AoS 4x08

wow that episode took a freaking turn and it got so good

Yay, YoYo is back! :) and just as snarky and wonderful as ever

It was really lovely having Daisy, Fitz and Simmons all work together again, like old times. I want more of this trio

Mace knows about AIDA, and he and Coulson finally had it out. Fortunately, they ended up on the same side

can I just say, I like the Director’s superpower suit? it’s badass looking

I can understand Eli wanting to be appreciated, and feeling underestimated because no one believed in him. But it doesn’t justify his actions. it does make him more interesting tho

Poor Robbie; those carbon spears looked painful

I hope he isn’t dead and that he comes back to us soon

Daisy is now Agent Johnson. She missed the team, even if she didn’t miss the rules that go with being part of shield

it ain’t the first time Shield has worked with murderers, don’t act so shocked Coulson

Mack and Elena patched things up. Read: he finally made a move and kissed her. I audibly squealed

I’m happy the team is all back together


it was a nice Philinda moment until we realized the truth

quite the mid season finale I look forward to more

kisseshannibalanddraco  asked:

Please can we talk about CREEDENCE BAREBONE and PERCIVAL GRAVES?????

So after seeing the movie and reading the script (it was on sale and I’m a weak, weak person) I am in love with Credence (and I want Graves to do filthy horrible things to him).

I’m not sure what specifically you would like me to talk about, but I did just think of a fun alternate ending where Credence does attack and kill Graves/Grindelwald while in his Obscurus form, which reveals Graves is actually Grindelwald post mortem.

  • Credence lives in the end. He’s taken in by Tina and Queenie because they’re good witches, but mainly because their home is near the MACUSA headquarters (where he would be staying if not for Tina and Newt persuading President Picquery and also for the fact that Credence did technically kill the most wanted/dangerous dark wizard, so she can give him a bit of wiggle room).
  • Tina is in charge of looking after him while they figure out what to do with him and they look for the original Graves.
  • Who they find a week later because Graves, without Grindelwald holding him captive with his magic, has escaped and managed to travel back to New York via no-maj transportation (Graves is so gaunt and looks beat up as hell, but so happy too, he’s a tough son of a bitch). Graves gets the story of what happened from Picquery. Is pretty insulted that no one noticed (he’s reevaluating some things about himself now). 
  • Learning about Credence he goes to meet the no-maj turned squib turned Obscurus turned world famous wizard overnight (because even the real Graves, who is admittedly a bit of an asshole, thinks he should congratulate the kid and apologize for the person who wore his face and the fact that if he had been stronger/quicker/better they could have all avoided this mess in the first place).
  • (Self esteem issues are dangerously high at the moment)
  • He doesn’t say any of that though (so much pride, just so goddamn much okay).
  • When Credence and the real Graves come face to face Credence, who has been on edge this whole time (everything is happening too much) breaks down and cries and Graves not used to having to deal with emotions, his or other people’s, does what his mother would have done and hugs the poor guy, patting his back in the most awkward way a wizard ever has.
  • Tina and Queenie are watching from inside, eyes huge because THE Graves is being a human being and it’s a once in a lifetime moment.
  • Credence gets tears and snot all over Graves (Graves doesn’t really mind he totally does and magics it all away with the obligatory flick of his fingers and tells Credence ‘You’re all right’, which then makes Credence cry even more, the exact opposite of what Graves was aiming for).
  • At some point Tina and Queenie finally manage to persuade Credence to move back inside (he won’t let go of Graves and Graves is kind of okay with it he’s loving it after months holed up alone and it doesn’t hurt that Credence is pretty goddamn adorable)
  • Queenie makes them lunch, Tina has to bite her cheek to not ask the millions of questions building up in her head, Credence has finally unclung himself from Graves and is now hunched over the table, blushing so hard he might burn a hole straight through the foundation of the building and avoiding all eye contact while making himself as small as possible, and Graves is balancing eating literally everything and trying to subtly look at Credence (he is starving, hungry for steak and making out with cute men and he’s already got a plate full of steak)
  • By the time Graves leaves to head back for MACUSA, Credence manages to get his tongue under control and holds his hand out, “Nice to meet you, Mister Graves.” And maybe it’s because he’s had lots of time on his own and he’s got a belly full of good food and the sky is blue and he can actually see the sky after so long without, Graves shakes Credence’s hand with both of his and tells him to “Call me Percy.”
  • Credence is blushing so hard Tina is actually worried and is tempted to pick him up and lay him on the sofa
  • Graves is on the street and half way to MACUSA when he lets himself grin, so light on his feet he might fly away, and thinks, ‘oh yeah, I’ve still got it’.

