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So close! But hey, maybe next time he’ll be already shirtless or naked in your dream, haha. Fingers crossed! Yeah, I was in Sanctuary, doing some random stuff, Negan was around, then I went with him to the kitchen, he sat and he was talking, talking and talking. Every second word was “fuck”, lol. He was sarcastic and funny. Then he said he’s hungry and I need to cook something for him. Me and cooking, great joke, lol. I was trying to do something and he was laughing and saying that I’m doing everything wrong and soon I will kill him or myself by accident with the spoon, lol. He looked so hot in his leather jacket, I was dying tbh xD Like I said - he was talking and swearing the most xD

Ahhhhh…… OMG!! I want your dream LOL 


Star Trek ongoing #43 - Eurydice, Part 1
(how to be a romantic dude vulcan style)

Funny thing, every time an angel appeared to someone in the Bible, the first thing he’d say was, Fear not." 

overdue warrior angel Castiel for Bridget ♥ 

I pretty much have no idea how to draw actual angels and actual wings. xD Also wanted to portray Cas as something of a leader with a princely holier-than-thou vibe. ;A; I have half a mind to do the other angels too…


Aughh… I couldn’t resist painting this any longer! That is, Colin’s ridiculously dapper self at the “Testament of Youth” Premiere. He needs to tone it down, lol… It’s evident that I can’t get any actual work done when he shows up like that! Gosh dang… XD

Well this was about 2.5 hours for me, using Paint Tool SAI. I added a bonus process gif, but it’s bit lacklustre compared to examples I’ve seen. Oh well. I had planned to do some more stages of polishing up, but ended up liking the sketchy look that developed. So I left it at that. Also, it was past 3 AM and I was starting to doze off mid-stroke… 

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[FANACCOUNT] 140910 Sinchon Fansign - Heechul

Heenim received a Frozen fan and he was like “Thanks everyone my house has a lot of Anna stuff now” LOL

Heenim stood up and he was like Ah hot and took off his jacket

Heenim’s so handsome and like he’s so funny he keeps making weird sounds like OH!!!

Heechul got a bag for present and looked through(?) It like a telescope or something LOL

There is a fan named Asuka who is getting a sign and he was like EVERYONE THIS GIRL IS ASUKA, ASUKA CAME, blah blah

Heechul asked if fans knew his part in Islands. Fans silent. Heechul sang his part and Shindong said he really can’t do live.

A fan gave Heechul bread (that was exploded on one side) and Heechul said to the fan “Do you want to explode?”

Heechul just shooted candy in the air to catch with his lips but ended on his teeth… and floor xD

Heechul says he will cross dress for SS6. ELF yell. He says ELF are psycho to like this “style” LOL

Fan: Oppa you sang really well for Islands, I didn’t know it was you Heechul: True, everyone says that they didn’t know Fan: You did so well I thought you were Jongwoon oppa So he wrote a part of the song ‘like this forever~~

Hee: /sees my question AND DIES OMG HE WAS LAUGHING SO HARD I WAS LIKE “PFFFTT” Me: (my question was: will you finish writing the 83line fanfic? 1. no!! 2. will write~) Hee: /writes ㅋㅋ i don’t know ㅋㅋ/

Fan said she wants manager’s signature, Hee said to quickly go, don’t say useless things. Manager laughed in the back.

Heechul tried to bring the box of presents with him while leaving. He likes present that much.


Cr: dinoteuk/ELF_thoughts/NKsubs/bluebada_/sj_iriszhu/OrianeJewel

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Why did they only mentioned Jimin for coming of age in BTS FESTA 2015? Isnt V also the same age as Jimin..?

yeapp v and jimin are the same age ;D i think yoongi was just saying that as an intro sort of, to the question that comes afterwards lol he asked why jimin likes to brush 





now that he’s reached 21, and they all tease jimin cos he looks all grown up like that, sort of manly and hot, which is a contrast to his baby face, and when jungkook teases that jimin was copying brian puspos, jimin acted all chic and tried to brush it off cooly, the way he replied was what had them all riled up and excited cos he was trying to be all manly XD 

and i died when yoongi said that jimin looks cool/awesome and then asked him to do it again becaos nope???

