Fully Drafted Perfumes Master List:

These are all ready for production as soon as I get materials (oils and containers) to make them.

Updated every weekend with a new entry.

15 November Update:

New in the shop:

Drafted: European Werewolf (Original), Loup Garou (Original), Crossroads (Original), Apollon (Devotional), Freddie Lounds (NBC’s Hannibal), The Great Sleep (Original), Bed of Roses (Original), Victorian Manor (Original), My Midnight Pillow (Quote Inspired), My Name is Ozymandias (Poem Inspired), Nick Fury (Marvel), Razzle Dazzle ‘Em (Original)

Making: The Third Dove (Willim), The Fiftieth Lark (Dmitri), The Fiftieth Thrush (Ellis), Sellsword (Grayson), The Wing (Lateran XII), Eothan’s Ghost

13 October Update:

Making: Willim, Eothans’ ghost, Grayson, Lateran XII for valnon. (Waiting on supplies I’ve ordered for Ellis and Dmitri)

4 October Update:

Drafted: Dmitri, Ellis, Eothan’s ghost, Godsword, Grayson, Hasafel, Jeske, Lateran XII, Reim, Rekbah, Rouen, Sarin, Shadowhand, Starling, Temple of Valnon, The Swallowtail, Undercity, Willim, all from Songbirds of Valnon.

Fully drafted perfumes:

