Patchwork Souls

This is for the lovely anon who made my week. (I promised a fic and here it is!) Thank you for being so kind, dear heart. Much love. <3


When Bruce first clapped eyes on him, he knew Jason Todd was his.
It was as if something in his heart clicked into place. He could almost hear the echo of the found puzzle piece. The world–so barren and cruel–turned into a safe haven. The street lamps glowed with a new aspect of home.
“Hello,” whispered his soul, reaching out, “I’ve found you.”
“Piss off,” the other soul replied.
But not really. Jason Todd’s soul was layered, buried under rocks for protection. Yet every time Bruce lifted a rock and set it away, the shattered soul remains gleamed with boyish love. Bruce was mending Jason, one soul piece at a time.
He could see it when Jason reached out first, small hand extended like a flickering flame, fear erupting in his teal eyes but pushing through it.
“I…didn’t think you should be alone.”
He could see it when Jason no longer flinched, but instead smiled every time the man turned around.
"Don’t worry, Pops. I’m right behind you.”
He could see it when Jason grew an inch–just an inch–but ran down the corridor and pertly informed him.
“B! I made it! I’m no longer malnourished! I can help you now!”
“Almost, Jay, almost.”

He could see it when the boy was sitting on the med bench, knee scraped and ankle fractured from climbing to the top of the tallest oak, eyes gleaming with an unearthly light.
“But for a moment–just a moment–I lived. The world was my friend. I understood the sun. I lived, Bruce.”
That’s why Bruce knew when he found his grown son underneath a collapsed building and pulled him to safety, burying his face into the dusty curls, whispering–
“I’ve found you.”
“Piss off.”
–that Jason Todd was still the same boy, same soul.
They were different now. Their hearts were torn. They were tired and bruised, permanent invisible tear tracks ignored. But their souls were the same. They were shattered, but souls can be mended.
And they would mend each other.

After making Alex finally hang my poster…

Him: “Jfc, babe. You think that frame is big enough?!”



Pssttt s-s-6-k and tokidraws I totally saw those ideas on Skype and doodled some stuff B) sorry that the quality isn’t that great, I’m kinda stressed and stuff so art is hard rn ;~;

dorky bfs are super cute mkay they should totally do a double date with pink gfs 💙


the signs + my personal experience
  • aries:honest and upfront people. willing to take a bullet for someone. dedicated and understanding. will go the extra mile without complaint and wants to help as much as they can.
  • taurus:reserved and self-restricting. will only open up to close friends/family and will be a short lived confession of emotions. cry maybe four times a year but secretly have the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • gemini:won't stop talking until you tell them bluntly. has a charm that cannot be put into words and can make you feel alive. loves to talk shit but means well. needs a filter on their mouths.
  • cancer:the one to bring everyone together and the observer. watches out for those they care for but doesn't ask for it in return. can be the most verbally random and is good at keeping tabs on everyone.
  • leo:loves to laugh and smile more than anyone but can cry and frown in a hot second. have a heart of gold with more love than one can take and often feels like they're walking the road alone. needs a hug.
  • virgo:the most meticulous sign and they know their facts. their argument is an analytical one and though maybe not as frightening, can have one of the most finalizing last words. tend to always be right and like to make sure everything is in order.
  • libra:the fashion/style expert of the zodiac. always have neat things to say and things to for show and tell. worried they aren't giving enough attention or love to those they care for but truly give more than what is expected.
  • scorpio:emotional and sensitive to a fault. can build a wall higher than the sky but can love more than anyone on the planet. the observer, the committed, the grudge-holder, the "kill-in-one-blow" of the group.
  • sagittarius:inspires you to look at the stars and love the life you're given. can make the heaviest of emotions light. they worry too much but never admit it because they're afraid of being a burden to others. smile to hide the fear and/or sadness.
  • capricorn:likes peace and quite as much as company and good times. will finish what they set out to do. can come home with sore bones and tired bodies, complain/whine about it, but still continues to endure it. needs approval for lots of things.
  • aquarius:the smartest of the zodiac but also the most heedless. or so we think. can care more than anyone but choose not to express that. has a hard time spreading love/attention among friends or family, the one to ask questions, hates to be wrong or told they're wrong, and the one to break the fourth wall.
  • pisces:the one to turn a simple dream into a magical world of fantasy. while we may see black and white, they see colors. emotional to a point of no return and can be overwhelming with their romanticism. they have heavy hearts as well as voices and hands meant for music and art.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meme ± 6 scenes ± Turn, Turn, Turn

Because I remember us tracking down a drug that brought a girl back from the brink, and that was real important.



the cover have kise and akashikyun holding floaties and watermelon…i think? they prob would have watermelon smashing competition,come to my face and say that akashi doesnt know how to have fun 

also,my hc is that the floaties belong to kuroko,but if its of akashi,i dont mind at all  👌👀👌👌👌


someone told me steven universe would destroy me but all i’ve see so far is ~flowery happy funtimes~. like? how is this sugary sweet show supposed to destroy me??? with cavities??? ?