this video never fails to make me laugh I love birds!!!

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I love the way you type, it's so funny! I can hear the emphasis of words and it never fails to make me laugh or smile!

eEEY omg
I’m lowkey p gald haha I always worry its kinda annoying //wheezes
but also its fun & expressive and proper grammar is 4 serious stuff and boring uni work s o ?? i just like to have fun idk haha

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hello just popping in to say i miss when u used to post a Ton (i haven't checked my dash in months but there are a few blogs i check daily and you're one of them cjsjs) but your comments in the tags litro never fails to make me laugh a bit & i hope you're doing well <3 <3

hahah well im sorry for dialing back but im glad theres some aspect of this blog thats keeping u entertained x thanks for continuing to check here despite  my hella inconsistent updating!!!!!!! thats rly fucking sweet xxxx hope youre well friend 

💚 Remembering Jonghyun 💚

Jonghyun has left an amazing legacy in so many fields, so here is a list of the lil random Jonghyun moments that never failed to make me laugh or smile…My beautiful angel, I’ll always thank you for bringing so much joy and hope into my life.

These are just a little of a lot of this beautiful soul. Feel free to contribute more random moments that made you laugh, smile, cry, anything that will help these moments last forever ❤️

it really disappoints me that jkr didn’t bring back the ford anglia in any of the books after chamber of secrets. like how great would it have been if, in deathly hallows, when harry is in the forbidden forest, ready to die, the car just comes speeding through, plowing down voldemort and all the death eaters…just imagine that