  1. Bioshock: 1: A Crash
  2. Bioshock: 2: A Lighthouse
  3. Bioshock: 3: Welcome to Rapture
  4. Bioshock: 4: Shortwave Radio
  5. Bioshock: 5: First Time
  6. Bioshock: 6: Kashmir
  7. Bioshock: 7: Medical Pavilion
  8. Bioshock: 8: O Goddess
  9. Bioshock: 9: Maternal Instinct
  10. Bioshock: 10: Neptune’s Bounty
  11. Bioshock: 11: Smuggler’s Hideout
  12. Bioshock: 12: Arcadia
  13. Bioshock: 13: Lazarus Vector
  14. Bioshock: 14: Blood-Spattered Moth
  15. Bioshock: 15: Quadtych
  16. Bioshock: 16: Hephaestus
  17. Bioshock: 17: Central Control
  18. Bioshock: 18: Audio Diaries
  19. Bioshock: 19: Powerful Phrase
  20. Bioshock: 20: Obey
  21. Bioshock: 21: Never Was
  22. Bioshock: 22: Tenenbaum’s Safehouse
  23. Bioshock: 23: Code Yellow
  24. Bioshock: 24: Fontaine’s Apartment
  25. Bioshock: 25: Lot 192
  26. Bioshock: 26: Point Prometheus
  27. Bioshock: 27: Lair
  28. Bioshock: 28.1: Harvest
  29. Bioshock: 28.2 Rescue
  30. Bioshock: A Story of Love after Death
  31. Bioshock: Atlas
  32. Bioshock: Bathysphere
  33. Bioshock: Big Daddies
  34. Bioshock: Booker de Witt
  35. Bioshock: Colombia
  36. Bioshock: Daisy Fitzroy
  37. Bioshock: Elizabeth* Comstock
  38. Bioshock: Genetic Key
  39. Bioshock: Jack
  40. Bioshock: Little Sisters
  41. Bioshock: Pheremones
  42. Bioshock: Rapture
  43. Bioshock: Rapture Ghosts
  44. Bioshock: Splicers
  45. Bioshock: Wrench
  46. Bioshock: Vita-Chamber
  47. Breaking Bad: Crystal Blue Persuasion
  48. Breaking Bad: Granite State
  49. Breaking Bad: Ozymandius
  50. Breaking Bad: Walter White
  51. Cabin in the Woods: Read the Latin Out Loud
  52. Cabin in the Woods: The Athlete
  53. Cabin in the Woods: The Fool
  54. Cabin in the Woods: The Scholar
  55. Cabin in the Woods: The Virgin
  56. Cabin in the Woods: The Wh*re
  57. Dark Angel: Alec McDowell
  58. Dark Angel: Ben
  59. Dark Angel: Cynthia McEachin
  60. Dark Angel: Max Guevera
  61. Dark Angel: Simon Lehane
  62. Dark Angel: Zack
  63. DC: Catlad!Tim Drake
  64. DC: Court of Owls!Dick Grayson
  65. DC: Komand’r/Blackfire
  66. DC: League of Assassins!Jason Todd
  67. DC: Talia* al Ghul
  68. DC: Stephanie Brown
  69. Dead Space: Isaac Clarke
  70. Devotional: Apollon
  71. Devotional: Dionysus (Hellenic and Roman)
  72. Devotional: Zagreus (Hellenic)
  73. Devour: Jake Grey
  74. Dexter: Dexter Morgan
  75. Dracula: Abraham van Helsing
  76. Dracula: Count Dracula
  77. Dracula: Lucy Westenra
  78. Dracula: R. M. Renfield
  79. Dracula: The Brides of Dracula
  80. Edgar Allen Poe: The Cask of Amontillado
  81. Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven
  82. Fallout: New Vegas: Arcade Gannon
  83. Fallout: New Vegas: Christine Royce
  84. Fallout: New Vegas: Craig Boone
  85. Fallout: New Vegas: ED-E
  86. Fallout: New Vegas: Lily
  87. Fallout: New Vegas: Mojave Wasteland
  88. Fallout: New Vegas: Novac
  89. Fallout: New Vegas: The Lucky 38 (New World)
  90. Fallout: New Vegas: The Lucky 38 (Old World)
  91. Fallout: New Vegas: Raul Tejada
  92. Fallout: New Vegas: Rex
  93. Fallout: New Vegas: Rose of Sharon Cassidy
  94. Fallout: New Vegas: Veronica Santangelo
  95. Far Cry 3: Vaas Montenegro
  96. Frankenstein: Frankenstein’s Creation
  97. Frankenstein: Victor Frankenstein
  98. Game of Thrones: Dothraki Sea
  99. Game of Thrones: House Arryn
  100. Game of Thrones: House Baratheon
  101. Game of Thrones: House Greyjoy
  102. Game of Thrones: House Lannister
  103. Game of Thrones: House Martell
  104. Game of Thrones: House Stark
  105. Game of Thrones: House Targaryen
  106. Game of Thrones: House Tully
  107. Game of Thrones: House Tyrell
  108. Game of Thrones: Lord Varys/The Spider
  109. Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere
  110. J.R.R. Tolkien: Mirkwood
  111. J.R.R. Tolkien: Lothlórien
  112. J.R.R. Tolkien: Rivendell
  113. Left 4 Dead: Francis
  114. Left 4 Dead: Rochelle
  115. Left 4 Dead: Zoey
  116. Marvel: Jade Nguyen
  117. Marvel: Janet van Dyne
  118. Marvel: Nick Fury
  119. Marvel: Pepper Potts
  120. Marvel: Pietro Maximoff
  121. Marvel: Ororo Monroe
  122. Marvel: Roy Harper
  123. Marvel: Tony Stark’s Workshop
  124. Marvel: Wanda Maximoff
  125. Metal Gear: The Boss/The Joy
  126. Metal Gear: Solid Snake/David
  127. NBC’s Hannibal: Freddie Lounds
  128. Original: An Arroyo Filled with Streaming Starlight
  129. Original: Angels
  130. Original: Apple pie
  131. Original: Apocalyptic Log (part of the Horror Tropes series)
  132. Original: Bed of Roses
  133. Original: Bottom (part of the Rainbow series)
  134. Original: Blackbird (part of the Aviary series)
  135. Original: Blueberry pie
  136. Original: Captain’s Chambers (part of the Golden Age of Piracy series)
  137. Original: Cherry pie
  138. Original: Churning Riverbank (part of the Southern Gothic series)
  139. Original: Crossroads (part of the Southern Gothic series)
  140. Original: Drinking from a Werewolf’s Pawprint (part of the Attaining Lycanthropy series)
  141. Original: Earl grey latté
  142. Original: European werewolf
  143. Original: Faceful of Moonlight (part of the Attaining Lycanthropy series)
