Ode To My Precious Girl

I just had to share some of my favorite photos of my little girl. When my son and I got her I had been laid up from a horrible fall down a flight of stairs and we went to a store to get her. (Bad, I know now). Apparently another woman, who had a male Shih Tsu, was called to come get the female. Me, being an idiot, thought that little ball of fluff was so cute I wouldn’t put her down. I told the woman it was a male. Only when I asked about a great big “F” on the paperwork did I learn it was a girl. Damn! How was I going to sell this to my teenage son? He didn’t want a phee phee dog! So I put her down in the pen, where my son was sitting, and she was smaller than his size 14 shoe by a lot, and she proceeded to pee next to him. He looked at me and said “I guess she’s coming with us” lol. Sounds like an Outlander line huh!

So we took her over to Gmas and she thought we were nuts. Of course, until she held her for one second. It was love! So as she only weighed 3 lbs I could just barely pick her up with my back issues. But it was what I needed to turn the corner and as she grew, my back got stronger and my depression faded away. She’d let me brush her standing on the kitchen island and would eat cheese as her reward. But she never ran away from me or did the puppy things that can be frustrating. Of course I later learned that Shih Tsus are the only breed that are known in the world for being raised to do nothing. My Dad joked it was appropriate. Lol

So she was born in Nov and I got her in Jan of 2002 and the following March we had a terrible snow storm that was chest deep and we lost power and heat. So we grabbed a few things and zipped her up in Tyler’s coat and waded through this horrible snow. It took hours to make it up this hill to get to my parents, who did have heat. Their neighbors came out to shovel a single track path through the neighborhood so we could make it. The next day the snow stopped and the neighborhood came out to help shovel out driveways and the road. Kids and dogs were out in droves. Precious weighed so little she ran around on top of the snow, barking at the big dogs letting them know she was the Head Bitch in Charge! She was hilarious to watch.

She never liked men with beards, which we learned when my Uncle came over one evening for dinner. She got on the couch and went off on the poor man. We finally had to lock her in another room. But boy could she give him the business!

So she used to love being held, going visiting, car rides and ice cream. We took her camping but it really wasn’t her cup of tea. We decided to just go glamping locally after an abbreviated trip to the Great Sand Dunes and invited my folks for dinner one night. Well the first night a raccoon got into my leftover Mikes Hard Lemonade bottles and proceeded to roll them down the road, waking the world up by both the bottle noise and then my vicious Shih Tsu. Great watch dog! So the next night when my folks were leaving, my Mom opened her car door and asked her if she wanted to go home with her. Well she took off like a shot! One leap and off she went! For being a Mommies girl she never looked back! My feelings were only slightly hurt. Could I blame her?

When we moved from our house to our condo, she could see out to the world from the back of the couch and she’d get so excited seeing her boy come home. She loved giving him ear kisses then running around the bed playing hard to get. We’d laugh until we had tears running down our faces. And we felt honored every night as to who she chose to sleep with. It was like the dating game. You never got tired of the genuine excitement of being around her.

One night I had let her out pretty late and she would be off leash because the lawn was so big. She was doing her normal sniffing every flower thing and I all of a sudden heard a low growling noise. Imagine our shock when we see just 50 yds away, a very large, yellow eyed, stalking back and forth coyote. And no weapon in my hands. So I said in a very low voice “Precious, you get in that house” and she looked at me with this very quizzical look like “What have I done now Mom?” I only had to say it twice and she slowly went back to the stairs and ran back up them while I started yelling at that damn coyote. So what was truly odd was that I had had a dream a week before where I dreamt she had gotten attacked by a coyote, who chased her upstairs and chomped her inside the front door. I even told people about this dream before this encounter so it was just a very strange premonition. Fortunately it wasn’t as gruesome as my dream was. But what a scary experience!

When I traveled by car, she always sat on my lap. 2000 miles to and from Providence and she rarely moved. Only when my Dad flew out to help me move back to Colorado, but he got very sick, did she finally get fed up with me and would stand on his lap, looking out the window, but only occasionally look over at me to say “See where I am? I’m so done with you and this trip”. I couldn’t blame her. I kept looking for Hospital signs along the highway ready to pull off if we had to. Definitely stressful. She knew it too.

I took her to my Outlander Retreats and she was so loved by all of these amazing women. They knew she was waning but she bonded with so many of them, either those who went through what we’re currently going through or those who just loved her sweet way. I can see why dogs can be therapeutic. She did that for so many. So I’m glad she could come with me on so many wonderful adventures!

