god this is so incoherent but here goes: its one thing to like be like okay cyrus is gay they r gonna make him like boys im prepared but like… im boutta b so shocked… i cant imagine them saying the word “gay” on disney channel. like im thinking about it and like its one thing to have cyrus say “i like boys,” “i like jonah” because i feel like that’s something that has been said before on disney (obv just not by a boy) but to actually say “im gay” which hes gonna have to? if theres a whole coming out arc like. im gonna cry! because im so used to getting representation in baby steps, but disneys just going for it? and just think about it. that word has never been used on a disney channel show, ever. and that makes it seem like a taboo. but its not a taboo, its just a word, and like they need to say it. they need to say it to take out the negative connotations that you always hear it said in. especially when youre a kid, how often do you hear the word gay in a neutral let alone positive context? and i feel like thats gonna b so powerful. i dont know how many times theyll have to say it before those connotations go away. but im just bracing myself for the healing thatll come from just hearing that word. i cant even imagine it.

Weird Taboos

by Saṃsāran

So you’re in your room and you decide to pleasure yourself. You are in the middle of it and your kid brother walks in. You are so embarrassed! 

But why?

Sex is the most natural thing in the world. Yet, it is something we do in private. My wife would even kick the dog out of the room before we made love. Now, here is the weird thing. Not every culture has this taboo. In some tribal cultures, everybody lives in one big space. Couples are having sex all the time and they have no privacy and nobody seems to mind. Northern European people once lived in communal longhouses just like this. 

In the Amazon, there are tribes where families all live together and sex goes on all the time. Women and men are very nearly naked all the time. Yet the sight of a woman eating, to a man, is considered taboo and a man would be scandalized if his wife ate in front of the men of the village. Menstruation is another one. In many cultures, women are sequestered in a special hut during their menses. The idea that a person could bleed for days just plain freaked the men out. I remember my politically incorrect Dad saying they should bring that custom back. Apparently, my 5′2″ mother scared the hell out of him during her time.

In Japan, women cover their mouths when they laugh. Yet men and women will bathe together with no concern over nudity. In ancient Rome there were long rows of toilet seats for public use with no partitions, no stalls and men and women used them at the same time.  I guess what I am saying here is a thing is taboo because we all agree that it is. It seems like most taboos center around some bodily function which we like to keep private. Eating, sex, going to the bathroom or, like in many Native American tribes, seeing your mother-in-law are all forbidden somewhere.

We humans are strange critters.

Fred Weasley Imagine - Sweater Weather

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Word Count: 1906
Request: I was wondering if you could do a Fred Weasley imagine based on the song Sweater weather by The Neighbourhood
Blurb: Holiday’s are great, especially when you get to spend it with the one you love. Especially when you lay underneath the stars with them (even though it is too cold) and talk about anything and everything. 
Author’s Note: I don’t know if I like this or not, I had a great idea for this and I don’t feel like I did it justice. 


School holidays were something that everyone enjoyed, a break from school and a break from stress. This time though, it was different, she would be spending her time with her boyfriend Fred. He had invited her over to The Burrow for the Easter holidays and she couldn’t decline. It was only the second night and she was having the time of her life. They had been sprawled out on the grass for so long they had lost count of time. The sun had gone down and the stars were shining in the dark sky. They were whispering to each other, neither taking notice of the grass tickling under their legs. 

They were quite surprised Mrs. Weasley hadn’t told them to come inside, but neither were complaining. Her hands were placed on her lap, while his was resting behind his head.

“You know, I know I’m just a man, but I want to do amazing things, I want to do a lot of things, you know?” He whispered to her as she turned to face him.

“That made no sense, but I understand what you mean.” She giggled, watching him stare at the stars.

“I want to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.” He turned to look at her and their eyes met. Not a noise could be heard. 

“Fred.” She murmured, flashing him a small smile and breaking the silence.

“It’s true, you deserve the world.” He whispered as she leaned towards him. Their lips connected for a moment before they pulled away.

They laid in silence for a few more minutes before a thought came to her head.

“You know, if there is one thing I really hate, it is the beach.” She stated, furrowing her eyebrows and moving her arm to lay across her forehead, the other staying her lap. He turned around and looked her, letting out a small chuckle.

