Frozen concept art. Anna was to have magic in early Frozen designs and here it looks like she had power over the Aurora Borealis and is trying to dispel Elsa’s winter storm. I love the contrast between the two sisters in the last picture. We can see Elsa grieving over her sister. It must have killed Anna to stop Elsa’s storm. Just like in the final designs it takes Anna life to show Elsa the era of her ways.

Artist unknown.

Can we just talk about this?

About how Idina Menzel is totally fangirling over her Elsa alsdhskasdahfjdhsf She has Elsa on Twitter header and FB cover photo, like she is so goddamn proud of her Elsa, like “I am Elsa, Elsa is me, bitches” kind of proud? srsly look askdhsksdf i cannot handle it

I’m not sure if that FB page is truly hers for it’s not yet been verified tho it seemed like it. Check it out here)

come home elsa
  • come home elsa
  • lily sevin
  • come home elsa

come home elsa (a FROZEN fansong) – lily sevin

ahhh i cant believe it took this long to make a fansong for frozen!

so this is anna’s point of view, while she’s out looking for elsa in the snow. i remember the first time i saw that part of the movie i thought she was going to burst into song, but she didn’t, so i wrote a song for her! i hope you enjoy it!

you can download this song here!

my other songs (for fandoms like rise of the guardians, tangled, brave, how to train your dragon, etc.) can be found here!

send song suggestions here!


hey elsa it’s anna, you know, your sister

i’m sorry i started that fight

and i know you’re afraid of what the kingdom will say

about the weather?

but i’ve been looking for you all night

and i promise it’s gonna be alright

i hope you’re not cold in that coronation dress

to be honest i’m still wearing mine

and sure it is freezing and the roads are a mess

but i can’t rest until i know that you’re fine

i wont say im not angry 

or that i haven’t cried

but i’ll never stop looking for you

sure this secret’s done damage to my sisterly pride

but i’ll never stop looking for you

so come home elsa

you don’t have to be scared anymore

just come home elsa

and we can be like we were before

and sure it blows that you dont trust me

but somehow i know that you care

so tell me just what you need from me

and in the blink of an eye i’ll be there

so what you ignored me for ages

so what you couldn’t spare a hello

now i know you were just scared and i’ve let that pain go

you’re still a real stinker though

in all those years without you

i built you up in my mind

to be powerful and beautiful and strong

i’ve seen the internal monsters that you’ve had to fight

and let me tell you

i was right all along

so come home elsa

i’m sure the people will all understand

just come home elsa

and i’ll never let go of your hand

and you can bring the sunshine back to our land

you don’t have to hide ever again

so come home elsa


i made an elsa redesign to go with my anna! i took a few more liberties with her, instead of just making a few tweaks here and there like with anna. for one, i wanted her dress to feel more icy, so i added frosted accents along her collar and sleeves. her waistline was also brought up to make the dress look slightly more regency era as some of the concept art is and her cape dropped to be flowing off her underbust rather than out of her armpits (always thought that choice was an awkward one). in my mind, it would also be made of ever-falling snow akin to queen clarion’s pixie dust gown in the tinker bell movies. also, no more historically out-of-place slit in the dress! instead, she gets a much fuller, flowy skirt which symbolizes freedom more to me than a slinky dress does.


Frozen Genderbend. Designs.

A lot of people have asked me for a full body pic of my Male!Elsa design and also fem!Kristoff, so here they are.

I knoooow I said I wasn’t going to do them but a lot of people have been asking over and over again, so I just had to do it, because I love you guys, and I had time to spare for a sketch. I had to tweak my design for male!Elsa because the original was just difficult so I made the front part simpler. And his pants are plain dark blue because I feel like IF his pants and boots were fancy, he’d look cluttered; his top is already intricate and detailed so we have to balance it out.

Fem!Kristoff is pretty much the same as the oiginal Kristoff, but she comes with a skirt because, I dont think their timeline allowed women in pants(?) 

Anyway, if you want to cosplay this, feel free to do so, you don’t have to ask for permission~ You can even tweak the design to your own liking, add stuff, show more skin, make it more faboo, we are all artists here, GO FOR IT! :D.

I do not own male!Elsa, but if you could credit me for the design, then it would be much much appreciated~ <3

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Here is what really irks me. This image is still on the Frozen website under ‘screencaps’ and it wasn’t even in the movie. Either this is from a deleted scene/alternate version (which better be on the bluray/dvd) or it was made purely for promotional purposes. (I think its worth mentioning that Elsa was originally supposed to be the villain in Frozen, and she looks pretty villainous in this. And all of Elsa’s 'deleted’ lines are things like “I’m impressed you made it all the way here.” and stuff like that. Plus this ice palace looks really gloomy and dark. Maybe there’s a whole other alternate version of Frozen :p)

This moment absolutely breaks my heart. Elsa just looks at Anna in complete disbelief for a moment, almost like “what is this statue doing here? I swear it wasn’t here a second ago” until it hits her and she realizes that it’s her sister. Her sister, who she spent her whole life trying to protect and be better for. Her sister that she loves with all of her heart, even if she barely knows her anymore. Her sister that she sacrificed so much for, and is the only person that she has left in the world. And she’s frozen. That look of panic and pure desperation on her face- the way that she screams her name and rushes to her, wishing that she could protect her, but knowing that she’s gone. 

Inspired by this post. 

While I was watching Frozen I noticed some things..

