tbh every single person on louis’ team and one direction’s team who tried to dull his shine over the years and every single one direction fan (and solo harry, liam, or niall fan) who has talked shit about him is personally invited to kiss my fucking ass and i hope every single one of you end up feeling like the absolutely terrible and idiotic people you are when his solo material comes out and he scalps the entire planet with how incredibly lovely and talented he is :)

if you’re ever having a bad day, just look up at the stars and remember that, up in space, an alien war is going on and the government knows, but is hiding it from us, but one day, earth will have no choice but to become involved, thus leading to the untimely demise of our planet

  • Someone: Scarecrow looks so ugly in this comic.
  • Me: That's the point.
  • Someone: But why does he have to look so gangly and awkward? Clearly the artist doesn't know how to draw. This is why I prefer Cillian Murphy!
  • Me: He's suppose to look unsettling, grotesque and dare I say it...ugly. It's one of his most important character traits. His fellow professors mocked him for his appearance, giving him the Scarecrow nickname, a crucial part of his identity.
  • Someone: You're no fun.
  • Me: *grinning* The best Scarecrows are ugly Scarecrows

it really is incredible that skam, a show from Norway has gotten to me to watch a show completely in subtitles, constantly refreshing a website, watching or reading updates I can’t fully understand without help and learning Norwegian along the way.

it’s proof that there are so many things that we think we need to relate or communicate with each other, but at the core, we go through a lot of the same things and can relate on a much more basic level through our experiences.

as heartbroken as I am that it is over, I am eternally grateful for how this show has made me feel and think and learn and grow. for the stories it’s told and things it didn’t shy away from. the way they really gave us honest, real and complicated human stories.

while not perfect, as nothing is, it was beautiful and incredible to be on this journey. and while I’ll be sad for a long awhile that it’s over, I will always, always be so happy to have experienced skam.

takk skam. may we one day meet again.