Does it really hurt, or is it all in my head?

A novel by me.

Featuring such great chapters as:

- Is my pain tolerance really high or does this just not hurt?
- How much would this be hurting a normal person?
- Do I need to suck it up and carry on?
- At what point does this need medical attention?

and my personal favourite,

- Am I making a big deal out of nothing: will the doctors believe me?

Gif makers

Anyone having issues lately (seems to have started over the past week) with some of your old gifs not moving anymore? I’ve been through my whole gif tag, and some have just randomly become still. Re-uploading seems to fix but a) it’s a pain in the arse and b) all the reblogs will have stopped moving too. The weird thing is it seems to be location/server based? For example a set that has a frozen gif for me doesn’t for Riss in America.

I’ve reported it for what it’s worth - which is probably not a great deal because I’ll probably just get some lame cookie-cutter response pulled out of someone’s ass - but I’m just curious as to how many people it’s affecting.

Why is it so hard sometimes?

Trying your best to hide that demon inside
Taming it with pain and suffocation.

Everything is normal sometimes it’s all good and amazing but sometimes things just don’t go our way leading us to do things that ridicule us later.

Embracing is not a big deal but how long, that’s the question that doesn’t let’s me sleep at night and haunts me whenever I see or hear about her.

Is there an escape from this maze of Hopelessness?

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It would be great to know what you think about it, consider it as your ask.
Mercury in Scorpio

“Other women looked on me as a rival. And it pained me a great deal.”

-Grace Kelly (1929-1982) Mercury in Scorpio

There’s no doubt that people with their Mercury in Scorpio take everything into consideration and to heart. These people are deep thinkers and unfolders of truth. Mercury in Scorpio is not afraid to dig deep and ask questions; they’re natural born investigators.

No matter what, a Mercury in Scorpio is guaranteed to find something out so don’t even bother trying to lie to someone with this Mercury sign. They always find out the truth one way or another. When your Mercury is in Scorpio: you are a lie detector. Mercury in Scorpio natives read between the lines and are perceptive thinkers.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign and so Mercury in Scorpio is fixated on their beliefs. They can be quite stubborn as well, but they are also persuasive. More so than any other Mercury sign, this placement in particular is manipulative. Use this power wisely, Mercury in Scorpio, do not expose the ugly truth at inappropriate times and do not assume things so quickly.


12x06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”
The Problem with Belonging

This is the kind of sentiment, the way Mary voices her struggle, that opens up a whole lot of doors to a lot more tragedy down the line. She voiced multiple times now that she “doesn’t belong” and while this is understandable given what she had to take in in such a short amount of time, it certainly leaves a certain dread behind - even then still when she basically tells Billie that she’ll have to wait for her natural death. Billie’s and Mary’s dialogue here reminded me a great deal of a conversation between Dean and Amara in 11x21 “All in the Family” in which Amara suggest to Dean that he should give himself up to her, because she can take away the pain, because she senses how conflicted Dean is. And in the end Mary’s line aboutt everything feeling wrong, could have been something Dean would say himself (there was a reason why Dean was shown much more often in that scene reaction wise than Sam - imo for this very reason). Guess, they truly are like mother like son… ;__;

"Phoenix" - A Newtina fic

Shout-out to @pinkdiamonddolphin​ who wanted to be tagged :)

This is the first of three fics about Newt and Tina’s children being born, so look out for the others soon!

The section on phoenixes in this story was copied straight from the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” textbook, so I don’t own that. It belongs to J.K. Rowling. Other than that, enjoy!

Without further ado, enjoy!

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I pushed through the pain today to do my first race since my accident two months ago, since my injuries knocked me down so hard. It was ridiculously harder than it normally would have been for me, but I crossed the finish line and got my dinky little medal.

Now I’m lying in bed with a heating pad, muscle relaxers, and pain meds, trying to deal with the consequences of this morning’s exertion. I’m in pain. It’s like starting from scratch again… but I will not let this back injury stop me from my goals. I can endure pain in pursuit of greatness.