Little Anna is wearing the same boots Kristoff is wearing during the movie

External image

You can see Elsa’s silhouette at the flags at the coronation day, so someone had to come to the castle, she had to dress up and someone had to paint her

Rapunzel did you went turbo?

Well, what does this remind me off?

Aaaahhh. I know..

All the dresses are blue, purple, green and pink.
And this is the same room where Anna’s accident happened

You can see Hans and Anna dancing in the light tower, but at the same time they are dancing at the boat.

Hmm, 1 thing they all have in common

External image

They all trip when they’re afraid..

Here it is 10:15 pm, cause it’s already dark outsight so it can’t be am.

And here is the sunrise when Elsa sings ‘Let It Go’.

External image

She didn’t sleep that night and she still looks like an angel..

And when Anna gets at Oaken’s place it’s 10:30 PM, no not AM but PM

Because when she leaves and goes to Kristoff it’s dark outsight.

External image


Anna has been looking for Elsa for a WHOLE day, without sleep, food, water.. 

'Whoaah boy, whoaah. Easy, easy..’

Sounds familiar?

External image

Elsa is done with Anna’s shit, look at that eyeroll

Elsa freezes Anna with her own heart

External image

When Elsa makes Marshmallow, Anna neither Kristoff knew what Elsa was making. But Kristoff grabbed Anna, without a doubt, to protect her.

Look at Kristoff’s face. He’s worried, when Anna say’s:’ Au!' 

Do you see Anna had to NOD her head to think again?

What does this remind me of?

Oh wait, I know!

I think Elsa’s ice castle repressed how Elsa is feeling

Red = Fear

External image

Yellow= Anger

External image


External image

Right here, when Olaf wants to close the window, the White Queen of the chessboard falls.
Elsa falls a minute later.

I just love the animation here..

Anna had her eyes opened just a split second before their lips touch, cause the last time she closed her eyes too fast it didn’t end up that well

External image


Alright, the Disney fandom might know who lettherebedoodles is. They’re that crazy talented person who does the racebent Disney things. They recently did Elsa and Anna.


And they look better racebent.

Not only does this prove that having the leads being POC wouldn’t be too damn hard but it also shows that you can have siblings and not make them look like clones of each other.

This debunks all future Frozen fans complaining about my criticisms on these matters.


Fandom Fashion Fridays! (Late again… whoops) Anonymous asked for Elsa as an evil queen! I’m still sad Disney didn’t fully take advantage of the potentials for ice jewelry and swords and stuff. I mean come on, simple snowflakes in her braid? You can do better than that guys!

Is there something you want to see? Feel free to give me a suggestion!

Also don’t stress if I haven’t gotten to yours yet, I have quite a few in my inbox so it may be a bit of time. But I WILL get to it eventually! :)


Really quick doodle of the ending of Chapter 4 of Young God by @oh–you–pretty–things. Excerpt from the chapter.

*changed up Hiccup’s lip ring for funsies. Also did this originally in color, but it looked better in black and white :)


Was looking for a frame of Elsa to use and I found this shot again. I guess that Elsa’s braid simply likes going though her shoulder during iconic scenes…

((Just bored and wanted to share random stuff))


“Are you implying that you don’t?” she looks at Emma with wide eyes. “She cannot be saying what I think she’s saying”. Regina thinks.

“Well… I don’t know, would that be the craziest thing that happened around here?” Emma answers her with a shrug, leaving Regina more stunned than before.

“You cannot possibly be serious, Miss Swan!” Yes, she was definitely saying what Regina thought she was saying. That they could actually be a couple someday. Not just that… be a family.

“I’m not saying we… I mean… what I’m saying is… it doesn’t look like she is lying.” She averts her eyes and starts to pick at her fingernails.

“I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear this, have you completely lost your mind? That woman is not our daughter, Emma!” Regina snaps. “No… she simply can’t be… it’s impossible”. How could she ever become Emma’s… lover? Or… wife? No, just the idea was already simply ridiculous.

Emma just rolls her eyes at her. “Fine, ok. You’re right, it is madness. But here’s the thing, Regina… we have to figure this out then, we have to talk to her.”

“Yes, we have. Let’s talk to this… Elsa then." Regina releases a breath she didn’t even notice she had been holding.

Neither of them notices the woman standing outside the room, hearing every word they said, and wondering how she was gonna make her mothers believe her.

The Elsa Swan Mills Universe

I love this gif because Anna and Elsa are far from your average everyday siblings but Elsa still manages to look like such a typical older sister here


#What the hell are you talking about Anna

#Omg you’re a pain in my ass

#Can’t you go be annoying somewhere else

#NO you cannot borrow my dress

#I don’t care if you knocked first, get out of my palace

#If I build a snowman with you will you leave me the hell alone?

#I already told you I’m not making a snow day just so you can get out of doing your homework

#No, it was YOUR turn to feed Sven

#What do you mean you let Hans borrow my kingdom?!

#I don’t care if there’s a big summer blowout, I am NOT driving you to the trading post right now

#Don’t give me that look, I told you I didn’t freeze Kristoff on purpose

#Of course I got overprotective, he kissed you!

#What was I supposed to do, just let it go?


Here you go, all my favorite Frozen fan fictions.

If you carefully look into the dresses, I didn’t do the shading, I left them flat. Don’t ask me why, I just feel like I want it that way. :P

After the ASFS comic, I’ll take a brake with the fan art for fan fiction for a while. I also have my own comic to do. ;)

Thank you all for your scream, blood, and all your love for me. Love you all! *3*



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