Thank you for reading. I know it’s corny to share our story but this did make me feel so much better. My Scot-Tsu was really my best friend and like a daughter to me. I loved her fountain head, and all the colored ribbons I put in her hair. The funny Halloween costumes and her regal attitude. She wasn’t perfect, but she was perfect for me. “I’m so glad we’ve had this time together. Just to have a laugh and sing a song. Seems we just got started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say “So long”. (Thank you Carol Burnett). It’s time. 💔

I’d like to introduce you all to our new budgie friend! As far as I know, he wasn’t named - in fact I’m not 100% sure he’s a he! Time will tell!

He’s currently in quarantine, so Pixel has no idea he’s going to have a birdie friend in 30 days, but I’ll be sure to document their progress for you all! He’s incredibly shy at the moment, doing the classic “gonna sit motionless and stare at you the whole day” thing. But I’m sure he’ll come out of his shell soon.

Any gender-neutral name suggestions that work well with Pixel would be great!

Dating Luke would Include:

-cAN YOU SAY “SWEETHEART” bc he’d call you that all the time
-you constantly reassuring him that he’s funny whenever he makes a joke
-just being his best friend that he’s constantly messing with
-him always having you sit/lay on his lap, since he’s so big compared, you’re so tiny and he’s obsessed you’re like a cute lil lapdog he just wants to love
-“Luke why are you petting my hair”
-“idk babe it just looked so soft and I just wanted to touch it”
-cONSTANTLY rolling your eyes
-him blurting out his feelings at random times and immediately blushing and trying to take them back
-he’s very touchy feely but when it comes to speaking his mind he’s as useless as noodles
-you have to pick up on his emotions from very small clues he gives you in his actions
-he shows his emotions to you during sex, it’s very passionate and majority of the time it’s slow love making
-can I get a missionary folks?
-Luke is very vanilla in bed unless you bring up that you’d like to switch it up and then it’s all up to you to do the work
-koala cuddles when you’re trying to sleep at night
-“Luke I can’t brEATHE”
-him nuzzling into your neck all day every day
-him buying you a promise ring when he’s ready because he doesn’t understand marriage

160722 yeouido fansign fanacc

fan: was it really painful when you fell during rehearsal? 

winwin: no, it wasn’t bad. i’m fine~

fan: please careful and don’t get hurt. when i heard you fell my heart hurts i almost died

winwin: (laughing) ah.. it’s was just small thing really it’s okay/it’s nothing (he draw a lot of hearts while talking)

fan: please write jiejie (t/n: this mean older sister like noona kind of but both male and female can use it) a encouraging message

winwin: (wrote a message while smilling really bright)

fan: (she says looking him was so cute that she forgot to give him the gift she bought for him and didn’t realize until she start moving to the next person) then i give him the gift and his eyes went so big it was so cute and i couldn’t stop thinking “god, how can this boy be so cute!”

trans. by winkun; please take out with full credit. [orig fanacc]

BTS reacting to you pointing out they’ve gained weight

A/N: Here’s this reaction for a beautiful anon! I hope you like it! My inbox is full of reaction requests rn so that’s why it’s taking me a little to get them done. I’m sorry. 


He would literally have no fucks to give. This dude just cares about living his life and doing whatever he feels like doing. (Unless you say it makes him look cute, then he will care).

You: Yoongi, have you gained weight recently?
Suga: *with his mouth full* I don’t know, please pass me the ramen.
You: Sure! Awww, look at you. Your cheeks are so fluffy you look like a cute chubby bunny.
Suga: what did you just say?

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He would totally freak out. He likes taking care of his figure so that would be a big deal for him.

You: Jiminnie, you are looking great since you earned some pounds.
Jimin: OH MY GOD. MY ABS, ARE MY ABS STILL THERE? *runs to the mirror* 
You: I don’t know about your abs, but at least I can’t see your ribs anymore. You look healthier. An that’s a good thing.

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As the is a little thin sunshine he is, he would see the bright side of it.

You: Someone’s gained some pounds, I see…

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Rap Monster:

He wouldn’t mind that much because he wouldn’t see it as a bad thing. Actually he would try to take advantage of it.

You: Namjoon, is it me or do you look with a little more pounds that I remember? 
Rap Monster: it depends… do you like me with more pounds? *smirks*

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He would probably freak out like Jimin too, but he would be a little less obvious about it.

