okay since there are twelve hours left of 2014 where i am, here are my ‘six’ selfies, as tagged by stillstree semiautmatic and gerudeway

i know theres only two but i just figured id post an appreciation of how much ive changed over the year. yeah i tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet bc just do it if you want, the years almost over. im done rambling now

My parents scream at me. they say mean, terrible, horrible things to me. Then they look at me and scream and ask why I am crying. I don’t know what to do anymore. They yell at me if I make too much noise walking, If I take too long a time to close a door, little things that kids shouldn’t be screamed at for. They call me names and they’ve hit me. I just I thought your parents were suppose to be these good people that helped you, that cared for you, but obviously not my parents, they hate my guts.
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A little update masterpost for those who haven’t been following my progress - I will also add the little “how-to"s at the end of this post. 

 The boots are now drying - these are NOT the final colors. These are happening tomorrow :) 

The visor will get painted too. In the first pictures the fingers were not finished yet. 

 And before you wonder why the diamonds are not in the middle - my knees and I have a little beef. They are crooked and since the diamonds gotta cover them up it looks like that when not worn ^^; 




Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: So my step-sister and I are both starting new jobs this week, so my schedule got completely thrown for a loop, which is why I didn’t have a chapter yesterday, and this one is being posted so late. I’m hoping that we’ll all figure out our new schedules/workloads soon.

I am a terrible, evil person for this stuff, but get the tissues, cause yeah.


“What are you doing up there?” Topanga looked at her husband in the afternoon light as he sat in the monkey bars of their childhood park.

He smiled to her, “I’m hoping a beautiful girl would help me down and we could fall in love and spend the rest of our lives together.”

Topanga climbed up to meet him, “We’ve had a good life Cory.”

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so i’ve never done a botm before but i decided hey why not? so here is my first ever botm! (disclaimer: this edit is terrible but so am i ya know)

the rules

  • mbf the loser
  • reblog this post, likes don’t count as an entry
  • supernatural must be your main fandom
  • reblog until september 29
  • must reach 25 notes
  • one winner, two runners up

i’m looking for

  • a clean, pretty theme
  • amazing posts
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  • a follow back from me
  • a spot in my updates tab for the month of october
  • winner: unlimited promos upon request through october
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that should be it!! thanks for stickin with me guys =)

Edit: I’ll add another runner up if this can hit 100 notes??

Top five Black Dancers

If I had planned ahead I probably could have done a top ten list with lots of references and details. Instead I waited till the last minute because I am terrible.

Anyway, here are five of my favorite black dancers in no real order. If you want to know more about the dancer I encourage you to look them up on youtube and see what they can do.

  1. Nai Frazier        

  2. Aesha Ash                            

  3. Misty Copeland

  4. Les Twins

  5. Savion Glover

If I have time tomorrow I will come back and edit this post to explain why I chose these artists.


I know I’ve already posted pictures of myself today, but lately my mother’s been nagging me.

  • “Why are you wearing shorts? They don’t flatter your thighs.”
  • “You’re showing too much skin. It looks desperate.”
  • “I think your ex-boyfriend was enough to make anyone lesbian. Don’t jump to conclusions.”
  • “Spiked things look aggressive. Stop wearing them.”
  • “Your new haircut looks terrible. It makes you look dumb.”
  • “I wish you could just be different.”

So here I am – bikini-wearing, spike presenting, queer as fuck with the straight across bangs me. Because I’m not going to be different.

So… Now that NaNoWriMo is over… I’m having an urge for poetry and I’m not sure why but it could be a recent acquaintance with a poet worthy of admiration here.

And with this recent acquaintance I felt the need to find my old (and very water damaged) poetry notebook and go look through it

Oh good god its all so terrible. There’s some not half bad lines here and there.

But after a month of writing nonstop with “this is terrible but you can fix it later” in my mind, I am drawing a blank.

To me, poetry and prose are VERY different things. Some authors even write with a mixture of both!

Anyway. This is just a random post, showing you what my old poetry notebook looked like and that if you see a poem here at some point, you’ll know why ^^

#BooklrPositivityWeek Day 2: Booklr’s Influence

First of all, thanks again to @books-and-cookies and @thebookishdragon for putting this together! I have been enjoying reading about new people! (unfortunately this is a side blog, so new follows won’t be from this url)

In the past, I have always been really just an observer, and I don’t think it will change a lot, though I hope to communicate more when I read something that I really enjoy or in responding to others’ posts. I feel embarrassed sometimes since I don’t have so little time to read. Booklr is why I have a book blog. It’s why I have such a long list of books to read, and so many more diverse books that I intend to read as well.

I love everything about books. How they look, smell, feel, and I am in awe of the photography I see of other people showcasing their beautiful books. I’m a terrible photographer, and I don’t have really any tools or motivation to put a lot of effort in, so booklr is a way for me to really get to see and appreciate beautiful book photography. It inspired me to finally get a kindle, which I’m loving, and I now follow so many lovely book people. I also LOVE bookshelf pictures. Even ones I don’t reblog, I just love to see people’s bookshelves.

I hope to continue to be able to contribute in any small way to this lovely community of fellow bibliophiles.

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on the IG stories we have seen of J and GF recently? Do they seem awkward together or we just want to see this b/c ship J&S? Was their XMas kiss trip really awkward and did she look annoyed/pissed? Did she seem as unhappy racing in the car yesterday as other anons noted? Why post any of these things if they don't portray a perfectly happy couple?

It seemed slightly off to me as I discussed but not terrible. Like I said we only see a very small piece of the puzzle with them so it’s hard to make a judgement about the overall health of their relationship. Personally, I’d rather enjoy the couple that I am a fan of then over-analyze his relationship looking for cracks.