“But every year your family goes to California and I’ve seen many pictures of you on the beach,” Fred said, confused about this new information.

“Yeah, but like, we are there, what else am I meant to do?” She asked, still looking at the stars.

“Explore?” He offered and she shook her head.

“I just don’t like all the effort that comes with the beach, if I could just enjoy myself and not worry about sharks attacking me or getting sand in my hair, I would probably enjoy it.” She explained wrapping her arms around her as a shiver ran through her body.

“Are you cold?” He asked sweetly as they turned to face each other. She nodded as he opened his arms wide. She smiled and moved closer to him. She could feel the grass move underneath her as she rested her head on his chest. His arms wrapped around her and she held onto his hands. Fred was wearing an oversized sweater, the sleeves were surprisingly too long for his giant arms. She held onto his hands over the top of his sweater.

“Do you ever think about our future? Like how many kids we will have, what house we will have?” She asked softly as Fred smiled down at the top of her head.

“Sometimes.” He admitted.

“I think about it a lot. I reckon we would have a big family, like yours and live in a big house. And it would always be warm and cozy and would feel like a proper home.” She said in a soft voice, they had never really talked about a future, it seemed like bad taboo with the war going on.

“It sounds like an adventure.” He joked making her smile.

“Having a family will be. It’s nice when you live with your head in the clouds.” She whispered, biting her lip slightly.

“What do you mean?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows, although he was pretty sure he knew what she meant. 

“Well you know, we talk about having a future, but who knows what type of future we will have with the war going on.” She explained, her voice was soft, and Fred’s heart was breaking as he knew this was the truth.

“Let’s not talk about it.” She could barely hear him say it, but she knew he said it. He pushed her hair to the side and started kissing her neck. She moved away from him so he had more room.

“I love you.” He whispered against her neck.

“I love you too.” Her smile reached her eyes and she felt so lucky to be here with him right now.

“You know, speaking of California,” Fred said suddenly, moving away from her neck. She hummed in response still in his arms. “There is one thing I think about a lot.”

“What is that?” She asked, giggling, having an idea of what he was going to say.

“That picture of you, somewhere in California with those little high waisted shorts, it is a great picture.” He smiles down at her and she smiles back up at him.

“I bet you think about that a lot.” She chuckles.

“You know I do, it is a great photo.” He emphasised, she did quite like the way she looked in that photo.

“It is.” She replied cheekily as he shook his head in amusement. As they looked at each other, they noticed the stars shinning in each other’s eyes. He started leaning in and she moved closer towards him. They now laid on their sides, arms on each other’s hips kissing each other softly.

Fred’s hands moved around her body, his hand started to slip under her shirt. She gave a soft squeal feeling how cold his hands were.

“That was bloody cold.” She exclaimed moving away from him.

“Sorry love.” He smiled sheepishly as they removed their hands from each other.

They were back to their original position, laying next to each other, her hands in her lap and his above his head. It was just them right now, no one else, no one interrupting them, just the two of them enjoying each others company.

“You know, I feel like I can tell you anything.” She scrunched her nose up slightly as she turned to look at Fred.

“Me too. And I like telling you everything.” He agreed, nodding his head slightly.

“Me too.” She agreed as she turned to look at the stars again. He moved his hand over hers as she shivered.

“Still cold?” He asked as she turned to look at him.

“Yeah, now that we aren’t cuddling your warmth is gone.” She explained, giggling a little. Fred shook his head jokingly as he pulled her closer to his body.

“Better?” He asked, amused and she hummed in response. They were facing each other, laying on their side, his hands were placed upon hers. However, her hands were too cold and she needed warmth. She moved her hands inside the holes of his sweater and held onto his hands. “Ooh, your hands are cold.”

“Yeah, and yours are warm.” She stated smiling at him. He looked over at her and smiled down at her as well. He leaned down and kissed her nose. He moved to her cheek and placed a kiss there before quickly placing another kiss on her opposite cheek. She was smiling as he continued to place kisses all over her face. By the time he was done she was a giggling mess and they were both a little breathless. They moved their heads apart, both trying to catch their breath.

As they laid there, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of their breathing. They both found it amazing that they could just enjoy each others company, even if no one was saying anything. Sometimes silence was good when you were constantly surrounded by noise, you could really take in the moment.