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anonymous asked:

Why is Newt autistic

Why are any of us autistic, we’re just born that way. But if you’re asking what about his character leads me to believe he’s autistic then There are several reasons

  1. Special interests: primarily, the fantastic beasts. He’s obviously fascinated with magical creatures, and sends a great deal of time studying and protecting them. He’s even writing a book on where to find them, how to care for them, and why they are important and should be protected. Speaking of which
  2. Hyper Empathy: especially for his creatures. He really seems to feel their pain, and understand what they need. I feel like this is especially obvious in the brief conversation he has with Credence, where he helps to calm him down and doesn’t approach him until he has Credence’s permission. 
  3. Incredibly strong emotional bonds: Not something people immediately think of in autistic person, but actually despite the difficulty connecting with many people when we do we tend to do so very quickly and very powerfully. Look how quickly Newt accepts Jacob, Tina, and Queenie as family. Look how quick he was to risk his life to help Credence. Look at how much he loves his creatures, how devastated he was that someone might hurt them. Look how he keeps the picture of Leta Lestrange, so many years after the last time they’d spoken. This guy. 
  4. Difficulty with social cues/communication: There’s actually a lot of sub categories here: 
    1. He clearly has a lot of difficulty maintaining eye contact, which I feel is one of the more well known traits
    2. Has trouble talking when he’s flustered (typical verbal difficulties
    3. Seems frustrated when people don’t immediately understand his point of view, which is pretty common in autism and linked to something called Theory of Mind which I won’t get into because I don’t want this to get too long
    4. Doesn’t seem to pick up cues from other people on what they’re feeling very well
  5. Hyper-verbalism: You’re probably more familiar with the non-verbal end of autism, but actually a lot of autistic people flip between the two. Newt can often get flustered and have trouble expressing himself, but at other times he’s extremely eloquent, especially when he’s talking about the value and beauty of magical creatures. 
  6. Emotional honesty: This is a big one to me, Newt may lie to protect his creatures but he’s always very honest about what he’s feeling, whether it’s advocating for his creatures, trying to protect Tina or telling Jacob how important he is to him. He just doesn’t compulsively filter his feelings the way most neurotypical people do.
  7. He just feels autistic to me? I know that a lot of people won’t accept that as a reason, but honestly he just does. There’s something about his mannerisms, about they way he moves and talks that just feels very genuinely autistic to me. If I sat down and thought about it I might be able to break that down more, but honestly I don’t see a reason to? I don’t think people need a list of traits and explanations at the ready to headcanon someone as autistic, and the only reason I usually do is because autism happens to be my special interest subject, and I’m just used to analysing it more than more than most people
“We’re all trying to forget someone”
Stop. Stop trying to forget. Remember instead. Remember every single detail about them. Remember until the memories make you dizzy because they will, they will drive you half insane until you are curled up under the sheets in dire pain. And you will feel so much hurt. You’ll feel your heart breaking right down the middle. But then it will stop.
My mother once told me that when you get shot, you must remove the bullet with sterilised tweezers or a hand in a glove and it’s the most excruciating pain there is. But if you don’t do it, if you leave the bullet embedded in your skin, it will cause infection and it won’t go away, it’ll be with you. Forever.
The truth is you can’t heal without first experiencing a great deal of pain.
Get rid of your bullet.
That’s how you’ll get over them.
—  Unknown

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"There is a plain letter delivered to Kurel. There's no particular emblem or mark on the letter stating of whom is belonged to but simply to Captain Kurel on the front. The ink used smells slightly metallic." We are almost two different faces of the same coin, eh, Kurel. Tell me, does it sometimes hurt to survive for you, too?" ~Ily

It took several reads of the letter from the enchanted binder before he finally understood the initial question. Once you cut away everything surrounding it, it was clear: Does it sometimes hurt to survive? It left him with a great deal of consideration. Dying was easy. It was quiet, it was sometimes quick. It was an end. It was the end to everything from hunger, to pain, to worry, to obligation. Surviving had long become something more than just instinct, it was the very way of life for any Tanari. It was the only way of life for Sunspire.

The simplest answer to her question was, yes. Had he not survived the ritual from six months ago, he liked to believe that he would still be in that soul stone world where there was no suffering and where he wanted to still believe Lucia was.

