Apparently some of y'all are freaked out about way Tlj ended with kylo and what this means for reylo so imma just put your concerns to rest I’m in the mood for some writing anyway I just got out of my second viewing and I have many feelings.

((Spoilers btw))

Ok so we ALL saw how amazing the first two acts were for reylo. The force bond, the hand holding, shirtless kylo, a weeping Rey talking about her feelings to him, “Ben”, rian Johnson was taking stuff straight out of fan fiction.

Then we move onto the second act, and it gets impossibly better. There’s that bloody elevator scene (yea in my opinion it was a total almost kiss moment you saw the way Rey glanced at his lips as she moved closer), kylo puppy eyes, Power Couple stride, and of course kylo litterally chosing to kill Snoke over Rey. Oh my heart.

AnD THEN space pride and prejudice with Kylo freaking BEGGING for Rey to join him.

What we need to remember here is this- it’s the second time that Kylo has asked Rey to couple up with him. The first time around, he snarled it in her face in the middle of a lightsaber battle while he had her backed up against a cliff. And the thing is, he definatly KNOWS he got it wrong. Of course she was going to reject him.

So this time he asks her humbly with and outstretched hand after they have fought together, after he killed his master to save her life (I can’t believe I get to write that sentance), after they have opened up to one another about their fears and hurts, after sharing a force bond, after her seeing his abs. To kylo, it must seem like he’s doing everything right that he did wrong the first time around.

And what does Rey do?

Rejects him, again.

Furthermore, she ‘betrays’ him (at least from his point of view) by pulling out the lightsaber. It’s a solid parallel to when Luke pulled out the lightsaber on him on Ach-to; yet again a person he trusts is out to kill him.

And really, if we’re counting Rey has tried to kill him three times- during the forest battle, when she shot him with the blaster at the first force bond, and now as she pulls out the lightsaber on him (I mean I doubt she REALLY meant to kill him but it probably looks bad from his side of things).

Has kylo ever tried to kill Rey? No! He freaking saved her life. It’s no wonder he’s pissed at her in the third act, he’s tried so hard to be kind and good and cooperative and relateable yet at every turn Rey throws it in his face.

So when he says “blast that piece of junk right out of the sky” and “I’ll kill her”, I am 100% sure it’s him being plain hurt and rejected. Rian Johnson has done an amazing job setting up Kylo’s redemption (it’s litterally impossible to ignore), ya’ll can let Kylo be mad at rey and not stress about it. Enjoy emperor ren while he’s there, we’ll get Ben Solo in the end.

Kylo trying to reach out through the force bond sending Rey angsty and pleading messages like…

Sorry but our boy knows he fucked up. I just imagine a head canon where Kylo uses the force bond like the cliche answering machine trope. “Rey… Ugh hey, me again. Just ugh checking in… again… Call me… Please!”

The Last Jedi:

Rose: This is how we’re going to win. Not by killing those we hate. But by saving those we love.

Luke (to Leia): No one is truly gone

*Has Luke showing how Kylo is still affected by Han’s death (and just like his own death), It’ll haunt him*

*Has both Kylo picking up Han’s dices and looking at Rey with a mixture of sadness, remorse and guilt*

*Kylo still having his force bond with Rey even after Snoke’s death*

*Lets Rey fucking escape*



I literally don’t have anything new to post but some doodles (which actually are at least 1 months old but ssstt). I wanted to see how characters look in my normal style, and how to fix those I don’t like, but some details may be missing/wrong here because I drew from memory. I drew Steven once for a redraw meme and I liked it, that’s why he’s not here. + some lineart and Mermaid Blue Diamond because @berserk-al once told me my BD dress seems a mermaid tail, and I liked the idea!