“Do you think one day the war will end?” He asked and she felt sad that he was worried about this.

“I hope so.” She replied as they both stared at the stars.

“Me too, the thought of it ending gives me goosebumps.” He explained and she agreed with him. She looked over at him as Fred moved his left hand away from hers and wrapped it around her waist. He looked over at her and took in her beauty. The way the moonlight reflected on her face, the way she was just staring into space, he wondered what she was thinking. He became even more curious as she scrunched up her nose in confusion.

“During the war, do you think that we will surv-” But she didn’t get to finish her sentence as Fred shut her off by putting a finger to her lips.

“Shhh, don’t talk about it.” He murmured closing his eyes.

“Your finger smells nice.” She sighed as he removed his finger. He chuckled, his eyes still closed as he leaned his head back. “It smells like mint. I bet it would taste nice.”

“What?” He was laughing at her ridiculous statement.

“I don’t know, I’m very tired.” She sighed, moving her head to try to get comfortable. She decided she would be the most comfortable if her head was laying against his chest while his hand was placed over her chest. She could hear his heartbeat, while he felt hers. They laid in silence, the only sound that could be heard was the beat of each other’s heart. Both hearts beating for the person lying next to it.

“Fred.” She says, her eyes wide open. He hummed in response, “Did you feel that?”

“Feel what?” He asked, his eyes open now too, a bit sad that their moment had ended.

“Water.” She replied, lifting her head up from his chest. And before he had time to reply, the rain started pouring down. They shot up and ran inside. It was nice and warm inside and they felt themselves starting to warm up, feeling as if they were melting as they walked in. They tried to be quiet as they walked in, hoping not to wake anyone as they weren’t really sure what time it was.

Unfortunately, Fred hit his foot on the edge of the table, but before he could say anything, she kissed him so he wouldn’t make a lot of noise. Fred smiled into the kiss and placed his hands around her neck. They stood there in the kitchen, kissing, not caring if anyone were to walk down and see them like this.

“Can we please go to bed?” She asked, pulling away slightly from his tight grip and yawning. He nodded his head as they quietly made their way up to his room. “I can’t wait to cuddle up and be warm in bed.” She hummed as he smiled and nodded at her in agreement.

They made their way into his room and quietly got into bed. She sighed as he wrapped his long arms around her. She moved her head closer towards his chest as they faced each other. One hand of his was holding hers, she moved her hand inside the hole of his sweater and he smiled down at her.

“Why do you do that?” He chuckled.

“Because it is cold and your hands keep mine warm.” She explained as he nodded.

“I love you.” He murmured.

“I love you more.” She whispered as they both fell asleep in each other’s arms, being kept warm by each other’s body heat.

anonymous asked:

(Different anon here) Woah. I knew sex magic was a thing but because it isn't something commonly spoken about in mainstream witchcraft (it seems like more of taboo than anything ) It wasn't something I took seriously. But the way you just spoke bout it made it seem like a very important tool. If you don't mind may you please go a bit more into it?! I wouldn't have the slightly idea about how to use sex to power my spells but I would love to learn. Would you happen to have any tips you can share?

Sexuality (as a general term, not as referring to preferences) is a large part of many witch myths, so much to the point that many have thought that witches draw their power on lewdness and lust. 
Witch hunters especially thought so. Malleus Maleficarum makes a reference to witches drawing their power on it. 
“All witchcraft comes from carnal lust[…]”
After all, what would outsiders think when they saw witches dancing wildly and half-dressed or completely nude? Men and women weren’t allowed to meet out of wedlock with one another because it was thought that they only indulged in sex if that happened. I imagine that men and women meeting for ecstatic rituals in the night was considered so extremely sexual then that it was nothing but diabolical. 
Even beyond the idea of Sabbats, witches were tied to lust. In the case of Circe, the Greek sorceress, she attempted to seduce Odysseus to stop him from foiling her plans. Also in Greek legend, Jason is bewitched by Medea’s beauty. In the Arthurian tales, Morgan le Fay seduces her brother Arthur to produce a damned offspring. Nimue seduces Merlin to steal his power and lock him in a cave. This theme repeats itself across most cultures. 
But do not think this simply applies to women. Male witches used love spells to seduce the people they wished to be with. John Fian was said to attempt this, but have another witch turn the spell onto a cow instead. They were also said to take after the Man in Black, who would appear to people in the wilderness and seduce them. 

