• Dark Souls 1 level design:Let's make the world fit together as realistic as possible, let the player feel like they're actually travelling through one connected land.
  • Dark Souls 2 level design:Let's place this huge iron castle right on top of a small windmill. Nevermind that it makes no sense whatsoever. Just do it. Put this lava lake into the sky. Brilliant.

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Hey can you do "signs around their crush" post? lol

here you go!

Aries: tries to get crush’s attention. extremely excited. might tell you if you couldn’t tell already. competitive.
Taurus: very quiet, tries to keep cool. you probably won’t know they like you. wants your opinion on everything.
Gemini: very talkative. tries to talk to you all the time. they let their guard down around them.
Cancer: blushes and laughs a lot. will never tell their crush how they feel in a million years. gets super nervous and shy.
Leo: giggly, but confident. shows off a lot. charming af. a lot of eye contact.
Virgo: acts calm but lowkey freaking out. tries to help crush. very attentive to whatever they do.
Libra: plays hard to get, flirty and nervous. tries to look nice for crush. treats crush a little differently than everyone else.
Scorpio: generally shy, but could admit feelings. a lot of staring. a little awkward around crush.
Sagittarius: tries super hard to get their crush’s attention. may just flat out tell them how they feel. also tries to impress crush.
Capricorn: learns all about crush and tries to be what they want. Gives you advice bc they care about you a lot.
Aquarius: tries being funny/witty around them. or ignores crush completely. reserved around crush.
Pisces: smiles a lot, sneaks glances at crush when they aren’t looking. gets all cute and flustered. daydreams a lot.

Olicity: Dress to Impress

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Hey girlie this prompt come from the latest EBR arrive on InStyle/Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, so… Oliver’s bride is asked to do some photos because, of course, she is become a fashion icon, and this make Oliver uncomfortable, not jealous, (pouting, Oliver? really??) because now, everybody is looking/wanting to his Felicity. Thank you for your amazing write. You rock!!

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“What about this one?”

“It’s nice.”

“Nice? Okay, no. This won’t do.”

“I like it!”

“You said it’s ‘nice’.”

“It is nice!”

“I can’t turn up to benefit looking ‘nice’.”

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My only problem with FFXV now is how similar all of the main female characters look except for Gentiana. Aranea, Cidney, and Lunafreya are all pale, blonde, curvy, and seem to have baby faces, which is a bit unoriginal in terms of design. Meanwhile, the male characters all have unique but beautiful and diverse designs. Which is a bit odd

fun fact: when i was younger i used to get made fun of for drawing anybody over like. the age of 25. or even basically like…. anybody that could be considered middle-aged or “old”

like i was literally made fun of for drawing older people. or making older OCs. like it was such a weird thing to get picked on for. BUT IT HAPPENED. 

still draw em tho, its fun

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I know you said Coco isn't attracted to the same sex but tbh I see her as that friend who would stare at boobs for five minutes and then say "that bra/shirt makes your boobs look nice, keep it up" and then go into a different topic entirely. (Cause I have a friend like that and her personality is pretty close to Coco's)

she’d try to help in a very coco way

i wonder a lot about how shin learned about sena playing in america? like i hope sena told him face to face and i hope that shin showed one of his ultra-rare smiles because Shin really expected nothing less from his boyfriend rival

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This is going to be remembered as one of my favorite messages ever! Rainbow hearts is what we need at the moment! Thank you so much, super lovely anon 😍😘❤️💚💛💜💙

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Hello! I am having a really difficult time finding a blouse to go with AP's Sherbet Marine JSK in sax and was hoping you could help, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I tried looking for some inspiration but I couldn't find anyone wearing this dress 😅 thank you in advance!

I like the idea of it being with a blouse that uses light and flowy fabric like the organdy used for the dress. I was able to find two pictures done by AP with the JSK with a blouse and they both look nice and light and super cute.

There are a lot of different necklines you could use too depending on the look you want. I think the top one looks more girly and sweet while the bottom one looks a little more elegant. 

I’m the epitome of ‘hot mess’

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lmao at antis "just because you had to use pads, doesnt mean she has to use them too. pregnancies are different, all women are different. so what? she looks nice and fresh, you think all mothers have to dress themselves in potato sacks" hold me, im dying.



i’m replaying the missions with end game white haired dante skin and i like it but honestly after playing whole game with his hair being black it feels a tiny bit weird

on a different note, skin looks so nice in this game like i don’t know if it’s rendered in some special way or if the lighting is matched to make it look better but it just looks so nice