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But imagine Yoongi bumped into you and you pissed off but blurted out "be grateful that I have a crush on you, because I swear I'll make you pay for my coffee if you're not" XD I'd say that to my crush if this happened to me lol

yoongi was so certain that you were about to go ballistic on his ass. based on how pissed off you look, the glare in your eyes ready to cut everyone’s head off but he finds himself still alive, even when your coffee is now on the floor, spilled and left for you to regret. yoongi braces himself for a hit, a scolding, whichever or whatever but all he hears is you’re so freaking lucky i like you before you brush past him to start ordering another cup of coffee.

he suppresses a grin, turning around to watch you line up. it’s amusing, really. you, someone he finds beautiful in a hoodie and messed up hair with eye bags darker and bigger than a panda. you, someone he’s sure that you don’t like him like that, likes him like that.

he quietly stands by the door, to which he knows you’ll walk out of and he prepares himself for what he’s going to say.

you like me, huh? that’s nice to know.

((”piss off, yoongi, i’m not in the mood,”

“why be mad at me after what you said?”

“want me to remind you who knocked off my coffee? yeah, didn’t think so, now just-” yoongi snatches the cup of coffee that threatens to drop again when your eyes grow wide, unable to function when yoongi lunges forward to press his lips against yours. it’s a fast process of freaking the fuck out, getting a mental breakdown and losing all control as he leans in a bit closer to kiss you.

you barely have time to respond until he pulls away, that freaking cheshire grin taunting you as he hands you your cup back, “you were gonna drop this,”

blushing furiously, you snatch it back and huff, “i-i, it’s because of you!”

he chuckles and reaches out to ruffle your hair, cooing, “aw, don’t get mad. but you look cute when you’re mad,”

“i’m about to be fucking adorable in a minute-”

“after your test tomorrow, meet me by the burger joint down the block. seven p.m. don’t be late.”

even as yoongi walks off, he manages to hear your whisper of what for…?

so then he’s shouting, “for our date, y/n! you’re lucky i like you too!”

and based on the look in your eyes, in that moment, yoongi knew he was going to get his ass beat when he sees you tomorrow.

which he did, by the way.

but he was smiling.

because you’re cute when you’re angry. cuter when it’s him making you blush uncontrollably and he kisses you again to watch it multiply by tenfold. the most when you kiss him back and yoongi has never felt so happy before in his life.))

Oh the NaLu omake!

I just have to say I could see such a difference in Mashima’s art style! Wow its gorgeous.

I also think he’s trying to make them look a little older. Like they are growing up physically and emotionally.

Don’t they look like they are maturing? Other than what’s going on in this scene. XD Kinda defeats what I’m trying to say…

Mashima’s nalu feels were all over this omake and I love it. I never have to worry about this ship, it is the most cannon ship I have ever seen. lol

They are so cute together, and even Asuka who doesn’t know much about romance can see they are like a couple. ^_^ I think that was the best part for me.

And even though Lucy did not kiss him there we know she loves him. I think she would rather it be a special moment. Much like the hug they had after the dragon/eclipse part of the manga. They have come such a long way from the beginning.

And one last thing.

His hotness level just never stops climbing. (人´∀`*)

and Lucy is absolutely gorgeous!

@ratonhnhake-tonn I hope this is what you wanted. I TRIED MY BEST!

(You guys really like dressing up Arno, don’t you? I might have to do something….he will never want to model for me again xD)

[140709 K.will’s Youngstreet - #GOT7] Live Trans Compilation

Translations by Lily @GotMe126

- K.will: Truthfully, TRUTHFULLY! How do you feel when people say you look like me?
JB: Hmm honestly, I feel happy…since u sing so well
K.will: Because I sing well?
JB: Yes 
K,Will: So since this is a face that sings well so you’re happy? lol (He was waiting for handsome XD)

A message for JB asked him who he thought was better looking, him or kwill?
JB: Since its important to love oneself, I choose “Me”

What did your friends say about your name when you were growing up?
jr: Be a celebrity and go to JYP lol

Each person got a slip of paper before they entered today. There is 1 suspect. K.Will will try to figure out the suspect throughout the show

Kwill is looking for a “suspect” during this opening, but when it came to Jackson’s turn he asked about fencing but didn’t suspect him

Jackson got angry saying “Why didn’t you ask me?! I could be a suspect too hyung!” loool
Kwill : Are you?
Jackson: what do you think?

