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Hi! Hello! I was wondering if you guys knew of any fics where stiles and Derek are dating but no one believes stiles because they think Derek is too out of his league and like they are proven wrong because sterek be so deep in love? Thank you!

Poor Stiles. I believe he’s boyfriend material. - Anastasia

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This tumblr fic.

Derek the Cat by CCK

(1/1 I 1,577 I Teen I Sterek I College AU)

Whenever college drummer, Stiles Stilinski says he has a boyfriend, Derek Hale, no one believes him.
Because saying Derek Hale voted hottest man of the year 2015 and vocalist of the band of the year was too far fetch. Right? Right.

And probably because Stiles owns a cat named Derek Hale too.

The Tale of Stiles Stilinski and His (Non)Existent Boyfriend, Derek Hale by mackietommo

(1/1 I 2,976 I General I Sterek)

“But, Derek –”

“Stiles,” she sighs. “Look, I know we kind of supported you with your whole… Derek Hale, The Perfect Boyfriend Fairy Tale. But, you seriously need to date real people.”

“What,” Stiles says, with no question mark. “You think Derek is not real?”

She looks at him like he’s stupid. “Yes,”

Stiles slumps in his seat.

or in which none of Stiles’ college friends believe Derek Hale is fucking real. But, Erica has a plan. And this is just really about the whole pack loves Stiles.

A love that does exist by bovineinteriors

(1/1 I 3,497 I General I 5+1)

During Stiles’ first year in college, his new friends have a hard time believing the amazing Derek Hale exists.

“Oh for the love of god!” Robby exclaimed, “You can’t get engaged to a fake boyfriend Stiles! This is taking it way too far.”

“Fake boyfriend? What are you talking about?” Stiles asked, the smile slipping off of his face.

“Stiles, you don’t have any pictures of him, we have never met him, he isn’t on any social media, and when we called him, you were the one speaking in his voice mail.”

Welp I finished the planning and scheme for the Historical AU SpUK story that I’m supposed to be uploading tomorrow. 

The good news? - It’s gonna be pretty long so I’ll probably only upload the first chapter tomorrow (technically on time, right?)

The bad news? - It’s gonna be EXCEPTIONALLY DARK. As in - all the bad things that we like to forget existed in the XVIth century pirate islands? (slavery, abuse, massacres, executions, unsafe sex, diseases, rape, power struggles, and generally horrible people and barbaric laws?) - it’s all mentioned in there and features very heavily some. I’m not romanticizing or censoring shit.