  144. Original: Fireflies
  145. Original: Gamer perfume
  146. Original: Gentleman Death (part of the Gentleman Death series)
  147. Original: Georgia
  148. Original: Green tea smoothie
  149. Original: Haunted Manor (part of the Settings for Horror series)
  150. Original: Loup Garou
  151. Original: Hummingbird (part of the Aviary series)
  152. Original: Incantation (part of the Attaining Lycanthropy series)
  153. Original: Library
  154. Original: Mixed berry pie
  155. Original: Peacock (part of the Aviary series)
  156. Original: Prospector’s camp
  157. Original: Provence, France
  158. Original: Razzle Dazzle ‘Em
  159. Original: Salve (part of the Attaining Lycanthropy series)
  160. Original: Sea salted caramel
  161. Original: Sparta
  162. Original: Stable
  163. Original: Switch (part of the Rainbow series)
  164. Original: The Asylum
  165. Original: The Cabin in the Woods (part of the Settings for Horror series)
  166. Original: The Derelict Ship (part of the Settings for Horror series)
  167. Original: The Graveyard (part of the Settings for Horror series)
  168. Original: The Great Sleep (part of the Gentleman Death series)
  169. Original: The Hidden Bite (part of the Zombie Apocalypse series)
  170. Original: The Mojave
  171. Original: The Revival (part of the Southern Gothic series)
  172. Original: The Single Bullet (part of the Zombie Apocalypse series)
  173. Original: Santa Monica Pier
  174. Original: The Swamp (part of the Settings for Horror series)
  175. Original: Top (part of the Rainbow series)
  176. Original: Victorian Manor
  177. Original: Walk the Plank (part of the Golden Age of Piracy series)
  178. Original: Warm Woods
  179. Original: Wolfskin Garter (part of the Attaining Lycanthropy series)
  180. Poem Inspired: I Could Not Stop for Death (part of the Gentleman Death series)
  181. Poem Inspired: My Name is Ozymandias
  182. Portal: Cleansing Gel
  183. Portal: Propulsion Gel
  184. Portal: Repulsion Gel
  185. Quote Inspired: My Midnight Pillow (Mary Shelley)
  186. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Ashley Graham
  187. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Blue Herb
  188. Resident Evil/Biohazard: C-Virus
  189. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Crispin Jettingham
  190. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Daylight
  191. Resident Evil/Biohazard: G-Virus
  192. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Las Plagas
  193. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Lisa Trevor
  194. Resident Evil/Biohazard: Progenitor
  195. Resident Evil/Biohazard: T-Abyss
  196. Resident Evil/Biohazard: T-Veronica
  197. Resident Evil/Biohazard: T-Virus
  198. Silent Hill: Aglaophotis
  199. Silent Hill: Alex Shepherd
  200. Silent Hill: Dargento Cemetery
  201. Silent Hill: Earth
  202. Silent Hill: Heather Mason
  203. Silent Hill: Holy Candle
  204. Silent Hill: Knife
  205. Silent Hill: Noose
  206. Silent Hill: Joshua Shepherd
  207. Silent Hill: Silent Hill
  208. Silent Hill: Water
  209. Smallville: Jason Teague
  210. Song Inspired: Bad Moon Rising
  211. Song Inspired: Don’t Fear the Reaper (part of the Gentleman Death series)
  212. Song Inspired: Hotel California
  213. Song Inspired: O Death (part of the Gentleman Death series)
  214. Star Trek: Christine Chapel
  215. Star Trek: Hikaru Sulu
  216. Star Trek: Montgomery Scott
  217. Star Trek: Nyota Uhura
  218. Star Trek: Pavel Chekov
  219. Star Trek: Romulan Ale
  220. Star Trek: Sehlat
  221. Star Trek: Tribble
  222. Star Trek: Vulcan
  223. Songbirds of Valnon: Godsword
  224. Songbirds of Valnon: Hasafel
  225. Songbirds of Valnon: Jeske
  226. Songbirds of Valnon: Reim
  227. Songbirds of Valnon: Rekbah
  228. Songbirds of Valnon: Rouen
  229. Songbirds of Valnon: Sarin
  230. Songbirds of Valnon: Shadowhand
  231. Songbirds of Valnon: Starling
  232. Songbirds of Valnon: Temple of Valnon
  233. Songbirds of Valnon: The Swallowtail
  234. Songbirds of Valnon: Undercity
  235. Supernatural: Angel Banishing
  236. Supernatural: Continental Breakfast!Winchesters (Sam and Dean are soulmates)
  237. Supernatural: Demon Curing Ritual
  238. Supernatural: Devil’s Trap
  239. Supernatural: Exorcism
  240. Supernatural: Holy Oil
  241. Supernatural: Laundry Day!Dean Winchester (Sam Winchester’s soulmate)
  242. Supernatural: Mechanic!Dean Winchester (Sam Winchester’s soulmate)
  243. Supernatural: Salt n’ Burn
  244. Supernatural: The Hunt
  245. The Big Lebowski: Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski
  246. The Bourne Legacy: Aaron Cross
  247. The Last of Us: Ellie
  248. The Last of Us: Riley
  249. The Pendergast Series: Aloysius Pendergast
  250. The Pendergast Series: Corrie Swanson
  251. The Princess Bride: Buttercup
  252. The Princess Bride: Fezzik
  253. The Princess Bride: Inigo Montoya
  254. The Princess Bride: Westley
  255. The Walking Dead (TV): Carol Peletier
  256. The Walking Dead (TV): The Governor
  257. Tron: Sam Flynn
  258. Tron: Tron
  259. True Blood: Tru Blood
  260. Tusk: WalrusYes


