palpatine would be in the timetraveling vaderwan au. Palpatine never overtly moved against Vader, asked for his help and ‘gave ‘help’‘ in return. Sure, he lied and was a sith lord, and asked Anakin to do horrible things that went against Anakin’s nature

but post “you TRICKED me” hurt feelings, IDK how he’d feel??? like??? would he still try to talk to and reason with Palpatine?? Obi-Wan and the Order have asked Anakin to do a lot of things he didn’t like??????? some of which resulted in his mother being tortured to death, so??????????

i mean, he’s successfully talked Knight!Obi around to his side of things again. I feel like at this point, Vader would also be interested in trying to talk Palpatine around to his way of thinking. “Look. The Jedi aren’t that bad, we can still save them! Change their ways!!”

(meanwhile this timeline’s palpatine is just “who the fuck are you - better hurry up and bullshit my way through this so I can figure out how to use it to my advantage”)

thoughts??? comments???


i’m still not over the scene where kim shin meets with the boy that was being abused by his adoptive parents. kim shin states that he has helped bring many miracles to many people, but most of them then begin to rely on miracles instead of taking charge of their own life and helping themselves. however, this boy experienced one small miracle and then took control of his own life to become a lawyer and help many other people, which is why kim shin has such a strong attachment to him.

this is really a message that resonates deeply. one should not rely on luck. one should work hard to not need luck. others should also not disregard someone’s efforts by believing they were just lucky. everyone goes through difficult situations and to say that they got where they are just by luck is ignoring all of the effort and hardship they had to struggle through. calling someone lucky is not a compliment to them, it is in fact an insult where their hardworking traits are reduced to just luck. 


“Mass is not proportional to volume.

A girl as small as a violet,

A girl who moves like a flower petal,

Is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.

In that moment,

Like Newton’s apple I rolled toward her

Without stopping until I reached her.

With a thump, my heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground.

It was my first love.”

I mean this combined with gong yoo’s voice…i think my own heart kept bouncing between the sky and the ground. 



just chillin 3 days post op ✌🏼️
I am a feeble little non-binary noodle and kurt’s doing a spectacular job looking after me


So as I mentioned, I’m in a really bad rut. Sort of a hellish combination of anxiety, lack of ideas, and self-sabotage. The best thing I can do is pick myself up and force myself to write. 

But I need help! Please consider the following list:

1) An imaginary friend, Putty Fingers

2) A fictional Donner party

3) An unknown cryptid

4) A boat with a strange secret

Of these ideas, which would you guys like to hear about the most?

the paedophile jokes directed to vik really need to stop. like i get it funny jokes in cah about vik liking 12 yr olds because he plays minecraft hah hah hilarious. but to see disgusting jokes about the subject with him tagged in it just disgusts me.
like you can see when in like cah theres a gross card directed to him he gets like lowkey uncomfortable and then i just see people tweeting him that??? like?? wyd?
the jokes arent even funny or creative anymore its getting so old.
and apparently someone asked him at upload “how many kids he has in his basement” like i get it on like tumblr you can make your shit jokes but to ask that when youre there what the actual fuck?? like you dont say that to people wtf
like boohoo a vik stan ranting!1!1!!1 but like seriously think about it, how would you feel if you got that shit every day?

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Soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate speaks to you are written on your wrist? Maybe?

THREE LITTLE WORDS: (usuk, pg, there’s cursing but other than that its pretty clean. GREAT PROMPT i went too far as always with it //edit, had to put a readmore… the post was too long) 
Three words. Three words that change your life forever.
“I know you!”
“You are perfect.”
“I love you.”

Or in Arthur’s case, “What the fuck?”
He sighed irritably. As much as he loved fantasizing about the romantic realities his friends might experience when they met their soulmates, he had no such luxury. He was clearly stuck with some soulmate leftovers- some unromantic, rude, self-important jerk that God would naturally dump on his least favourite creation. 

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they’re tears of joy professor gimme a break