I don’t get everybody’s deal with Zervis. They were actually canonically in love. Zeref loved Mavis so much he ‘killed’ her even tho she was also supposed to be ‘immortal’. Yes the ship isn’t as well written as some other ships and yes some people may find it pedo-ish. Despite the fact that Mavis is mentally older just like Zeref and honestly Zeref doesn’t look like 40 but more like 17, Mavis looks like 15-16 but whatever. I don’t get everybody’s deal with Zervis and how we romanticize everything according to this fandom. We DONT romanticize the torture, we can see that Zeref is hurt by seeing her suffer, he still has feelings for her. Once you love somebody that love isn’t gonna 'vanish’’ when you’re broken up. We’re not like “oh my god Mavis is getting tortured omg that’s so romantic” so stop saying that we 'romanticize’ every single damn thing. Can’t people ship something without getting bashed off for no reason at all?
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Vox Machina Fusions

I started thinking about Vox Machina fusions when I first started the serious, but now I can’t stop.  Really tho can you imagine VM Fusions? They’d be so unstoppable.

Putting my ideas and thoughts about specific fusions all under the cut, but I’d also love to hear other people’s thoughts… And if anyone knows of any already existing VM fusion art… I must know, I must see it….

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what i love in the scene with tommy so much

  • to start off, therese says to tommy the coffee isn’t good, carol shows up 20 seconds after and says “what a lousy coffee”
  • carol is so obviously unamused and uninterested in tommy it’s hilariously amusing (to both us and therese, it seems)
  • therese’s interest in talking to tommy is so curious that it looks like carol can’t quite put a finger on it so she comes across as slightly possessive/annoyed-but-try-to-look-amused by the way therese is handling him
  • to link with the past point, the way carol is looking at both therese and tommy while they are talking like she’s so carefully inspecting and analyzing what is going on between the two
  • carol’s priceless expression that says “how stupid are you” when tommy asks if they need a sewing kit, and as an addition, therese’s expression that complements carol’s in the best way possible 
  • how therese asks if he has any lipsticks even tho she obviously doesn’t need any, she just wants to remind carol of the night before and how they exchange looks at that moment
  • when therese asks carol if they can stop to get magazines and she doesn’t even finish her sentence when carol says “mhm” it’s such a #girlfriends moment
  • and of course the end of the scene when carol starts folding the map and looks at them both, i have no comment on that one

to sum up, the scene is the gold of non-verbal communication. there is so much to it. the way they are turned towards each other the entire time although they are barely exchanging any words and there is a third person right there, the fact that the entire time therese is speaking to that third person, yet the “silent conversation” she is leading with carol is so much more substantial. my point is do not overlook this scene, it is wonderful

ok but consider this:
  • wesley not being able to defend himself cause he cant fight
  • fisk being too worry that anything happens to wesley so he hires francis as wesley’s bodyguard 
  • fisk making francis look like his own bodyguard bc wesley is too humiliated to have his own bodyguard like no im james wesley and i totally can defend myself
  • francis falling in love with wesley
  • francis not being able to say no to wesley when he asks for his gun even tho he feels like this is wrong and something bad is going to happen
  • francis seeing wesley dead and feeling his heart break in little pieces bc he LOVED HIM
  • francis being beaten up by fisk bc he let wesley go alone and feeling even more bad and like crying himself to sleep every night bc of the gulit



(what’s even greater is that, in movement, you can’t really tell how horrible his hair looks)

I totes love when people are like “what’s he doin’ shooting from so far, the idiot?” and Shin-chan just shuts them the fuck up with their amazingness.