• working class people:we're angry that police murder our neighbors with impunity, we're angry that we exist in an economic system that forces us to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and we're angry that our voices are always ignored or suppressed. as long as this system remains intact, people will continue to feel alienated and stressed and depressed. things like this are worth getting angry about.
  • some white liberal:*wearing an indigenous american warbonnet over dreadlocked hair* you receive back only that which you radiate =) no one can oppress you without your consent =) anger is unhealthy and only upsets the natural balance of the universe =) namaste =) all lives matter =)

I actually don’t mind the phrase/hashtag #AllLivesMatter. My problem is that I don’t see it when a terrible event has happened.
When the Orlando shooting happened (RIP to the victims) that hashtag was not trending. When the Paris attacks happened, that hashtag was not trending. Do you know when it was trending? When #BlackLivesMatter was trending. AllLivesMatter doesn’t actually want to promote all lives matter, it just wants to silence a real cause. If it actually believed in its cause the next time a terrible tragedy occurs - that doesn’t have to do with #BlackLivesMatter - I should see it trending (but I highly, highly doubt that will happen)
Not that most didn’t know this before, but this is legitimately my only problem with the “movement/cause”


Black Lives Matter UK protesters occupy government prosecutor’s office for Kingsley Burrell.

Black Lives Matter protesters in the United Kingdom on Friday briefly occupied the Crown Prosecution Service, the British equivalent of a district attorney’s office, to raise awareness about the death of a black man who died in police custody five years ago. 

About 30 people entered the CPS building and demanded to speak with a senior official about a delay in prosecution of those involved in the 2011 arrest of Kingsley Burrell. West Midlands police officers stopped the protesters in the lobby. But protesters successful got their list of demands to a prosecutor.

Burrell’s death reveals a damning example of police negligence.

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ok but can i just say that i think the MOST underrated emrey moment was episode 4 in season 2 when it was kieran’s 30th birthday party and everyone was doped up and hallucinating and when sheriff acosta came to question them and emma kept telling him that she was attacked and NO ONE believed her, sheriff asked everyone else in the room “did you see the person who attacked emma” and they all went around saying no EXCEPT audrey !! audrey said “if emma says someone in a brandon james mask attacked her, than someone in a brandon james mask attacked her” audrey was the ONLY one who actually believed emma and had her back and stood up for her when everyone else just thought she was crazy or hallucinating and i think this scene doesnt get talked about enough .

Big brother is a social game at its core, which is why Victor doesn’t deserve to win this season because of his horrible social game which resulted in him being evicted twice already. Furthermore, he hasn’t made any moves of his own (his first HOH was controlled by the guys alliance and his second HOH by Paul/Natalie). For these two major reason Victor doesn’t deserve to win this season.