You: Kookie! Did you gained weight?
Jungkook: Me? *Sweats* 
You: Yeah, it seems like you-… Wait, where are you going?
Jungkook: I’ll go running for a while. I have some calories to burn, my tummy is getting chubby, my uniform won’t fit and I can’t let that happen. 
You: Who said anything about your tummy? I’m talking about your biceps, they look bigger.
Jungkook: Oh… Was that it? That’s good, then!
You: Your uniform still won’t fit, though.


He would be in shock, but in a good one, because he’s like to look thicker and stronger.
You: Tae! You’ve gained some weight!!
V: Oh my God, finally! It was about time!

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Mama Jin would be terrified. That wasn’t a part of his plans.

You: Jin, are you gaining weight?
You: But your pants look a little tight…
You: Calm down, Jin. It’s no big deal…

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I hope you enjoyed it! Have a nice day/night and take care. xoxo

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It might seem that Adrien is a nice cute boy, who turns into sexy flirting Chat Noir, but he isn’t just a cute boy.

He’s a left, lonely child.


Here he’s at a dining room. The table is much bgger and much longer than one person needs. Maybe many years ago there were dinners with guests, there were bursts of laughter, and all Agrestes were happy.

But now Adrien is there alone. Big windows, big table, big doors and high  ceilings. He looks so small comparing to these details.

Another screenshot. Adrien is standing at the hall, calliing for Nathalie and Gabriel in “Bubbler” episode. But nobody answers him.

So lonely and so small again. Has somebody noticed how big is Agreste’s home? It’s a half-size of the Eiffel Tower. 

And he’s just a left little boy inside of a big, golden cage, which is still just a cage.

Boyfriend! Hong Jisoo + stay-in nights, a basic rundown:
  • “Did you say weeaboo?”
  • Basically y'all would roast each other.
  • “Josh why would I call u that its not like we haven’t been watching Naruto Shippuden for 5 hours straight"
  • “We were watching Inuyasha you ungrateful biscuit”
  • He’d do a sassy glare every time you roasted him
  • You’d either act all cute and innocent or attempt to delete his crunchyroll account .
  • He’d literally fight you. That popcorn y’all had?
  • It gone now.
  • Y’all broke the bowl from y’alls cute flirting /play-fighting
  • It was a nice bowl
  • You got that bowl from Josh when he visited NY for kcon . it was a big hero 6 bowl
  • Josh bought you it cuz you had a crush on tadashi so even if hes not there you wouldnt be missing out cuz they have equally good looks
  • But the bowl was of baymax?
  • So you looked at him like … josh u good?
  • He laughed thinking he was so hilarious
  • And you honestly were like noo it wasn’t even funny you’re just being weird now
  • Truth was he bought you more stuff other than the bowl but the crusty misunderstanding scene y’all made together over the bowl, tadashi, & baymax made you want the bowl even more
  • Cuz your relationship is just silly like that.
  • Like the popcorn thats on the floor from y’alls extraness during the series of playfights over weeabooism
  • You both would jus sit at the bottom of the couch just laughing and crying bc y’all would have to clean.
  • Josh was more practical and was gonna take out the rug and dump the popcorn out
  • But you would pick one up one by one.
  •  Then bam the rug hits you in face.
  • Josh did that on purpose
  • So you threw popcorn in his eyes.
  • Hes sobbing
  • You run up to him put your hands on his face and are like: oh crap i fucked up pls no r u okay
  • And he’s like maliciously grinning and then whispers ” run “
  • so you run
  • but he didnt even chase you?
  •  Now you out the apartment in ya nasty buttered corn clothes and you’re like “This motherf-
  • You knock on the door and Joshua  opens w/ a smirk ” Y/N! didn’t know you would actually run “
  • ” No i flew “
  • Its late now so y’all gonna go to sleep too much extra for one day .
  • ” Y/N if you don’t like watching anime at home we can watch something else tomorrow night"
  • “ Finally, yes “
  • You actually do like watching anime .
  • So thats why the next night you decide to take him out to the roof of your apartment complex.
  •  Baymax bowl, fresh popcorn, a blanket, a projector , and a crunchyroll account under y/n with bungou stray dogs ready to go
  • “Y/N i thought you didn’t-… ”
  • ” I didn’t want to watch at home we’re gonna make a mess again “
  • ~P.S. as his girlfriend you’re great at getting him flustered
  • Joshua would wrap his arms around you every time he thought you needed to know how much he loves you in the midst of y’alls sly comments.
  • He would hug you, resting his head onto your shoulder and you’d suddenly feel warm after the cold temp from the savagery amongst y’all
  • He’d then let go, but then you’d pull him back and he’d say “i love you”
  • ” Don’t get the wrong idea josh its really cold up here stay like this “
  • And suddenly baymax flips now you’re the one w/ popcorn in your eye because y’all started laughing
  • and laughing and laughing and messing up the scene again w/ the play-fighting
  • and he kisses you to shut you up bc your so damn loud
  • This time you do say i love you . (cuz it is really cold)
  • but also cuz it’d be even warmer in bed .
  • + the projector froze
  • and Joshua wants to cuddle, so its about to go down .

