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Being stressed out one day and Sam jokes that you need to get laid and you say "That'd be great, but it would be wrong of me to ask the person I want for it" "Why? Long as they're legal and consenting, what's the big deal?" And you just groan and say it's Bucky and how he needs to focus on getting better and finding his memories, not something dumb like getting physical so the frustration is painful but not nearly as painful as it would be to ever knowingly hurt James Barnes.

“Yeah, you’re probably right”. Sam mutters with a focused expression. “But maybe that’s what he needs?”

“What do you mean?”

“The little things are also important to help him to figure out who he is.” He keeps explaining. “And I’m pretty sure he would let you help him with that”. Sam smirks.

“You think so?” You ask hopeful.

He nods. “It’s a win win, you help him, and you stop being so grumpy”.

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I’m gonna shamelessly leave this here

Read: Slow

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Why are people these days so damn sensitive? Everyone's such a giant puss. Triggered? Get over it. There's always someone who has it worse than whatever first world problem your "triggered" ass has.

Well, pain and suffering is not exactly something you can measure that way!
Some people is more sensitive than others, that is ok! more having in mind that not everyone handle a trauma the same way, we are all different, and thats great!
I get you don’t think is such a big deal, prob because you’re ok, and thats cool, but please remember than not everyone is as though or as lucky as you, and respect is a good thing to have!
Please be nice and sweet, fruity goo!

I forgot to say, and I hope you don’t mind me saying, that lot of people with traumas and triggers come for third world places, I’ve had a latinx pal who is triggered by Labradors because of an abuser they had who used to own like 3 of them, those are stuffs that happens sometimes, and its good to have some heart!

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Usually I wouldn't know what I'd do in this heart-wrenching time but thanks to LOOT CRATE I have enough nerdy gear to last me to next weeks soul destroying episode

Right now if you sign up with the code “CRITICALROLE” you can get Three Dollars Off your first month, and that’s a great deal! Use that extra cash to buy yourself a bottle of really cheap wine to drown your sorrows. LOOT CRATE! Enabling your emotional pain since whenever they started sponsoring Critical Role.

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About Thor discovering Loki alive, I like to think that Loki has some deeper plan which involves destroying Thanos. But he knows Thanos and he also knows that he will probably die during that confontation but he will make sure to take Thanos with him. And he doesn´t want Thor and Odin to know about him being alive because he will die anyway soon and he doesn´t want to cause more mess (in his way of thinking it is better for them to think him already death and not damaging his plans).

Is it bad that I’ve been avoiding thinking about Thor 3? I feel like I’m on this downhill rollercoaster, and I care about these characters too damn much to open my eyes.

I’m avoiding spoilers and trying hard not to get my hopes up. But man … I can’t see any way around that movie causing me a great deal of Loki-related pain.

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Clique six for the thing with the stuff. :)

Why you gotta do this to me? Okay.

Push off a cliff: I feel so bad for this. Riley. They never said it was a tall cliff…
Kiss: Smackle.
Marry: Farkle. Who wouldn’t want to me married to him?
Set on Fire: Lucas. I’m sorry. But…he can die the painful death.
Wrap a Blanket around: At this point in the series? Maya. She’s having to deal with a ton of bullshit.
Be Roommates with: Zay. Come on. He’s hilarious and he’s a great guy.

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"Yikes, what happened there?" Jim flinched at the bruising over the others bare chest. He came forwards, his hand hovering over the swelling and totally not caring if he was in this poor mans personal space. "Dammit, man. Who's ass do I gotta kick on this ship now? That's it. You're on leave. Go check out Bones in sickbay. That's an order."

“It’s nothing, Captain, really, just a creature on the planet we landed on, it packed one hell of a punch, but I just need a few minutes to catch my breath and I’ll be fine.”  In truth, Maycien was in a great deal of pain, but he had to make sure the rest of his men had been beamed up safely.  “I wouldn’t suggest we send a scouting party down there until we’ve got some more firepower, the thing that got me was only one of the creatures we saw down there.” 

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Subaru-kun, do u like Yuuki-chan? 'Cause i think u 2 make a great couple :3

Subaru: WHAAT!!!?!? -he blushes at your words- That idiot! Tch! No! Why are you fucking saying things?!? S-shes a pain in the ass! I-I would not have her as my bride. -sighs- and it’s not like she’d choose me. B-but I don’t care. Shit don’t ask stupid questions! -punches a wall and flees, then sees Yuuki and goes the opposite direction-
Yuuki: What’s his deal? I swear he’s gunna end up fucking destroying every wall here.

half of this year is a bit great, but the rest of it, i’d bet not so much. it’s pretty hilarious if i am now looking forward for 2017 because hell, shits are almost starting right now and i feel like giving up. i’m a loser for adjusting and dealing with things that i used to experience before which are ones that i’ve never thought i’ll conquer again. it really pains me to think that every single thing i’ve imagined is now falling on the opposite side. it also bothers me in the middle of my day, when i’m laughing with my friends and then suddenly a problem will fucking hit me. i tend to distance myself, and excuse that i need a litte time to regain my mood because if i don’t, i might explode and cry and that’s the thing i’m fucking scared to happen. i don’t want them know i’m going through, i can’t explain and i think they won’t understand either. but i’m thankful for them being by my side even though they didn’t have a clue of what’s going on inside me. i don’t know, i just need some distractions right now. i need a pause, condition myself right now. i need to put this mindset: days are fast, think that behind your struggles there’s always a wonderful thing that’s going to happen and it will surprise you. keep your friends close and your family closer. keep your grades stable, keep on looking forward for getting that fucking diploma and you will be fine. be very thankful of what you have right now. be beyond thankful of those people who stayed and staying. everything will be fine, it’s only a matter of time. it’s like great things are waiting for you and you have to keep going to reach them. always pray and always believe that your downs is one step closer to your ups. :-)

so i had 4 soft pallet surgeries in 2014 in order to 
A) get my horrendous, split, cavernous tonsils out

B) open up my nasal passages so i would stop getting 6+ sinus infections a year. my nose may be smol and cute but it was so smol it didn’t drain properly

overall, the nasal surgeries helped because i’ve had maybe 2 infections since, but it’s so interesting to me because i get pain in a TOTALLY different way now. i’d never felt sinus pressure in my teeth before, but DANG have i felt it since. the first time i legitimately thought something was wrong with my teeth, so i went to the dentist and he was like, “teeths are fine, sinuses are not”. whoops.

anyhow the point is i’m now dealing with exceptional sinus/face/tooth pain and i might need to go to urgent care because thanks body, this was a real great time to do this, because WHY NOT