If the last few days have reminded me of anything, it’s that there’s a ridiculous double standard for gay characters. 

One of the most frequent complaints about my fic was that everyone was gay and it was unrealistic, and when I put up my notice that I was leaving ffnet, one of the most frequent whiners defended himself by saying that it was his right to be offended by pairings with no basis, who were just randomly paired together.

This is particularly hilarious because I threw in a straight pairing with even less set up, and no one said anything. Certainly not him. 

The pairing in question wasn’t even blatant, but they’d already had a conversation regarding fears, a few moments of mutual admiration, and shared an understanding of each other’s fears and issues. This is honestly more than a lot of het pairings get, and I’m just so frustrated that the kind of people who complain about this can say I’m not a homophobe and be believed

Treating people as people isn’t some sort of gay agenda. It’s reality

  • <p> <b>us:</b> we need updates, it's been too long<p/><b>mark:</b> *drops by casually in the airport with his new hair looking like the definition of perfection and looking good like always, trying to attack us*<p/><b>us:</b> what the-<p/><b>us:</b> suddenly im a mark stan<p/></p>