beautiful boy i hope you are aware of the love from up there. Now that Memphis River has you, it is listening your beautiful voice everyday again and again. Your music will go on and on forever. Nobody will have the same soul as you do, You are the reason i want to study music at the uni. Your music, how wide it is. Your voice and how unique and incredible range it has. How soft your voice gets when you speak. How beautiful words and quotes you have that i still have to live a little to understand what you mean. I hope heaven is real because i want to meet you first Jeff, now you play your yellow telecaster up there. I love you.


Dress shopping from my bed at 11pm is probably not the best idea. But I had forgotten about Nordstrom! A strong contender because of their free shipping and free returns.

I ordered five dresses last night (these four plus the pink one in black as well - as it was cheap and I’d keep it for future use if I like it), so we shall see. Clearly I have a thing for the lace overlay look right now. The third one is my favorite but would likely be too fitted on these ol’ curves for my liking.