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*crawls out from under your bed* sOUYO

  • immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on: I don’t know why I can imagine Souji doing this-
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes: It’s 3AM. Yosuke wakes up wanting to pee. He goes to the bathroom, not realizing Souji’s not on bed. When he hears something coming from the kitchen, he sees Souji wearing an apron and cooking in very dim light. “I just wanted some pancakes” “What the fuck partner”.
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes: Probably Souji. Maybe Yosuke tries a few times but he’s too ashamed to actually send them.
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt: I feel like Souji would do this and be very proud of himself too.
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops: Souji? Probably Souji. I mean- “That cake looks so nice maybe I could cook it for Nanako”.
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit: Yosuke of course-
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body): WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT (*gestures to Namatame*)
  • wears the least clothing around the house: Souji has absolutely no problem with wearing any clothes at all. Or none at all. (As long as they’re alone)
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason: Yosuke. Like, Souji has them too, but Yosuke is the one to show them more often.

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i wore a shit ton of makeup but strangly less than usual.

but its more?

its more and less at the same time.

my sister always complains i look caked (FUCKHER LOL) so i tried a little bit of contouring this time. though you pobably dont see much of it. anddd i used my lighter bbcream instead of the darker one! both blend with my skin but theyre obviously different shades. i wondered if it would be too light/grayish but after i added some shit over it i was satisfied!

but then i did the settingspray WHICH IS ALWAYS A NIGHTMARE



at this point my eyes had been closed for like 8 minutes bc of this fucking spray man if i had opened my eyes before that it wouldve BURNED LIKE HELL. IM STILL SCARED OF THIS SPRAY BUT DAMNIT IT WORKS.

so i started taking pictures before i knew it had leaked and i was like WHAAAAT when i saw the pics lol ;_;

álso mannnn i tried a lot of new things.

i was always so scared of (strong)black eyebrows (BC IM A SOFTIE) so i used a darkbrown pencil for my brows but this time i used black eyeliner(w/e its all makeup right.. idont know all the rules mang) and i blended it FOR MY LIFE WITH THAT BROW BRUSH AND I WAS LIKE OKE OKE I DONT HATE THIS OK WE GOT THIS TAMAR YEAH!

and overall i was very satisfied :3 now i just need fucking places to go friends to go with and shit to do -_-

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No, it happens even with my nvidia card. You have to get real creative with lighting because EA jacked it up. Some video cards probably make it worse though. :(

Well.. that makes me feel a little better. Not because we have to deal with this shit but because if many have this issue it’s likely they will fix it (sooner or later) rather than me being the only looser that is having it. I just tried the game in laptop mode in hopes for.. i dunno, anything. but oh my god.. i can’t believe how it looks like in that mode.. they should be ashamed. 

So, I had a really unpleasant 5SOS-related dream last night, and I’m really upset about it. So, I’m going to take out my rage on the band. It seems fitting.

Michael: You were the star of the aforementioned unpleasant dream and I am so upset with you. I don’t even want to look at you. But, for the sake of reviewing this picture, I have to. Your outfit is decent enough, but you need to chop off those bracelets, buddy. That’s a few hundred too many. I hope you go swimming and your arm gets weighted down by all of those bracelets. That’ll teach you. Fucker.

Luke: I like your shirt, Luke, I really do. Your jeans are too light, though. You need a darker wash, buddy. That’ll make your outfit look way better. You also need to never do this hairstyle again. The spiked-up nonsense that you do is way better than whatever the fuck this shit is. Get it together.

Calum: The color of that bro tank is nice, and were it a t-shirt, you’d look great. But, sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where guys like to look like douchemasters and wear bro tanks. 

Ashton: Your outfit is the worst one here. Denim button-ups are a huge no no. We don’t tolerate those, here. And that’s not even a nice looking denim shirt. It’s pretty lightwash in some weird spots and that makes me mildly uncomfortable, just like you do. And you paired that shirt with some weirdly pink pants. Like, I see frat guys on campus wearing shorts that are that color. If I don’t like shorts that are that color, I’m not gonna like your pants. If you had on a t-shirt that was that color with some nice darkwash jeans, you’d look good. But, again, we don’t live in a perfect world.

- Stephanie

fwiw, when i say ‘looks like shit + lowest possible settings’ this is what i’m talking about. check out those jaggies. some of the textures have been loaded in at this point though

the lighting is also fucked. it’s like not-quite-fullbright in a cube around me as i move around. 

You have no idea.. 

you have no idea what a day to day life is 

the first thing on my mind is will i survive this?

will i survive another day of dehumanizing comments that make me feel like shit 

While i should know that i deserve better than this, and if i do know why can’t i get out of this? how did i end up in this? i guess this is a life hit and miss. I struggle to see the light in the dark even though i’m so close i feel more than arms reach far i feel like i’m slipping back into the hole, please someone save me i don’t want to let go.

I look at myself and feel used and abused, i don’t think this is a life anyone would choose. I look in the mirror see what i can find, looking for a soul, a soul of any kind maybe somewhere far down the line along with that soul ill find my mind, until then i guess i have the time as it seems to be my only option. 