Youngjae was asked to speak in dialect/satoori, but his seoul accent kept coming out XD
BamBam did his Thai rap

Yugyeom was asked about being the maknae and if anyone was mean to him.
He also claimed he was the suspect.
Kwil: You don’t look it at all

Today there is another guest with Got7, its J-min, soloist from SM

J-min was asked who from her sunbaes treats her the best.
“They’re all really nice, but maybe..Ryewook?”

JB introduced their song “A” as an uptempo r&b song produced by JYP.
Its playing right now

GOT7 and J-min are introducing themselves again

If Kwill gets the “culprit”, he will do the closing today as he pleases. If he doesn’t, than the guests can do it

They’re talking about their teasers

Kwill: Did someone teach you what to say? (in teasers)
All: No, we just went with our feel

They were talking about names (most start with “J”…JB, Jr, Jackson, J-min), and Kwill mentioned how Junior’s name was a bit confusing, ( J R or Junior)

Junior said Bambam used to say his name wrong all the time

Jr: Just think of me as JYP’s Junior…even though we’re different people.
Kwill: Why do you say it like that? Different people
Jr: Well, I’m not related to him. He has his own family and I’m my own parents son 

kwill: I first saw your martial arts tricking on YG’s “WIN” show. Who did that back tumbling?
All: It was Mark
Kwill: Wow it was really impressive! I kept repeating that part many times

The members think, the fans like their more cuter performances than their martial arts tricking 

A new segment is starting called “Now I can say it”
SM & JYP issues will be revealed lol

Junior went to SM audition when he was in middle school. He didn’t pass but got a “popularity” award. From then on, he wanted to be a singer/artist

Kwill: You heard you were handsome many times growing up right?
Jr: hmm… 
Members: Just say yes 
Jr: Well since you told me to~

{ K.Will: “Did you ever hear about other companies as trainees and were jealous about anything?” Jr.: “No, because we love JYP~”
And they all add “Yes JYP” “I love you PD-nim” “This is GOT7” and they all say their names haha
K.Will is talking about the sex education they receive and GOT7 is dying of laughter and embarrassment
JB: “When we were trainees, we got a lesson about once a month on a Saturday”
JB: The teacher said “I don’t know about other companies, but JYP is really clean in this kind of area”
Yugyeom: Yes, we are really clean in that area…Jr.: Yes, that’s important
They also took psychology lessons and stuff as trainees
Their sex education teacher was Goo Sungae…one of the most famous in the country}
- @shmesm

They talked about YG’s famous cafeteria lool
I guess they’re jealous

JB: when I first entered, I was a bit short. Me and bambam-
Jr: I was there too! 
Jackson: me too
JB You were all there? lol

JB: To grow taller, we were put in a basketball team (? not sure)

JB: I don’t call JYP pd-nim, hyung..he’s only one year older than my parents
K.will : Ahh really? that might be a bit awkward
Bambam: I just comfortably call him Hyung~
JB: You do?
Bambam: He told me to be comfortable

They’re talking about JYP nation concert
[ Yugyeom: I heard we’re going to have a giant company dinner for the JYP Nation concert
JB: For the last World Cup, we went to like a vacation house and watched together with AM and PM hyungs] @shmesm

Its time for Kwill to select the suspect.
He asks everyone to maintain eye contact with him lol
Its okay for them to lie

Yugyeom says its not him
Jackson said he’s “clean!" 

