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Concerning your header, I remember people went back and forth saying whether it was a hair clip or Kaneki's hand. I think it's safe to say now that it's Kaneki's hand alright

considering the detail in her hair is a different colour and shape to the petals floating in the air…. *coughs* I think so too *coughs*

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Hey Selena I secretly love you but I have something on my mind lately that's bothering and was hoping for your opinion. I've finally made the decision to get a buzz cut (im a 20 y/o woman btw) because the thought of it makes me feel good. The thing that's bothering me is my boyfriend really doesn't want me to shave my hair off. He says it's stressing him out and he has always preferred long hair on women blah. He doesn't get to decide what I do with my body, but I do care about his opinion HELP

Hello love!! I think you should go for it- if it is going to make you happy and feel good then go with that! Have you tried talking to your boyfriend seriously about it and maturely explain why you feel this is important to you? If he really has an issue and it is going to be a deciding factor for him then maybe he isn’t the right person for you- hopefully if you do it after it is done he will support you through it and learn to love it!

Kodachrome, enlarged 4 times, by Paul A. Zahl.

From “Back-yard Monsters in Color,” National Geographic, August, 1952.

Velvety black and yellow bumblebee fur has a deep pile. Carrying pollen grains caught on the hairs from male to female flowers, the bee helps propagate many farm crops. This bee is the only insect which pollinates some types of red clover. Others have tongues too short to reach the nectar, and so are not attracted to deep flowers where they would pick up pollen.

If you ever feel rejected by someone, you can tell yourself they just haven’t evolved to meet your needs. The right bees will find you, don’t worry.


I don’t know guys, Jaebum’s back makes me feel some things