Two guys—both clad in ridiculous outfits—walked down the busy street. No, they didn’t know each other, but to those passing by it probably looked like they were friends. You know, considering how similar their costumes were.

It wouldn’t have made much of an impression on Tommy, if only they hadn’t been walking at the same pace for so long.

The light-haired man took in the red suit beside him. Curiously enough, the material looked similar to his own specially made suit, though it was hard to say why. Honestly, it was just like Tommy to ignore the lightning bolt stitched into the guy’s front. It wasn’t the most interesting costume he’d seen before, okay?

Instead, both of his eyes moved back to his own abdomen and he compared the noticeable differences. It was only then that the speedster heard a voice muttering something about Christmas under a breath. Holy shit, they did look like a freaking Christmas advertisement! 

Whipping his head back to the stranger, Tommy looked at him with a slack jawed expression. “You’re making both of us look like a weird holiday card, you know.”

Scattered Thoughts

Alot has changed these last Three-four years since high school. I just went to the bottom of my tumblr reading all the shit I used to say and worry about. The good times, the bad, the random thoughts I used to have which I still do, they just have lost some importance along the ride….I need to get that back though. These last few months; if not year, I’ve started looking at life so negatively, glass half empty type of shit. Also I lost my main outlet that keeps me sane, the music how it would speak to me so emotionally. And it just hit me as I am typing this why, it’s because music will tap into my emotions one way or the other, it strengths what I already feel. So when I have a positive outlook on life music makes me feel good, like there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. But the negativity will eat me because of that emotional connection, I think that’s why I lost that mental bond with it. But anyways i thinks that’s all for now

P.S.-I really just want the happy me back, I really miss that guy.

P.P.S- I thought about you all night, Nalia

May 27th 2015

I didn’t really get anything done today, I tried recording a cover but didn’t really like how it sounded and my laptop fucked up anyway. Other than that I just played Madden and a little bit of The Evil Within. I still can’t finish that fucking game. I’ve discovered a new TV show called Friday Night Lights about a high school football team and I’m enjoying that. Today has been one of those empty feeling days. My skin is shit and I’ve eaten badly today so woo. Work tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to so I better get off to bed. I am looking forward to seeing Meg though, I really hope she can stay, she always brightens my day.

anybody like goofy girls?
girls that make you smile?
girls that make you laugh?
with no force,it’s just how they naturally are?
i’m not even sure why i’m thinking about this,but there was a time this guy made it clear that he was feeling me but ..“you’re just too goofy.”,he told me. well fuck,you don’t like me then. cause smiling,laughing,and finding light in the darkness of life is what the fuck i do. i was offended because i felt as though he wanted me to change who i was. who wants to walk around all uptight,breaking pencils with their ass and shit? fuck i look like.
one time for the fellas who love a goofy girl,lol.
we can laugh together,baby.

I mean Mother Gothel would have saved herself so much trouble if she had just given Rapunzel a different birthday

Like, surely you would do that

She ain’t stupid I mean damn she stole a princess

Why would you go through so much trouble to steal her in the first place and then not be totally thorough like for real Mother Gothel get your shit together

“I’ve lied to her about everything else, but I’ll tell her her real birthday even though I know about the floaty lights that the king and the queen send out every year looking for her, because yesssss she will never make that connection with the lights and her birthday yesssss I am so clever.”

Story time

Mmk. So. I was on my way home after getting coffee from Java Station (important detail cuz it’s da bomb) and I’m driving up Eastern Ave and I get stopped at the light by hyvee. Just minding my own business sippin on my latte, allegedly looking at my phone, music blasting out the windows because I’m #1DAF. Out of the corner of my eye I see a red sedan stop like right next to me even though there is plenty of clearance for the Pervetrator™ (patent pending) to pull forward in the queue.

I notice he appears to be saying something which I in no way can hear. I expect it to be a comment on my music or that I’m a shit driver or whatever.

Begrudgingly, I pause my musical selection and utter a simple: “What?” to which this obviously thirtysomething buzzcut white dude says “has anyone told you you look sexy today?”

And ofc I’m like wtf because first of all who says that second of all I’m just trying to drink my beverage and jam out to my boys and like lol joke’s on you bruh my makeup’s melting and my hair is totally unwashed…ps wanna chinese fire drill this shit and come smell the sweet fart I just ripped in here?

Anyway, being the master wordsmith I am, I reply with an oh-so-witty “uh….no?” and this McNasty took on the burden himself and said “[I] look sexy; have a good day” before driving away.

I have to believe that somewhere in another universe there is another version of myself who handled this encounter like so:

Creepy McCreeperson: “Has anyone told you you look sexy today?”
Me: “Fuck yeah bro mySELF cuz I know I look damn good k BYE”


Didn’t attend yesterday and my English prof was hoping I’d be there. The topic of yesterday’s work was about Pacific Islanders. He thought it was interesting and particularly was looking for me.
I just hate how he put me in the fcking spot light.
How if I’m still in his class. Blah blah blah
Look fernando, I’ve done tons of shit in your class.
When I do my work it’s 10x betters than everyone else’s piece of shit work.
When I’m there I do work and participate. I don’t just sit there and do nothing but take up fcking oxygen like most people in that class.
I speak as though I am interested and not like others who speak with a monotone voice. FORREAL.