Please feel free to send me requests, feedback or any tips as I am a new scenario/fanfic blog for svt! Thank you so much for reading this  I plan to write with my heart and meme power to hopefully make someone smile.

~Proud Carat Mulan

Is it just me or I fucking love the way Calvin/Leafy dresses. With his big shirts and hoodies, he just looks so cozy and cute. Imagine just hugging him, it would be so fking cozy and mmmmm comfy

Happy 21st Birthday Bradley Simpson

Where do I even begin, oh boy. I guess I can start off by saying that it’s so crazy how much and how long I have loved Brad (and still do). He means so much to me that I can honestly say he means the world to me.

He is both the sun and the moon. He is the sun because he’s so bright, full of life and warmth. He glows or beams when you see him, especially when he performs. He is also the moon because he shines when I’m in the dark. He pulls me out of there because he is the only thing I see. He brings comfort and light.

He looks like a movie. One look at his face and I get lost. His big chocolate brown eyes that twinkle. His cute nose. His lips that curve into the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen. He sounds like a song. His voice when he sings is so unique and is one of the reasons why I loved him from the start. He is one of a kind. His voice can be so calming, so beautiful that it can leave you in tears or so uplifting that it gets you dancing, or even so emotional that it tears your heart. And when he speaks, he does so softly and it’s like music to my ears.

He represents hope to me. Hope in that one day I’ll find someone who’ll love me, make me feel happy and really good – like how he makes me feel. He keeps me dreaming. He’s got me believing that amazing things are yet to come. Believing that life will be wonderful and seeing that it isn’t as bad as it seems.

He represents love and positivity to me as well. He has such a wonderful personality. He’s so kind, considerate, welcoming, caring and loving. His heart is big and golden. He loves and cares so much about his family, friends, the boys, the crew and the fans. When he meets new people, he’s so respectful and warm. I’d love to be in his presence so I could experience how lovely he is. He has an optimistic and positive outlook on life. He lives life by having fun, not taking it too seriously, doing what he loves and just being himself. He always has a smile on his face and laughs, which is a beautiful sight to see and a wonderful sound to hear.

To me, he also represents what it means to be alive. When he does what he’s so passionate about, his face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning. His soul shines bright and is electric. He pours his heart out when he performs. He’s a literal ball of energy – bouncing, jumping, running and dancing.

No one can compare to him because I truly believe that he is the only person who I have loved for so long, so deeply, so strongly. No one has made me feel the way he does. He never fails to put a smile on my face, make my day, amaze me, blow my mind. The effect he has on me is unreal. When he does something that genuinely affects me, I feel it in my body. How he makes my heart feel is indescribable. All I can say is that it feels so warm, so good.

No one can save me the way he does. There are times when I feel so sad or really down and if I see a picture of him, think of him, watch a video of him or hear him sing/speak, my mood is instantly lifted.

He makes me so happy. A happy like listening to your favorite song over and over again and never getting tired of hearing it. He makes me feel like I’m flying, floating or like I’m on cloud 9. I love everything about him from what he does to what makes him Brad. He’s my light, my sun, my moon, my star. He brings so much joy into my life. He paints my dark days with beautiful colors. He makes me smile like an idiot in love. He fills my heart with so much love. He brings so much life to my soul.

He really is a blessing. I’m so glad he was brought onto earth. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him.

Saturday night club

So tonight I went to club with gf and her friends. It was smaller club then the other one we went to last time but still had big crowd. When we got in we decided get some drinks first before dancing. There were few guys that gf new that came over and start talk with us, also bought us drinks which always fun. We then went and started dancing, it was lot fun and lots guys started coming around and dancing with us.

