Mercury in Scorpio

“Other women looked on me as a rival. And it pained me a great deal.”

-Grace Kelly (1929-1982) Mercury in Scorpio

There’s no doubt that people with their Mercury in Scorpio take everything into consideration and to heart. These people are deep thinkers and unfolders of truth. Mercury in Scorpio is not afraid to dig deep and ask questions; they’re natural born investigators.

No matter what, a Mercury in Scorpio is guaranteed to find something out so don’t even bother trying to lie to someone with this Mercury sign. They always find out the truth one way or another. When your Mercury is in Scorpio: you are a lie detector. Mercury in Scorpio natives read between the lines and are perceptive thinkers.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign and so Mercury in Scorpio is fixated on their beliefs. They can be quite stubborn as well, but they are also persuasive. More so than any other Mercury sign, this placement in particular is manipulative. Use this power wisely, Mercury in Scorpio, do not expose the ugly truth at inappropriate times and do not assume things so quickly.

Quick question:

Who exactly is updating Hank on the status of Cat + Kara’s Personal  relationship ??

I mean, I know a day doesn't go by at Catco’s where the boss and her assistant aren’t having some public personal display of sorts. but still. 

“It’s clear I’ve caused you significant emotional distress.”
“I want you to know that pains me a great deal”
“I just think considering our personal issues…”
“Because I respect you so much and I never meant to hurt you”

Those lines are spot-on on what he believes Kara to feel. 
Do we just bag this in potential-mind-reading business ?

I have feelings about him knowing these things about them with such certainty. Bc How does he know? Is it so obvious to him?


Your POV:

Read Dean’s POV Here!

“I don’t…I don’t understand. I can’t be dead. I can’t…”

“Y/N,” his choked voice cracked through the air again holding your body against his, desperately wanting you to respond but you knew that you would never utter his name again to where he would hear it. And you had the feeling that he knew that too. “Please, Y/N, you have to wake up.”

You looked down at your body that was torn to sherds. You looked down at your body that was chewed up and spit out. There was something that you should never see and that was your insides on the outside. But there you were, in his arms, your eyes staring at nothing in particular, dead.

The wolf was just a little too quick and you managed to get the short end of the stick. And that was just the way it was.

You felt a hand on your shoulder and just part of you wished…hoped…that it was Dean. That he somehow figured out how to get out of his body and communicate with you but you knew that he didn’t. You knew who it was.

“It’s time to go, Y/N,” Death’s voice was clear, steady.

Such a complete opposite to how Dean sounded.

“But if it means anything to you, it pains me a great deal to be collecting the likes of you. You found a way to keep those Winchester brothers grounded. That’s a feat just in of itself.”

You turned to look at the man that was almost nothing more than skin and bone.

“Can I at least say good-bye to him?” You asked even though you knew what the answer would be. You were now a ghost. He was human. You were nothing more than a figment of someone’s memories and he was real.

He was something that you could no longer have.

“I’m sorry, my dear, but I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

Right, the dead shouldn’t cross with the living.

“Is he…is he going to be alright?”

“I don’t think I can answer that,” he replied and you could have sworn that there was a sad look that was hiding behind his neutral expression.

You only nodded. Before turning to walk away towards the next chapter you bent down over your dead body and placed your hand on Dean’s cheek. It was such a tender touch. A second later he raised his head from the body that was in his hands and look directly at you but you knew that he was looking at you. He couldn’t see you. He was looking at whatever was behind you. Then you pressed your lips to his forehead for one last time. He seemed to lean into it but then you pulled away and stood up to face Death. To face the man that you would walk away with and nodded with tears in your eyes.

It was time for you to go.