Ehhh, stuff needs to be tweaked but I don’t have time for that jazz, and I really think this pretty cool fic, “Incalescence” by llyrical deserves something while I have a brief opportunity to make digital art before my hiatus drags me down under.

I think this scene is in chapter 4. TBH, I kinda like this Bill. Maybe I’ll use him again someday.

Nightwish, at least on the first leg of the North American EFMB tour, didn’t have fitted shirts, only normal t-shirts. I got one of those, but normal t-shirts always have the unfortunate effect of making me look like I’m wearing a potato sack (this is not a look I enjoy). 

But there was a post that went around a bit ago by maslenitsa-pancakes that she could do alterations on shirts into dresses and oh 


GOD this is so cute

Look she even used the bottom piece from the shirt to make a little bag

And the skirt’s all flowy so I can do cool things like pull a scale (completely cold don’t judge me) while wearing it

Moral of this story is that if you’re into comfy, cute dresses (or fitted shirts/tank tops, she can do those as well) that don’t fit like potato sacks you should order one from Halsa. 10/10 would order again.

To my fellow Christians:

Legal and biblical are not synonymous. Regarding the recent change in law, don’t be fooled, the Lord is unchanging and His word is beyond clear about what marriage is. His constant message does not adapt to popular vote, and I want to encourage you to remain strong in faith, stand firmly in truth and remember that we are not called to love for the sake of love, whatever that may mean to this world, but we are called to love for the sake of Christ.

In case y’all were wondering what insidious religious homophobia looks like.

madmattdog asked:

There is a noticeable difference between 30 and 60 fps. It is very much an aesthetic thing for some people. Doesn't matter what game I'm playing, when my framerate drops to 30 or below from 60 it is very noticeable and takes away from the experience. The game just isn't as smooth or responsive. It is in no way limited to people wanting to be competitive in PVP(in fact 60 is minimum, 120 is good comp level). It is as important as graphics when it comes to the game looking and playing nice.

I never said there wasn’t a noticeable difference. The noticeable difference is the specific problem for me, because 60fps makes me physically ill

And, you do realize that the standard framerate for television and film is 24fps, right

Do TV shows and movies not look good to you?


Dusty’s Diary

A diary eh?

That I can get on board with. I’m good at thinking so writing down my thoughts is no problem. It’s just getting them out of my mouth that seems to be a problem.

But not to dwell on negativity.

I’m alone. I have everything I need to succeed and I am ready to go. 

I practiced all morning and feel confident that whatever tomorrow brings I have a good chance of conquering me. When I got stuck I tried chanelling Soo Lin, she alway has great presence and I realised that my outfit was all wrong.

The mirror was nice enough to outfit me with several different looks and that made all the difference.

I’m fully prepared for the next challenge and am having an early night to give me the best chance of success. I hope I dream of Rivi. Maybe if dream me feels close to her then it’ll be easier for awake me to talk to her too!

Dusty really took the skilling seriously using the “Practice Being the Most Charismatic of All” interact x 2 today (x3 over both days) and also practicing his speech on the podium. Will this give him the edge in tomorrow’s challenge? We’ll have to wait and see but it’s certainly a high bar to set for the skill rankings!

At First Sight (1): Acid

Sorry about dragging you along, Celty signs, barely turning around enough for Shizuo to see the flicker of pale fingers in the moonlit darkness. I know parties aren’t really your thing.

“I don’t mind,” he says aloud, though she’s turning away already, running a hand through her hair again even though it’s fine, it looks just as good as it did when they left. She spent an hour in the bathroom, too, uncharacteristically fussy with her hair while Shizuo alternately held the curling iron or the hairspray for her. She does look nice, though Shizuo can’t completely point to what is different; he supposes that’s the point, though, to still be yourself just…more so, somehow.

“You don’t need to worry about it,” he says as Celty takes the stairs to the second-floor apartment one at a time, bracing herself with the handrail. She shows no sign of listening to him, but Shizuo’s pretty sure she’s in no state to pay attention to anything but her adrenaline anyway. “I’m pretty sure he’ll just be glad to see you.”

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[anon] I think youre fantastic!! So good!!! A+++ quality blog and person, leaves super nice tags in my art, the go-to for all your thicc beef lord bucky barnes/sebstan, 19999/10 would recommend

aaahhh you are TOO LOVELY, I really do adore your art!! I LOVE the way you draw both Steve and Bucky and appreciate that you make Bucky look built like a brick house. <333!!

go anon and say whatever you’d like to me

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ok but frank using rly lame sexual pickup lines on gerard but gerard loves it like.... "you've got nice legs. i wonder if they'd look any different wrapped around my waist." "mm, that thing you just did with your hips? why don't you sit on my face and do it again?" "i'm really jealous of your jeans. why? because they're pressed up against your body and i'm not." -kitty anon



So I dyed my hair. Honestly, it was mostly due to Sun’s determination. I couldn’t decide what to do and he kind of asked me when I would do it, which prompted me to give five hundred excuses, in which he said, “Let’s do it tomorrow.” And I guess I just decided to go with it. So we went to Olive Young after brunch to buy a dye. I picked a color called Lemon Blonde and Sun dyed it for me. He’s such a sweet kid~ I’m happy. I think it came out nice. It looks different in different lighting. I got the change I wanted for only 7,000 won. 

Anyway~ happy weekend everyone. I am not enjoying this rain at all. Blah.