While we were dancing I met this one Asian guy who was kind cute and started grinding together. It was but surprise when I felt his cock in his pants. It was a lot bigger then I imagine. When I look at him afterwards he just smiled and kept dancing. After a few songs he asked me if I had ever met Asian guy that big before and I told him no. He then asked if I wanted to see it which had my interest so I said sure he then said meet him in bathroom. So we kind slid away and I don’t know how but we manage to sneak into stall without be seen. It was kind impressive and sneaky like ninja, and j thought that alone was kind amazing.

When we got in the stall he slowly unzip his pants and his big cock came out, I think it was about 8 inch and decently thick. I was very surprised and he asked if I wanted to suck his cock. I then crouched down and started to suck his cock in the bathroom stall, I was already little wet when we snuck in but now I was starting get lot wetter I heard couple guys come in and use the wall urinals which was little exciting, I was worried they might here me but they were talking kind loud and the music in background helped which I was thankful for. After sucking his cock a little longer he then asked if I wanted to feel it inside and I was already wet. So he had me put hands above the toilet and he moved my skirt up he was kind excited to see the type thong j had and slowly moves it to side. He then slowly pushed cock in which felt nice. I think I let out a Moan which I quickly stop. I think the guys had already left thankfully. But he still started pump little faster. I was so wet and turned on that we were doing in bathroom and with him slowly speeding up his thrust, I was already starting to cum. It was one of biggest rush I feel.

After first orgasm he started speeding up which made me worried and excited that someone would hear us but I was also excited and started moving back on cock. I was moaning little bit and trying to stay quiet same time. Finally after one last thrust he started cumming in me which felt good. I felt like he was cummjng a lot then he finally pull out. I could feel the cum slowly making it way down and slowly sliding out. I kind wipe some of it and taste it before pulling thong back over not that it did much good. We then snuck back out which was almost spit free but I think a guy notice me coming out of men’s room which made me embaress a little he kind of had creepy smile.

After I came back to where gf was she asked if I was ok, and I told her I was fine just met a guy that was talking to me on way back from bathroom but that all. I then talk to Asian guy a little bit and got his number. He said to give him call or text whenever. He and his friends were going to another club and asked if I was yes to come along but I said no I stayed with gf’s at the current club. I then ordered another drink before we went back out on dance floor. It was good thing it was little dark bc I could feel the cum sliding down leg which was kind exciting. I did see the guy with creepy smile coming over and dancing with us. He was kind dancing behind me and then grinding with me. I could feel him groping body and then I heard him whisper that he saw me come out of bathroom and that I should go back with him. I didn’t really feel like going with him and thankfully gf and some other guys came over bc they must seen my look for a little help. I then moved away and let gf and some of her friends put some space between us. Luckily some of the other guys we met earlier came and dance with us.

After dancing a little bit more we decided to head home. I was already a little tired and still wet with little cum sliding down, thankfully no one notice at least nine of the girls did. When I got back home I was tired but still kind of excited about having sex in bathroom at club, it was such a thrill. Overall had great time

Let’s Make A Family (Tom Hiddleston smut)

You and Tom were sat outside at this little cafe, you two were currently having lunch, it’s a beautiful day outside. As you two were waiting for your meals to arrive you were both watching the children in the park with big smiles on your faces. They were so carelessly running around the trees and there were some over by the splash pad, giggling and running to their parents.

“They’re all so cute Tom.” you said to him and turned to find him smiling so big, making you love him even more.

“I know darling.” he said to you as the waiter had come up to your table, handing your guys’ food to you.

You guys had finished and made your way to the shared flat. Walking into the door you took off your shoes and left them by the door and made your way to the bathroom to go pee. When you had gotten out Tom was sitting on your guys’ bed looking down at his feet and smiling a bit.

“Babe, what are you smiling at?” you asked him as you crawled onto the bed behind him and wrapped your arms around his chest, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I was just thinking. I really want to start a family, I understand if you don’t want to but I just, I don’t know. What do you think?” he asked raising his eyebrows and lifting the corner of his mouth up a little.

“Tom, I thought you’d never ask.” you laughed and kissed him smiling into it as did he.

“Are you sure darling?” he asked and he scanned your face which was now right up to his.

“Yes, I am a million percent positive, get those pants off Hiddleston.” you said as he laughed and pinned you down to the bed by your wrists. He kissed you on the lips, you guys intertwined your tongues as you ran your hands along his back. You wrapped your leg around him as his hand grazed your thigh while you lips stayed in contact. He hungrily kissed under your jaw, down to the bottom of your neck and onto your collarbones, giving you playful bites while doing so.

