when i fell in love with each vm member
  • scanlan: and i go invisible??!??!?
  • keyleth: oh hillohh
  • vex: i'll take on this bear
  • vax: i would like to buy every dwarf in here a round!
  • grog: my money's on ballsack
  • percy: we're making comment cards. i cannot stress the importance of this enough
  • tiberius: i'm tiberius kraghammer
  • pike: hey guys! it's me, pike!
  • tary: doty, take this down


I loved this Chibi bit so much

andrew this episode:

>tried to get diana to listen to akko
>stayed behind when his father left to stay with akko
>talked to akko about diana
>told akko diana was going to be daijoubu
>tried to help akko help diana
>respected akkos feelings when she told him to stay there

conclusion: andrew hanbridge is a good boy