11 September Update:

Master post of fully drafted perfumes

My shop

A day early, as I was excited to share all of these new drafts:

  1. Bioshock Infnite: Daisy Fitzroy
  2. Breaking Bad: Walter White
  3. Cabin in the Woods: Read the Latin Out Loud
  4. Cabin in the Woods: The Athlete
  5. Cabin in the Woods: The Fool
  6. Cabin in the Woods: The Scholar
  7. Cabin in the Woods: The Virgin
  8. Cabin in the Woods: The Wh*re
  9. Dark Angel: Alec McDowell
  10. Dark Angel: Ben
  11. Dark Angel: Cynthia McEachin
  12. Dark Angel: Max Guevera
  13. Dark Angel: Simon Lehane
  14. Dark Angel: Zack
  15. Dracula: Abraham van Helsing
  16. Dracula: Count Dracula
  17. Dracula: Lucy Westenra
  18. Dracula: R. M. Renfield
  19. Dracula: The Brides of Dracula
  20. Edgar Allen Poe: The Cask of Amontillado
  21. Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven
  22. Fallout: New Vegas: Christine Royce
  23. Fallout: New Vegas: Wild Wasteland
  24. Game of Thrones: House Arryn
  25. Game of Thrones: House Baratheon
  26. Game of Thrones: House Greyjoy
  27. Game of Thrones: House Lannister
  28. Game of Thrones: House Martell
  29. Game of Thrones: House Stark
  30. Game of Thrones: House Targaryen
  31. Game of Thrones: House Tully
  32. Game of Thrones: House Tyrell
  33. H.P. Lovecraft: Herbert West
  34. JRR Tolkien:  Mirkwood
  35. JRR Tolkien: Lothlorien
  36. JRR Tolkien: Rivendell
  37. Left 4 Dead 2: Rochelle
  38. Marvel: Jade Nguyen
  39. Marvel: Ororo Munroe
  40. Marvel: Roy Harper
  41. Original: Apocalyptic Log
  42. Original: Bottom
  43. Original: Library
  44. Original: Sparta
  45. Original: Switch
  46. Original: The Asylum
  47. Original: The Revival
  48. Original: Top
  49. Original: Uncanny Valley
  50. Original: Walk the Plank
  51. Portal: Cleansing Gel
  52. Portal: Repulsion Gel
  53. Resident Evil: Crispin Jettingham
  54. Smallville: Jason Teague
  55. Song Inspired: Bad Moon Rising
  56. Star Trek: Christine Chapel
  57. Star Trek: Hikaru Sulu
  58. Star Trek: Montgomery Scott
  59. Star Trek: Nyota Uhura
  60. Star Trek: Pavel Chekov
  61. Star Trek: Romulan Ale
  62. Star Trek: Sehlat
  63. Star Trek: Tribble
  64. Star Trek: Vulcan
  65. The Princess Bride: Fezzik
  66. The Princess Bride: Inigo Montoya