You lifted the hem of your shirt up and Tom helped you to remove your shirt as he quickly removed his, swooping back in to kiss you on the newly exposed skin. He reached behind you to unclasp your bra and kissed the valley between your breasts before attaching his mouth to your nipple, making it hard and earning a small whimper out of your mouth.

Your hands travelled down to his dick as you palmed him through the now rather tight jeans. You unbuckled his belt and he unbuttoned his pants, pushing them to the floor then worked on getting yours off after. You flipped over so you were now hovering over him, you moved your hips back and forth grinding on his cock still covered by his boxers. You tugged at the hem of his boxers and his dick popped out, landing on his stomach. Rising up, you lowered your panties and Tom ran his hand along his dick a couple times before you lowered onto him. As soon as you two had made contact you both let out a long moan, instantly becoming pleasured.

He grabbed your hips as you grinded up and down on his dick, hitting your g-spot perfectly. You bounced up and down as he grabbed your boobs, massaging them with his hands. He sat up and wrapped his hands around your back and kissed your neck. The room was filled with moans and the sound of skin on skin. Your back arched, you were getting close to your climax.

“Cum for me love.” he said and you released, your orgasm washing over you making your body shake uncontrollably and letting out load moans and profanities. He flipped you over and thrusted into you and he was getting close himself. His deep moans were turning you on more and more. His orgasm came and he shot his load into you, he tilted his head back, breathing heavy.

You two laid down next to each other, and ran your hands along his chest with you legs intertwined.

“I can’t wait to start a family with you Tom.” you said looking up at him.

“Me either.” he said and smiled at you.


here’s the basic run down of the omegaverse jackothy fic

so omega tim surgery and all to look like jack. in his contract even, he knows jack’s going to be very… hands on in order to keep him smelling like jack. the thick alpha scent will cover his omega scent, mingle them together. so he’ll pretty much smell like jack constantly. give the impression that jack’s got a cute lil omega that he’s constantly scenting and stuff

their first meeting, jack gets that into play immediately. slings and arm around timothy in front of the rest of the team, drags his face against him while he’s talking. just. like it’s no big deal he’s scenting up the omega right in front of everything.

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  • Gloxinia (to Meliodas):Do you know how hard it is to make it as an indie band these days? There are so many of us, and we’re all so cute and it’s like if you don’t get on Letterman or some retarded soundtrack, you’re screwed, okay? Satan is our only hope. We’re working with the beast now. And we’ve got to make a really big impression on him. And to do that, we’re going to have to butcher you. And bleed you. And then Dolor here is gonna wear your face.
  • [Dolor gives him a look]
  • Gloxinia:Relax, I’m kidding about the face thing. The rest is gonna happen.

Favorite thing I like about this is that Noa turns each time Hades moves so that she’s still looking at him. That’s just cute to me.


I’m looking for an edgelord, about 5′7″, age 21, blond spiky hair, and blue eyes. Wears a red cape…you see him?

“Please don’t kill me.” (WHY THE FUCK IS HE SO TALL?!?!?)

Excuse me?


“What are you…”

“Give it a few seconds.”


H̸̡̲̬̲̥͓͙͎̣̬͎̣̯̜̻̣͉̼̰ͅE̶͓͎͎̱͍̻̤͙̩͍̟̙͈̱͖̹̭͇̕͡ͅ'̸̠̫̫͈̻͔̙̱̞͙͕̤̻̪͡ͅS̡̖͈͓ ̸̸̤͎͍̜͖͇̬̠̗̘̀H̴̛̩̞̞̘̤̮̥̖͇̭̹̪͜͠É̟̟̹̱̪̤̗͈̻̘̬͖̮͜͢R̶͎̬͚̥̤͈͙̳̳̀͞E͡͏͈̤̣̟̪̺̺͖͔̯̭͈̯̭͓̻̜̜͘͜ͅ

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Morning after Headcanons for 76, Genji, Reinhardt?

Soldier 76:

Okay but 76 is BIG into morning sex, so a morning after would most likely entail more sex. Afterwards there would be plenty of lazy-morning cuddles, lots of kisses, and 76 insisting you stay in bed while he goes and makes the best damn pancakes you’ve ever eaten.