We know that witches have the ability to seduce, intoxicate, and excite, but what about the power created from lust? 
Lust is the thing that has driven creation. It is the spark that lights the flame. It is want. 
That primal feeling is something we know to excite the witch-fire. When directed and used properly, it can empower enchantments. 
Some people suggest getting yourself ‘heated’ before doing spell work. 
Some say that it is through abstaining that magic can be created, as it is the building up of a force. It is also sacrifice. 
Others say that giving into it is a way to create magic. Focusing on the goal, chanting, ritual movements, etc are incorporated. 
Some use sex to not only power spells, but to leave their body in flight as well. 
Sex allows the releasing and tangling of spirits.

What if you’re asexual and sex isn’t really your thing? You still have intense desires, like food cravings, or dreams of owning great wealth, etc. That can replace it. Want, which is the desire to thrive, can drive magic when lit aflame. 
Or maybe sex is just not something you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to exude it to have control over lustful powers. It can still be private. You don’t have to make your practice extremely sexual and lewd to include the use of lustful magics. 
Witchcraft comes from carnal lust, but lust isn’t always sexual in nature. It is carnal want. It is a craving for something. Witchery sprouts from a primal desire.

ceekay-killa  asked:

I have to pluck my moustache at least once a week or I start looking quite weird so I know the struggle my friends

It’s just one of those things that not a lot of people talk about.

There’s a ton of other kinds of body positivity or discussion about bodies, but it seems like there’s a taboo surrounding facial hair on women, even though a huge number of women deal with it.

anonymous asked:

You said the count and albert are "spiritually, romantically, and/or sexually attracted to each other". Now i'm curious, in how far is there anything sexual between the count and albert?

I take it you have read the posts I have linked in the one you just quoted. Now I have claimed there is sexual tension between Hakushaku and Albert there. But I see it is kind of difficult to imagine that there should be sexual tension between a not-yet-16-yo-boy and a man in his forties, especially in an anime that is not advertised as “boys’ love”, not to mention how the Hakushaku is basically a father figure to Albert.

Still, we shouldn’t forget the plans Mahiro Maeda had for Gankutsuou. From the original material (like the old trailer, story boards, the manga, etc), you can see that he intended for Gankutsuou to be a lot more sexual than it is now.

Even Albert gets depicted in a slightly different light by him. What we have seen in the anime during the Hakushaku’s and Albert’s trip into space was a heartfelt confrontation revealing intense feelings. What we tend to forget was the scenery. They were still doing drugs in space, slouching around on pillows. See what I’m getting at? No? Well have a look at a piece of official art drawn by Mahiro Maeda:

…I mean. Look at where Albert’s hand is resting. And how it’s holding on to that cup. It may seem like a taboo to us to depict a fifteen years old boy like that, and we automatically jump to the conclusion that we are reading too much into things. But in the manga, there is a chapter where Valentine is shown having sex with Héloïse, her adoptive mother, in front of her father. So the original plans for this anime included way stronger sexual as well as incestuous themes.

These got tuned down quite a bit. I suspect it is because they decided to direct the show to a younger target audience. This lead to the narrative focusing on Albert, rather than the Hakushaku.

With that in mind, looking at the Hakushaku’s and Albert’s relationship, it is not so inconceivable anymore, that the narrative would acknowledge sexual tension between them. I have counted numerous occasions of this being alluded to in canon itself, for example here, here and here. I will also remind you of Albert almost blurting out a love confession this episode.

And let us not forget about this piece of official promo art:

The Hakushaku’s right hand is outright reaching into Albert’s shirt down there. This is not even metaphorical sexuality anymore. Of course it is not what is happening in the show. At least not literally. But it depicts what a lot of the show is about: The Hakushaku seducing Albert. Including sexually. Yes, that is effed up, but nobody ever said that their relationship is super healthy and perfect the way it is.

I rest my case.

the way Jon said Arin’s name when he took off the mask…oh my shipping heart, and the Grump theme plays too, oh the feels.

I’ve read Egotron before and it’s super adorable, but never really got into it, cause it seemed like Jon was taboo. 