“In this life an’ the next.” He muttered aloud to no one, at last searching for a sheet of unused paper and set the enchanted quill down on it. “Write this.” He commanded and by the next day the Parr-tt croaking vulture was waiting on the stoop of the barracks in Erudition with a reply for Ilyea.


Everything hurts. That is how we know we have survived.

 ~ Kurel


Guys, guys! Go and watch “Eyewitness”!!!

I saw the two episodes that are out and I already love it!

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Two main characters are gay
  2. The plot makes it almost impossible for any of them to die (I mean, the chance is always there, but it wouldn’t make any sense…)
  3. Both have difficult background and struggle with family issues
  4. Internalized homophobia is pictured in a realistic way (it pains to watch, but gives me hope for great character development)
  5. Lucas is getting emotional over turkeys
  6. And he works at farm (I’m a girl raised at farm, I like the trope, don’t judge me)
  7. The potential for romantic development
  8. Philip is precious, protect him
  9. “What’s her name?” “Lucas”
  10. Lady sheriff is fierce
  11. She and her husband are walking relationship goals.
  12. “I won’t be your little bitch” that’s right, son!
  13. “You jealous?” “You want me to be” yeah, don’t let him fool you son
  14. Gangsters and shady deals coming from FBI
  15. Lucas drives a motor bike
  16. The area whent the action is set is very nice
  17. The potential for romantic development!!!! I mean if the tackle the issues the boys have in the right way, this can be an awesome show

unchronology  asked:

Question for you sir: Is that a Galaxy Force Soundwave on your shelf? If so, does it have trouble getting into alt mode? I ask because mine is a pain to deal with and wondered if you had any hints for fixing it... Cheers!

It’s technically Galaxy Force Soundblaster, which is a black redeco of the same toy.  But, yeah, that toy is awful, and I hate it, and yet I’m glad I have it because it represents a member of the Thirteen (Logos Prime), and so it was a gift from a friend who took pity on me.  

I offer no hints.  Again, that toy is not great to transform, and so I haven’t attempted such since getting it into robot mode once probably a decade ago.  I recommend smashing it with a hammer.

squishable-amethyst  asked:

How do you find the energy and time to write so much? I write one fanfic chapter and take a 6 month nap

It’s technically my therapy, in many ways. I can’t work, and can’t afford school, and am in a great deal of pain on a daily basis. When I write, I can forget all of my short-comings and all of my problems, so I do it as much as I can, even if it ends up sucking. There’s nothing wrong, however, with taking your time, with ruminating over what you create, and spending that time to make it sing for you, personally. When it comes to me, I’m aware that it’s quantity and not quality. I envy writers like you, who take that time and make something wonderful and detailed, something artful and clearly cared for. Your way, I think, is much better.

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chloe do u have any tips on dealing with period pain? my uterus is out to get me yo x

helloo im sorry ur uterus is doing this 2 u :( obv the usual pain killers, hot chocolate and hot water bottles!! sometimes if im getting bad cramps i sit on the floor and do some stretches like reaching for my toes and stuff it eases it up a little. other than that all u can really do is try to distract yourself so ur not thinking about it constantly. hope you feel better! xox 

A Change of Heart: A Brutal Assassin Taking a New Leaf? (Closed with a Spidersniper)


“Tell me.” The girl heard someone say.

“I can’t…” She replied.

A hard hit was delivered, causing the girl a great deal of pain. She found herself in the same room once again. The once they would bring her in to torture the info she didn’t even have out of her.

“I will cut off you food again if you don’t tell me!” The man replied.

“Do it, you guys only give me scrapes anyways.” Joann said, she was so close to dying of starvation as it was and she knew they couldn’t afford her dying. The info she so called had was to valuable and she would be the only one who could possibly know it.

Another hard hit, more blood spilled form the girls mouth. She hoped there would be an escape, but after a year of this treatment… she just hoped one of those hits would kill her.