GOD HE WOULD BE SO TIRED. You would definitely be the first to wake up, and you would get to witness him wake up later, in a sleepy haze. He’d probably mumble a few words and generally look very cute.


You would likely wake up to an empty bed and a muscular German singing loudly in the kitchen while he makes a full breakfast for you. When you walked in the room he would let you eat as much you want, and give you lots of soft kisses as the two of you ate.

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ok so jimin obviously looks nice in big fluffy sweaters (or at least, i think?), but what coloured big fluffy sweater do you think would be the cutest on him? :) (this is so random lol)

Jimin, really looks cute in big fluffy sweaters. And I love how the sweater always covers his hands like paws.

Seriously he looks magical.

To be honest, my favorite color is purple, and black. There is one particular sweater that I once saw Jungkook wear, and was thinking that is Jimin wore it he would look so adorable. It almost seem created for Jimin.

Jimin, often choose light color sweater which in my opinion don’t do him justice, in demonstrating his distinct features. And when he does choose dark color sweater he often chooses turtle necks, which can take away the attention from his face. So a more, appealing choice for me would be to combine dark color in the exterior of his sweater, and add light color such as the white in the interior. Plus, I like that Jungkook’s sweater was created in a way to fall over his hands without being to uncomfortable. And the general fluffiness overall.


I like the simple lay back aura of this look. Although, it’s a light color it embroidering is very appealing, and doesn’t take away from the person.

I like that even when the person has black hair the sweater still manages to make him look almost surreal look, an give him an aura of sophistication.  However, even through it sophistication its manages to come as laid back.

*My favorite color*

But even so I still think he could manage anything.

-Thanks for asking this question.

YamaYachi AU

where Yamaguchi let’s his hair grow a little bit more (because Yama with a little ponytail that just barely holds is perfection) and developes a passion for motorcycles so is therefore mostly seen in leather clothes. And one day he meets this incredible cute girl (aka Yachi) and Bam! He has a really, really big crush on her. 

But he doesn’t know how to talk to her, because he is still a big dork when it comes to things like this. And also how is it possible for a human being to be so cute? And, oh goodness, she’s looking my way! Waaaah! How do normal people handle crushes?! And everything gets really awkward, since Yachi is kinda intimidated by him, because he’s tall and he has long hair and he drives a motorcycle and what if he’s a thug? But also help, because he’s really handsome?? 

And somehow they end up spending a lot more time together, because they suddenly notice that they kinda have the same friends and all their friends are like “I ship it!”. And so they discover a lot more about each other. Like Yamaguchi learns that Yachi isn’t just breathtaking cute, but also really smart and well organized and he’s kinda inspired by the way she tries to fight her anxiety, because he thinks it’s really brave and awesome. And Yachi notice how kind and clever Yama is (because let’s face it, he is). But also how insecure because he thinks all his friends are way better than him and it kinda makes her want hug him very, very long, because she thinks he’s so fantastic. And he’s also so hardworking and determined? And that’s just amiable, but also really attractive??

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Hiya can u please do a gift reaction 4 monsta x when they find out u ( their crush or bff) have a crush on them Thank you💙😙

Thanks for requesting! Hope you like it! ^^

​Monsta X Reaction to Finding out Their Crush/BFF Likes Them:


He would smile so big, the happiness would emanate from his face. The next time he saw you, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling.

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Jooheon would be so happy, he’d immediately want to find you and talk to you. He’d say all tough,

“Yah, this means you have to call me Oppa.” Then he’d smile again and hug you.

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Every time he would talk to you now, he’d smile, look at the ground, then look at you. He’d be so nervous and it would be so cute to watch him stumble over his words.

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He’d be nervous talking to you after he found out. But then he’d suddenly get really happy and confident.

“Yah, we’re going out now, okay?” He’d say it all cutely with a big smile on his face.

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He wouldn’t believe it when he heard that you liked him. He’d be so happy omg. The next time he saw you, he would smile, and say

“So, uh, I heard you like me…” He’d then ask you out, cutely smiling down at the ground.

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He’d instantly smile like a little kid, incredibly happy to find out that you like him too. Whenever he saw you after that, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. It would take him forever, but after a while he’d go up to you one day and ask you out.

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He’d be so happy, and smiley omg. He’d immediately find a way to talk with you. He’d be nervous when he met with you, but then he’d become really confident, reminding himself that you like him. He’d smile his gorgeous smile then ask you out confidently.

-Hwa Yoon