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Your profile pic never fails to make me laugh every time I pass it on my dash. River's so silly :3 :3 Which woof would you say makes the silliest faces that you capture on camera?

I know I laugh every time I see it too lol. Oh probably a tie between River and Kiba. They’re the goofiest. Loki always has a bit of resting bitch face, Charlie always has a perma-wink, and Luka is always :D …. :D …. :D Timber has the best running/jumping faces though haha.

I enjoy so many of you on Tumblr, but I have to give special mention to the-achtung-babe for never failing to insert tags that so precisely nail the essence of a post (and often mirror my own reaction), and bflowproblems for seeing the silliness in all of this and making me laugh out loud more often than not (the one with Mark’s epic long legs is still bringing tears to my eyes).

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oh fuck i'm laughing so hard at the hisoillu anon this is BAD

shush, don’t make them feel bad.  everyone’s done that before.  (but tbh my favorite thing is when I get one message and then a really panicked second message in ALL CAPS.  never fails to make me laugh.)

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FAVORITE MEME: I only started following dirty-brian recently and I'm so glad I did, julibellule adds sunshine to my dash, deathlyfandoms is a kindred spirit, tinyconfusion always makes me laugh, and stoprobbers never fails to inspire me with her knitting and food prowess.

oh my goodness, this is a fabulous list!

dirty-brian, julibellule, deathlyfandoms, tinyconfusion, stoprobbers

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Why I Fell in Love With Your Sign

Aries: Your wildness is intoxicating. Your aggressiveness and passion makes me want to spend every second riding on your high. I fell in love with you, because you raised the stakes and made life exciting again. 

Taurus: You are adorable and your charm never fails to woo me. Your love sends me falling for everything that you do; your cute laugh, your delightful hugs, and your darling chivalry. You remind me of an old school love. I fell in love with you, because I need to protect you.

 Gemini: Your flirtatious and competitive nature makes me learn to let go and not take myself so seriously. I’m infatuated with your carefree persona, but allured by your intellectual and darker side. I fell in love with you, because you keep me fascinated by you. 

 Cancer: Your gentleness and warm heart wrapped its arms around me right away. Your feelings were so raw. You felt pain, happiness, and wishfulness making me want to share my every waking thought with you. I fell in love with you, because you made me human. 

 Leo: Your confidence invigorates me and your energy gives me euphoria. Your touch is like magnetism and I can’t help myself when I’m with you. Your everlasting smirk and your thrilling drama complete me. I fell in love with you, because you electrify me.

 Virgo: Your ambition and determination leaves me in constant admiration. You ooze dominance and are incredibly compelling. I’m mesmerized by your will, strength, and intelligence. I fell in love with you, because your power consumes me with desire.

Libra:  Your calmness surrounds me like a rain coating an umbrella. Your intelligence and wit keeps me smiling. Your love is sweet and pure as if I don’t need to be anything but myself. I fell in love with you, because you make me feel like I can be myself.

Scorpio: Your mysteriousness intrigues me. Your intensity keeps me living on the edge and you consume with your love. You make me want to yell and scream, but you make me want to kiss you and hold your hand to wherever we escape to. I fell in love with you, because you defy everything I’ve ever known. 

Sagittarius: Your love for the world is exhilarating. You make me feel every breath I breathe, even when we are on the ends of the earth together. Your laugh fills the room and your warmth envelopes my heart. I fell in love with you, because you won’t ever let me let go.

Capricorn: Your wisdom continues to captivate my soul. You know everything to say, everything to do. You shift the perspective of the world; all my doubts, all my anxieties, all my sadness feels like nothing when you’re there. You shield me from the demons of life and guide me to angels. I fell in love with you, because you protect me.

Aquarius: You are everything I’m not. You always finish my every thought, my every sentence, and my every desire. Our romance is reveting. You’re the one that entices my fire but keeps my flame cool. I teach you how to love yourself, and you teach me how to love others. I fell in love with you, because you complete me.

Pisces: Your deep soul enchants me like a beautiful dream. I’m hypnotized by your mind and the way you think differently from anyone else. Your creativity takes me to a place of child like wonder, but your intelligence takes me to a place of great knowledge. I live to feel the way you feel and long to see what you see. I fell in love with you, because you amaze me. 


this might be the greatest thing bo has ever done

Phil Appreciation

Phil is a ball of sunshine and happiness and his videos never fail to make me smile. So, I’ve thrown together some quick gifs of Phil smiling and laughing. Enjoy! 


so the laugh and the smile are enough to kill and I feel we can’t overlook the shirt/sweater he’s wearing

And we can’t forget the cute little face scrunch he does 

Even quick one second gifs of him smiling are enough to make me smile

He’s honestly so adorable (an adult is not allowed to be this cute)


Thus ends this mini spam and we can all smile a little more. 

this mangacap will never fucking fail to make me laugh bc hinata either came up to kenma only to exclaim that he has a pudding head or they were in the middle of a conversation and hinata randomly pointed out that kenma has a pudding head or they were talking about hair or pudding

also the fact that kenma doesn’t seem to mind it in the least not even when it’s pointed out

also the fact that hinata’s gesticulating like he just made a solid statement in a serious debate