Y’ALL THIS IS NOT A DRILL google did a feature for selena & it’s fucking amazing 😭😍 like BITCH they even gave the mic her iconic red lipstick stain lmao but anyway! this gorgeous video needs more views!!! & while ur at it, go give views to this photo gallery full of facts abt her that they also put together 💖

these Supercorp scenes full of love, passion and angst are putting food on my table providing for my family and pets, feeding me 5 course meals at 5 star restaurants… they’re feeding me so well with their cute little moments full of affection, ladies… I’m FULL I’m telling you that… imagine thinking I won’t get down on my knees at ANY given moment for daddy Andrew after king himself served us such lesbian QUALITY two episodes in a row… cannot relate

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Flower crowns, meat, really? everyone keeps giving you weird gifts, fortunatelly Imma gonna give you the best gift in the world *gives him a bucket* yes a bucket, enjoy!

@asktheslightlyinsaneinkdemon “I finally found the best solution for your melting problem! Thank me later demon :)”

“Wait issues like this exist for women? Learn something new every day lol”

so 1. yes because women have all kinds of different genital configurations 2. even if we’re just talking about what’s typically denoted when referencing vulvae this is what happens when people are so invested in the idea of vagina as “hole” or “absence” etc. that the positive, substantive existence of THINGS that are not just negative space that exists for men’s pleasure is like… completely foreign to them… meaning that labia (majora & minora), the clitoris/clitoral hood etc. aren’t what we tend to focus on under the heterosexual pornographic view of women’s genitalia (except inasmuch as they are notable for their smallness or invisibility) because under that view they’re “useless.” but my friends…….. they are there and they can be big