Fun facts about The Dovekeepers star and fan favorite Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo,

The Dovekeepers

1. Cote is a common Chilean nickname for María José meaning “Mary Joseph.” She asked her classmates to call her Cote after they kept mispronouncing her first name.

2. Born in Santiago and raised in Miami, Cote loves to travel and visits family in Chile every year.

3. She has never met a potato that she didn’t like. “In any way, shape or form, I love them,” Cote tells Watch! magazine in our June 2009 issue.

4. She made her TV debut as the host of Spanish-language talk show Control alongside media personality Carlos Ponce.

5. In her signature role as Israeli Mossad agent Ziva David on CBS’ hit crime drama NCIS, she performed her own stunts and often spoke Hebrew.

6. Cote preferred to play Ziva’s look on the more natural side to best emphasize the character’s confidence and inner beauty. A bonus to this less-is-more approach? She spent only 30 minutes each morning in the hair and makeup trailer.

7. She sings. Cote spends her free time writing and performing original music, and does a lovely rendition of Tom Waits’ song “Temptation” on the Season 6 premiere of NCIS.

8. She loves the stage. She received a BFA in Acting and Musical Theater from Carnegie Mellon University, made her Broadway debut in a musical adaptation of The Mambo Kings and performed in “Measure for Measure” for Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park.

Tune into CBS’ special two-night event — The Dovekeepers —  Tuesday March 31 and Wednesday April 1, 9/8c.


I feel like when people say ‘you cant love someone else until you love yourself’ they dont mean it in a malicious way or in a ‘you arent worthy of love until you love yourself’ kinda way.

I think its a warning

a warning that ‘i love you’ cannot fix you or another person. ‘I love you’ cannot magically save you. ‘I love you’ cannot heal you. 

Only you can heal you, and ‘I love you’ might be the lighthouse in the storm, but you still have to make it to shore, and whether you sink or swim is up to you. 

God, I love Oikawa Tooru.

  • Hook:If my brother could see me now, he'd be so ashamed.
  • Emma:What do you mean?
  • Hook:Of the pirate I became after his death.
  • Emma:*laughs*
  • Hook:Are you laughing at me Swan?
  • Emma:Yes. Because if your brother could see you now, he'd be so proud of the man you are today.
  • Hook:*looks away*
  • Emma:*makes him look at her* Of the man I fell in love with.