There is an endless list of things that annoy me about how the Mages are treated in Thedas.

But I think the most representative is on the subject of Tranquility. And the cure thereof. Especially compared with how lyrium addiction is portrayed.

Bear with me, because it is a good example on how Mages are treated compared on how Templars are treated. Even if we want to put them on the same plane, as equally victims*, the narrative shows the bias.

Let’s recap what happens in Inquisition: you and Cassandra discover of the cure for Tranquility. 

  • You have an option to ask Cassandra why aren’t they curing Tranquils. She says something about how it could be dangerous and there is a lot of study to be done, and once it is done she swears she will take care of it herself.
  • What about lyrium? Well everybody who knows a bit about addiction knows that going “cold turkey” is incredibly dangerous. “Just stop taking it” may work for some, but for many people it could be cause of a degeneration of symptoms and even death.

Fast forward to the end of Trespasser. What had happened in these two cases of “equally victims” people, the Tranquils and the Templars?

The Templars can have a retreat were they can get the help they need to detox from their addiction.

The Tranquils get… nothing. At all. Silence. The cure is not mentioned. As far as I know, Cassandra is an oathbreaker and hasn’t cared about it anymore.

This is extremely telling. The narrative gives the Templars absolutely everything, while it gives mages nothing at all.

@mllemaenad have you ever thought of it?

*Which is something I don’t believe in the slightest, but for the sake of argument lets pretend it is so.