In the Pink

Thanks @tanekore for your great ideas, esp for JayTim. What would I do without you? Tim doesn’t deal with pain medication very well - it makes him forget all kinds of things - like his boyfriend’s name. Not to worry  - Jason Todd is there to jog his memory.

The sudden brightness made Tim groan and throw and arm over his face, and then immediately regret it. His chest burned and even breathing felt too tight, like he was sunk under water. His skin smelt like rubbing alcohol and there was a faint beeping to his left, too mechanical to be very soothing. 

“What?” he croaked out. His throat was painfully dry and none of this made any sense. There had been Black Mask and a gun shipment, and then…Tim couldn’t remember the rest. 

“Here,” someone handed him a glass of water with a pink straw. “Drink.”

It hadn’t occurred to him, but Tim was so thirsty, and the water felt cold and refreshing sliding down his aching throat. When he handed the glass back, the pink straw looked too bright and pretty to be sitting inside a plastic cup.

His eyes slowly followed scuffed knuckles and scared skin up to see Jason Todd’s smiling face. “Welcome back, beautiful.”

Tim scowled. “Where’s Alfred?”

“Probably washing all your blood out of the sheets,” Jason said, not unkindly. “You gave us a nice scare.” 

Tim looked down at his hands, which were bruised up with one arm hooked to an IV and a finger resting between a heart monitor clip. There was something else lying on the bed beside Tim, a little plastic wand with a red button on top.  

Jason whistled low, setting one hand next to Tim’s on the stark white bed sheet. “They got you on the good stuff, huh?”

Even though he wasn’t touching Tim, the warmth of Jason’s hand so close made him blush, and he could feel heat pooling in the skin of his cheeks and down his chest. 

Jason laughed softly.

“Todd I don’t have time for games,” Tim grit out, pulling off the heart monitor and making the machine alarm blare. “Black Mask, he’s got a shipment of—”

Jason placed a soft, firm hand on his shoulder, pushing him back into the pillows. If he was thinking clearly, he’d be worried by how easily Jason restrained him.  

“Easy there, Tim. And don’t worry, B’s got it under control. The only thing you need right now is a lot of rest,” Jason said, and then smiled again. His crooked, secret grin set off more alarm bells in Tim’s mind than the feel of a sniper’s sights on his back. “And maybe, a little TLC.” 

“What happened?” Tim asked, instead of demanding Jason explain exactly what kind of game he was playing.

“Punctured lung, a couple broken ribs,” Jason answered, looking serious. “A bullet to the thigh. Alfred said you’d feel pretty out of it from all the morphine, pretty bird.” 

“Don’t,” Tim snapped. “Only my boyfriend calls me that.” 

Jason suddenly looked very, very pleased. Tim didn’t like it.

“Oh yeah,” Jason moved a little closer, leaning one hip against the bed. “Your boyfriend. Where is he, anyway?”

“He’s…” Tim thought. He thought really, really hard. But he was coming up blank. “He’s not going to like it when he sees you’re here.” 

“You’re probably right.” 

Jason didn’t look very worried. Tim frowned, and then pressed the lovely red button of the morphine drip and things got even more warm and fuzzy.

“He’s very strong,” Tim warned.

Jason looked entirely too comfortable sitting at the edge of Tim’s bed. “I don’t doubt it, pretty bird.”

And there. That nickname again. But Jason didn’t look bothered at all, and the words didn’t sound strange coming from his lips. 

The sheet underneath Tim’s fingers felt very soft. Almost wispy, like strands of clouds strung together. But that was almost as impossible as Jason Todd smiling down him, rubbing soft circles into the arches of his feet.

“He shoots people, you know,” Tim tried again, but the words sort of blended together on the tip of his tongue. 

“He’s a bad guy?” Jason asked softy. His fingers were so warm fitting into the groves of Tim’s ankles, skin sliding against skin. Tim didn’t have time to wonder when Jason had snuck his hands under the blanket.

“No he’s,” Tim struggled, his eyes fluttering close. “I love him.”

Jason laughed again, warmly. Tim felt it against his cheek, but he was too tired to open his eyes. 

“I love you, too,” he said into Tim’s hair. “Sweet dreams, pretty bird.”