(i still think it was the fans who blew everything out of proportion, just like Kenan and Kel. )

But now that everything’s confirmed to be cool, I want all the Egotron

I’m so glad I got into Grumps when I did.

-You can call me when you feel yourself falling apart. Even after you break my heart you can call me. I know one night it’s going to rain too hard and I’m going to come crawl into your lap and kiss you and you’re not going to kiss me back. And I’m going to look at you and you’re going to look away. And then you’re going to whisper that you don’t think you love me anymore. But I promise to always remember your number. I promise to put you back together. Call me when you snap…
-I hope you don’t throw away the letters I wrote you this summer. I know that after this ends, they won’t matter anymore. Maybe for a little while, reading them will hurt. But eventually, my words won’t mean anything. You won’t even be able to hear my voice whispering the words dotting the pages in your head. Don’t throw them away okay? Don’t throw me away…
-I’m writing these goddamn letters to you but every single one seems like I’m throwing my heart out on the line and begging for you back. But how can twenty six letters possibly tell you how much my heart is throbbing? How can twenty six letters make you fall in love with me again? What can I do to hear your voice on the other line again..?
-My friends are all taking turns looking after me, telling me that opening up would speed up the process but it feels like there’s this lump that’s inside my throat whenever I speak your name. My mouth was so used to reciting your name like an open prayer but now it seems like a taboo to speak those words…
-It’s always been you, hasn’t it? Right now it’s two thirty in the morning and I’m a little drunk, but I’m still thinking of you. Crazy how shit happens. Crazy how after everything you’re still what haunts me…
—  The letters you’ll never see
stay with me | miraculous

prompt: i needed to write
pairing: adrinette
notes: since i’m at a road block with butterfly lovers, here is this fluff. i’m such a piece of shit sorry for the errors, i didn’t want to proof read

The light filled her with warmth, radiating from the axis at the top of her head straight down to the tips of her fingers and toes. 

But the light hadn’t been from the bonfire she had traveled several miles to make with her friends in the middle of some forest she couldn’t remember the name of at this moment. From across the tall flames and crackling embers his eyes met hers. They reflected the fire, glazing them over and making them glow. But she wondered why the fire didn’t mirror the green hues of his irises, because they were what was keeping her warm. 

“I wonder what he sees.” She out loud, taking this dull headed moment to look away from his eyes, and cover her mouth. 

Alya nudged her side, smirking as she always did. “Why don’t you ask him?”

Marinette’s hands fumbled through the heated air, eyes crazed and mouth mumbling incoherent words. “You know I can’t do that. I would die of embarrassment!” She glanced quickly at Adrien, blond hair glowing gold. He wasn’t looking at her anymore, Nino had grabbed his attention, and for once she was grateful.

“How will you know if you don’t try, hm?” She said, arms crossing promptly over her chest as her eyebrow arched up. 

Of course she was right – she always was. It wasn’t that she couldn’t talk to him, she could talk to anyone, it was the expressing her feelings for him part. It made her mouth slack, knees wobbly, and thoughts a mess. Even in disguise it was hard to form words, well, the right words. Ladybug may only be good for one thing and it certainly wasn’t attracting the opposite sex. 

Alya’s gentle hand caressed her shoulder, giving her a reassuring squeeze. “How about you try sitting next to him first?” 

Marinette nodded, she could do that much, she knew she could. But first she needed to unclench her hands from the bark of the log she was sitting on. 

Her and a group of friends, complete with several members of her class, decided to take a trip out into the forest, camp for the weekend and make a fun trip of it. Marinette had noticed Adrien having a hard time getting his father’s approval to be away from work, and even she herself was afraid another akuma attack would happen in Paris while she was away. She hoped that Chat Noir could deal without her if anything did happen. For now she was glad she could spend sometime with Adrien, complete without the nuisance of Chloe Bourgeois who didn’t want to dirty her designer shoes.

And now here she was, standing close enough to Adrien that she couldn’t tell where the fire started and his hair began. Everything was glowing, and she felt the warmth from before come creeping back, and the small pinch from Tikki who poked herself out from her purse enough to do so. 

It was now or never. 

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I’m gonna say something you guys are gonna HATE but it needs to be said.

