Really quick doodle of the ending of Chapter 4 of Young God by @oh–you–pretty–things. Excerpt from the chapter.

*changed up Hiccup’s lip ring for funsies. Also did this originally in color, but it looked better in black and white :)


Fandom Fashion Fridays! (Late again… whoops) Anonymous asked for Elsa as an evil queen! I’m still sad Disney didn’t fully take advantage of the potentials for ice jewelry and swords and stuff. I mean come on, simple snowflakes in her braid? You can do better than that guys!

Is there something you want to see? Feel free to give me a suggestion!

Also don’t stress if I haven’t gotten to yours yet, I have quite a few in my inbox so it may be a bit of time. But I WILL get to it eventually! :)

“Stand back. We’ll take care of this.”  –[Frozen Fanart, Psycho-Pass AU]


Uh…yep. Alternate universe, alternate art style (although this isn’t really the art style of Psycho-Pass–I was just being weird).

And it kinda evolved from being heavily Psycho-Pass influenced to… basically only the guns (called Dominators) being directly from that anime. Oh well. There’s guns and suits and a funky art style, right?

If you do watch anime and haven’t seen Psycho-Pass yet, it’s classified as dystopian, cyberpunk, and crime and is pretty short (22 episodes)–definitely worth a watch! 

Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff don’t correspond directly to certain characters, although I feel that Kristoff and Elsa are more of the Enforcer type, while Anna would be an Inspector. But I could see that reversed either way, and it’s pretty interesting XDD.

Oh, and if you like it, please reblog/like/comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this–especially with a new art style! :D

The cold blood never bothered me anyway

I don’t understand why I like drawing Elsa when she’s all bloody. 

Kinda relates to this picture

No big deal, just some dream come true stuff as I get to write a CANON STAR WARS STORY! O_O

Yup, kids, I got to write the Star Wars Annual #2 forthcoming in November. Art by the excellent Emilio Laiso, cover (above) by Mike Mayhew.

It stars Leia (obvs) and because it’s me, go ahead and expect a huge chick that likes to hit people with bricks. ;)

So look for it November 30th! Full Solicit here:

Variant Cover by ELSA CHARRETIER
Princess Leia is on a top-secret dangerous mission that brings her to a planet that wants no part of the war against the Empire. But when an injury threatens to end her mission, can she inspire that rebel spirit in those who just want to keep their heads down? Writer Kelly Thompson (A-FORCE) and artist Emilio Laiso (GODS OF WAR) bring us an all-new tale of Alderaan’s last monarch in action!
40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99
Star Wars © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Star Wars are © 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd

Full Marvel November solicits are here:


pictures and edit by @riddletmr

here are some photo of our Disney Cosplay we made this year, Anna and Elsa in historical designs ~

my Elsa design is inspired by @shoomlah ‘s Disney desings, although i changed it a bit.

Anna is inspired by nordic folklore dresses.

We wore it Animagic 2016 in Germany and it was a beautiful day with a lot of cute kids, who still recognized us and were very happy to make pictures with us *.* I really look forward to wear Elsa again with my cute Anna sometime!!

hope you like our costumes ~~

Elsa @kefkatomate

Anna @kronkdelioncourt

A drawing I made for the lovely @glittering-snowfall . She’s been having a rough couple of days so I wanted to make her something to cheer her up :3 she wanted me to draw a sweet elsanna kiss so here it is. I know it looks a bit rough but this is my very first time drawing a kissing scene so cut me a little slack lol but even though it may look rough I still put all my heart and soul into it and all of my love. I hope you like it and I hope it makes her day :3

anonymous asked:

Hey Sierra it's MistyTheWolf here. I didn't feel like signing in...look Sianii I know you're really pissed but I am sorry. I'm sorry I copied your drawings but did you have to tell the whole face of Tumblr that? Anyways I'm hoping to become your friend, Sia. -MistyTheWolf

Yea. You messed with my friends and that wasn’t cool dude. But, thanks for apologizing. You should also apologize to Cryptic and Elsa if you get the chance. Thanks for dropping by, have a good one.