Have an idea for a perfume? Let me know!


The Flood || McCarthy!cest

Madison was dragged back to Mason’s room by her ankle, just tossed onto the floor. They weren’t careful with her, they were never careful. Her body hurt so badly, wounds littering her body. She looked around slowly, wondering if Nickayla was still there or if Mason would even be there this time. Her body was covered in cum again, feeling it coat her skin so she barely noticed the soft floor under her. They’d tied her ankles and wrists together like she was going somewhere, but really, where was she supposed to go? This was Mason’s room, she knew that. Between them telling her that she was going back to her master and just knowing that this was home, she knew where she was. Maybe Mason wouldn’t have to see her and the ground would just open up to swallow her whole? She would rather that than have to see Mason hurt again. Closing her eyes, she just prayed this would be fast.

My thoughts on Nisekoi 164

while it seems to point to onodera being the promise girl, i’m not giving up on raku x chitoge.

the other girls have keys as well and still have some correlation to the promise. in the original book in which the promise is based off of the prince makes a promise to the princess and is helped by other girls with keys [which is why there is more than one key] meaning marika and chitoge are still tied to raku and that promise somehow and either one of them very well still could be the actual promise girl. i refuse to believe ondoera is the one until i see her key open raku’s lock. there could be numerous reasons as to why the book was found in her room and thats really the only thing she has evidence that perhaps she’s the girl raku made the promise with. there has already been evidence that maybe marika or chitoge could be the girl with the photo of marika and raku during the time they spent together as kids [heck the girl seems so sure of herself she even spent years trying to be the perfect wife for him and kept trying to get a hold of his lock] and there’s also the scar on raku’s forehead that connects to chitoge’s diary of a boy she made a promise with that protected her + zawsze in love phrase.

either ways whether its marika, chitoge, or onodera the past does not determine what will be in the future. sure raku likes onodera but he seems to also have feelings for chitoge he’s unaware of [heck even his best friend knows]. the story’s not over till its over folks, and IDGAF what the onodera boys say i’m shipping raku with chitoge till the end and you can shove your chitoge hate up your ass. [srsly why the hell are you complaining about the story’s main heroine getting screentime? its not all about onodera ya know.]

Big Shop Changes!Update:
9 August Update:

shh let’s pretend this is on time

I’ve just released 31 perfumes, and I’m about to release a 32nd (Paperback), as I’ve gotten two requests for it. :3

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone liking and reblogging my perfumes, y’all make it possible for me to have a job I love (ok and to have a job at all lawl murca).

I’m going to go back to my regularly scheduled drafting now that this launch is almost complete- I’ll be posting samplers asap.

Meanwhile, is there anyone, anything, or anywhere that you’d like to see that I haven’t drafted yet, or is there something on that list you’d like to see made into a final product soon? Please let me know!