Remember that thing a while back, that Disney dude said girls are hard to animate because they have be, above all else, pretty? And we all got (rightfully) bent out of shape about it?

Let’s have some honest self-reflection here. So we’re more willing to draw women with a much greater variety of body types than Disney, that’s not hard. But…how many of us are actually willing to go to the final frontier and draw girls who are … actually ugly? I mean really ugly, not Hollywood ugly. I mean out of your comfort zone, girl-you’d-criticize irl ugly. Because to tell you the truth, I’m not seeing it. Even in our webcomic rennaissance, where we are tackling any and every subject, an ugly female protag still seems like the last taboo. Whatever else you do, you gotta keep them girls pretty.

Can you make female protag who is truly ugly? And make her a sympathetic main character deserving of love and respect? I pose that challenge to you and to myself.

ignoring history, ignoring context, making people feel bad for wanting love between two men actualized on screen, making these people out to be gross fetishizers OF THEIR OWN ORIENTATIONS, making all of this seem taboo, like how are people falling for this rhetoric, genuinely how

Brown eyes can be just as beautiful, and they don’t necessarily have to be big and doey. Big, small, sad-looking, almond-shaped, close-set, wide-set, and definitely even black…any dark eyes can be just as captivating as blue, green, or hazel. They are intense, they are soft, they are mysterious, they are alluring. Dark-eyed people mostly have to grow up believing that their eyes are the least pretty of all. That they are not unique. That they are not breath-taking or beautiful. Why? Why is it this way? Seriously why?! What are your light eyes overlooking? Perhaps it’s the chocolatey softness staring back at you from behind their Hershey glass. Or the dark waters soaking your clothes as you hopelessly drift in a sea of black. The mystery hiding in those dark voids, to which you realize you’ll never know the secrets failing to escape a black hole as you contemplate curiously. The way black eyes seem like a beautiful taboo, luring you in like a siren’s dangerous song. Or how some can seem so frigid while others ooze warmth. Or maybe you haven’t had a taste of the intoxicating brown liquor pooling in them. Or you haven’t noticed the warm sun rays, or the numerous rings circling the iris that could only belong to a wise and strong tree whose lived and seen it all through countless years…an ageless soul. So what are your pretty blue, green, or hazel eyes not noticing? Dark eyes are just as beautiful. And if you don’t look deep enough to truly appreciate their charm…then you’re missing out. I feel like dark eyes are the underdogs. Just like you’re defending and loving the people out there with bigger bodies that don’t appear on the media, defend and love dark eyes too. Because every variation of human out there is beautiful. Even bigger bodied, dark eyed people. ♥

Better Off Dead || idlegossipandarchaeology

     It was a well-known fact by now that he wasn’t supposed to look at it, the Tardis blue diary that contained more secrets and spoilers than perhaps any other book in his collection. It was against his rules. Yet the pages called out to him, tempting him, and after the first few times, reading it didn’t seem like something so taboo anymore. There were pages he knew by memory. Ones that he could turn to and read and remember without potentially damaging the rest of his life. Not that the rest of his life particularly mattered now. One day he would read the whole book, but in moments like these, he would just read it to remember.

     There were moments in this dreadful existence that were so sickeningly sweet, so tremendously euphoric, that thoughts of days gone by would make his heart swell with joy, send tears to sting in his eyes, make his head swim with notions of being loved, of being wanted. Things that could make him feel like more than just an ageless renegade Time Lord fumbling his way around the universe. But days like that would never happen again. The thoughts only ever ended with him coming back to his reality, thrown down hard against the realization that he would never have a family of his own, that even if he could they would all end up the same, dead. He was alone now, rotting on a cloud, slowly consumed by his own thoughts while the universe handled its own problems.

     His fingers tightened around the pages, crinkling the worn paper, on the verge of tearing the whole thing to shreds. Maybe it would be better that way, to just be done with it. The past was a terror, and his mind the greatest enemy he had ever known. Hallucinations ram rampant through the halls of the Tardis, but at least they stayed clear of the Library. Most of them, anyway. Of all the things that haunted him, she was by far the worst. It happened without fail. Every time he picked up the book, she followed. The Doctor didn’t even have to look up to know what sort of vision awaited him. A curly haired torment with a sinful smirk.

                                       “Go away. I’m busy.”