JB said he was the suspect, making a bad pun with his name on the way LOL
Mark also said it wasn’t him. Youngjae too.
Basically everyone denied

Kwill: And the suspect is …. YOUNGJAE its you!
Youngjae: …*reveals paper*.. Its not me~

Kwill: You’re not?! Then Jackson its you!
Jackson : I told you I was "Clean” LOL
*its not him*

Kwill: Its not J-min either? Who is it then?!
Yugyeom: It was me~~~
(lool evil maknae)

JB said a bit of the finishing comment,
Then Yugyeom & J-min closed the show~

More spoiler images + Haise's Underwear

Mucchan really looks like a girl in that picture. And that surgical scar, it’s probably from the surgery to become Quinx. It’s the perfect target for Torso. I wonder if Sasaki knows Mutsuki being a girl, that’s why he slipped calling her Mucchan when he’s sleepy in Kokuria.

And the picture everyone is waiting for. XD It’s a matching underwear with his shirt LOL. The image is from here.

Probably the chapter cover. I’m guessing it’s Hinami because the side text says “Chasing for that smell…”.

LOL Sasaki is asking Mutsuki about laundry while thinking of his pants. He’s definitely looking for it. XD;;;

Plain type Tsunagi Quinque.

Tormenting the cat

He just stomped on over me and stood on my sore rib so I started off by saying “ow” as he walked away and he didn’t pay attention, so I starting going “OoooOOOOwwwwOOOOOwwww” like a meowling cat", he turned around and looked at me in the most upset and distressed way I’ve ever seen him look.XD

Thats right, you better feel bad for standing on my rib.D:< lol

So I wanted to recreate the scene of Xion in Days on the bridge at Beast’s Castle.  Mastahofdarkness was kind enough to take something like 4 or 5 shots of me to get a good one when it was dark and my camera was saying “Lol whut?”  I had already taken a shot with the camera, and I combined the empty shot with the one he took and photoshopped them together.  I also played with Levels a lot, since the picture would have been just gold instead.  I like how it came out.  It just needs a Riku.  XD  The rain made the ground shine.  While not accurate to the scene, it looks prettier this way.

I showed a few other attendees the picture he’d taken for me.  I was informed in various ways it was Not Okay.  XD  Feels mission accomplished 100%?


Before Eric had even been able to say something, the woman in front of him was faster and had started talking - only confusing him with it. What Charlie? The thief frowned, and when the female leaned in closer to look for something - he didn’t know what, his own face lowering as he tried to figure out what she was seeing on his chest - he automatically leaned back a little from her.
So that was Olivia’s mother? Nothing like he had expected her to be. But, well, he hadn’t expected anything, really. “I’m not here to sell something to you,” Eric explained with a raspy voice. “I—I, umm, I’m here to actually pick something up.”

Her hand lifted to stick the cigarette between her lips but her gaze never moved from him for a single second. He wasn’t from around here - she’d have seen him before, and he would never have rocked up to the front door like he was just popping in for lunch. Maybe he was here as part of a dare or something. But his answer made her blink for a moment, her eyebrow lifting before she frowned again. “don’t sell here. This is my house,” Beth spoke slowly as if he was dumb. “Anyway, you think I give shit out for free? Get off my porch, asshole.

así paso lo que paso… xD


- Scorpio Milo knows something this director? - 

- Yes sir! - 

- Say what? - 

-he is the director of the new film Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary … 

- And i stand like a woman! - 

- You look better as a woman! 

- Set me as MAN! - 

- Make me! - 

- Put me like a man! Idiot!

links parecidos (memes)

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Hey so what are your thoughts on yusuke is he a cool guy

I just beat Madarame’s dungeon and my co-op with him is only Lv.1 so it’s still hard to say… XD he’s kinda stubborn when i first met him and that annoyed me a little lol.. but later on i like him more and more!! he’s even really funny sometimes. (tho i’ve been loving his looks for a long time lol)

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Okay I'm just gonna say this because it was super awkward and I'm so sorry when your icon is smaller (like on mobile like I am) it looks like a butt and the sparkles are like sweat or erm something else???? Like a cummy butt I honestly saw it and thought u were a porn blog

Lmao!!!! Omfg no way hahah i’m sorry about that. Ahhhh lol i can’t stop laughing xD I don’t know what to say but yeah I think I’m gonna go ahead and change it. I showed to my bf and he laughed and said yeah it does lmao And no worries lol thanks for letting me know!